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Alex and Theresa finish watching Pride and Prejudice at home. Theresa gets emotional, talking about how romantic the movie is. Theresa compares it to how she was a hot mess and Alex really took the time to get to know her.

Tripp and Wendy have dinner at the Bistro. Tripp comments on not having much of an appetite and asks if they really have to have this conversation with Ava. Wendy says they can’t keep walking around on eggshells and that it’s out of respect to his mother that they talk to her. Ava comes over and asks what they are going to talk about. Ava sits down at their table and says she is all ears.

Lucas goes downstairs at the Brady Pub and ends up spilling some water. Kate comes down and startles Lucas with her gun as she questions what he is doing.

Xander and Sarah talk about their daughter Victoria. Sarah is really glad they get to experience her growing up together.

Julie plays cards with Charlotte and Thomas at home. Chad comes in and questions the kids not going to sleep. Thomas says they aren’t tired. Julie says they should listen to their father. Thomas asks for a bedtime story. Julie says Doug is upstairs but they can make it a two story night. Julie tells the kids to make themselves comfortable.

Theresa asks if Alex really thought they would end up together when they first met. Alex says probably not but he was never against it either. Theresa states that now they are together and tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Alex says he never really took her for the type to get worked up over that so he admits he didn’t plan anything crazy. Theresa says she loves Valentine’s Day when she’s with someone she really cares about. Theresa guesses it’s too late to make a reservation so she asks if they should just stay in. Alex is down to do whatever makes her happy. Theresa responds that being with him makes her happy as they kiss.

Ava asks Wendy what they want to discuss with her. Wendy tells Tripp that they need to get this out in the open. Tripp agrees. Ava says she’s waiting. Tripp tells Ava that last night, when they walked in on her and Stefan, it was really awkward. Ava knows they weren’t thrilled to see them together and she’s sorry. Tripp says there’s nothing to be sorry about as he realizes now that he was out of line and shouldn’t have given her a hard time. Ava says it’s okay but Tripp feels he acted like an immature jerk and she didn’t deserve that. Tripp adds that he and Wendy might not think Stefan is the best choice for her but they have to respect boundaries if they are living under the same roof. Tripp repeats that Stefan is not his first choice for her while Ava says the heart wants what the heart wants. Ava is glad they aren’t upset anymore and says it means the world to her.

Kate complains that Lucas scared the hell out of her and questions what he’s doing down here. Lucas says he was hungry. Kate argues that he’s supposed to stay in his room and asks what if someone caught him. Lucas insists he was careful but Kate points out that she caught him. Lucas argues that the Pub is closed, no one is there and she worries too much. Kate says clearly one of them has to do that.

Julie tells Thomas and Charlotte a story about the history of the Horton House, beginning with Tom and Alice. Julie goes over the family history from Bill and Laura having Jennifer, Jennifer falling in love with Jack, who is their grandpa. Julie tells the kids about Jack and Jennifer having Abigail, who Thomas identifies as their mom. Chad smiles as he watches on. Julie talks about when Abigail was their age and recalls memories of Tom and Alice. Chad mentions never getting to meet them. Julie assures that they would’ve loved him because he loved Abigail so much. Julie tells the kids about the house always being full of joy and built on love and the kids can always count on it. Chad states that the house really is a blessing for them.

Sarah tells Xander that they make a great team and offers to help him get out of his wet clothes. They get close but Xander pulls away and decides he’s going to go on a run, leaving Sarah confused.

Wendy tells Ava that it’s good to see the Bistro busy again since she knows it’s been tough for them since New Year’s Eve. Ava admits it’s been a struggle but credits Stephanie’s PR plan getting them back on track. Tripp talks about how it’s hard to believe what’s happening in their little town and how he sees the overdoses every day at the hospital. Ava calls it heartbreaking but feels it’s all going to turn around real soon.

Xander gets dressed for his run but Sarah comments that Xander has different outfits for going on a run vs when he goes weightlifting at the gym. Xander comments on having proper attires for all occasions. Xander talks about the difference between his work clothes and his workout clothes. Sarah calls it one of his many endearing qualities.

Harris comes in to the Brady Pub and questions if Lucas has a death wish. Kate tries to say it’s okay but Harris disagrees and talks about the risk as he orders Lucas back upstairs.

Alex tells Theresa that they will order dinner in and asks what she wants to do for the rest of the day. Theresa says it would be nice to take a morning stroll in to town, get some coffee and pastries at the Bakery. Alex suggests they work a few hours from home too which Theresa agrees with. Theresa adds that she would like to go to a meeting after work. Alex asks how her meeting went today. Theresa says it was good and adds that Brady was there too. Alex questions what the hell Brady was doing there.

Harris and Kate bring Lucas back to his room. Harris complains about Lucas taking a risk like that. Lucas complains that he’s been in the room day after day. Harris gets that he’s frustrated but insists it’s going to be over soon and asks Lucas to hang in a little while longer.

Julie tells Thomas and Charlotte that it is time for bed. Thomas asks for another story but Chad says they have school tomorrow and their Valentine’s party. Thomas complains that he’s not tired yet. Julie says Doug will read them another story upstairs as Chad sends the kids upstairs. Julie tells Chad that they have to cherish these moments before the kids grow up and don’t ask for bedtime stories. Chad agrees that time really does fly by. Chad admits that life has felt a bit more normal lately. Chad says the kids miss their mom but they don’t cry about it as much and they are doing better in school and in general. Chad thanks Julie and Doug for that. Julie says that’s what family is for.

Theresa asks if Xander doesn’t think it’s a little late for a run. Xander says sometimes night air is what he needs to push him to work out harder. Sarah has another suggestion for a work out that wouldn’t require him to leave.

Alex questions Brady just happening to be there at Theresa’s meeting and asks if he’s spying on her. Theresa insists that Brady didn’t even know she would be there and that Brady went there for the same reason that she did. Theresa talks about the coins they get to celebrate sobriety. Theresa states that Brady needed the meeting just as much as she did. Alex asks if she got the support she needed today. Theresa confirms that she did. Alex asks if she still wants to go to another meeting tomorrow. Theresa assures that she does. Theresa explains that addiction is a lifelong disease and thinks Alex would know that since she’s a recovering addict. Alex admits he’s read about it. Theresa talks about addicts having a constant voice in their head, telling them to get high and how the meetings quiet that voice. Alex asks if she thinks she will be going to meetings for the rest of her life. Theresa says it is most likely because she has to be vigilant every day and accept that she is an addict. Theresa asks if Alex will be able to accept that about her.

Ava asks if Tripp and Wendy have Valentine’s plans. Wendy mentions they are doing the geocaching event. Ava asks if they can explain what that is. Tripp calls it like a treasure hunt with a tech twist. Wendy explains that items are hidden around town and participants use an app to race to find them. Ava guesses the objective is to bring the community together which Wendy confirms, noting it’s something family, friends, or couples can join in on. Ava agrees that they can definitely use something uplifting like that in town right now.

Harris tells Lucas that they are all doing their best and with any luck, the whole thing will be over now especially now that the article in the Spectator dropped. Lucas comments on being the unnamed source. Kate questions Lucas talking to reporters. Harris says he had the same reaction at first because Lucas called Chad over for a chat. Lucas insists everything will be fine as he trusts Chad and Everett and they wouldn’t give up their source.

Julie pours wine for she and Chad so they can toast to family.

Sarah thinks she and Xander could do with some good old fashioned adult time. Xander says he’s having difficulty disagreeing as Sarah starts kissing him. Sarah asks Xander to stay.

Theresa tells Alex that he’s been so supportive and she doesn’t mean to put him on the spot, but she needs him to understand how important her recovery is to her, especially since she has to be strong for Tate. Theresa adds that Tate doesn’t know that she had a slip, but she still feels like she let him down and she cannot let that ever happen again. Alex encourages that she’s a good mom. Theresa responds that she’s a lucky mom because Tate is a great kid since he puts up with her and loves her even with all her dumb mistakes. Theresa says she cannot ever undermine her connection to Tate, calling him her one constant in her life that gives her hope for the future. Theresa asks what Alex is thinking. Alex says that connection between a parent and their kids cna literally change overnight.

Ava tells Tripp and Ava that she has a few things to wrap up before the big day tomorrow, so she will let them enjoy the rest of their evening. Tripp says he’s glad they got to talk as Ava goes back to work. Wendy asks if Tripp is okay. Tripp thanks her for encouraging him to sort things out with Ava. Wendy is glad he did and asks what he wants to do after the geocaching event, suggesting dinner and a movie. Tripp reveals that he already has something in mind as he took the day off work and thought he would start the day by making her breakfast in bed, then after the event, they go out for magic and dancing as he got tickets to a surprise magic show. Wendy acknowledges that he put some thought in to this. Tripp suggests ending the night by dancing under the stars. Wendy is sure this Valentine’s Day will be one to remember as they kiss.

Sarah encourages Xander to forget about going out in the cold night air and stay here with her. Xander responds that he’s sorry but he really does need that run right now. Victoria then wakes up crying but Sarah says she’s got it. Xander tells Sarah that he won’t be long and tells her not to wait up as he hurries out.

Kate worries about anything happening to Lucas. Lucas feels if what he said in the article helps save one person, then it was worth the risk. Harris gets a text from Ava, saying she needs to see him at the Bistro loading dock and to hurry. Harris tells Lucas and Kate that he has to go. Harris orders Lucas to stay in the room for the rest of the night. Lucas guesses he had enough drama for one night and decides he will try to get some sleep. Harris then exits.

Chad thanks Julie for sharing the story of the home with him and the kids tonight, calling it amazing and says it really lifted his spirits as she always does. Julie tells Chad that she sees the love he showered on Abigail in their kids. Chad says he feels her presence in the home. Julie says she does too. Chad states that when he’s in this home, he feels like he can breathe and that the kids are in the right place and safe. Julie tells Chad that he is home.

Xander goes for his run through the park.

Chad asks Julie if Doug has a hot date cooked up for them for Valentine’s Day. Julie says not that she knows of but he loves surprises, so she will keep hoping. Julie asks about Chad’s plans. Chad mentions the geocaching event as he and Julie exit the room and turn out the lights. Someone in a black mask then sneaks in to the house.

Ava brings champagne over to Wendy and Tripp to propose a toast to love.

Someone walks through the Brady Pub with a gun.

Sarah sits at home and notices that Xander left his phone. Xander’s phone then receives a message from a private number, asking if it’s done, leaving Sarah confused.

Alex tells Theresa that he’s going to send some e-mails before he goes to bed. Theresa says she’ll be there in a minute. Alex kisses her and then heads to his room. Theresa gets up and picks up Alex’s jacket, but an engagement ring falls out of the pocket.

Harris goes to the docks to meet Ava, but someone else appears and shoots Harris twice in the chest.

Someone opens the door to Harris’ room above the Pub and fires two shots with their gun.

The masked invader pours gasoline all over the living room of the Horton house, then lights a match and sets the house on fire!

Harris tries to crawl after being shot and passes out on the docks.

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