Y&R Short Recap Thursday, February 8, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Daniel and Devon have a long talk. Daniel promises to tell Lily that he is going to get back together with Heather but he wants to wait until Maggie’s crisis has passed. Devon tells Daniel that if Lily asks him about his and Heather’s relationship he won’t lie to her. Daniel and Danny talk about their similar romantic relationships and the pressure they are both feeling from the women in their lives. Danny wants to take a break from both Christine and Phyllis, but the ladies keep pressuring him to make a choice between them.

Jack and Victor arrive at the bar. Later, Nikki tells Victor Jack must be her sponsor. Nikki admits to Victor that she was the one who asked Jack not to tell him he was her sponsor. Nikki tells Victor Jack always wanted to tell him the truth. Nikki tells Victor, if he wants to help her regain her sobriety, he must accept Jack as her sponsor. Victor tells Nikki that he doesn’t agree with it, but he will accept it. Victor tells Jack if anything happens to Nikki while he is her sponsor there will be hell to pay.

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