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Steve goes to meet John at their office. John thanks him for coming. Steve notes that his message sounded urgent and asks what’s going on. John reveals that he met with Konstantin in the park. Steve is shocked and questions why he would take that risk alone and why he’s just hearing about it now.

Stephanie and Everett walk through the town square, talking about Everett’s article. Stephanie praises how it was written to draw the reader in and that he deserves all the accolades. Everett hopes the follow up piece is even more explosive and they are able to take down Clyde Weston. They sit down at a table in the town square. Stephanie declares that she’s taking him out to dinner because she’s so incredibly proud of him and he should be proud of himself. Everett admits he’s immensely proud of the work that he and Chad did on the story, so celebrating sounds nice but he’s much more interested in celebrating them.

Sloan makes dinner for Eric at home. Eric thanks her and goes to kiss her but Jude wakes up crying, so Eric goes to check on him. Sloan complains of the timing and starts drinking wine.

Theresa speaks in an AA meeting about her anxiety and guilt growing after Tate was arrested. Theresa talks about blaming herself for everything that goes wrong and admits she succumbed to getting loaded which she was very ashamed about. Brady then enters the meeting. Theresa talks about how she had the help and understanding of those close to her, so she feels a lot stronger and is committed to the meetings and the 12 steps.

Harris meets Clyde in prison. Harris calls Clyde a celebrity and presents a copy of the online Spectator article about the massive drug bust in Salem. Harris shows Clyde that his mugshot is on the cover of the paper. Harris asks if the mugshot is from when he was convicted this time and jokes that he probably had a bunch of mugshots to pick from. Clyde asks if they are done here. Harris asks if he wants to read the article but Clyde says he’s not interested. Harris thinks he will be once he starts reading it. Harris reads that 15,000 opioid pills were seized during an ongoing investigation into a drug trafficking organization. Clyde questions it being unbiased journalism coming from Chad DiMera, putting him in a bad light. Harris asks if Clyde is not phased at all that he lost 7 kilos of drugs and a dealer was shot dead. Harris asks if Clyde is really cool with that.

Steve asks John for an answer as to why he didn’t tell him about meeting with Konstantin and why he would take a chance like that. John calls it a crazy day with the drug bust and praises the Salem PD on that. Steve complains that John isn’t answering his questions. Steve brings up their unwritten pact to never meet alone with someone that could be dangerous. John explains that he didn’t know it was Konstantin as he just got an urgent text message that could’ve been a new client. Steve argues that John had to know he could be getting scammed and questions what is going on with him.

After the AA meeting ends, Theresa asks Brady if he came to check on her. Brady informs her that he had no idea that she would be there and that he came because he needed to.

Sloan pours herself more wine as Eric comes back from changing Jude and getting him back to sleep. Eric notices Sloan drinking and questions how much she’s had. Sloan asks if that’s a problem. Eric brings up the other night. Sloan says they’ve been over this and asks if they have to bring it up every time she has a drink. Sloan adds that she was just stressed because of John and Marlena coming over, adding that Marlena doesn’t put people at ease. Eric questions if she’s blaming his mother for her getting wasted. Sloan says she isn’t and that she was just nervous that night. Sloan says tonight she isn’t nervous, but she’s overwhelmed with motherhood, work, and Jude crying every time they are about to make love. Sloan admits it’s getting to her and asks if it’s not getting to Eric. Eric says it is, but not really. Eric talks about how Jude will grow up fast and eventually sleep through the night, then they will have plenty of time to make love. Sloan says she hopes so because she cherishes their baby, but she misses being alone with Eric. Eric apologizes that they haven’t had more time lately. Sloan complains that they haven’t had any time lately and last time they tried to make love, they had all this unexpected company. Eric recalls Leo showing up and says he was just as frustrated as she was. Sloan questions if he was. Eric questions her doubting that. Sloan admits that she feels Jude has been Eric’s main concern and that making sure he’s okay has been more important to him than she is. Eric calls that not true and says his love for Jude doesn’t make him love her any less, but more. Eric adds that them being together is what brought Jude in to their lives and he’s so grateful for that. Eric tells Sloan that he loves her and kisses her.

John tells Steve that he has no clue what’s going on with him because he knows better than to ever take a meeting with a stranger at night alone, but off he went. John admits it was a big mistake. Steve agrees and asks what Marlena knows. John says he just told her it was a new client and she didn’t question it, so she wasn’t concerned. Steve asks what he told her when he got home. John says he told her the client never showed up and he hates himself for lying to her. Steve asks why he did it then. John complains that he doesn’t know but something is happening to him and he doesn’t have a clue what it is.

Clyde asks Harris how he can be the leader of a drug trafficking operation when he’s been in prison for over a year. Harris argues that he obviously found a way. Clyde says Harris just found a way to lay this all on him so he could be the hero. Clyde argues that Harris failed the investigation because he’s nowhere close to the truth. Harris presents the cell phone that the guards found but Clyde claims to have never seen it before.

John tells Steve that he told Konstantin what Steve told him, that he knows he knows about The Pawn. John adds that Konstantin claimed to not know who Stefano is and that he wanted to talk to him about Victor and his Pawn. John says he demanded Konstantin tell him everything he knows about his background, but he just taunted him and said he has the eyes of a killer so he pulled his gun on him. John reveals to Steve that Konstantin said he had come after him to kill him, but Catharina got in the way. John asks Steve if that name means anything to him and if he has any idea who Konstantin is talking about.

Theresa questions why Brady needed a meeting. Brady informs her that he got a letter from Tate today. Theresa says she got one too and it was really sweet. Brady thinks Tate just misses her because there letters were very different as his was cold. Brady states that Tate is still angry at him for not being around in his life. Brady guesses his therapy is going deep in to his past. Theresa insists that Tate knows how much he loves him. Brady talks about not being involved in most of Tate’s life and only occasionally getting to see his daughter under her mother’s supervision. Theresa blames Kristen being insane. Brady complains about being tricked into having a baby with Kristen. Theresa feels he’s being really hard on himself. Brady declares the truth is that he screwed up with both of his kids. Brady says that hit him hard today, so he needed a fix and he made a call but he didn’t go through with it as he came here instead. Theresa hugs him and says that’s good. Theresa encourages Brady that it’s okay and calls him a wonderful father, insisting his kids know how much he adores them. Theresa knows it’s been rough since their parents haven’t been together but eventually, they will understand and will be so proud that he’s their dad. Brady says he’ll settle for his kids not thinking he’s a total jerk. Theresa tells him to stop that because they are lucky to have him in their lives and she is too. Brady thanks her and says it means a lot coming from her.

Everett tells Stephanie that he honestly feels like this is a dream that he spent a perfect night with the woman he loves and she’s here with him now. Stephanie responds that she feels the same way. Everett thinks they can be fairly confident that it’s not a dream, so he wants to shout it from the mountain tops. Everett jokes about taking a full page color ad that says “I love Stephanie Johnson”. Stephanie says they’d probably have to tell the owner of the paper. Everett thinks Chad will be okay with it. Stephanie says she hopes so. Everett asks what exactly they are going to tell Chad. They joke with each other as Stephanie says there is hope for them and they end up kissing.

Eric tells Sloan about reading in an article that newborns should sleep in the same room as their parents for at least six months. Eric adds that some recommend newborns sleeping in bed with them and suggests Sloan read the article which says it helps kids have less anxiety. Sloan hates the idea and complains that she only wants her husband in bed with her. Sloan asks if they didn’t just talk about Eric being overprotective and caring more about Jude than her. Eric apologizes if he triggered her. Sloan declares that their son is coming in between them and she doesn’t like it.

Steve tells John that he has no clue who Catharina is and argues that Konstantin just knows how to get to him. John insists that won’t happen. John then doubles over in pain while Steve encourages him to breathe. John apologizes and says it’s just the second he looked into Konstantin’s eyes, he’s been haunting him. Steve repeats that he knows how to get to him, so he can’t let him. Steve then questions the way John is looking at him. John responds that he needs to know what Steve remembers about The Pawn. Steve wishes he had something to tell him but says the only thing he knows is that John is not that person anymore and they have to believe that.

Harris can’t imagine what they’re going to find when they start tracing phone calls. Harris guesses there will be a whole lot of trap numbers like this. Clyde says Harris and his FBI buddies might find at least one number that could incriminate someone that he won’t want to be incriminated. Harris tells him it was a nice try. Clyde responds that it’s not a game but warns that he is able to make sure all the evidence on that phone points to a particular business partner of a particular party.

Brady tells Theresa that her support means more than she knows. Theresa points out that he certainly supported her so much the past several weeks. Theresa thinks they know each other better than anyone else does because of how much they’ve been through. Theresa adds that they also loved each other once a hell of a lot. Theresa admits maybe it was more lust than love, but she recalls they were pretty hot for each other. Brady admits he recalls the same thing. Theresa thinks that’s why when she’s around him, she feels those memories pretty strongly and maybe that’s why she kissed him that one time. Brady says she was just coming down from being high. Theresa asks what about for him and if he felt something when she kissed him. Theresa reveals that she denied it at the time, but she knows she felt something. Brady question where this is coming from since she told him it was a mistake. Theresa says that doesn’t mean she didn’t feel something. Theresa suggests maybe her ego needs a boost and she needs to know that he still finds her attractive. Brady calls her beautiful, says she always has been and anyone would think so, but she’s with Alex. Brady thinks for Tate’s sake, they should keep them as uncomplicated as possible. Theresa supposes he’s right. Brady tells Theresa that he will always be there for her and Tate. Theresa says she knows that and that Tate will come around and be so happy to see him in a few weeks. Theresa assures that Tate knows he loves him and has always been there for him. They realize they are the last ones in the room after the meeting and decide to leave.

Sloan finishes another glass of wine. Eric thinks she’s had enough. Sloan tells him not to monitor or worry about her. Eric questions her being so upset with him lately and drinking more than he’s ever seen her before. Sloan complains that she doesn’t want to share a bed with their son as she doesn’t think that’s romantic or sexy and she doesn’t understand why Eric thinks it’s such a swell idea. Eric says they don’t have to do it and talks about Jude growing up fast and he’ll be off to college. Sloan jokes that maybe then they can have sex. Eric tells Sloan that they can have sex right now if she’s in the mood which makes her happy. Sloan asks if he means it which Eric assures. Sloan asks what if Jude wakes up crying again. Eric points out that Jude just fell asleep so they should have at least an hour or two as Eric and Sloan then start kissing.

Harris questions Clyde promising to wipe out all the incriminating numbers on the phone. Clyde suggests that he could if that is his phone. Harris states that there are a couple members of Clyde’s crew that he would love to take down. Clyde jokes that there’s some he’s not too crazy about either, but that’s if it’s his phone. Harris tells Clyde to go to Hell and shouts that he will never make a deal with him, adding that he’s going to send him somewhere so far that he will miss this place. Clyde asks even if that means taking his girlfriend with him. Harris says even that.

Stephanie tells Everett that she could wait until Valentine’s Day to tell him this but Everett wants to hear it now and feels that it’s important which she confirms. Stephanie then tells Everett that she is definitely falling in love with him again.

Eric and Sloan continue kissing on the couch until Sloan remembers dinner and goes to see that it’s burned. Sloan goes back to Eric and they decide they weren’t that hungry anyway as they continue kissing onto the bed.

Stephanie tells Everett that he doesn’t have to say anything as she wasn’t expecting a response. Everett tells Stephanie that he never fell out of love with her, but now they are both in love like they were back in Seattle which were the happiest days of his life as they kiss. Stephanie asks what they should do for Valentine’s Day. Everett doesn’t care as long as he’s with her. Stephanie suggests they could double date with Rafe and Jada. Stephanie calls Jada smart and funny, noting that she knows they would get along. Everett asks what if he doesn’t want to share her on Valentine’s Day and wants her all to himself as they resume kissing.

Steve tells John that they are not going to get any more answers today, so they can pick it up tomorrow. John is sure Marlena is concerned about him anyways since he’s not home when he told her he wasn’t going anywhere. John says the last thing he wants is her worrying about him. John knows it was another little white lie. John says Marlena isn’t pushing him but she knows him so well and she would want to help him like all those years ago. John complains that he doesn’t know how to explain what’s going on with him when he doesn’t even know himself. Steve argues that Konstantin just got to him. Steve declares that they have to get Konstantin away from John and out of all of their lives, no matter what it takes.

Clyde thought Harris was spineless but acknowledges that he’s tough as nails and diabolical. Clyde warns that when he goes for something, he never fails. Harris says they have something in common then because he never fails either. Clyde responds that he’s making a big mistake for all parties concerned. Harris decides he will take his chances and exits the prison. Clyde calls him a son of a bitch.

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