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am I glad you’re home! Yeah. Glad to be home. Took forever to get here. What can I do? Hold me.

[ Sighs ] I kept picturing you on that boat in paris, in the dark. I should have been there. No. Come on now. You were in the hospital, recovering, and thank god for that. Thank god.

[ Sighs ] And there was nothing you could do anyway, you know. Well, there are few feelings in life worse than feeling helpless. Yeah. So, by the time we got there, um, the search-and-rescue thing, that was well underway, and, uh… and then at some point, dante came over… and he said that they couldn’t find them anywhere. And all I could think was, “there’s a mistake. That can’t be. It just can’t be.” It’s — not my spencer. Well, you were in shock. You probably still are. Yeah, I guess. Yeah , trina and I stoodon the — the deck of the boat for a very long time. She held on to hope so tightly. But then… as the search went on, I mean, we could both just sort of feel it slipping away. It’s good you were there for each other. Yeah, everybody was really supportive. And then curtis and dante, they took care of everything, every detail. I’m so grateful for that. I don’t know if I thanked them. I’m sure you did, but we’ll do it again. Kevin, I feel like I blinked and nikolas was gone. And then ace. And now spencer.

[ Voice breaking ] It’s like my whole family is just fading away before my eyes. Are you sure sonny’s not gonna come back anytime soon? Yeah, I’m positive. We walked in the door from puerto rico, he got a phone call, and he turned around and left. I hope the call is about whatever’s going on in paris. Yeah, I heard about that. You must be worried sick about trina. Yeah, well, I’m beyond worried. It seems the universe decided that one crisis at a time isn’t enough. Sonny and I… are lucky to be alive. What the hell is going on? Who is after you and sonny? Good coverage. Yeah. All we can do is be prepared. I’m hoping all of these precautions turn out to be unnecessary. For our target’s sake, so am I. Ok ay, well, it looks likeyou got things covered. I think I’ve got it under control for the moment, anyway. Great. Well, you know, if anything changes, please don’t hesitate to call me. I don’t want to do that. I know, but until I hire a manager, I’m the cavalry. So please call me. You got it, boss. Thank you, thank you. Oh, my god! Oh, hi. What are you doing here? Why aren’t you in paris? I would have let myself in. Um, I have my key, but, um… josslyn: Hey, what’s wrong? Spencer’s dead. Is laura back? She is. Come in. Is it true? Spencer’s gone. You think we can tru

I think we can count on his opportunism. You know, he doesn’t do anything that doesn’t work to his advantage. You and I, we’re in a position to help him. O’neill, the gun dealer, is not. Brennan gave us the right referrals, or o’neill would have never agreed to meet us. You know what, keep it short and sweet. If you can get him talking about his clients that have bought guns from him, great. If not, then we make the buy, and we spring our trap. Well, the threat of federal charges should be enough to make o’neill give up whoever bought the rifle that was used to shoot curtis. I hope so.

[ Knock on door ] Oh, my god. I am so sorry. Did I spill coffee on you? Not at all. How about you? Are you okay? No, no, I’m fine, I’m fine. Oh, gosh. This is not how I want to welcome people to my place. You own this place? Yeah. When did you change the name? Oh, recently. Oh. I used to work here when it was kelly’S. Really? I’m john. I’m embarrassed.

[ Chuckles ] Carly spencer. Is it too late to welcome you back? Not at all. And thanks. It’s good to be back. Well, en– enjoy your meal. Leo: Aunt carly! Oh, my goodness! Oh, it’s so good to see you. I haven’t seen you in forever. I know. You know what that means? I get an extra hug!

[ Laughs ] Aww! Hey, honey, why don’t you, uh, why don’t you go on in there and look at your book? I’m going to talk to carly about getting you some breakfast. Are you gonna talk about extra powdered sugar on my waffle? What do you think? Is this my first time or what? No, it isn’T. No, it isn’T. Why don’t you sit at this table right there? Okay? See ya. Thanks, buddy. What’s up? Just so you know, we’re not just here for the sugar rush. I wanted to check on you. Why? Well, I read the fashion article in the city gazette today. Written by gemma, someone or other. Gemma… she came by the office and asked me for a comment. Is that article out already? As of this morning. “Drew cain is leading withhis heart, not with his head.” Okay, this has nina’s fingerprints all over it. She quotes an anonymous source. Yeah, well, we know who that anonymous source is. I wish I could say I didn’t agree with you. I was really hoping that nina was going to try and make peace. That’s what’s best for everyone. Is that why you kept nina’s secret? It was “best” for everyone? If dex hadn’t warned usin time for sonny and me to dive for cover, I wouldn’t be sitting here telling you this story right now. Was avery with you? She was in her room. She didn’t know that we were in any danger. She thought the gunfire was fireworks. Thank god. Are you okay? Yeah. Just a couple of scratches. Oh, that’s more than a scratch. Are you in pain? No, no. It’s fine. Like I told the doctor, it’s nothing a good stiff drink can’t fix. [ Chuckles ] Does sonny have any idea who did this? Not that he’s talked about in any detail. You know sonny — he doesn’t really discuss his concerns. Right? He just gets very, very, very quiet. No, he doesn’t eat, he doesn’t sleep. He just moves on and deals with the next thing. I don’t know how he does it. I get the feeling, though, that sonny suspects that this was a second attempt by the people behind curtis’s shooting. Well, that means they’re not going to stop until they succeed. Oh, no, nina, don’t — don’t worry, though, because you know that sonny only works with the very best, and he takes every precaution. I’ve just got to remind myself he wouldn’t be where he is if he took chances. Right. And he wouldn’t have been there for so long. Right? So relax.

[ Chuckles ] You’re not going to be a widow anytime soon. Oh, ava. I don’t even know if I’m still a wife. And before I could even move… esme and spencer were already in the water. They had helicopters and divers, but nobody could find them. But they’re still searching. They can’t be rescued. It’s been too long. It’s impossible. But we can bring him home. No. The — the police, um… they don’t expect to find their bodies. They, um… they think that, um… esme and spencer were carried out to sea. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

[ Sobs ] I’m sorry that I told you about spencer on the phone. It’S… that’s an awful way to find out. No, any time would have been horrible. It’s good to face the truth. Any update from the french police? They searched for the mandatory 48 hours. After that point, spencer and esme were presumed dead. Their… their bodies were, uh, taken by the current out into the english channel, and then… …they’re just gone.

[ Sobbing ] You’re gonna be fine, okay? Are you doing alright? I have to remind myself to breathe. If there’s anything I could do… there isn’T. If something comes up, just… it’s not going to. It’s good of you to come by, sonny. Laura?

[ Sighs ] This is very difficult for me. I-I get it. I-it’s not just about spencer. This is also about my brother. The way that you laid hands on him, that was unconscionable. I don’t think you know who he is. Oh, I do. I do, sonny, I know what he’s capable of. I thought I knew you. I thought that you were a different man. I am. Yeah, well, I’m sure that he goaded you. And I hope that you just lost control because you nearly killed him with your bare hands. I made a mistake. He — he played me. I went after him. I shouldn’t have done that. Is cyrus worth your trouble? I don’t know. But you are. Our friendship is. Or that’s what I thought. Look…

[ Sighs ] I think we owe each other the truth. So, I’m going to give it to you now. I ha ve had a lot of violenceand bloodshed in my life, and I can’t take it anymore. I won’t take it anymore. Friendship or no friendship. I get that. I hope you do. Cyrus: I h ave every right to be here! Impeccable timing. That must be your brother. Dex: I can’t let you in. It is not up to you! It is, and I’m not letting you in.

Call off your dog, sonny.I’m here to see my family. It’s not a good time.That– that’s why I’m here, so I can help my sister walk through this. You could start by respecting your sister’s wishes. I have nothing but respect for my sister and the profound loss she’s suffered. How’d you find out about spencer? I watched over spencer when he was in pentonville, and I continue to stay abreast of my family’s movements. Whether they wanted you to or not? I lament that I wasn’t able to protect spencer in the end. And I grieve with you and for you, dear sister. Nobody wants to hear that. Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted. Stop it! Stop it! This is not comforting me. Go. Just go. I-I just hope that you can find some comfort knowing that there is a coming glory. Oh! Stop it! It’s good that you’re staying here with sonny. We ll, I don’t knowhow good it is, but it’s safe. Guards everywhere. Avery’s happy to see her father every day. Yeah. Yeah, of course. Sonny’s such a great dad. Well, he talks about his family all the time, that’s for sure. Does he say anything else? Well, we don’t exactly sit down at the end of the day and chat about what happened at the office, you know? Does he, um, ever talk about his marriage? Oh. No. So rry, but he wouldn’t talkabout that with me, of all people, right? But I’ve noticed that he’s still wearing his wedding ring, though, so… oh, hey. Well, that’s something. That’s easy to take off. Yeah. So, if he’s still wearing it, there must be something inside of him that’s not ready to give up on our marriage. [ Chuckles ] I hope so. I-I really hope that things work out for you and sonny, I do. But… I just think that maybe you ought to… …prepare yourself for a life without him. No, I can’t think about that. I can’T. No, I can’t lose sonny. I can’t lose this family because they’re my family, too. I mean, I can’t lose willow, wiley, and amelia. They’re my world. I know. I know. You have that beautiful gallery. You have avery. I don’t have crimson anymore. And if I lose sonny and my daughter, my grandchildren, I have nothing. I wasn’t trying to protect nina. Really? Then who were you trying to protect? Because nina was the only one who benefited from your silence. Hey. You like animals? I’m not supposed to talk to strangers. Mm. That’s a good rule. I taught my son the same rule. But I did tell him that it was okay to talk to law enforcement. I’m agent john. Are you really from the fbi? Yes, sir. Then I’m leo falconeri. Hmm. Well, it’s nice to meet you, leo falconeri.

[ Sighs ] Alright. Whoa! Is this necessary? Can’t be too careful. I want to make a buy, not commit a robbery. Prepare for somebody’s capacity, not their intentions. Covering all my bases. No kidding. Buy me dinner first. No wire, no gun. Good start. So, who referred you? Malloy. But you already know that. How do you know malloy? Book club. You? Yeah, that’s what I thought. It’s probably neither of our business. Okay, so, we got a six lug magnum-length action, arca rail on the handguard, multi-chamber. Now, this baby’s accounted for two of the highest, longest verified sniper shots in history. Alright, let’s talk price. It’s not a negotiation. Since when? You’re paying for quality and confidentiality. This thing is untraceable. You’ll never know where it came from, and I’ll never know how you chose to use it. So, do we have an agreement or not? I heard the sirens from police boats, and I turned away from spencer, just for a second. He was saying something, but then he gasped, and when I turned around… he had — he had the strangest look on his face. He looked surprised, and — and he had fear in his eyes. And then I saw esme with the needle, and then she tried to come for me. And then somehow spencer found enough strength to grab her. And they both went in the water.

alright, let’s do this. What’s the routing numberfor the money transfer? Oh, I don’t do business on personal devices. It’s got to be an encrypted transaction. Okay, fine. Just give me whatever device you want to use, and I’ll make the transfer. I prefer human touch. I’m aware. You can make a transfer directly to my accountant. How quaint. Well, is he outside? On his way here? Afraid not. We’re going to him. You can call me leo. And there’s my mom, arguing with aunt carly. What makes you think they’re arguing? How they’re standing. What they do with their arms. Kind of like a threat display from an animal. Humans are animals. That is very true. What kind of animals are in your book? All kinds. Are there bears in there? Do you like bears? I do. Bears are smart, and they’re strong. I wouldn’t want to meet one in the wild, but I like reading about them. Drew had already gone to prison. Your accounts had already been frozen. Nothing that I knew could have changed any of that. Carly, all I could do was stop the damage that nina had already done from going even further. And the fact that you and ned were also victims of nina’s lies — that just didn’t matter? Of course it mattered. And have you forgotten how furious you were at me for accusing your husband? Because I haven’T. I haven’t forgotten. I think about it every day, carly. Then why?! Why would you shield the woman who was actually responsible? Nina stood back and let ned take the blame. Well, I never in a million years would have predicted that drew would remove you from crimson and replace you with carly. Yeah, he’s not the same person he was before he went to prison. He’S…harder. Putting carly in a position that you have held successfully for years, that just — that adds a lot of uncertainty and risk to crimson, that for no good reason… well, making me suffer is reason enough in drew’s book. Well, he’s making choices that he’s going to regret. That’s for sure. Thank you. You’re welcome. I’m just stating the obvious here. Well, I appreciate that, but I’m also thanking you because, you know, you don’t always agree with my choices, but you understand the reason behind it, and you don’t make me suffer. You don’t punish me for them. Oh, nina, nobody in this room has a monopoly on bad choices, you know. I’m just very grateful for your friendship and your loyalty, and I love you so much. And thank you. I love you, too. And you’re welcome. I shouldn’t be bothering you with this. I mean, you’re worried about trina. Well, I can worry and listen to you at the same time. And you’re still coming down from being shot at and attacked. Well, the first time somebody shoots at you, it does come as a bit of a surprise. But with time and experience, you kind of get used to people trying to kill you. You know, I’m very impressed by your resilience, more than you will ever know. But you must have been afraid in puerto rico. Avery could have lost both of her parents. I can’t always look out for sonny anymore, no matter how much I want to. And, ava, you have to promise me — please, please, promise me that you and sonny will always look out for each other. When we were in greenland and spencer went missing. Everyone lost hope. Not me. I didn’t believe he was gone. And now? I want to believe so badly, joss. But… …something tells me that this time… …this time there won’t be a happy ending. I meant no harm. I-I give you my word. Sonny: We all know what that means. Let me walk out with you. Laura, I’ll call you, okay? You may not believe in my spiritual awakening, laura, but I pray that you believe this. I cared about spencer, as I care about you. Yeah, okay. That’s nice. Let’s go. Come on. I gave you a pass on the assault charges, sonny, but just the one. I’m a believer, not a saint. That makes two of us.

You okay? Well, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna stay here, or are you gonna go back to paris? Maybe I could take some time off. No, I don’t even think I can go back to paris ever again. Look, I don’t want a new roommate. You should come here, and you should live with me again.

[ Sighs ] That is so sweet, joss, but, um, I’m gonna live with my parents for now, and I’m gonna take a semester off. I can’t even think about school. Like, all of this just seems so, like, trivial. Like, what’s even important anymore? I understand. It’s hard to act like there’s a tomorrow when you lose someone you love. Is that what it’s like when you lost oscar? Uh, kind of. Um… but, you know, he was sick, so it was peaceful in the end. It’s different than what you just went through. But, um, the feeling like you can’t breathe and, uh… the way that your heart actually hurts?

[ Voice breaking ] That’s the same. I feel like… …it took so long for me and spencer to finally be together. And then we finally were, and we were in a happy place. And then, like, in a heartbeat, all of that was over. Ned and I looked at the situation, and we made a judgment call. Exposing n ina wasn’t gonnahelp anybody or fix anything, and a huge blow-up would have just made everything so much worse. So, that’s what you and ned decided? Well, he took a little convincing, but, uh… actually, could — could youhold on just one second? The belitung island tarsier has the largest eyes in proportion to its overall body weight of any mammal. Those eyes are huge. Mm-hmm. They use them to look for prey at night. Who’s your friend, leo? This is john. Hmm. Hello, john. Uh, why don’t you go and wash your hands before your waffle gets here? He’s a great kid. Yeah. Is he on the spectrum? He has asd, yeah. So does my son. I’m — I’m sorry for approaching your boy, but I could tell he was getting agitated, watching you and, um, aunt carly. Oh, god. Yeah, I should have realized that he would see us out there and that would have bother him. It’s fine. I think I distracted him. Yeah, it looks like you did. Thank you for that. Um, how old is your son? He’s grown now, living independently. So, he’s doing well? He’s doing great.

[ Cellphone rings ] Would you excuse me a moment? Yeah, of course, of course. What’s the word? Nobody moves until I get there. Everyone and their cat knows you don’t go to a second location.

[ Scoffs ] Suit yourself. Lo ok, there’s got to be a waywe can make this happen right here, right now. You know, it’s unusual for a customer to make this hard a sell. Why does this deal have to happen before I leave this room? I thought I was paying for confidentiality. At the moment, I don’t know what you’re paying me for. Okay, well, that’s too bad. Sorry we couldn’t get this done. Hey. We’re done till you tell me who you really are. Remove your hand, or I will remove it for you. I forgot to ask you — have you talked to, uh, josslyn? Uh, not recently. Alright, you should go to her because she should hear about spencer from you. Go ahead, go ahead. I have a lot of protection. Everything alright? Yeah. It’s fine. I just wasn’t expecting you back so soon, that’s all. You got a problem with me being back? No, just — I’m a little jumpy, right? For obvious reasons. So, when you left earlier in such a hurry, was that about trina and spencer? Turns out spencer’s dead. No.

oh, my god. Sonny, I’m so sorry. Are you okay? No. Trina. Trina’s safe. What happened to spencer? He went over the side of a boat in paris. He and esme. Oh, I know how much you loved your nephew. I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now. I can’t do this right now. This will help you keep up your strength. Thanks.

[ Sighs ] Thought a little edge-cutter was in order. Yeah. I already regret losing my cool with cyrus, but the conversation with sonny was long overdue. Well, don’t beat yourself up over cyrus. What happened was understandable, especially given the loss you’re feeling. But I’m not the only one, am I? Esme was your niece. Kevin, I know you did everything you could do for her. We both did. Yeah. You know, the way she was with ace… I am never going to believe that that was an act. It wasn’T. Esme’s love for ace was genuine. That may be the only pure emotion she ever felt in her life. When nikolas took ace away, she was isolated, afraid… angry. And she chose the worst possible course of action. But I was the one who talked her into turning herself in for breaking into wyndemere. If I hadn’t done that — there is no way you could have predicted that would happen. You didn’t know that esme had regained her memory, and there was no way to know that nikolas would come back and convince spencer to let him run off with ace. There was no way you could know that. I hope you’re hearing me when I say that. I guess if I’m being honest, all I can hear is silence in a house that used to be filled with voices.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. Okay, so, uh, leo’s order is — is next up, and I did tell them extra powdered sugar. [ Laughs ] So… um, for what it’s worth… you’re gonna crush the crimson. I know you are. You’re — you’re wicked smart. Nobody can match your instincts. You make being a leader look easy. That’s why all the employees at the metro court are so loyal to you. And why you are going to make a whole new generation of customers fall in love with bobbie’S. Thank you for saying that. It’s just the truth, which I will never hide from you in the future. My other clients paid for silence, same as you’re supposed to. Yeah, well, we’re not your other clients. Sit. Yeah, you’re not as different as you might tell yourselves. Must be something in the water here. You know what? I’m under no illusion as to who or what I am. Wait a minute — what do you mean, “there must be something in the water here”? I didn’t mean anything. We’re not the only ones in port charles buying from you, are we? I can’t talk about my clients. It’ll end my business. Einstein, your business is over. You’ve been peddling guns stolen from the wsb. So, you have a choice to make. You can either tell us what we want to know, or you wait for the bureau to get here, and they’ll pick you up. And they’re not going to sweep this under the rug. What do you want to know? We need the names of every person who purchased a weapon from that wsb shipment. Freeze! Guns down! Drop your weapons! Put it down! Fbi. Drop your weapons now!

I didn’t want to makeyour night worse by being here. That’s — that’s not what I wanted. I’m sorry, sonny. I know how you feel about nina being here. It doesn’t matter. Nothing really matters. Wow. And spencer… ah, yeah. I’m so sorry. That’s just terrible. Trina must be absolutely gutted. I’m gonna — I’m gonna call her. Thank you. Does cam know? I doubt it. Um, the word hasn’t gotten out yet. We got to tell him. Cam. Hi, uh, it’s me. Um… I’m here with trina. And we have to tell you something. Um… we need you to hear it from us. You come and say goodbye to your aunt carly. She’s got to get to work. Yeah. Are you two done arguing?

[ Scoffs ] Sometimes friends disagree. Yeah. Carly and I haven’t been on the same wavelength for a while, but, uh, maybe, uh, pretty soon we can try and fix that. I think we’ve already started. I could tell. Your body language is better.

[ Chuckles ] You know what? You’re right. [ Laughs ] How’s this for body language? Come here.

[ Laughs ] Aww!

[ Laughter ] Okay, my colleague and I, we’re going to lower our weapons. Do that. Nice and slow. Look, man, I’m just a bystander. Shut up! Okay. So, I take it that you are the agent in charge. Don’t you recognize me, anna? Wait. Jagger?

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Gasping ] Hello, mother.

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