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[ Police radio chatter ]

Hey, laura. Have you spoken to the authorities? Yeah, yeah. The french police, they’re very thorough, being very professional. Just say it. Where is spencer?

[ Sighs ] No, stop! Stop! Get off of me! Get off!

[ Esme screams ] No, spencer! Spencer!

[ Esme screams ]

[ Water splashes ] Honey. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Josslyn, hi. Um, I heard your friend adam needs a patient advocate.

[ Door opens ] Adam, I’ve got a friend of yours outside. Look, if you’re talking about josslyn, I — I’m talking about this. My guitar.

[ Laughs ] I wasn’t sure what happened to it when I moved to this room. Oh, we were keeping it for you. Thank you. No, thank josslyn. She’s the one who brought your guitar from the park the night you were admitted. She knew you’d want it. Adam. I, uh — I was hoping you’d, uh, outgrown this thing. Well, it’s time we got your priorities straight. Can you imagine anything more beautiful or appropriate than st. Anthony’s in bensonhurst? The entire neighborhood will be there — all the cerullos and the falconeris. And father tom — oh, he does a great service. Oh, we already asked gregory to officiate. Oh, gregory. Not to worry. Father tom is very liberal. I’m sure he would have no problem sharing the pulpit. So, have you thought about the reception? Uh, one idea is a yacht. Hm, hm, hm. Okay, well, that is romantic in theory. It is risky in practice. The night before my second wedding to ned, uh, the one that was actually sanctioned by the church, as opposed to the quickie one when I thought I was marrying eddie maine — ma! Uh, well, we had a yacht cruise, and the ship ran aground and almost sank with the entire wedding party and family and friends on board. So we should be looking at venues on dry land. But some risks are worth taking. Could you imagine a moonlight cruise off coney island, huh? I mean, we could — we could welcome all of the guests on board under the brooklyn bridge. And then we can sail around ellis island and the statue of liberty. And then when everybody’s ready to disembark, we can send them off with popcorn. Doesn’t that sound spectacular? Spectacular. I have to say, we’re, uh… speechless. Wow. Well, I’m not. Hey. Hey. How’s it going? Oh. Ask me in a couple days, because we’re in the middle of putting out the first magazine with my name on it, and my head is spinning, I’m going crazy. I don’t know. With you here and nina gone, crimson has already improved. Oh, gosh. I don’t know about that. I mean, I despise the woman, but she knew a lot more than I do about putting a magazine out. Nina learned on the job. You’re gonna learn on the job, too. You’re a natural leader. You’ve already run a big company, and you’ve got great taste, if I do say so myself. It’s only a matter of time before you surpass her. I love your confidence. Yeah. Six months from now — less, nobody’s even gonna remember that nina ran this place. Nina who? Right. Best business decision I have ever made is making you editor in chief of crimson. Oh! [ Laughs ]

[ Gasps ] Michael, hey. Um… you, uh — you got a minute?

After your mom called, I took a look at adam’s recent psychiatric evaluation, and it turns out it’s up to him if he wants to go home or go back to school or remain here at general hospital for observation. I think adam just wants to live his life and not feel he’s one big disappointment. Can you help him? I’ll do my best. There’s no underestimating the hold a parent has on a child. Tracy, before you insist that the wedding be in this house with a bunch of snooty waiters and unnecessary etiquette, I want you to think about what brook lynn and chase want. So no more petty fighting with lois and olivia about the reception. No more arguing with ned about anything, really. All that matters is that those two beautiful souls belong together, and we all do everything we can to help make that happen. Do we understand each other? We do. Lois: Because this is supposed to be a celebration, and celebrations are supposed to be fun. And yes, I know it’s important to have gorgeous flowers and — and beautiful table settings, but that is not as important as the food and the — and the music and the dancing, especially the dancing. Because what’s really important is for the bride and the groom to enjoy the occasion. And what is more enjoyable than for brook lynn to be married in her neighborhood, surrounded by the people who’ve known her and loved her her entire life? Grandmother, say something. I couldn’t agree more. Police interviewed the captain. They found him locked in a closet, unconscious. So when he came to, he confirmed that spencer chartered the boat to cruise the river to the english channel. When the boat left the pier, they found an american woman on deck. Said she was lost. He didn’t believe her. Uh, said he was going to take her into custody, and she fought back and smacked him in the head with a fire extinguisher. Was he able to I.D. Her? Oh, yeah. He picked out esme’s picture right away. And what about the search for spencer? Look, laura, they have every boat at their disposal in the water, searching, and so far, there is no sign of esme or spencer. Then they can still be alive. Yeah, yeah. I’ll go, uh — I’ll check in again. See if there’s any updates. Okay. Thank you. Yeah. Of course. When did you get here? We just arrived. Ned quartermaine kindly let us borrow the elq jet, and we came as soon as we heard that esme was on her way to paris. Uh, laura and dante are coordinating with the french police, and I promise you, trina, they’re doing all they can to rescue spencer. Dad, he’s alive. I know he is. Okay, so what happened? The police told us that esme tried to — to stab spencer with a needle? She ambushed him from behind. Whatever drug she was using, it was so powerful that spencer could — he couldn’t even stand. And then she tried to come for me. She tried to inject me with the needle. And then spencer grabbed her, and then they both went over the side, and — oh, honey. He saved my life, like he did in greenland. Thank god for that.

[ Sighs ] I thought I lost him then, too. And then he came back to me, so I — I — I know — I just know in my heart that — that he’s alive still. Trust your heart, trina.

Congratulations on the new job. Oh, thank you, thank you. Yeah, metro court’s loss is crimson’s gain. Oh, well, don’t worry, I’m definitely going to get my half of the metro court back one day with my own money. I’m not going to take loans from anyone. So until then, I’m just going to enjoy my time here at crimson. I know you’ll knock it out of the ballpark. Thank you. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Yeah. But that’s not why you’re here, is it? Uh, no, I’m actually just looking for drew. I went to your office, but they said that you were here. Well, uh… let’s relocate. Oh, actually, I — I’m going to go. I’m gonna go to G.H. Because I think josslyn could use some backup. So, um… okay. Hey, take it easy on him, please. Look, michael, it’s, uh… it’s late. Anything you can say to me, you can say to me tomorrow morning. I’m, uh — I’m afraid not. I’m resigning. This has got to go. No, dad. It doesn’T. You’re upsetting the patient. Please wait outside. Adam, we have far more important things to discuss than your musical hobby — like the reason you’re here in this hospital, then moving on to the many lies you’ve told. You owe me that. Adam doesn’t owe you anything. Nurse, I thought I made it very clear that this young woman was not to be allowed near my son. Mr. Wright, please do as nurse corinthos says and wait outside. And who are you? I’m felicia scorpio. I’m on staff here as a patient advocate, and I need to talk to adam, just the two of us. Lois: I am so sorry. I [Chuckles] Don’t think I heard you correctly. Did — did you just agree with me? Well, as mother of the bride, you are traditionally the hostess of the wedding and the reception, and I know that our tastes differ and quartermaine traditions are not necessarily right for everyone. Wow. I always thought you were too snooty to see past your own stuck-up nose. But, hey, clearly, I was wrong.

[ Chuckles ] Live and learn. Ma? Gregory? Can chase and I have a word with my grandmother, privately? Of course. Shall we? Delighted.

[ Door closes ] So, now that we’re all on the same page, the wedding can proceed. The ceremony will be at st. Anthony’s in bensonhurst, the festival hall of your choosing for the reception, and the streamers and balloons and bunting in whatever color palette your mother desires. Feel free to thank me. Thank you? Grandmother, we were counting on you to say no. Have you gotten any news? Dante is with the police now, but no word yet, no. They’ll find him. I-I know they will. Can you just tell me what happened? What is it that esme thought she was going to accomplish? Esme wanted to take spencer hostage to force nikolas out of hiding to trade him for ace. Oh, my god. But esme is a tiny little girl. How could she possibly overpower spencer? Did she have a gun? This is where she planned to drug him. Esme said that the drug would make spencer docile, but it didn’t work. He found a way to fight it. And then she came for me with the needle. And then he grabbed her. Okay. That’s why I know he loves me. And I just know, I-I know that he’s alive. Oh, sweetheart. Sweetheart. Do we have an update? I-I’m sorry. I-I don’t have good news.

I don’t understand. I thought you were on board with your mother’s vision. Do you know how many weddings i have been to at st. Anthony’s? Don’t misunderstand. They’ve all been beautiful and a lot of fun. And as much as I love the old neighborhood, I don’t want to be married there. Brook lynn and I met in port charles. We fell in love here. The people were closest to are here. We want a port charles wedding. Now, whether we have the reception here at the house or — or at the savoy or at the metro court ballroom, we just want it to be at a place that has meaning for us as a couple. It’s not that I don’t want to get to know brook lynn’s family in bensonhurst. I-I do. But just not on our wedding day, okay? We want that to be a day to celebrate our love, not a meet and greet with the falconeri and cerullo clans. So if that’s the way you feel, why don’t you tell your mother? Because I’m my ma’s only child and I’m a daughter, and a big neighborhood wedding, it’s like a rite of passage. Look, my ma has always been rebellious, but when it came to marrying my dad and having a ceremony, they did it in bensonhurst. Oh, yes. I remember the stories of running around brooklyn in their wedding attire, hoping to get to the church on time. And now it’s her turn to be mother of the bride, you know, to have all the uncles and cousins and nonnas congratulate her. And since she divorced my dad and raised me as a single mom, it’s an even bigger deal for her. So maybe you should defer to her wishes? She’s got a point. I don’t want to hurt my mom’s feelings, but I just want our wedding to be our wedding. It will be. I promise. Look, I’m happy for my mom. I-I know she’ll make crimson even better, but look, drew, you fired nina and you hired my mom without even asking me. I know it’s your call, but look, as someone who’s been handling the day-to-day for years, I should have at least been consulted. Like you shared the inside information about nina with me? Drew, I [Sighs] Look, I-I-I found out that nina tipped off the sec at their wedding reception. I was on the phone call with my source when I looked over and I saw nina dancing with willow and my son. I understand that it’s complicated. Yeah, that’s why I needed proof. That’s why I —

[ Sighs ] I recorded martin gray admitting to everything, and I went to my father, and I was going to play him the recording and expose nina, get her out of his life, willow’s life, and my kids’ lives once and for all. You’ve explained this to me. You exp– you couldn’t bring yourself to break sonny’s heart. I know. My father and i have been estranged ever since he chose nina over my mom and his family. We just reconciled. So if I were to go over to him a-a-and basically say, “see? I was right. Nina is a liar, and you were a fool to choose her over us,” I — I felt like it would — it would — it would break our relationship for good. Yeah. You could have found a gentler way to bring it to him. No matter how I would have said it, that’s what — that’s what he would have heard. That’s what he heard when I did tell him the truth finally. Sonny blames you as much as he blames nina. I mean, if not more. But look, t-that’s for me andmy father to work out. Or not. The point is, I owed it to you to tell you everything, and I didn’T. So, look, I-I’ll stick around and help with the transition as long as you need me, until you find someone you can trust to replace me. Michael, wait. The truth is, my anger was misdirected towards you. Nina was the one that caused all the harm. Now that carly is here in her place, the books are balanced. W-what are you saying? I’m saying I want you here. But with new ground rules in place. My son doesn’t need an advocate. He has his father. And how has that worked out? If you don’t leave now, I’ll call security. No, you won’T.

[ Scoffs ] And who are you? I’m josslyn’s mother. And instead of insulting my daughter, why don’t you thank her for saving your son’s life? If you all would just step outside and give me a moment alone with adam. I’m staying. Adam? I would like to talk to the advocate. You heard your son. You need to leave. Or should I call security? Adam, I’ll be right outside. I’ll be outside, too, in case you need anything. What happens now? It’s your life, adam. You’ve been given a second chance to live it. How you do so is up to you. Authorities are dragging the river. They got divers out there, helicopter along the shoreline. But, uh, you know, the currents are stronger the closer the river gets to the channel. There must be something more that they can do to rescue spencer. The problem is, is — is they’ve been in the water for over 24 hours now. And given the temperature and whatever esme gave to spencer, they’re no longer calling this a rescue mission. They’re calling it a recovery. Well, who cares what they call it? Recovery or rescue, what matters most is that they get spencer back. Trina… laura, I’m so sorry. Spencer is now presumed dead. No. No. They’re wrong! He’s alive! I know he is!

Trina shouldn’t be alone right now. Of course. Honey, go after our daughter. Okay. He was your grandson. Laura, I’m very sorry. Thank you. Dante, who is your, uh — who’s your contact at the local police? Uh, captain aubert. She’s got a command station set up on the bridge. She can give you all the details. Okay, I’m gonna need to hear that so I can relay it to trina when she’s ready.

[ Sighs ] Laura, is there anything I can do? Find my grandson. I wish I could. I know. I know you’d bring him back if you could. We all would. But nothing can be done.

[ Sobbing ] You tried to end your life. Your medical team and I want to make sure that you know that we can continue to support you even after you walk out the door. You’re not alone. You have help. All you have to do is ask for it. There’s something you need to know. When I found adam in the park, he was clutching the thing that he loves most — that guitar. You know what I’d like to think? That even when he was out of it and about to drift off forever, he heard music, and it gave him a reason to live. You believe you’ re doingwhat’s best for your son. But what’s best for adam is for you to see him and accept him for who he is. Lois, gregory, will you join us? Oh. Are you okay? No thanks to you. Agreeing with lois took years off my life. And I do not want you to worry about a thing. The cost of the boat and the food — I’m gonna foot the bill. I’m footing the bill. And on further review, I have decided that the wedding is going to take place here in port charles. Formal attire, flowers by genevieve, string quartet, and french champagne. Is that really what you want? As much as I want to meet your extended family, brook lynn and i are based here, and this is where we would like to have the wedding. Formal reception with flowers and champagne and a string quartet sounds beautiful. Beautiful, yeah, but…where’s the fun? Tracy: I am so glad you brought that up, because it’s the night before the wedding where the fun really happens. How am I supposed to walk away from him, mom? How do I let him go? Oh, honey.

I’ll be honest. Byconey island?Coney island? Well, it may not be the appropriate venue for the wedding, but it’s perfect for the rehearsal dinner. Of course. Why didn’t I think of that? Well, nail polish remover — silent killer. We can re-create all the outer borough charm right on the wharf. We can hire a carnival and rockers, whatever. Oh, that’s true, but you know what? You could do even better than that, right? Because why re-create coney island when we could have the real thing? Uh, the rehearsal dinner is the night before the ceremony. We can’t get everybody down there and back up to port charles. Yeah. Are you sure? Huh? What do you think, tracy? Huh? We can charter busses. Busses? Come on. What about jets? You’re a fancy-schmancy cosmetic ceo lady. You could fly everybody down there and back same night. You can rent out the whole park. Oh! Oh, I could just see it now. Right? Y-y-you got waiters on roller skates handing out pigs in blankets. The salt & sizzle, the sideshow.

[ Gasps ] The cyclone! I would pay money to see you on the slingshot, tracy. And maybe we could get the groom to serenade the bride on the beach.

[ Sighs ] Oh. What? No. You’re gonna tell me this, right? You hate it? Couldn’t be more wrong. We love it. You do? Oh! Yeah. Oh! Josslyn, adam would like to see you now. Mr. Wright: Uh…

[ Door opens ] Looking for me? The nurse told me it was you who brought my guitar from the park when I was admitted to the hospital. I knew you’d want it. But you didn’t know if I’d be around to use it. No. But I hoped. Thank you. It wasn’t a big deal. No, no, no. Not just about the guitar. For me. I tried to kill myself, josslyn. If it hadn’t been for you, I — I would have. It’s just doing what a friend does. Even after everything? The way I treated you? You could still say that? I just did. And I promise to keep on saying it if you promise to hear it. I intend to see my son. Oh, good. You’re dressed. Enough talk. We’re going home. No, dad. I’m not. Look. I need to know that I can trust you. And obviously, that was never an issue before. You always had my back. I always had your back, and I’m not — I’m not blaming you for making the choice to protect your family. I’m just saying to you, you gotta remember, I’m family, too. Okay? How — how can I rebuild that trust? I mean, where do I — where do I start? Well, me firing nina, me putting carly in her place, that’s just the beginning. Are you planning for more changes at aurora? I’m planning more changes for nina. I’m gonna make her pay for every single day that she kept me from my daughter — for every scar that I carried with me when I walked out of pentonville. I mean, that woman thinks she’s lost everything? She has no idea. She’s gonna keep losing until she’s as alone, as broke, and as empty as she deserves to be. So are you with me? I know better than to play what-ifs. I know it’s not going to change anything. It’s just I can’t stop myself. I mean, what if — what if spencer had just refused to give ace to his father? Or what if, when esme finished in court that day, she just picked up her son and she went back home, you know? Then we would all just be in port charles tonight, wouldn’t we? And spencer and trina… would be together. They’d be young and in love in paris. And instead, we have this. I can’t imagine a world without spencer. I just can’T. Sweetheart, take my jacket. No. I don’t want you to get a cold. No. It’s okay, I don’t — I don’t care. Think about how cold the water is. Spencer loved to swim, but he hated the cold. I remember when we were at the cabin, and he couldn’t wait to make a fire and, um… the cabin. That’s when esme showed her true colors. Why didn’t we pay attention? Why didn’t we get away from her then? Even spencer, especially spencer. Esme can’t hurt anyone anymore. Spencer saw to that. Honey, he really was a hero. Let me get you home, please. There’s really nothing that we can do here now. I’ll meet you at the stateroom.

[ Sighs ] How do I do it, spencer? How do I say goodbye?

I may have gotten a little carried away and inadvertently suggested a wedding and reception that was very similar to — okay, almost identical to my wedding to your father, and your cousin theresa’s, and your cousin angela’s, and — all right, and luciana falconeri’s, which all happened this past year. And they were all beautiful. Yes. And your wedding will be beautiful, too, as long as it’s the wedding of your dreams, not mine. I love you, ma. I love you too, baby. As long as we have our families wishing us well… then our wedding will be perfect. Yeah. You never cease to amaze me. You have all sorts of hidden talents when you let yourself show them. Sometimes, all I need is just a little encouragement. However… there is no amount of encouragement that will ever get me on anything called “the slingshot.” I beg to differ. If I can get alexis into a parachute, I can get you onto the slingshot. Don’t be foolish. You’ve proven you can’t be trusted on your own. After some time at home, with family, you can enroll in another college, get a fresh start. Dad. I’m going back to pcu. I’ve got unfinished business there. Besides, there’s a really great music department there. And who will pay the tuition? With his musical talent, perhaps pcu will want to recruit adam. Or I’ll get a job, put myself through school. This is a mistake. It’s mine to make. I have your phone number, dad. You have mine. Whenever you feel like talking… adam. …We’ll talk. I’m not complaining, but… what was that for? For being you. Drew, if, um, regaining your trust means pursuing a vendetta against nina, I’m sorry, but the answer’s no. You think I’m being too hard on her? It’s just not — it’s not worth what I stand to lose. I-I already went behind willow’s back in the name of protecting her from her mother, and it nearly cost me my family. I can’t do that again. I mean, yeah, I want nina to lose everything, but I can’t be involved in — in making that happen, so… yeah. So you better start your search for your new ceo. I already have my ceo. You just proved it right now. So, what, this was, what, a test? I mean, I told you what I was planning. You declined to be involved. I respect your reasons. I respect your honesty. That’s what we need. We need transparency. Collaboration can’t happen without it. I expect to see you at your desk first thing tomorrow morning. What did the police have to say? Well, they’re going to extend the search for another 48 hours. If they don’t find anything, they’re going to assume that spencer and esme’s bodies were swept out into the english channel and lost. Any idea on the odds of recovering their bodies? Less than 50%. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. On the one hand, if they don’t find the body, then trina will never accept that spencer’s gone. If they do find the body, she’s going to insist on viewing it. I just don’t want her to see him that way. I want to spare her that. Yeah, I-I wanted… I wanted spencer out of trina’s life. He brought trouble. And I wanted to, you know, just protect her from all of that. But the thought of that young man losing his life saving hers and how trina is feeling tonight, I didn’t want it to happen like this. You know, not this way. Is kevin okay? He still has the headache, but other than that, he’s fine. I know you want to get home to him, so I… I promise I won’t be long. You take as much time as you need. Spencer: When the woman you love invites you to go to paris, you say yes.

Merci, monsieur. Where are we off to? The rest of our lives. I can’t believe that this is really happening.

When I first saw you that november trina: Since being with you, I’ve gotten to experience the most amazing things, and not just this trip. I mean, all the amazing things we’ve done in paris. Are you ready for the best weekend of your life? So ready.

[ Cork pops ] But the entire feeling of being with you, of loving you and being loved by you returned.

Une bise.

Une bise. I like that one. I’m supposed to be studying art history while I’m here, but I guess I can see the appeal for french lessons, too.

Still and you opened my eyes to a whole new world, and you taught me that I’m a person that’s worthy of love. I want you today, tomorrow, and forever.

I was destined for falling in love trina: To us. Spencer: I love us. Me, too. You’re everything that I always wanted and never believed that I could have.

Things you’ll never know and I’m gonna love you for the rest of my life. This isn’t goodbye, spencer. Somehow, some way.

But the boats pass by the things you’ll never know time goes by, but the boats pass by the things you’ll never know

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