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Guys!Come o hi! Guys! Come on in. Thank you. Thank you so much for agreeing to meet with me, especially on such short — hm. Well, no notice.

[ Chuckles ] Look, um, I know that some of you are close with nina, so I just wanted to reach out first. I get it. I know everyone is a little blindsided by my presence here, and I understand — I mean, if someone would have told me even 24 hours ago that I would be in this position, I would have said they were crazy. But here I am. And here you all are. So…why don’t we just focus on the business at hand, right? I wanted to do this in person, you know, leave the lawyers out of it — at least for now. Alright, well, deception’s advertising contract with crimson is up for renewal, and I am eager to maintain this relationship… and hopefully see how it can evolve. Ms. Reeves. Your assistant said I could find you here. May I help you? Actually, I’d like to help you. I’m gemma compton. I write the — “to the nines” column in the city gazette. Yes! I never miss it. I’m very flattered. Oh, not at all. You know, I love your takes on fashion. Even when I disagree with you? Especially when you disagree with me. So, you said that you want to help me? How? I thought you might like to set the record straight. Why was the woman who saved crimson from financial ruin just shown the door? Hello, olivia. Lois. Got a few? Uh, actually, no. I’m very busy right now. It’s gonna have to wait. Oh! Well, can it? Because I get the feeling, if I leave it up to you, we may never speak again. Is that what you want?

[ Waves lapping ] Captain!

[ Door closes ] Esme, what are you doing here? Well, with ace gone, I’ve been all by myself. I’ve missed you and spencer so much. So where else would I be? Dex: Man down. Someone get eyes

on sonny and his family, now!

[ Gunfire ]

[ Shrieks ]

It was my decision to leave crimson. Is that right? And did you have any input on the hiring of your successor, carly spencer? I hate to disappoint you, ms. Compton. Gemma. Gemma. I really do. But I promise you, there is no story here. And if anyone would know, it’s nina reeves, the woman who revolutionized fashion journalism. That’s very flattering — strategically so. It’s still true. Under your guiding hand, crimson was a setter of trends. You also did in-depth exposés on botched plastic surgery, how fashion in media affects body image in women and men. And now the magazine you brought back from bankruptcy has been given to your husband’s ex-wife. I’m sorry I’m barreling on. This must be difficult for you. You’re not telling me anything that I don’t already know, gemma. And I’m still not going to throw carly under the bus. Ohh. So…there is a bus. Alright. You want a statement? I will give you a statement. I am certain that carly spencer will provide a fresh, new take on fashion and take the magazine in bold, new directions. There. That’s it. About a year ago, you — crimson, that is — celebrated working women, how to be fashionable and stylish at any income on a busy schedule and why every woman, every person should do that for themselves. I adored that piece. Yes, I remember that. So I must confess — I’m a little outraged by your…departure. Which is why I’m stumped. Even if it was your decision to leave, how could drew cain ever even consider letting you go? I’m very proud of my tenure at crimson, and I will always remember it fondly. That’s all I have to say. On the record. Off the record… and in my own personal opinion… …drew cain is no businessman. When it comes to running aurora or crimson, he is listening more to his…heart than he is his head. Carly: Does anyone have any questions? So, so many. I don’t even know where to start. Okay. Look, guys, I — I acknowledge that nina played a crucial part in forming the partnership between deception and crimson, one that has been profitable for both parties. So if you think that I’m going to come in here and change everything solely to do things different than nina, that is not gonna happen. In fact, the only changes I want to make are the ones that maximize both our successes. Carly, I am so sorry. I’ve been trying to think of a way to ask this that doesn’t sound… snarky? Who are you in the room with? Sasha, you can say anything you want to me. Okay. It’s just that running the metro court and the diner require a very different skill set than running a magazine. Brook lynn: We want to know why we can trust you to represent deception in this very new, untested, very sudden version of crimson. That’s fair. Maxie, you might know this, but I doubt that brook lynn and sasha do. Back in the ’90s, I was an original part-owner of the deception fragrance company. Really?! Yeah. That’s right. Yeah. I have a history with deception and an affection for it. That’s why I want to do right by it — and you. We’re listening. Okay, well, we are in the process of closing out our april issue. And as you know, it’s one of the biggest issues of the year. Second only to september. That’s right. How about I increase deception’s page count at a favorable rate? How favorable are we talking?

[ Door opens ] Tracy: Don’t sign anything! Oh, wait. I’m the only one that can do that. Thank god. So, what did I miss? Anything good? Like the part where carly explains how a rank amateur can avoid running crimson right into the ground? This is highly inappropriate, you coming here like this. Uh, it’s a public place. This is a restaurant. It is my place of business. It is very important to me that I keep my personal life and my professional life very separate. What personal life are you talking about? Lately, you’ve been spending all of your time in this place, which begs the question, are you avoiding me? I’m not avoiding you. And I am happy to prove it by talking to you — at home. Oh, yeah. See, I don’t believe you. Because on the off chance that you and i even bump into each other at the q’s, you duck out. And then when I chase after you, you disappear. Like, what? Are there secret passages or something that I’m not aware of? If you haven’t noticed, I’m a mother. I am a working mother of a young child who happens to have special needs. Yeah, I know, olivia. You’re a wonderful mother to leo. It doesn’t change the fact that you’re avoiding me. And since this is the only place I’m able to get a face-to-face with you, here I am! Fine! Uh — make it quick. Make what quick? Your apology.

[ Sighs ] Trina! Trina, the captain’s been attacked! Somebody’s on the boat with us! Hello, spence. Unh! Where is she?!

[ Gunfire ]

[ Ava shrieks ] Sonny!

[ Gunshot ] The gunfire is concentrated on the terrace side of the hotel. We think it’s a single shooter. We’re closing on his location. Can you and ava make it inside? Now! Go! Sonny: Go! Don’t snap my neck, spence. That could be bad for your little girl. I radioed for help when I found the captain. They’ll be here any second. Oh, we’re headed for the english channel, and I’ve already smashed the satellite tracking system. We’ll be long gone before the police arrive. I’m not going anywhere with you! I will kill you first! Go ahead. Then you’ll never find trina in time, and you’ll have killed us both.

How does it feel, spence — not knowing where trina is, not knowing if she’s safe? Every second of separation, it’S…agony, isn’t it? Well, your little pangs do not compare to the torture that you and your father have put me through. You took away my child. Ace is a part of me. And now he’s gone. So go ahead. Squeeze the life out of me.

[ Gasps ] Kill me and trina both. Do it! Do it! No, I’m not — I’m not gonna kill you. I’m not gonna kill you. Because I want you to live a very, very long life, living with the pain that you just described to me, because you are never, ever going to see your son again, esme. I am ace’s mother. You pretended to love him, and you gave him away. And I will do anything to get my son back! And I will do anything to stop you. Oh, really? So you’d let trina die? Because that is exactly what’s gonna happen if you don’t do as I say. Now give me your hands. I will kill trina, spence. You know I will. Now turn around and give me your hands.

[ Zip tie clicking ] I, for one, am dying to know how an innkeeper is qualified to run a fashion magazine and how to explain fashion to you. I guess I’ll look it up online. As I was explaining to your partners… junior partners. I have run several businesses, tracy, learning from the ground up, and nothing is gonna change with crimson except the name on the masthead. So we’re swapping out the current mrs. Corinthos for the previous gun moll, which just doesn’t sound like progress to me. Come on, grandmother. At least hear what she has to say. Carly is offering deception substantial concessions. Sasha: Exactly at a time we could use them. We’re pushing a new fragrance, and we’re launching our men’s line with cody as our spokesmodel. So all of you are perfectly content to risk deception’s brand on a dilettante?

[Laughing] Oh, my god. Nina was a baby-stealing lunatic when she took over the magazine, and it was only given to her so she could run it into the ground. Wow. I really want to object with that characterization, but that’s exactly what happened. And look at it now. Julian took a gamble on nina, and it paid off — not in the way he wanted it to. Drew is taking a much smaller gamble on me, and I’m just asking you to do the same. A small gamble. I think it’s an opportunity that you can’t afford to miss. Okay. I was out of line throwing what happened between sonny and dante in your face. You mean when sonny shot dante, they didn’t know that they were father and son because I kept quiet about it? Olivia. Yeah? I am sorry, okay? It was a lousy thing to say. My mouth ran away with me, and I wish I could take that back. But I’m not gonna apologize for telling sonny that ned wasn’t the one who was responsible for turning carly and drew in to the sec, because that — that was the right thing to do. According to you. Lois cerullo, the world expert on who gets to know what! Oh, come on! How was I supposed to look sonny in the face and not tell him?! Because I begged you not to! Because what I told you, I told you in confidence, and you broke that confidence in, like, two seconds. A lifetime full of trust, you threw away. What I wanted, what mattered to me, it didn’t mean a damn thing. You just ran right off and you blabbed! What was I supposed to do?! Not that! And that’s exactly my point. Wha– okay. Listen. After everything — everything that we have been through in our lives, don’t we owe it to each other to work out our differences? To be honest with you, I’m not really sure that we can at this point. What?! Because this goes a lot deeper than just you betraying my trust. Oh, come on. Olivia, that is — that is extreme, don’t you think? You say that this relationship means something to you? Yes, of course! It means everything to me! Okay. I used to believe that. What are we supposed to mean to each other when your relationship with sonny trumps ours every single time?!

[ Gunfire in distance ] You okay? I need to check on avery. She’s with the bodyguard. She’s in the room, safe. Sonny, I need to check on avery.

[ Gunfire in distance ] This is a live feed, right? Ah. You see? She’s with the nanny. The bodyguard’s with her right there. Okay? I need to see her for myself. Alright. Once we get the all-clear, you can go. You understand? Uh-huh. We’re all clear. Eladio’s coordinating a search of the grounds. Eladio. Who is that? Is that — that’s the head of security or…? Ms. Jerome, your hand. Ava, were you hit?

to put deception’s money on you until you have something to show for your tenure. I say we wait a few months — a few months?! Crimson is closing their april issue now. What if things work out just fine? We’ll have missed out on april ad space in crimson. Yeah, and september is a long way away. By then, our competition will have overtaken us in ads and sales. We need this opportunity. And it’s not gonna come around again. Okay. “Okay.” What exactly do you mean by “okay”? I mean, okay! We’ll take you up on your offer. Oh, you will not regret this decision. But no contract. And there she is. We’re not doing anything without a contract. No contract. Not until we see real data about your circulation numbers. I need to know if crimson under carly works. What have you got planned for september? Sept– today is the first day at this job for me. September is four issues away. I don’t think that would bother the good people at vogue or elle. Are you trying to tank this? That’s okay, brook lynn. I know that tracy is the decision-maker. Currently. Alright. I’ll give you april, as discussed, build an “out” into the contract. And in three months, if I haven’t hit the agreed-upon circulation numbers, you can walk. Well, that seems totally fair. Three-month out. 8% off ad rate. Thank you. Lock down the perimeter. Get men to the docks and the airstrip. No one leaves the island. You understand me? So do we have the all-clear or not? Sonny, I really need to see our daughter. Come on. I want you to take her. Do not leave her side.

[ Door closes ] The residence is secured. Someone took a shot at me and my child in my building. You and eladio… find the shooter and bring him to me.

[ Grunts ] Thanks for your cooperation, spence. Now here’s what’s gonna happen. Is this the part where the villain tells me her evil plan? How am I the villain here? My son was taken from me. Literally by an evil billionaire and his lapdog son. I have crossed an ocean in pursuit of justice. Nothing matters to me but ace, and until I have ace safe in my arms, I want everyone who took him to suffer. Now you sit tight while I get our dinghy. Where are you taking me? Oh, someplace your grandmother won’t find us. Tell me where trina is right now. Trina happens to be vital to my so-called “evil plan.” I’ve left instructions for her to call laura once she’s free. And that’ll take a minute. And by then, we will be long gone. And she will tell laura to produce ace at a time and place of my choosing. M-my grandmother does not know where ace is! Esme! Laura is a resourceful woman. I’m sure she’ll get word to nikolas somehow. Anyway, she’ll be plenty motivated, because the only way you survive is if I get ace. My father’s not gonna give ace up. I’m sure your father would prefer two living sons, even if you’re the one he’s stuck with.

[ Chuckles ] No, esme. You don’t get it! I made my father promise that he’s not gonna put ace in any danger. And he knows that I would risk my own life to save my brother! Wow. You are so noble. Quick question — are you willing to sacrifice trina? Because that is exactly what’s gonna happen if you don’t do your part. Even if my father gives up ace, which he won’t — but even if he does, how do you think that this goes down, esme? What? You go riding off into the sunset with ace? You live happily ever? After assault and kidnapping? Your best bet is to give up now! I will not give up on my son! Okay. Okay. Just know that I’m gonna fight you every step of the way. Well, that’ll be difficult in your condition. I’ve gotten my hands on — let’s just call it some “special medicine.” Just the right amount, and you’ll be completely obedient. A little too much, it’ll render you a drooling imbecile. More than that, and you’ll just stop breathing. You know, esme, the more you talk, the more I’m starting to think that I was probably right to give ace to my father. You know, I am tired of listening to you. So why don’t we give that medicine a little try?

[ Door opens ] Stay away from him!

You came to save your boyfriend? Think fast. Trina!

[ Trina screaming ] Spencer: Trina!

[ Screaming ] Thank you for your time — and for your insight into the upheaval at crimson. Yes. And let me reconfirm. This is all background, correct? “Sources say.” I look forward to reading your column. I look forward to writing it. 8 percent? Is that a joke? I never joke about money. I can vouch for that. As the majority stakeholder in deception, I think it’s time we cut ties with crimson and align ourselves with a much more reputable fashion magazine. Really? You think another magazine is gonna make room in their april issue for deception? You think they’re gonna alienate fusion or enchantment by offering deception as low an ad rate as I’m offering? You haven’t mentioned a rate yet. 3 percent off. How can you even say that?! You and me, we’ve been true blue since birth! What are you doing in my office? You said I could use it while mine is being repainted. You’re redecorating again? I’m sure I mentioned it. I’m sure that you did not! And you… my “true blue” friend. Why is it that every time sonny and I don’t see eye-to-eye on something, you cannot wait to fall in line behind him, every single time?! Not every time! Every single time. Name one time you didn’T. I — yeah, exactly. I told you that all I wanted to do was keep the peace, that it would spare so many people so much heartache, sonny included, if ned could just take the fall. But no, no, no. What I wanted took the way, way back seat to you needing to score points with sonny. I do not need to score points with sonny! Oh, no? Then how come you went to him waving your arms? “Oh, sonny! Sonny! Look at me! No one’s got your back like I do, sonny!” And now, because of you, the man’s life is a dumpster fire! Wait! Can we just go back a little bit? Did something happen with sonny? Okay. You stay out of this. He is my husband! If you have information about him or my marriage, I want to know about it. Marriage? What marriage? And, uh, where’s your husband, huh? Oh, where is he? Nowhere near you, that’s for sure. Well, thanks to you. What right did you have to interfere in my life and my marriage? I do not let people lie to my friends, especially upper east side princesses. Oh, that’s classy. I guess I’m supposed to respond with a crack against brook lynn. Yeah? You know, any decent person would’ve come to me first! Who are you to talk to anybody about decency?! I was — I was gonna go to sonny myself! Oh, yes, of course you were! Because that’s what liars say when they get caught! You barged in to a situation that had nothing to do with you! You blew up my life, you blew up his life, and you blew up our marriage! Your life deserved to be blown up, you lying, dime-dropping, family-wrecking snob! I’ll — okay, okay, okay! That’s enough! Thank you, olivia. Uh, if you are trying to blame lois for the sorry state of your marriage, you are further gone than I thought, lady.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Both grunting ] Esme! Get off me! I’ll kill you!

[ Both grunting ]

[ Trina screams ] Trina!

[ Groans ]

[ Both grunting ]

[ Screams ]

[ Breathing heavily ] Hi. [ Chuckles ] My hero. Um, okay. I-I’ll be right back. Okay. Okay. Is it safe? Shooter’s gone. We’re gonna find him. How’s avery? She’s fine. She asked what all the noise was. I told her it was fireworks. So she’s, um — she’s happy. She’s watching “frozen” — again. Good. Good. How’s your hand? It’s fine. I’ll survive. You always do. I really don’t want to talk about scrapes and bruises here, sonny. Who did this? Do you have anybody in mind? How about the same person w-who killed austin? It’s too soon to speculate. Well, when would be a good time, then? Because I just had bullets whizzing past my head. And our daughter was just out here, showing us seashells. Nothing is gonna happen to avery. Nothing’s gonna happen to my family. Okay.

[ Scissors snip ] Okay.

[ Scissors snip ] Okay. We gotta get out of here. Yeah. What about her? Let her bleed.

[ Door closes ]

you went to the sec because you wanted carly to go to prison. You wanted her away from willow and wiley and amelia. And, oh, yeah, you wanted her away from sonny. You didn’t give a damn about carly or her kids, even little donna, who you claim to love so much. Let me remind you that insider trading is illegal. Carly was guilty. Ho! Oh! Illegal? Illegal? You want to know who else does illegal things? Oh, let me see. Let me see. Who could it be? Your husband, nina! Which you knew when you married him! So please spare us all your newfound position as the queen of law and order. Huh. And now you want to blame lois for squealing on you to sonny, instead of blaming yourself for lying to sonny in the first place. Wow. I really thought that you were one of the few people in this town who didn’t actually hate me. I don’t hate you, nina! But I gotta say — you make it very difficult to like someone who goes around blaming everyone else for your own mistakes! There’s a little something called humility, and you might want to try it sometime. There, now. Was that so difficult? You’re talking my language. Then you accept?

[ Chuckles ] Absolutely not. Three percent is paltry. Seven. Four. Six. Five. But crimson gets an exclusive for deception’s launch of the new contour palette. How did she know about that? Final offer. Do we have a deal? Are the terms we just discussed already in this contract? Down to the decimal. Wow. Well played. Give me a pen. We have a deal. For now.

[ Door closes ] How often does nina use your office? Well, you heard her. She’s redecorating. Which she seems to do an awful lot. As if she thinks a, uh — a fresh coat of paint can give her a miraculous redo on her horrifying relationships. Ugh. Thank you… for what you said. Eh. Long overdue to tell nina off. You know, I’ve been gone from port charles for — for a really long time. And, uh, since I’ve been back with you and with everyone, I… I got to see what I’ve been missing, you know? I got to see — I got to see all the family stuff, all the — all the memories you guys share and the thanksgiving pizzas.

[ Chuckles ] And the singing, the eating. Yeah. Everything. All that stuff. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, you know, the relationship you have with sonny, you know, it’s not just a connection… you got dante, and you guys got a history that goes way back. And listen. Everyone in port charles has been really welcoming to me, right? Except tracy. Yeah — everybody except tracy. Yeah. But, um… I’m the one who left a long time ago. And even though, you know, I was part of your and sonny’s lives back in the day, you know, you guys have — you guys have gone on without me.

[ Chuckles ] I guess what I’m trying to say is, um… I see your point about — about me going overboard trying to get sonny’s approval. I’m really sorry that I let that come between us. Hey. I’m really sorry that I betrayed your confidence. I really wish I could take that back. Okay. I’m gonna let you get back to work. Wait! What’d you find? Found the shooter’s setup. Shell casings. Camouflage. And the shooter? Gone. No trace, no trail. Nothing. How did they get past security? Eladio is working on that now. No. I want to know what you think. Found a guard unconscious by the gate. They usually work in pairs, right? Always. His partner got called to a disturbance near the east wing. The shooter must have set that up. I mean, this guy planted himself in the exact place to get the clearest shot at the terrace. He knew the right elevation for the rifle. He had the sun at his back, was patient for low wind, and was positioned perfectly for a quick escape. They knew exactly what they were doing. They knew more than that.

[ Ship horn blares ]What’s that? That’s probably the gendarmerie. Hey! Hey! We’re over here! Trina: Please! Spencer! Spencer, spencer. Please, no. Please. Spencer!

You’re right. I should have told sonny everything. Thank you for saying that. The reason that I couldn’t bring myself to tell sonny was, honestly, I just couldn’t imagine how. You know, he was so happy. I mean, they were newlyweds, for god’s sakes.

[ Exhales sharply ] All I ever want is for the people that I love to be happy. That’s all I want, too. And I never should have said anything about dante to you. No, you should not have. No. But, olivia… you’re a wonderful mother. Eh. Water under the verrazzano. Yeah. Come here, you.

[ Both chuckle ] Ahh. Well, now that all the cats are out of the bag, you know, maybe, uh — maybe everybody’s just gonna be better off. I don’t know. I think the jury’s gonna be out on that for a while. A lot of hearts got very broken here. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but sonny’s gonna put his back together. He always does. What matters most is — is you and me, you know? Because, vivi, you — you’re one of my best friends in this whole entire world. And you always will be. Yeah? Come —

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] I know that this change puts you in the middle, so please let me know if there’s anything I can do to make this easier for you. As long as you and nina don’t make me pick a side. I’d never do that, no matter how much I want to. And, maxie, I know that nina is james’ aunt. Maxie: She is. Yeah, and I love her. But that doesn’t mean I’m okay with… what she did to you and drew. Fortunately, in this office, it is all business. Besides, I like how you handled tracy. I think even granny had to respect the way you played that negotiation. I mean, she didn’t like it, but she respected it. We look forward to further developing our partnership — once tracy settles down.

[ Laughs ] I’ll have the lawyer send over the contracts this afternoon. Sounds good. Let’s go, ladies! Ahh! Ms. Spencer? Uh, yes? Yes? Gemma compton from

the city gazette. I write the “to the nines” column. Oh, please. Please, uh, come in. Um, what can I do for you? I’m hoping you provide comment on the story I’m writing. Oh, sure. Of course. But I think I have to clear everything through the crimson communication team. Of course, and they can direct me to the appropriate aurora rep, right? I’d like to get a comment from drew cain, as well. Okay. What are you reporting on? I’m looking into why mr. Cain fired nina reeves and hired you, a woman with no publishing experience and his romantic partner, to replace her. We need a complete overhaul of security. Whoever did this… …knows our system on the inside and out. Procedures, operations. What did you do?! Oh, don’t worry, trina. I only gave him enough to keep him loopy. There’s plenty left for you. No! Stop! Stop! Get off of me! Get off of me!

[ Both grunting ] -Aah! -No! Spencer! Spencer!

[ Esme grunting ] Trina: No!

[ Water splashes ] Spencer! Ohh! Spencer!

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