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[ Gasps ] Wow. Like it? [ Chuckles ] I thought nothing could get nicer than our hotel room in New York. But this… We’re literally on the Seine. Spencer, it’s incredible. You’re incredible. Thank you. For the room, not the compliment. Of course. Well, I thought that you and I deserved the very best to welcome us to this new chapter of our lives. We pulled Esme’s credit card records. There was a bus ticket purchased yesterday, destination — Toronto. Any stops along the way? No, it’s a straight shot. If Esme’s hiding out with her former nanny, we have the address of where to find her. Laura, I just heard about Kevin. How is he doing? He’s stable. He’s, um — Well, he’s in and out of consciousness right now, but, um, they’re doing more tests. And you? Are you able to hang in there? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am. Laura, he is so strong. He will pull through this. Please. He will. Thank you, Anna. Thank you. Thank you. I’m sorry. I wish I could offer more than just words. I think you can. You can come back to the PCPD.

[ Cellphone ringing ] [ Sighs ]

[ Ringing stops ]

Ava: Nina, what is this I’m seeing in The Invader? Call me, okay? I’m — I’m worried about you. Who are you talking to? Nina’s voicemail. Have you seen this? Yeah, I-I haven’t read the article, but I know there’s a transition. [ Chucking ] A transition? Hmm. Otherwise known as an ousting. That surprises you after what Nina did to Carly and Drew? Well, even so. I mean, somebody’s got to check up on her. She’s not picking up. Hm. Is that a problem for you? Brick is on his way up here with an update. Has he learned anything about the threats against me? Well, the sooner we stop this, the — the sooner we can end this living arrangement that we have. Apologies for the late arrival. Ms. McCall’s been keeping me apprised of her investigation. How’s — How’s that going? Did you find anything that could affect the case? It’s going. And, yes, I did.

Brick, good to see you. Hey, hey. Come on in. Always good to be seen. Yeah. Hello, Ava. Hi, Brick. How are you? How’s everything? Fine. Would you care for an espresso? No, thank you. No, thank you. Have a seat, Brick. Unfortunately, I got to keep this brief. I’ve got a meeting this afternoon. Yeah, as long as I’m caught up, you can make it as brief as you want. W-Well, if you’re waiting for me to make myself scarce, that’s not gonna happen. N– This concerns me. Okay, I know that, but as soon as it becomes business, leave. Okay? Okay. Alright, fill me in. I couldn’t pull any viable prints off the photograph, the note, or the gun left for Ava, but I was able to trace the weapon. And? It’s part of a stolen set of unmarked guns from the Bureau. Yeah, I know. What? You know what? I don’t know. W-What is the significance of the gun being stolen from the WSB? It means it’s connected to the rifle that shot at me a year ago at the Metro Court pool. I was able to access Muldoon’s E-ZPass records and cross-reference them with security cameras from a gas station across the street from the oncologist’s office. Tell us there was something on that footage. Yeah, a big something — Muldoon entering the medical pavilion before ever meeting with Finn. Gregory: Well, there you have it — proof he was already being treated for cancer. Maybe. Unfortunately, it’s circumstantial. You said a medical pavilion? There must have been dozens of specialists working out of that building. Exactly, a dentist, an ENT, and an allergist, just to name a few. Okay, so Muldoon could have been going to see any one of them. But he wasn’t. He was there to see the oncologist. Right. How do we prove that? Martin: That’s the number-one question, the second being, if he was being treated by that oncologist, why wouldn’t he tell you that? It doesn’t make any sense. Well, I have one more lead to follow up on. If it yields results, I’ll be in touch ASAP. Thanks, Sam. Martin: Thank you, Sam. I really appreciate it. Good luck today. Finn: Thanks. Shall we? Yeah, no time like the present. Let’s do this.

Does the hotel have any of those extra, uh, European outlet converters? My phone’s dead. [ French accent ] Yes, I’ll send one up. Okay, great. Merci. Merci. Wow. That accent is to die for. [ Laughs ] Mine or his? His. Ohh. Yours is decent, though. [ Speaking French ] Mais oui. And that’s about as much as I know. Oh, thank God for the translator app, though. Baby, you don’t have to rely on a translator app. I’m happy to give you French lessons. Yeah? What are you gonna teach me, huh? Um, well… [ Romantic music plays ] To start, there is… une bise. Une bise. I like that one. Mm-hmm. And then we move on to amour. And then? Extase. [ Woman singing in French ]

Have the Toronto authorities been notified? They have, but there’s another way. Which is? Dante has met Esme’s former nanny. We could reach out to her, keep things nice and clean. That is, if the department can spare us. Absolutely. I’ll make arrangements with your superior. But I do know it’s your brother’s trial today. So if you want me to send someone else with Dante… I’ll go. Are you sure? Finn understands that this is important. Okay. Good luck, and keep me posted. Copy that. Alright. You look shocked. Well, because I am. I-I am. The PCPD has been without an active commissioner for months now. It’s been chaotic and confusing. It may even be part of the reason that Esme was allowed to slip between the cracks. But I-I thought that Mac was doing an excellent job. Oh, he is, but not only has he made it very clear that he is not interested in the position full time, he’s been out of the country for I don’t even know how long now. The department needs stability. And you could provide that. Laura, Laura. Listen to me, now. Just hear me out, okay? Next to Jordan, who’s made it very clear to me that she’s happy in her new role as the deputy mayor, you are the next most qualified candidate. Yes, and the most controversial. I mean, forget about my public humiliation. What about what happened with your granddaughter? I don’t blame you for that. I shot a child, Laura. But you were being manipulated by your former director Brennan, right? And on top of that, Valentin chose to keep you completely in the dark about what was going on with Charlotte. This was an accident. It was a horrible accident. But it’s one that doesn’t change the fact that I believe that Port Charles would be safer under your leadership. And for what it’s worth, I agree ,%. Oh, you guys. Y-You have no idea what that means to me. But I’m sorry. I cannot. I-I can’t. What happened with Charlotte, it — it makes me feel like I’m — I’m not ready. I-I don’t deserve the badge. Okay, listen, listen. I understand what you’re going through. I really do, but I am asking you to take some time and to consider this offer. Hang on. Portia? Have you heard anything about Kevin? Is — Is he gonna be okay? All rise. The honorable Judge Arnold presiding. You may be seated.

I just spoke with Kevin’s doctors, and they’re still running some tests, but they are cautiously optimistic that his prognosis will be good, and they’ll know more when he wakes up. Oh. Oh. Thank God. [ Sobbing ] Laura, if you hadn’t found him when you did, this could be an entirely different conversation. I don’t want to think about that. Thank you for keeping me in the loop. Of course. That’s great news. That’s great news. Thank you. It’s such good news. [ Cellphone chimes ] Look, I’m really sorry. I’m late for a phlebotomy appointment, so I have to go. But I will catch up with you later, alrght? Yes. You look after yourself. Bye. Bye, Jordan. I have to see to some business, as well. But you’ll let me know if you need anything? I will. Okay. Thank you. And, Laura, I am really glad that Kevin’s gonna be okay. [ Sobs ] Thank you. Oh. Oh. Now, um, have you heard from Spencer at all? Uh, no, I haven’t. Uh, I’m a little surprised, actually, ’cause I think I might have sounded a little frantic in my message, but… I don’t know. Maybe — Maybe his plane hasn’t landed yet. Well, no, I tracked the flight. It landed. Maybe I should call Trina again. No, no. Don’t bother. You know, Esme is in Canada. Kevin is out of the woods. So Spencer will call me when he calls me. I hope they’re having a good time. They’re in Paris. How could they not be? Yeah. Mm-hmm. [ Sighs ] Champagne toast? When in Rome. [ Chuckles ] That’s the wrong city, baby. It’s the wrong country, even. Oh, this is a good year. [ Door opens ]

Diane: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, now, the name Hamilton Finn, Dr. Hamilton Finn, may be all over the docket on this case. But make no mistake, the story belongs to Dennis Muldoon, deceased husband of the plaintiff. You are going to hear how Dennis Muldoon sought the help of a trusted doctor in his time of need and how that doctor… through sheer negligence… failed to order a test which could have caught the cancer in time. Now, this story is by no means uncommon. Medical practitioners make mistakes all the time, which is why it is of the utmost importance that we hold them accountable not just for the error itself, but for the birthdays, weddings, graduations, everything that Dennis Muldoon will now, sadly, tragically, have to miss. I can and will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Dr. Hamilton Finn did encourage Dennis Muldoon to follow up with further testing and that, far from being an error of medical negligence, this was an error of personal responsibility. As tragic as that may be. You’re saying the same person who killed Austin shot Curtis. In a botched attempt to eliminate Sonny. Alright, this is just a theory. You think it has anything to do with the anonymous bid on Wyndemere? Can you do me a favor? Can you give Brick all the information you have? Yeah, on the shell corporation. I don’t have much, but I’ll get what I have. Thank you so much. Sure. Alright, listen, um, I want you to coordinate with Dex as far as, like, you know, stepping up surveillance. All the usual suspects? Carly, the kids, Olivia, now Ava, ’cause she’s in the middle of all this. On it. But I do have a question. What? Does Nina get added to that list? How are you? You alright? Well, I’m pretty sure that I lost my husband and my daughter. And the final kicker is, Drew and Carly want to take everything else from me, too. Otherwise okay? [ Laughs ] Sorry. It’s okay. I brought it on myself, right? At least that’s what everyone tells me. Well, you may be down, but you’re not down for the count. So what’s the plan? For what? For taking back what’s yours. I’m very sorry, monsieur. I knocked on the door, and there was no answer. I assumed you’d stepped out. Thank you. Your converter. Okay. If he showed up a few minutes earlier, he would have gotten quite the show. [ Laughs ] Uh, where’s your phone? I’m gonna charge it. It’s right there. Open up the champagne, please. Okay. Did he knock? Did you hear anything? I mean, in all fairness, we could have put up the “do not disturb” sign. Yeah, that would have kind of killed the romantic flow. Well, option A, take a two-second break from making out, or option B, getting caught by the bellhop in your underwear. Okay, okay, fine. Next time we will put on the “do not disturb” sign. Oh, there’s gonna be a next time, huh? Oh, yeah. Yeah, and a next time and a next time and a next time. What is this? You brought your turtledove with you? Well, yeah. There might be weekends where you’re gonna be back home and I’ll be here and… it’ll be like we’re still together. That’s what this thing is for, isn’t it? [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Yeah, it sure is. That’s pretty cute.

Aw, you have yours with you. Yeah, I, um — I take this with me everywhere I go. And once I get my apartment here, then it’ll have a permanent place on my bedside table. Hmm. [ Cellphone chimes ] One sec.

My grandmother left me a voicemail. I don’t mean to bring up a tough subject. I just don’t know where you and Nina stand right now. She’s my wife legally, so she’s gonna be a potential target. I’ll make sure to keep eyes on her. I made copies for you. This is it. This is all Lucy gave me. Thank you so much. I’ll look into it. Let me know if you need anything. Will do.

[ Sighs ] So, how seriously do I need to take this? Stay vigilant or complete lockdown? We’re not there yet. Oh, thank God. ‘Cause nothing good can come from us stuck in this penthouse. On that note, what do you say we get the hell out of here? Do you think I have a leg to stand on? I think you have two gorgeous legs to stand on. [ Chuckles ] Valentin. What? You’re Nina Reeves, for God’s sake. You built Crimson into an empire that it is today. I mean, I can’t imagine that your advertisers and top designers are thrilled with what Drew has decided. Doesn’t matter. Of course it matters. I don’t have any recourse. You don’t? Okay, well, how about you give me a number? What? How much would it cost to create a rival publication and poach every top staffer at Crimson that would give Drew and Carly a fighting chance of success? Did you ever get a sense that there were any health concerns prior to this diagnosis? Mrs. Muldoon: No. We were shocked when we learned that he had stage cancer. He seemed totally fine. And then it’s like we blinked, and… he was gone. The doctors who took care of your husband in hospice, were they able to provide any insight? They said that any physician who would have run even the most basic tests would have seen the cancer. If only someone had. A few months could have made all the difference. My children would still have a father. Objection, Your Honor. Calls for speculation. Mrs. Muldoon’s testimony will be corroborated by Dennis Muldoon’s oncologist, Your Honor. Then we’ll hear it when he or she takes the stand. Sustained. No further questions. Judge Arnold: Your witness. Mrs. Muldoon, I’d just like to start by saying how sorry we all are for your loss. Thank you. I just need to know one thing. Were you there when your husband met with Dr. Hamilton Finn when he was told he needed to go for further testing? No, I was not. So your opinion on Dr. Finn’s urgency, or lack thereof, is based solely on how your husband described it to you. Yes, but — Thank you. That’s all. No further questions, Your Honor. Judge Arnold: You may step down.

That’s it? Mr. Chase, no one ever won a civil trial by ripping a grieving widow to shreds on the witness stand. Jury’s right there. She has her story. We have ours. Diane: Your Honor, I would like to call Dr. Hamilton Finn to the stand.

Spencer, thank you for calling me back. Yeah, of course. What’s going on? Well, I’ve got good news on both fronts. First of all, Kevin is going to be okay. Oh, thank God. And, uh, we have tracked Esme to Canada. The authorities there have the address where she’s staying, and Chase and Dante are on their way there right now. What do you need from me? Nothing, honey, nothing. You just stay right where you are, okay? I’m sort of comforted by the knowledge that there’s an entire ocean between you and Esme at the moment. Laura’s right. You’re far safer there than you would be here in Port Charles. Just let the police handle Esme. Okay, I promise to look after your daughter, Dr. Robinson. I’m gonna hold you to that. Trina, honey? Hey. I want you to be safe, okay? I love you. I love you, too. I will. And we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything. Okay, sounds good. Bye. Bye. I did not agree to have lunch with you to take your money, Valentin. You wouldn’t be taking it. I’d be investing it — in you. With your prowess and the help of your editors and your advertisers, I think that any new publication you launch would bury anything that Drew and Carly can cook up at Crimson. They don’t know publishing. You know publishing. Sometimes the best revenge is good business. If I do this — You’re considering it. Maybe. If I do this, this war with Carly will only escalate until one of us surrenders. To it not being you.

Gotta admit, the hospital is not where I hoped our next meeting would take place. Hm. Give me something I can use, and maybe I’ll give you an upgrade. A man can dream. Hm. Did you trace the number that called me? Yeah, went through some back channels, which I’m guessing is why you reached out to me in the first place. And? Call came from a burner phone, one of them prepaid deals you can get at any gas station. So it wasn’t registered. Now, hold on. You know, the call pinged a cell tower a stone’s throw away from Pentonville the night the call came in. No residents or roads nearby. Pentonville? You better than anyone knows how an inmate could smuggle phones in. Thanks. No sweat. [ Sighs ] Oh, Ms. Ashford? Yeah? I haven’t lost your number. I’m hoping you’re not gonna lose mine. Dr. Finn, how long have you been a department head at General Hospital? Seven years and months. That’s a long time. And in that time, you found a cure for Blackwood’s disease, which was ravaging certain oceanic regions. Am I correct? That’s correct. That’s quite a feat, to use deductive reasoning and applied science to find a cure. Part of the job. It is. So what went wrong on the day Dennis Muldoon came to visit? Objection, Your Honor. Come on. I’ll rephrase. I’ll rephrase. Why didn’t you catch the stage cancer that other doctors insist would have been blatantly obvious at that time? I am an infectious disease specialist. Mr. Muldoon came to see me for treatment for a tapeworm which he had. However, I knew something else was wrong. So I suggested he had more tests run. Was there any urgency to this suggestion, any sort of a warning that he might be dealing with something a little more serious, perhaps life-threatening? I recommended to Mr. Muldoon that he have further tests run. I don’t recall the level to which I stressed urgency. So it’s your contention that it’s not possible that another infectious disease specialist could have deduced that cancer was at play? Can’t speculate on other doctors, and your statement does not equate to malpractice. Mm. Even if you were not at the top of your game, shall we say? I don’t know what that means. Dr. Finn, were you suspended from General Hospital six years ago? I was. Care to tell the court why? Medical privacy, Your Honor. Withdrawn. Would you agree that a doctor at the top of his game could have suspected cancer, could have ordered the proper tests, and could have conveyed to Mr. Muldoon the gravity of his situation? Like I said, I can’t speculate on other doctors. Yes or no will suffice. The expectation that a doctor in another field could immediately catch everything wrong with a patient is not only unreasonable, it’s completely absurd. I did what needed to be done on the day. And just what needed to be done. That’s not what I said. No further questions. Dr. Finn, did you ever tell Dennis Muldoon that a tapeworm was the only cause of his symptoms? No. And did you, in fact, advise him that further tests were necessary to achieve an accurate diagnosis? Yes. Did he take that advice? No, he did not. So conveyed urgency aside, do you, as a physician, have the authority to compel a patient to undergo a test they do not wish to have done? No, I don’t. No further questions, Your Honor. You may step down.

I thought you said Diane would talk about Finn’s past drug use. She didn’t have to. She did more damage by hanging it in the window. And she knows it. You know something, up to this point, I have kept my questioning brief because I honestly believe that the facts are on your side in this case. But I got to be honest, Doctor. That little tit for tat with Ms. Miller just now, I don’t think you did yourself any favors.

Thank you, Doctor, for your input and expertise. Your Honor, the prosecution rests. Judge Arnold: You may step down. I’d like to call for a brief recess. Court will resume at :. [ Gavel bangs ] Bailiff: All rise. Jury is excused. Sam: Thank you. Hey, how’s it going? Hey. Well, all is not lost. But I’m not gonna lie, we could use some help from your end. Okay. Any luck? Um, well, yeah, actually, I did some more digging, and it turns out debt collectors have placed several liens out on the Muldoons.

It looks like their house is about to be foreclosed on. What? I thought they were wealthy. No, they’ve been cash poor for a while now. Treating cancer can get expensive. I’m sure it ate away at their funds. This has actually been going on for a while. The Muldoons had a loan-out corp, and they were heavily invested in Aurora. When the stocks went down, they lost pretty much everything. That was months ago.

Hey. Your phlebotomy go okay? Oh, yeah, everything’s fine. Okay, good. What’s going on? Well, I traced the number for the source who called about the unmarked guns. Do you have a lead on who shot Curtis? Anna, Sonny may have been the intended target, but I think you’re still connected to this, as well. Hi, Sonny. I heard about Ace. Is Spencer okay? Yeah, that’s none of your business. I left you a voicemail. I’m so sorry to hear about Crimson. Nina, call me. We’ll talk when you have a chance, okay? Uh, Av– You want to go somewhere else? No, I don’t want to go somewhere else. Phyllis said that I was always welcome here. I won’t be run off with my tail between my legs. My offer still stands. What do you say? I say that you and I have a bad habit of bringing out the worst in each other. Portia: I got some good news. Oh, that’s my favorite kind. The doctors think that Kevin should be waking up very soon. Really? Mm-hmm. They’re gonna be moving him to his room, and then you’ll be able to see him soon after that. [ Voice breaking ] Thank you, Portia. Oh. Kevin’s gonna be okay. Thank you. The kids are safe. We’re lucky, really, all things considered. [ Exhales deeply ] Yeah. Oh, now if I could just — if I could just stop blaming myself. Blaming yourself for what? Esme. I knew what she was capable of. I absolutely knew it, but, you know, she is — she’s my husband’s niece. She’s — She’s the mother of my grandchild. And I just — I think I just wanted so badly to see the good in her that I let it blind me to all the horrible things she’s done and she never paid for. And she did awful things to your daughter. You must be so angry with me. Spencer: I wish I could say I was wrong and that Esme hadn’t got her memory back and that Ace could still be safe with her. But I guess I did the right thing giving Ace to my father. I mean, if anyone has a knack for disappearing, it’s him. There’s no way that Esme is gonna — Trina, what are you doing? There’s a flight back to New York in two hours. You can make it before midnight. And you’re telling me this because? Kevin just got attacked, and your brother is in danger. Spencer… I appreciate you coming with me, but your family needs you now. It looks like Muldoon has been trying to stop the bleeding for months. He even cashed out a life insurance policy to pay his bills. Before or after he saw the oncologist? Before. That’s excellent work, Sam. Thanks to you, we now have one hell of a theory to present to the court. Oh, my God. Muldoon came to you on purpose. This whole malpractice suit… Is part of his plan. Muldoon set me up. Trina, you heard my grandmother. Kevin is on the mend, and Esme is in Canada, and the police are on her trail, so… And if any of that changes? Then I’m gonna get on a plane and I’m gonna go home. But you heard me just promise your mother that I would stay here and look after you. And we both know that I’m on her hit list, so I think it’s best that I keep my word. Are you sure? Don’t — Don’t stay for me. Baby, of course I’m gonna stay for you. And for me, for us. Now, Trina Robinson, are you ready for the best weekend of your life? So ready. That’s a very good answer. [ Chuckles ] [ Cork pops ] You think that I would be angry with you? [ Sighs ] Well, at the very least, you must think I’m naive. I think that Esme is that good of a liar. Except you never believed it. I never really bought into the idea that Esme had truly changed, but I think it’s just a little bit different with me. Why is that? Because Esme hurt Trina in a very specific, targeted, vindictive way. And it’s hard to see your child suffer through something like that. And I don’t know. It leaves a mark. I am so sorry. You don’t have to be. There’s nothing wrong with hoping someone can change if and when they take accountability for their actions. But Esme never took accountability for anything. So right now, there’s only one path forward with her. Oh, yes, absolutely agreed. Esme must be found. She must be brought to trial for the things she’s done.

Hey, Port Charles police. I’m Detective Falconeri. This is Detective Chase. We were told you were coming. Any updates? We’ve been monitoring the apartment for hours. No one matching Miss Prince or the nanny’s description have exited. So the apartment’s still occupied? Well, thanks for holding off and waiting for us. Could be trouble. [ Knock on door ] I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted by your offer. But? But I have to try to control these impulses that I have if I have any hope of salvaging a relationship with Willow. Okay, but if you change your mind… I know where to find you. Nina, you and I have a long history of twisting ourselves into knots, pretending we’re something we aren’t for other people. You don’t have to do that with me. I’m on your side no matter what. Thank you.

I was thinking, you know. Uh-oh. Well, there’s still a threat out there and — against you. So, Esme’s on the run. Maybe you should spend some time on the island. Huh. Is that a yeah? Well, you know, the gallery is being refreshed this week, and I suppose there are worse places to stay vigilant. Alright, then we’ll — we’ll get you on — on a plane and we’ll — We? Yeah, Dex and I. There’s we? We’ll get you settled in and make sure you’re protected. Oh. Yeah. Okay. Because going to Puerto Rico is all about me and my safety, right? What else would it be about? Maybe you getting as far away from Nina as possible.

So you’re saying that the call attempting to give you information on the gun came out of Pentonville? I’ve been looking into this for months and got nowhere, dead end after dead end. So what’s changed in the last few weeks? Who’s new to Pentonville and knew about a shipment of unmarked guns meant to be in the Bureau’s possession? I knew I recognized that voice from somewhere, but I couldn’t put my finger on it until I overheard you and Laura talking earlier. Oh, the person who called you was John Brennan.

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