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In the town square, Johnny surprises Chanel with a new diamond engagement ring. Chanel is surprised and asks how he got it so fast when he just proposed last night. Johnny reminds her that he’s been planning this for awhile and had the jeweler put a rush on it. Chanel tells him that she loves it and kisses him. Johnny talks about wanting to make sure the ring was as special and unique as she is which Chanel calls the most romantic thing she’s heard. Chanel calls this so perfect that they are in front of the plaque of one of Salem’s founding couples. Chanel hopes their love lasts as long as Tom and Alice’s did as they kiss.

Paulina works in her office when she gets a phone call from Abe. Paulina answers and says she’s sorry as she meant to call him. Paulina assures that she’s fine and not over doing anything. Paulina says she was out of the office at the hospital all day so she has a few things to take care of. Paulina promises she won’t be long and hangs up.

Chad joins Everett at the Spectator office. Everett informs him that he’s almost done. Chad asks what he’s writing. Everett reveals that he is typing up his resignation letter which Chad questions. Everett argues that Chad hired him to run the paper with integrity and to make it strong and relevant. Everett tells Chad that protecting Chad’s family is not what he signed up for and he feels completely duped, so he’s moving on.

Stephanie sits with Tripp and Wendy at their apartment, going over ideas for the geocaching scavenger hunt. Stephanie shows an advertisement poster she made for it while Wendy feels it’s needs a name. Stephanie suggests something love related since it’s on Valentine’s Day and comes up with Caching Cupid. Wendy says that’s perfect while Stephanie asks Tripp for his opinion but Tripp admits to being distracted. Stephanie guesses that he’s worried about his mom. Tripp questions what she means by that.

Stefan and Ava go to the interrogation room at the police station. Stefan tells Ava to just keep smiling. Ava responds that she’s been in this situation a million times, so he’s the one who needs to keep it cool. Stefan responds that he’s not sweating. Ava wonders what the cops are planning. Stefan insists that they have nothing and will continue to as long as they keep their mouths shut.

Rafe and Harris talk at the police station outside of the interrogation room. Rafe comments on making Stefan and Ava sweat. Harris suggests it’s time to turn up the heat. Harris feels they are up to their neck in Clyde’s drug ring and that he can squeeze it out of them. Rafe remarks that Ava is one stubborn woman. Harris says he knows as they head in to the interrogation room. Sloan then arrives and reveals that she is Stefan and Ava’s lawyer.

Johnny tells Chanel that Tom and Alice were great people from what he’s heard, but definitely not fans of the DiMeras. Chanel says she’s heard that Tom and Alice were very open people and not judgmental as they gave everyone a chance as long as they proved they deserved it. Johnny tells Chanel that he’s going to prove to her that he deserves her. Chanel responds that he already has and she can’t wait to be his wife. Chanel then reminds Johnny of where they are going.

Chad thinks Everett is overreacting. Everett argues that Chad told him to kill all mentions of the Bistro in the drug ring story just because Stefan preyed on his sympathies and asked him to. Chad argues that he’s not even particularly fond of Stefan, but he does think there should be some loyalty between family members. Everett disagrees when it’s to the detriment of the truth, otherwise he’s not running an unbiased newspaper. Everett says they’ve seen what selective reporting has done to the country. Chad argues that he didn’t cover anything up so it’s not even about being loyal. Chad questions why Stefan’s business should be damaged when there were no drugs found at the raid. Everett calls it part of the narrative as the Bistro was one of three locations raided that night and the only one to not come up with anything, so they can let the readers make assumptions on the whole story. Everett asks Chad what if they had found something. Chad responds then it would be the headline and Stefan would probably be in jail. Everett asks if he’s sure about that because it’s pretty easy to say when it didn’t happen. Chad repeats that he’s sure and asks Everett if he’s going to delete his resignation or if he needs to find a new editor-in-chief.

Tripp asks Stephanie why he would be worried about his mom. Stephanie brings up everything happening at the Bistro, noting that it’s really hurt the reputation of the restaurant which is why they hired her to do PR for them. Tripp hopes she can help them out with that. Stephanie says she will do her best but it’s terrible what it’s doing to their business. Tripp agrees that what happened at the Bistro is terrible.

Stefan tells Sloan that they are grateful to have her and thank her. Sloan declares that her clients have done nothing but cooperate with the Salem police department, pointing out that the raid negatively affected their business, they were both grilled afterwards, and have now been dragged here for more questioning. Sloan calls it bordering on harassment. Harris responds that they have uncovered some new evidence that they hoped to get some answers about which Sloan questions. Rafe informs them that they have reason to believe there is a new drug ring coming out of Statesville Prison, so Harris asks them to tell them what they know about Clyde Weston.

Chanel and Johnny go to Paulina’s office. Chanel hugs her and says they just came to see how she’s doing. Paulina responds that she’s doing just fine. Johnny states that he was sorry to hear about diagnosis but it sounds like her cancer is curable and he’s living proof that she can beat it. Paulina says from what the doctors have told her and everything she’s read, she knows her treatment is generally very successful, so she could be completely cured with no chemo. Paulina says she’s a very lucky woman. Chanel assures that they will be there for her every step of the way. Paulina asks what she would do without her as she hugs Chanel and Johnny.

Everett tells Chad that if he will no longer allow his family to influence any future coverage of any of their stories in any way, then he won’t resign. Chad says he can guarantee that, so Everett says they are good then and they shake hands. Chad suggests they get back to work on publishing the newspaper. Chad asks about the fundraising scavenger hunt. Everett says he told them they were on board to sponsor it, despite Xander’s objections. Everett says there will be a big PR push in the city with the mayor’s office on board. Everett is confident it will be successful and beneficial for the paper. Chad is glad he’s interested. Everett mentions being recruited to help when he was having dinner at Stephanie’s which Chad questions.

Stephanie tells Wendy and Tripp that it was very productive and they got a lot done. Stephanie thanks them for their help. Tripp says he didn’t do much and that Wendy did it all. Stephanie tells Wendy that she will connect with her tomorrow about the beta test and asks Tripp to help Steve hide the treasures if he’s not working. Tripp says he’d love to help if he can. Stephanie says goodnight and exits. Wendy then brings up when Stephanie asked if he was worried about Ava. Wendy asks if he really thinks Stephanie will be able to help. Tripp thinks it will take a lot more than a PR guru to get Ava out of this mess.

Stefan claims he knows who Clyde is but doesn’t know a thing about him. Ava says she only knows his reputation. Rafe questions them not being in communication with Clyde or knowing about his illegal dealings. Sloan argues that they just answered that they don’t know him. Harris says he knows what they said and then presents the visitor logs from prison, revealing that Stefan and Ava both apparently visited Clyde in the last few months and questions if they can explain that.

Chanel says it’s getting late so Paulina should go home and get rest. Paulina says she’s fine and that being occupied helps her. Chanel and Johnny notice the advertisement for geocaching. Paulina tells them that Stephanie is planning a treasure hunt in the town square which Chanel calls interesting. Paulina says it sounds like a good community event. Chanel agrees and asks what Paulina thinks about her hair, trying to get her to notice her ring. Paulina mentions the scavenger hunt being on Valentine’s Day. Chanel says they are busy that day and then reveals the ring to Paulina which thrills her.

Tripp tells Wendy that Ava had been trying to spin things around but something clearly derailed her and she’s in big trouble. Wendy goes over believing that the Bistro is a front for the drug trade. Wendy offers to try hacking in to the Bistro. Tripp thanks her but he doesn’t want her getting involved because it’s not safe. Wendy reminds him that they are in this together. Tripp calls him the greatest girlfriend for wanting to help but says she has to let him handle this on his own. Wendy questions why he should have to. Tripp says because it involves his mother, whose own father drugged and manipulated her. Tripp adds that Ava has been in psych wards and people have died because of her.

Everett tells Chad that Stephanie invited him over for dinner with her family and that it was a last minute thing. Everett doesn’t know if Chad knows Steve very well but says he kind of ended up in the hot seat with him. Chad guesses Steve grilled him about his intentions which Everett confirms. Everett says he assured him that Stephanie just wants to be friends and that he respects that. Chad says he didn’t mean to come across jealous as he was just curious and doesn’t even have a right to ask about it. Chad adds that whatever happens between them, he wishes him the best whether it’s friendship or something more. Everett laughs and calls it a big 180 from the Chad who confronted him about all of this before. Chad admits that he was wrong and if they mutually agree to something more, then who is he to say anything. Everett thanks him for being clear about where he stands on his relationship with Stephanie and for being cool about it. Stephanie then arrives and asks what he’s cool about. Everett says it’s just the scavenger hunt as Xander didn’t want the paper to sponsor but they overruled him. Stephanie says she just spent time with Wendy and Tripp going over all the details. Everett tells her to hold that thought as he gets an alert on his phone that Ava and Stefan have been hauled in to the police station for questioning, so he’s going to go see what he can find out. Everett assumes Chad has no objection to that. Chad tells him to go ahead, so Everett exits. Stephanie asks Chad what that was about.

Sloan asks for a moment with her clients. Stefan states that Clyde is the son of a bitch who murdered his sister in law, so he paid him a visit to tell him he hopes he rots in Hell and asks if there’s a problem with that. Rafe says no problem at all, then asks about Ava. Sloan claims that Ava was exploring opportunities to volunteer with the incarcerated. Ava says no one will buy that. Ava then reveals that Clyde threatened to kill her son if she didn’t work for him, so she went to the prison to tell him no. Harris asks if Clyde just took no for an answer and backed off. Ava responds that she can be very convincing. Harris states that she’s not very convincing right now because obviously every word out of her mouth is a lie. Sloan declares that’s enough and tells Harris to back off and Rafe to get control of his cops. Sloan says they have nothing to hold them, so they are leaving. Ava says not yet and asks to talk to Harris alone first. Stefan says no way. Sloan strongly advises against that. Stefan warns that it’s not a good idea. Ava says she has the right to speak to whoever she wants. Sloan strongly advises her to remain silent. Ava says she’s not going to do that and she’s going to speak to Harris whether they like it or not. Sloan tells Ava that it’s her neck and exits with Stefan as Rafe follows out. Everett is at the station waiting and asks Sloan what is going on in there. Sloan responds that she wishes she knew.

Chad tells Stephanie about having Everett pull mention of the Bistro from the article and it didn’t sit well with him. Stephanie says since she’s taken on the Bistro as a client, she appreciates it. Chad explains that Everett thinks he did it to protect his family but they hashed it out and came to an understanding, professionally and personally. Stephanie questions the personal part. Chad says he’s not telling her anything that she doesn’t already know, but admits he tended to be a hard ass with Everett, especially concerning Stephanie. Stephanie brings up Chad getting him fired initially. Chad admits he can get a bit worked up and overreact, but now he’s changing courses and turning a new leaf. Chad adds that ever spending some time with Everett, he’s a good person who is honest and ethical. Chad declares that Everett and Stephanie are the only two people who should have a say in regards to them.

Chanel jokes that Paulina took long enough to notice the ring. Paulina exclaims how exciting it is and happy she is. Paulina says nothing could lift her spirits more as she looks at the ring. Paulina calls it the best news ever and asks about a wedding date. They reveal that it’s Valentine’s Day which Paulina notes is just around the corner. Paulina asks if they are eloping again and declares she won’t miss her daughter’s wedding for a second time. Chanel assures that Paulina will be there but they agreed to have a small gathering out of respect for Johnny’s family and everything they are going through with Holly. Paulina worries that there is so much to do and not a lot of time to do it, so she wants to get to work. Paulina talks about needing to call the florist to make sure they have enough flowers and her gown consultant Diana to find the perfect wedding dress. Paulina calls Diana and tells her she won’t believe the wonderful news she has.

Tripp tells Wendy that he’s been thinking a lot about how the family you’re born in to can affect the trajectory of your whole life. Wendy says it can but you can also be determined not to follow in your parent’s footsteps. Tripp says ever since finding out who he really was and his mom being part of the Vitali crime family, he’s tried to distance himself but he wonders if maybe it’s just in his DNA. Wendy argues that his last name is Johnson, not Vitali, and he is not responsible for the sins of his mother, grandfather, or anyone else. Wendy calls him a good, honorable man, pointing out that he is a doctor who is dedicating his life to helping people. Wendy tells him that she loves him for that.

Ava tells Harris that she thought a lot about what he said to her on the loading dock about when they were together and how he saw the real her. Harris says he always has because what they had was real. Harris tells Ava that she can trust him. Ava responds that she knows she can and that’s why she wanted to talk to him alone, because she has real feelings for him too and she doesn’t want him to get hurt. Ava says she’s not saying she’s involved with anything but she has a feeling it could turn out to be really dangerous, so he needs to back off for everyone’s sake. Harris tells Ava to just tell him the truth as he can protect her because he loves her. Harris thinks maybe she already knew, but repeats that he loves her. Ava tells him to stop and figure out a way to get over it but Harris then kisses Ava.

Sloan tells Rafe that she’d like to take a look over his search warrant for the Bistro so Rafe takes her to it. Everett tells Stefan that he’s used his only get out of jail free card and if the story leads to him, Chad will no longer be there to protect him. Stefan argues that Chad owns the paper. Everett points out that Chad co-owns the paper with Xander and asks if he really thinks Xander will protect him. Everett adds that he now has full go ahead from his boss, so Stefan’s best bet would be to talk to him. They then get interrupted when they hear Ava call Harris a son of a bitch and slap him in the interrogation room.

Stephanie tells Chad that it means a lot to hear he appreciates Everett as an employee and that he’s no longer upset by her friendship with him. Chad says he’s just glad they are still on good terms and didn’t end things on a sour note. Chad knows the timing wasn’t right for them but says she will always be special to him. Stephanie says she feels the same about him as they hug.

Paulina tells Chanel and Johnny about how they can have the reception but Chanel reminds her it’s a small wedding. Paulina jokes about not getting Alicia Keys on board. Paulina feels they need to celebrate and goes to call Abe but she gets a call from her oncologist. Paulina answers and questions it being that long. Paulina says she understands, thanks them, and hangs up. Paulina informs Chanel and Johnny that the soonest they can do her surgery is two months from now. Johnny calls that unacceptable. Paulina feels it’s good news that there’s no urgency to get it removed and maybe it’s not too aggressive. Chanel encourages that she’s right but still thinks they need to get this behind her. Johnny says he’ll make some calls as he’s sure Kayla can get her moved up and get this sorted. Paulina feels it’s for the best and won’t interfere with their wedding this way. Paulina declares that they are going to get Abe and tonight they celebrate as they exit the office.

Tripp tells Wendy that he doesn’t know how wise it is to love the son of Ava Vitali with the baggage. Wendy doesn’t care and loves him no matter what. Tripp says he’d like to keep loving her for a really long time which is why he doesn’t want her involved. Wendy kisses him and suggests not thinking about anything else right now. Wendy then stops and brings up Ava possibly walking in on them. Tripp agrees that would be awkward and they agree to take this to the bedroom. Tripp then picks Wendy up and carries her to the bedroom.

Rafe, Sloan, and Stefan go back in to the interrogation room as Everett watches and they question what is going on here. Ava complains for Harris to keep his hands off of her. Sloan calls this outrageous and says she told Rafe to get control of his cops. Rafe asks Ava what happened and asks if she wants to file a complaint. Ava says no and that she just wants to get out of here. Ava then storms out with Stefan and Sloan follows out. Everett asks Ava if she’s okay and if she wants to give him a comment. Ava tells Everett to tell his readers that the Salem police department are harassing citizens instead of actually going after real criminals. Ava exits with Stefan while Rafe asks Harris what the hell.

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