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So, what do you think? Elegant but not fussy. That’s exactly what I wanted. Uh, now, uh, there’s already one celebration here tonight. This will be just one more. What about that other thing that I wanted? Yes. That’ll be ready to go in about minutes. Perfect. Wow! The woman you’re doing this for must be very special. She is very special… …indeed. And I’m not gonna be home in time to tuck you in tonight. Because I’m at work. Working. [ Chuckles ] Okay. I’ll do my best, sweetheart. alright? You be good for the babysitter. I love you, too. I love you so much. Okay. Bye-bye. Is Violet okay? Oh… She told me to, um, save a lot of lives. Depending how this trial goes… I may not be able to save lives anymore. [ Knock on door ] Thank you for coming. I had to… if only to mark this unprecedented occasion. Okay, so, counting weeks since the date of conception, my niece, or nephew, is going to be a Libra, an air sign, which means they’re going to be intelligent and curious, just like you and TJ! [ Laughs ] And… [ Knock on door ] Oh. Hey. You called at a good time. My last two patients rescheduled. What’s — What’s going on? Kristina, are you okay? Kristina’s pregnant. I-It worked? It worked. We’re gonna be parents! [ Laughs ] [ Chuckles ] Are you sure there is only hours in a day? Because I am pretty sure that defense attorney had us on the stand for longer than that. I don’t think I’ve ever quite been cross-examined to that degree. It would have been faster if we reenacted the entire crime and investigation for the jury. Yeah, but then that defense attorney couldn’t have asked me the same question like times. I almost would have rather Diane Miller cross-examine me. Mnh! I said “almost.” Hm. Oh. I gotta find Esme Prince, bring her in for a statement. Laura: You’ll have to do more than that if we’re gonna keep Port Charles safe.

So, Heather told me she wants Esme to go to prison. Wow. Never thought I’d agree with Heather Webber on anything. She wants her daughter to be close to her so she can look after her. Well, she’s not gonna be looking after her if she’s in prison; the state will. Okay, so, according to Heather, Esme came to visit her as soon as Ace was taken, and Heather tried to convince her to run away before they could reinstate the charges against her. And Esme said no, and she said it was because of Ace, but Heather thinks it’s because she wants revenge. Takes a psycho to know a psycho. So Spencer was right. Esme remembers everything. Yes. Heather confirmed it. She’s not the most reliable, though. I mean, Heather Webber has zero credibility. She has to be working an angle. Agreed. She is not to be trusted. But I think that in her own crazy way, Heather seems to genuinely care about her daughter. She seems determined to save her. Great. Esme almost hurt a lot of people, and that was before she wanted payback. Yeah, and now she’s desperate and she has nothing to lose. We’ve got to arrest her. No matter what, we’ve got to arrest her before she does something terrible. I’m sorry, Laura. We can’t do that. Brick: I have to say… the deputy mayor was the last person I expected to call asking me for a meeting. I reached out as a private citizen. A private citizen who used to be the police commissioner. Let it go — for the purposes of this conversation at least. Okay, okay. So why am I here? I’ve been working on a project — off the books. Okay? Have a seat. I’m looking for someone with a tech prowess who can also keep a secret. I thought you’d be the perfect man for the job. Mm. “Perfect man.” “Prowess.” So much flattery packed into a couple of sentences. Not that I mind. Can we talk about this? Okay, okay. So let’s talk about why you feel you can’t trust the PCPD with this project. I can’t involve the PCPD. It could put them in a bad spot. But you don’t mind dragging me into this? Well, you are the bad spot. [ Chuckles ] Okay. I appreciate the directness. But maybe we should lean towards the flattery again. You’re a known associate of Sonny Corinthos. I’m aware of your skill set, and I know you can be discreet. You seem to know a lot about me. Yeah, well, we have a file. So glad you went through the trouble. What’s in the file? That’s classified. Good stuff usually is. So, what’s the mission… should I choose to accept it?

Well, I see you brought backup. Sonny and Alexis? [ Chuckles ] No. I ran into them outside. But considering the way our last date went, backup might have been a good idea. Well, I’m hoping we can put all that behind us tonight. I hope so, too. Well, you look especially beautiful this evening. Ooh, you’re off to a rousing start. This is lovely, Robert. I kind of wanted to show you just how much you do mean to me. ♪ Give it up to me, baby ♪ Oh. Oh, I love this song. Was that your doing, too? It was. [ Laughs ] Would you care to dance? No. Uh, no? Mnh-mnh. I thought all women loved guys that…danced. Well, that certainly depends on the woman. I do. But, then again, I’m a fabulous dancer, despite my penchant for leading. No, I don’t want a, um — I don’t want a dance partner tonight. Well, whatever you’re looking for, tell me, and it’s yours. [ Laughs ] Okay. An apology. Let me know if you need anything else. Thank you, N’neka. Thanks. So, I was at this convention out of town. It started early. It ran late. And then I got a ride-share, and he dropped me two blocks from here. And I didn’t want to miss Spencer, so I ran all the way — for nothing. What about you? Well, I had some business to take care of. I missed the party, but I said my goodbyes outside. Thanks for keeping me company. I really wasn’t looking forward to going home anyway because I’d go home and I’d think about all the things I have to do, and then I’d worry about everything. I don’t think you were in much of a rush to get home, either, were you? Well, you know, I’m gonna go there after I-I leave here. I saw Kristina the other day. Really? I take it you two haven’t spoken lately? I-I’m just respecting some boundaries, you know. Ahh. Sort of taking a step back since I think I overstepped. You overstepped? I know. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, I think it’s a good thing that you’re taking a step back. It’s not like I have a choice. Well, whatever the reason, it’s a good thing. I hope so. Because it’s killing me.

I can’t stop smiling! Me neither! We’re gonna have a baby! Molly, we’re gonna have a baby! Thank you, Kristina! Thank you! Aww. Please. I’m just honored to be a part of this. Y-You are so much more than that. You’re making this wonderful thing happen for us. We’ll never be able to thank you enough. The look on your faces right now, that is all the thanks I need. You might feel differently during labor. [ Laughter ] How are you feeling? Really. Like, don’t hesitate to tell your OB if you’re feeling, you know, any — Whoa, whoa. Hey. You don’t have to be a doctor right now, TJ. Just be a dad. It’s okay. I’m gonna be a dad. You’re gonna be a dad! [ Laughs ] I can’t wait to hold the baby and smell that little baby smell. And play airplane while we — while we feed our baby mashed bananas and smile like absolute idiots! While we wipe the mashed bananas off our baby’s face and — Hair and… And it’s gonna get on the floor and on the chair. [ Laughter ] What’s wrong? I-I can’t help but think that we got excited like this before, that we talked about this before, and it — it didn’t work out. Violet will love you no matter what job you have. She thinks you hung the moon. And I happen to think she’s right. And I am convinced you’re gonna win this lawsuit. I’m grateful for your conviction. I… I wish I shared it. You know? But… Tomorrow, my trial starts, and my future will be in the hands of people in a jury box. people who have never practiced medicine. Well, apparently all they care about whether I am nice or likable. I mean, how do I defend myself without coming across as defensive? How do I share my medical expertise without being arrogant? You are passionate about your job. You care deeply about your patients. That will come through. And in the end, those people are gonna wish you were their doctor. How can you be so confident? Because I am inspired by you every day. The nicest thing you ever said to me. I couldn’t imagine going through this without you.

Martin: Oh! [ Knock on door ] Apologies. Including for the late arrival. I’m afraid it was unavoidable. Now, why did you need to see me? But we’re using a new surrogate now. I mean, what are the odds it happens to us twice? It can happen to anyone, Molls. The first trimester’s so delicate.. Okay. Uh… come here, both of you. Listen. You’re not spiraling down this rabbit hole, okay? You have to just have a little faith a-and just take a breath. You’re right. Yeah. You’re right. None of us know what the future holds. But if the worst case scenario does happen, then we’re gonna handle it, the three of us, together. And if and when you’re ready, we can try again. Most importantly, we’re a team now. If I haven’t said it before, you are a rock star, Kristina. I know. My sister is just like me, only better. [ Chuckles ]

I mean, it’s not like I haven’t talked to the girls at all. It’s just I sort of keep the conversation light and superficial because I, you know — I want to be careful not to alienate them. You shouldn’t worry so much. Why? Do you know something that I don’t know? Have you spoken to Kristina? Okay. I’m not gonna break any confidence here, but I believe she knows that your heart was in the right place. Oh. Good. I appreciate that. You know, but I think she would prefer that I keep my distance. I’m gonna respect that and not push. No — No matter how badly you want to? Molly is gonna be a mom. Right. And Kristina is gonna carry her baby. I mean, what could go wrong? So I’m just gonna bring joy into their lives and — and enjoy their journey. You have to keep following their lead, you know? Um, look what happened to me. I, you know… lost my family because of the pain that I caused them. You don’t want that in your life. I just want to reiterate this — this one thing again. The laws regarding fertility and reproduction, they’re like the Wild West, specifically — You know how many times you’ve said this to me already? You think I’m neurotic, don’t you? And you — and you just want me to shut up and be a grandma. No, you already said your concerns with the girls. Just move on. I’m trying. I really am. [ Cellphones ringing ] Molly. Kristina. [ Cellphones ringing ] I know I asked you here, but I have to go. Too bad. We were just getting to know each other’s files. We’re not gonna talk about me. And I’m already familiar with your file. Is that right? Ever wonder about the stuff that’s not in the files? I can live with the mystery. Really? I would have expected the opposite. I’ve been defying expectations my whole life. Hm. I’d love to hear a lot more about that. Hm. I’ve been in touch with a contact. They were supposed to provide me with some information and reach out with a location, but I haven’t heard back. And you’d like me to track your contact down. They may have broken off contact because of certain… complications. What kind? The federal kind. What exactly is the nature of this “project”? I can’t tell you. Oh. I see. So let me get this right. You want me to put my neck on the line — with certain agencies, I might add — but you don’t want to tell me why. It’s better for everyone if I don’t. I recall you using words like “discreet” and “knows how to keep a secret” just minutes ago. I did. And I meant it. Good. Because I do know how to keep all secrets — past, present, and future. I don’t doubt that. But I need to keep the circle of trust small. For now. If you do this for me, I’ll owe you a favor as deputy mayor, no questions asked. I do love being owed, but I’m gonna want inside that small circle — soon. Mm-hmm. One step at a time. Okay. Let’s start by triangulating your contact’s whereabouts. I’m not giving you my phone. I don’t need your phone. Just your number.

Don’t abuse it. Wouldn’t dream of it.

Yeah. Gotcha now. So, look, if the D.A. can reinstate some or all of the charges against Esme — the assault, the obstruction — then we can get a warrant for arrest. Yeah, and I’ve already talked to Robert about it. He’s got one of his ADAs writing it up right now. They’re hoping to get a judge to sign off on that tonight. Well, that’s great. We wait for them, and then we make a move. Isn’t there anything that we can do in the meantime? Heather really made it seem like Esme was primed to do something drastic. I could bring her in on some false pretense and see if I get her to spill about the stuff she did with Cameron and Joss and Trina, and maybe that’d be enough to hold her for hours or at least long enough for Robert to establish the charges again. hours in custody is better than nothing. Yeah, but the problem is, Esme hasn’t been charged with a crime. Visiting her mother. I mean, that’s not illegal. Nikolas, on the other hand, he is a fugitive. He held Esme prisoner for months. He’s facing charges of kidnapping and assault. He’s got Esme’s child. I mean, in the eyes of the law, Esme is gonna be looked at as the victim here. Well, then we should tell her that. And, by the way, I don’t want her to be badgered or bullied in any way. I just want her contained so that she’s safe from herself until we can get all of this other stuff sorted out. I’m gonna go with you as backup. Yeah. Me too. I really think I can talk her off the ledge. Let’s just hope she hasn’t already disappeared. Look, I know you’re nervous, but your trial starts tomorrow. My advice is, a light workout and an evening doing something you enjoy. You know, as long as it has nothing to do with the lawsuit or medicine. Cook a good meal. Watch a game. Maybe Parcheesi. Or listen to music. Fact is, you’re as prepared as you’re ever gonna be, and worrying about things that haven’t happened yet, it’s counterproductive. I know. As much as I’d like to take your advice, we found something that might help the defense. And I’m just hearing about it now? Well, we weren’t sure it would do any good. I mean, we’re still not. And why don’t you let me be the judge? Dennis Muldoon saw a doctor in Beechers Corners months before he ever approached me. I-I’m sorry for upsetting you. Shall we dance? [ Chuckles ] You’re sorry for what exactly? For… …upsetting you, of course. Well, yes, yes. Of course. Absolutely. Because…? Uh, I have no idea what I did. Not a clue? Not an inkling? Um, well, I’m not a mind reader. Oh. “This time, we have the DNA evidence to connect Corinthos to a crime and finally put the bastard away. Your guy’s going down… love. And there’s not a thing you can do about it.” You say it like that, I guess it sounds a tad aggressive. Oh. I’m sorry. Was there a more lighthearted, festive version you wanted to relay? I’m — I’m confused. I — We enjoy sparring with one another. I love sparring with you, Robert. That wasn’t sparring. That crossed a line. Forget crossed. It blew right past it. I-I’m still confused. And I’m confused why. None of that was about you. I’m talking about Sonny. I’m talking about taking down a defendant in court. Frankly, I’m not sorry about any of that. Well, you two have great timing. We were together when you called. Oh. That’s convenient. We ran into each other at The Savoy. -Uh-huh. -I’m sorry. You two were hanging out at The Savoy? Well, you know, we don’t typically hang out, but, you know, when I’m with your dad, he is… Amazing. I — So, we were just saying bye to Spencer. Oh, right. Yes. He and Trina are off to Paris. [ Knock on door ] That’s probably my mom. Hey, Mom. Hi, baby. [ Chuckles ] Aww. Well, it looks like the gang’s all here. -Indeed we are. -Hi, Jordan. -Hi. -Hi. Thank you for coming. I know this was a — It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. Uh, but we have some news we wanted to share with you, and we didn’t want to wait. The procedure worked, and I am pregnant with Molly and TJ’s baby. I mean, obviously, we’re gonna confirm it with a blood test, but… Congratulations to all of you. Congratulations, Memaw. [ Laughs ] -Don’t ruin this. -Okay. Okay. Dr. Sawyer could only speak in hypotheticals, but she did say had she evaluated a patient similar to Muldoon, she would have referred him to an oncologist, but we don’t know if Muldoon ever followed up on that referral. And let me guess. You waited until the th hour to tell me because this Dr. Sawyer isn’t willing to go on the record? She skirted the line, but she definitely said enough without confirming. we don’t even know the name of the oncologist that Muldoon was supposed to see. Yeah, and for now, it just seems like a dead end. Not necessarily. There is one avenue we could explore. So you didn’t actually mean your apology? Well, I-I’m — I’m sorry for being unnecessarily harsh, but it’s my job to put men like Sonny away. [Chuckling] No, no. Not just “men like Sonny.” Sonny! It has become abundantly obvious that you have a personal and — I might add, highly unprofessional — vendetta against my client! [ Scoffs ] Do I enjoy watching a known racketeer hide behind family, friends, hell, even the mayor? No, I don’t. But unlike Sonny, I work within the law. Now, I can’t prosecute unless I’ve got evidence. This time, I had evidence. And you couldn’t wait to use it. Here’s the crux of my problem, Robert. You gloated. Tell me something, Diane. Are you offended by the fact that… I might win or that Sonny might lose? I’m so happy that this is finally happening for you. Are you, though? Tell me the truth, Mom. Are you actually happy this is happening?

No sign of Esme. I checked her desk, the break room, the lunch room. I’m running out of rooms. Well, maybe she’s gone for the day. Maybe Alexis knows where she is. Alexis? Kevin?! Oh, my God. -Kevin? -I’m gonna call dispatch. Oh. He — He’s still breathing. Yeah, he has a pulse. We’ve got to get him to the hospital! Yeah. Kevin, can you hear me? Kevin, please. Wake up. There you are. What happened, honey. Tell me. I know the names of several private investigators who could help us out, including Sam McCall. Hmm. One way or another, I’m gonna get somebody looking for this unspecified oncologist tonight. Risk of sounding like a cliché, if there’s a chance that Muldoon had an inkling he had cancer, that would blow your case wide open. E-Even if we do find this oncologist, we don’t know if they can provide anything that would help the case. You leave that to me. Worry about the things you can control — namely your testimony, your effect on the jury when you’re up on that stand. And for God’s sake, remember… only answer the question asked. I don’t want you to elaborate or help out. No information is offered unless explicitly asked about. You got it? I — Yeah, I g– Look, you and Alexis have been abundantly clear, yes. Good. ‘Cause your testimony is either gonna save you… or it’s gonna damn you. I am always forever on your side, your side, and your side. I’m thrilled for both of you. Hm. Can you believe it? [ Laughs ] -Thank you. -Congratulations. You have to know how happy I am that my daughter found the perfect partner. I got pretty lucky, too. You’re gonna be great parents. Yes, they are. Okay. I have to add that during this early stage of our pregnancy, we’re not telling anyone that’s not in this room that we’re pregnant. [ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me… So we’ll make a big announcement after the first trimester. Nobody is gonna know anything until you say so. Thank you. How about a toast? I bought a bottle of nonalcoholic champagne just for this occasion. -That sounds perfect. -Yeah. Right? I’m gonna have to take a rain check. What’s going on? Uh, just an incident at work. What happened? Is everything okay? Everything will be fine. Listen. This is a beautiful night. Don’t let this moment ruin it. I love you. And you.

You’ve lost me. I don’t understand the distinction. Because no attorney likes to lose. There’s an impartial nature here between the attorney/client relationship. Where did you go to law school? That is absolutely not true. I am extremely partisan. I am my client’s advocate. Oh, come on. You’ve had the better of me in court more than once. You’re as smart as a whip. Too smart to know that someone like Sonny is innocent of all the charges he’s faced over the years. Look, it doesn’t matter what I believe or what I know or what I understand. It is my duty, it is my obligation as a defense attorney to provide the most vigorous, the best defense possible, one that is rooted in logic and evidence for my clients. Anything less, and I’m derelict in my duty. Come on. This is a whole lot more than just a client getting a vigorous defense. Why is it that I feel like you want me to say something? No. No? I just want your honesty. Okay. Is Sonny your…client… or is that murdering bastard your friend? Sonny Corinthos is one of my best friends. Now, does that change the way you look at me? Was Esme Prince in this morning? Yeah, I-I saw her when I came in. She seemed fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. Although I don’t think she would have clocked in till after I left. Does she have access to your office? Yeah, she does, but so does the cleaning staff. Why is Esme your focus? Detective! I found something. “Your testimony could damn you”? What happened to Finn having a relaxing evening? Well, forgive me. I don’t mean to sound alarmist. I’d hate to hear you if you did mean it. As discussed, it is almost certain that Ms. Miller is going to raise questions about your substance abuse. But he’s been sober for years. His past addiction can’t be used against him now, can it? Well, if it is, I will object on the grounds of medical privacy. But there’s a chance I could be overruled. The judge will allow Ms. Miller to ask you questions about your drug use. So not only do I have to defend myself as a doctor, I have to defend my sobriety, as well. Forewarned is forearmed. If those questions get asked, you just answer truthfully but forcefully. The fact is, the court is only gonna have your word for it that you were sober when you treated Muldoon. And in the end, that’s all this trial is really about, Finn. You just make sure when you’re on that stand the jury gets to meet the man I know you to be, and you’ll win. Diane, I see you as a sharp, passionate woman. Well, we have that in common, at least. And I admire your desire to go that — that extra distance for your clients. I mean, that — that’ll never change. But you don’t approve of my friendship with Sonny. You know what he’s done. I guess I can’t understand how you can look past that. Well, I would think it’s similar to how you can look past all the blood on Anna’s hands. That’s different. How is that different? Well, she’s the mother of my child. Sonny also has children, but I guess that doesn’t give him a special dispensation as far as you’re concerned? Well, what about Holly? What about her? As far as I know, she didn’t bear any of your children, but you can look past all of her alleged crimes. [ Scoffs ] Look. I can’t be responsible for everyone I ever went out with. No one’s asking you that, Robert. I also am not judging you. Because I know that there is more to both Anna and Holly than meets the eye, just as there is more to Sonny. So…can you accept that I am friends with him without holding it against me? Can you accept that it’s my mission to put people like him away? And if I can’t? Want to make a toast. Having a child can be difficult at times. But it’s one of the most incredible experiences a person can have. And I just want to say to you that I’m just so happy that you’re gonna be able to share in the joy of watching your child grow up just like I did. To all of you and to my new grandchild. -Cheers. -Cheers.

[ Monitor beeping ] [ Door closes ] How’s my husband? He’s stable. I’m sending him for tests now. Okay. Uh, can I see him first? Just for a minute. Okay.

Oh, Kevin, my love. Please come back to me. Please, Kevin. I need you… …to tell me what I already know in my bones that it was Esme who did this. I promise you. I will bring her to justice. Oh, Kevin. We still have so much things we want to do together. And I… I don’t want to do one more minute of this life without you. Hey, Chase. You find anything? Yes, a letter to Esme from a woman named Maggie. Maggie Fitzgerald? That was Esme’s old nanny. Yeah, she said she took a position with another family and she wants Esme to come visit. -Where? -Toronto. If y’all forgive me, I’m gonna track down Sam, get her looking for that mystery oncologist. Deep breath. Deep breath. [ Breathes deeply ] Ah. So much for a relaxing evening. Well, it’s not over yet. There’s still time. Wait. Wait. Where do you suggest? Well, my boys are having a sleepover, which means my house is empty. I can cook you dinner. We can listen to music. Or you can listen to the game. Music. Always music. Maybe something from that playlist you made when we drove to Vermont. Oh. And then after that… who knows? You any good at Parcheesi? I’m excellent… at Parcheesi… and a lot of things. I guess we’ve reached an impasse. Robert… I would never ask you to apologize for who you are and what you do. I don’t want you to apologize for caring about Sonny. Okay. What happens if we can never fully see eye-to-eye on this issue? Where does that leave us? Look, I know I’m not always good at expressing myself in these things, but I-I really do care about you. I feel the same way. And I’m not gonna give up on what we’re building. Well, there’s really only one solution. Let’s hear it. We leave Sonny and the clients in the courtroom. Totally accept those terms. Absolutely. Did you notice that, uh… I left out “where they belong” at the end of the last sentence? I did notice that. Thank you, Robert. I appreciate that. See? We can do this. [ Laughs ] Yes, we can. You know I’m gonna spoil this baby like crazy, right? -I won’t even try to stop you. -[ Laughs ] Very proud of you. You gave TJ and Molly an incredible gift. Well, Molly is my sister, and I would do anything for her. You know that bond that you and your sister have? Any parent would pray to have that. And I want to tell you something, okay? I know you’re happy right now, but just know that the road’s not always gonna be without challenges. Anything you need — anything — you always come to your dad, okay?

Do you recognize this? Yeah, I kept that on my credenza. Okay. Does anything else look disturbed to you? It’s hard to say if I can’t go through everything. Do you really think Esme attacked Kevin? She’s our primary suspect, and I’ve got a bad feeling that she’s not gonna stop with Kevin. Spencer, it’s your grandmother. Listen. I know you’re on your way to Paris, but I need you to call me back as soon as you get this. It’s about Esme.

Uh, yeah. Let me know. [ Door closes ] Is, uh — Is Kevin awake yet? Not yet. I can’t stop thinking about how long he might have been lying there. Look… These are the best doctors here, right? They’re gonna take good care of him. Yeah. I want all that to be true. It is. Any word about Esme? Uh, yeah. We tracked her credit card. She used it to, uh, get a one-way bus ticket to Toronto. Any idea who she knows up there?

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