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At the police station, Jada talks on the phone with Brady. Jada asks about Theresa. Brady tells her that she’s doing okay and thanks her for helping track her down. Jada says she’s glad she could help as she knows Brady and Theresa have been through so much. Brady thanks her and hangs up as Kristen brings Rachel to Brady in the town square. Brady hugs Rachel and says he’s so happy to see her. Kristen remarks that they are happy that he actually showed up this time. Brady tells Rachel that he really wanted to be there but he had to help Tate. Rachel mentions that Kristen told her Tate got in trouble and asks if he’s okay now. Brady tells Rachel that Tate will be okay and says right now he is here for her as he hugs her and says he loves her.

Alex comes home from a jog to find Theresa packing her bags. Alex says he wasn’t expecting this as he hoped she decided to stay. Theresa responds that it’s for the best and that she has to go back to California to spend time with her mom and get out of Salem. Theresa says she’ll see Tate when she can in a month, so she booked a red eye ticket and she’s leaving tonight. Theresa adds that before she goes, there is something she needs to tell him as she can’t leave without making things right between them.

Eric and Sloan watch over Jude as he falls asleep. Sloan tells Eric that she’s heading out for a first meeting with new clients. Eric says between her new clients and his photography business, they’ll make enough money to put Jude through college. Eric mentions having his first client over later for a photoshoot which Sloan calls exciting. Eric hopes Jude will sleep through it and says next time, he will call Marlena and John to babysit. Sloan brings up still being mortified about the other night as she can’t believe she got so wasted. Eric assures that they understand she was nervous. Sloan promises to only drink water if there is a next time. Eric promises there will be. Sloan doesn’t remember everything that happened that night but she remembers Marlena talking about losing her first born. Sloan doesn’t know if she could survive that happening to their son. Eric assures that Jude is fine and tells her to focus on that as they are so lucky that he has come in to their lives.

Rafe joins Jada at the police station as Harris arrives. Rafe says he wanted to update them on the Bistro situation as he just got off the phone with Ava and he told her that he wanted to speak to her and Stefan at the police station. Jada questions why they are bringing them in now. Rafe explains that they had to do some investigating and get their ducks in a row, so they are ready for them. Rafe adds that if they show up, they will find out what they know about the Bistro’s connection to the drug epidemic in Salem. Rafe notes that Harris looks skeptical. Harris thinks questioning Clyde Weston might be the more worthwhile approach. Jada asks why he thinks that. Harris reveals that he had a run-in with Clyde earlier and he has an update. Harris explains that Clyde warned him that what happened to Lucas could happen to him if he doesn’t fall in line. Jada can’t believe Clyde was so open about the attack on Lucas. Rafe calls Clyde one tough son of a bitch. Jada says that means they are in for a tough fight. Harris declares that they will win this fight and take Clyde down once and for all.

Alex says he’s pretty sure he knows what Theresa is going to say so he wants to go first. Alex feels like it’s his fault that she’s leaving. Alex brings up accusing her of having feelings for Brady and says he shouldn’t have done that as it was not what she needed to deal with after everything she had gone through. Alex apologizes for falsely accusing her and admits he was wrong. Alex acknowledges that Theresa and Brady share a child together which is a lifelong commitment, so he worried that some of those old feelings would start to resurface. Theresa assures that they haven’t at all. Theresa admits when she first came back to Salem, she thought maybe she and Brady could get back together, but then she met Alex and everything changed. Theresa states that she and Brady have a child so they will share that bond together for life, but the kiss was a drug-fueled mistake. Theresa says Alex may have forgiven her but she hasn’t forgiven herself which is why she has to get out of here and away from everything that made her relapse. Alex argues that Theresa running away to California is a false solution and won’t make what she’s dealing with any less difficult. Alex then asks Theresa to stay here with him and let him help her get clear on what she needs and wants. Alex promises to help her any way he can as he hugs her.

Brady sits with Kristen and Rachel in the town square. Brady tells Rachel that he was thinking The Little Mermaid but Rachel says she’s already seen it. Brady asks what movie she’d like to see. Leo interrupts and suggests the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy which Rachel exclaims she wants to see. Leo then points out that it’s only streaming so if they want to go to an actual theatre, he suggests Wonka which Rachel exclaims she wants to see. Kristen looks it up and finds it is playing in about half an hour. Brady says they can do that and tells Leo he can go now. Leo says the whole town has been wondering and now it’s clear that Brady and Kristen are back together because they are enjoying coffee with their daughter. Rachel clarifies that they are not back together and she doesn’t want them to be. Kristen tells her that she doesn’t have to engage with Leo. Leo says he is happy to see them all together again and tells them to enjoy the movie as he walks away.

Sloan tells Eric that he always knows what to say to calm her spirits. Eric says she does the same for him. Sloan wishes him luck with his new client. Eric says he’s going to need it. Sloan asks why. Eric informs her that it’s a columnist from the Spectator that they are both all too familiar with and reveals that it’s Leo Stark.

Rafe asks for an update on Lucas. Harris says he got beat up pretty bad but he will make a full recovery. Rafe says thank God for that. Harris gets a call and steps out to answer it. Rafe then asks Jada where she was last night since he thought she was going to come over after she finished her paperwork from the raid but she never showed up. Jada apologizes and says by the time she was finished, she was exhausted and just went to sleep so she’s sorry she didn’t come over. Rafe questions why she is lying to him.

Brady questions why Rachel told Leo that she doesn’t want her parents back together. Rachel responds that she hates them fighting all the time. Brady says he gets that but he misses her very much and wishes he could share her more with Kristen instead of just seeing her once in awhile. Rachel says she misses him too but it’s better this way. Brady questions her thinking it’s better that they don’t see each other as much. Rachel says she guesses and goes to buy candy from the movie theater. Brady then questions Kristen about why Rachel is suddenly so against them getting back together and why she is fine with only seeing him once in awhile. Kristen argues that Rachel explained everything. Brady complains that Rachel did a 180 and accuses Kristen of turning her against him.

Theresa tells Alex that she already booked her flight. Alex offers to pay for cancelling it but Theresa says it’s not about the money. Alex knows he hasn’t been the greatest boyfriend and didn’t handle everything she’s going through. Alex brings up all the drama in his family and finding out that Victor is his father, not Justin, and then becoming CEO of Titan. Alex says his whole world has turned upside down so he’s questioning everything and everyone. Alex says he’s not trying to make excuses but he’s waking up some days, questioning who the hell he even is. Theresa thinks back to her and Konstantin altering Victor’s will. Theresa then tells Alex that there is something he should know.

Sloan thought Eric couldn’t stand Leo. Eric says he’s not a fan but he can’t afford to be picky. Leo then shows up at the door and talks about his lawyer and photographer being under the same roof. Leo tells Eric that he needs some wonderfully flattering photos of himself for Lady Whistleblower’s grand return. Eric says he’ll do his best. Leo is sure he will, just as Sloan has done as his lawyer. Leo remarks that he’s eternally grateful for Sloan’s lawyer skills and her generosity. Eric asks Sloan about her meeting with her client. Sloan reveals that she just told her client that she’s going to be a little late and she wants to stick around for Eric’s first shoot. Eric goes to grab something from the back, so Sloan questions Leo picking Eric out of all the photographers in Salem and asks what he is up to. Leo claims he’s not up to anything but getting some great photos and then admits he wants to make her squirm like she is now, because she knows he holds all the cards in their arrangement. Leo warns that Sloan doesn’t behave to his liking, he will drag her down to the bowels of Hell.

Theresa tells Alex that he is not to blame for how she feels. Theresa calls herself the screw up who never learns from her mistakes despite her second chances. Theresa tells him not to comfort her because she just keeps letting people down. Theresa cries that she’s a horrible mother and a terrible girlfriend. Theresa says she just finish packing and get the hell out because he’s better off without her. Alex says that she says she’s a screw up that makes a mess of things but that’s what he does. Alex talks about making terrible decisions at Titan and treating Justin like crap when he’s been a great dad to him for his whole life. Alex states that he is very flawed and he knows it, so that means there is hope for him to correct those flaws. Alex argues that they can work on their flaws, faults, and imperfections together. Alex says showing his true feelings has always been one of his flaws so he asks Theresa to allow him to work on himself and show her how much she means to him as he kisses her.

Kristen swears that she’s never turned Rachel against Brady. Kristen points out that Brady wouldn’t want to get back together anyways so she questions why he would care if Rachel doesn’t want that either. Brady says he just wants to be a decent parent but argues that Kristen doesn’t think he is. Kristen says she doesn’t think that and what happened with Tate is not his fault. Kristen brings up Rachel being very upset when Brady didn’t show up that one day and that broke her heart. Brady argues that maybe Rachel is upset because her parents fight all the time, because she can’t see her father, or because her mom has done horrendous crimes that she isn’t sorry about. Brady tells Kristen not to blame Rachel being upset on him.

Rafe takes Jada in to the interrogation room and says he saw on his daily report that she had pulled Theresa’s credit card records and asks her to explain why. Jada informs him that Brady called and said Theresa was missing, so she wanted to help find her in case she was in danger. Jada explains that she tracked Theresa to a motel where she was so strung out, then she called Brady and Alex, who dealt with her and she left. Jada apologizes for not telling Rafe and says she was just so exhausted and wanted to keep everything on the down low. Rafe tells her it’s okay and that it makes sense. Rafe asks if Theresa is okay now. Jada confirms that she checked in with Brady and that she’s recovering. Harris then comes in and announces that the call he took was about Lucas and he got some news. Harris informs them that Lucas is being moved to a new location for his safety. Jada is sure Kate will be relieved. Rafe asks where they are moving him. Harris responds that he’s sorry, but he can’t tell him that.

Kristen asks if Brady is done lashing out at her and if she can talk now. Brady tells her to go ahead. Kristen says it’s not like anything he said hasn’t been said before, but she’s a little shocked at the level of anger. Kristen says she wants him to be with Rachel and for Rachel to be in his life. Brady points out that Rachel is with her friend Lindsay. Kristen says that gives them a few more minutes to talk. Kristen tells Brady that she feels for him, having Tate in a rehab facility being falsely accused of pushing drugs. Kristen states that she gave birth to Tate and she feels for Brady and Theresa. Kristen asks how Theresa is doing. Brady admits she’s not good. Kristen asks if she has maintained her sobriety throughout this. Brady doesn’t want to talk about this with her. Kristen says they must be helping each other out during this time. Brady admits they have leaned on each other a bit. Kristen asks if that means they are getting close again and going to have a relationship. Brady questions why she cares. Kristen says she’s just curious. Brady brings up knowing what happens when Kristen gets jealous and declares that he and Theresa are never getting back together, much like he and Kristen, they are over completely, forever.

Alex tells Theresa that red eye flights can really take a toll and asks if she really wants to sit on a plane for the next 4 hours tonight when she could be sleeping a nice, comfortable bed keeping her warm. Alex adds that if she stays, he’ll be in that bed too and find more ways to warm her up as they continue kissing. Theresa decides she can keep him warm too. Alex says she can take that terribly crowded flight or she could just stay here. Theresa feels persuaded. Theresa knows that what she needs and wants is to be here with him as they continue kissing and they begin to undress.

Eric returns and tells Leo that he’s sorry for the delay but he has to run down to his car, so he exits. Sloan asks if Leo can just go and says she’ll make up an excuse for Eric. Leo says he needs those photos and talks about how he likes being in the presence of the baby that he delivered and handed to his mother, Nicole. Sloan asks why must Leo do this to her when she’s done everything he’s asked. Leo tells her to stop acting like a saintly person who has done nothing wrong. Leo argues that in Sloan’s way, the baby will never know his real mother. Leo says he might come across shallow but he actually has a heart and it breaks for the baby being stuck with a heartless fake mother. Sloan asks what he’s talking about. Leo thinks she can figure it out. Sloan warns Leo that if he rats her out, she will do everything in her power to take him down to Hell with her. Eric returns and apologizes for taking long as he ran in to a neighbor. Eric asks if Sloan is staying for the shoot. Sloan says she’s not now as she has to get to her meeting. Leo comments on the baby being lucky as Sloan angrily exits and Eric begins his photoshoot of Leo.

Rafe questions Harris not being able to tell him where Lucas is. Harris explains that he means no disrespect but he thinks after the Bistro raid got out, he thinks it’s best if he keeps it to himself so it doesn’t get out as they never know who is listening and they know Clyde has men everywhere. Rafe agrees that Harris is right as they still might have a dirty cop. Rafe looks out the window of the room at the cops in the police station.

Kristen calls it really sad that Brady insists that he could never consider even being with either mother of his children. Brady vehemently insists because he doesn’t want her to have any delusion. Brady calls it sad that Kristen tricked him in to procreating with a sociopath who has been very destructive to him and others. Kristen asks if he’ll never let that go. Brady asks how he’s supposed to let go of the fact that she has put him through Hell all these years and that she’s turning his own daughter against him. Kristen suggests letting go of all that for his daughter’s sake because once upon a time, they were crazy about each other. Kristen argues that he might realize no one is going to love him as much as she once did and cries that she still does.

Alex and Theresa kiss on the couch after having sex. Alex jokes that she can still make her flight if she really wants to. Theresa agrees to stay if he helps her unpack which Alex agrees to. Alex adds that since he is opening up his feelings, he is really starting to fall for her and admits he has been since he first saw her. Alex states that now his feelings are getting deeper and stronger, the more he gets to know her and he feels like he really does know her. Alex remarks that she has been honest with him about who she really is from the very beginning. Theresa claims she’s an open book. Alex says he’s crazy about her and continues kissing her.

Brady tells Kristen not to do this again. Kristen says she’s just being open and honest. Brady repeats there is no future for them except for her being the mother of his daughter. Brady hopes that someday he might find someone that is kind and compassionate who will love him for who he is and his kids, unconditionally. Rachel returns, so Brady says they should get going to the movies. Kristen tells Brady that until he finds the woman of his dreams, maybe they can start seeing the best of each other. Brady calls that a worthy goal as they walk away.

Sloan walks through the park, complaining about Leo. Sloan stops to text Leo, reminding him that if he says one word to Eric about their son, he’ll be screwed in every way possible.

Eric finishes his photoshoot of Leo. Eric says he’ll e-mail him a portfolio later in the day. Eric admits he is photogenic which Leo agrees with. Leo says he will be on his way as he then gets Sloan’s text. Eric wishes Leo luck being back at the Spectator. Leo remarks that there’s always a scandal waiting to be exposed in Salem and sometimes it’s right under their noses. Leo then exits.

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