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Xander finishes bringing in the last of Sarah’s boxes as she moves in to his apartment. They joke about Sarah having boxes of clothes and shoes for Victoria already as well as Sarah having a collection of gnomes. Xander guesses they have to unpack tonight just to have a place to sit.

Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie cook dinner at home. Kayla mentions Joey, so Steve says he wishes he was there but is glad at least two of his kids are in Salem. Stephanie jokes that they aren’t exactly kids anymore but Steve says they always will be. The doorbell rings as Tripp and Wendy arrive. Steve greets them and thanks them for coming. Wendy brought pie which Kayla says they will have for dessert and thanks them for coming as well. Tripp says it was kind of touch and go since it was busy at the hospital. Kayla declares that they will have a nice family dinner with just the five of them with no interruptions. Tripp questions it being five of them and asks if that means Stephanie is flying solo tonight.

At the Bistro, Stefan talks on the phone with Gabi. Stefan asks if she’s sure she is okay and admits every time he sees the infirmary on his phone, he gets worried that something has happened to her. Stefan asks about her leg since it takes a long time to heal. Stefan swears to her that everything is fine on his end and if she’s hearing something in his voice, it’s just because he misses her terribly.

Ava goes out to the loading dock and is approached by Harris. Ava questions him texting her from an unknown number. Harris asks why she came if she didn’t know who it was, mentioning that he warned her about shady things going on here. Ava asks if this was a test. Harris says no. Ava tells him that she needs to close the Bistro and asks what he wants or if he’s going to apologize again for his search. Harris tells Ava that he’s worried about her and he needs to know what’s really going on. Harris asks Ava to just give him the truth.

Sarah goes to her bedroom to check on Victoria. Xander complains about all the boxes and thinks back to asking Sarah to move in. Sarah comes back and tells Xander that Victoria is still sleeping. Sarah suggests heating up the leftovers if they can get to it. Xander thinks they have to order a pizza and then they can unpack some of the boxes.

Stefan swears to Gabi that everything is great. Stefan admits he’s falling apart without her and he misses her. Stefan says he has to say goodbye and tells her to sleep well as he hangs up. Stefan calls out to Ava and looks around the Bistro.

Ava tells Harris that what’s going on is that she’s becoming a successful restaurant manager. Harris tells her to be serious. Ava complains that it’s cold and she needs to go inside. Harris stops her and argues that he knows something is wrong. Harris talks about knowing Ava is not being sucked back in to the mafia life but he knows and feels that something has gotten to her. Ava tells him goodnight and tries to go back in. Harris stops her and asks her to please tell him what’s going on and to let him help.

Wendy compliments Kayla on dinner and asks if they can help with anything but Kayla says they are all set and Steve gets them drinks. Stephanie gets a call from Everett, who invites her to eat at the Pub, but Stephanie says she’s just about to sit down for dinner with her family. Everett says some other time then, but Stephanie then invites Everett to join them.

Ava repeats that it’s cold outside, so she needs to get back inside. Harris takes off his jacket and puts it on Ava, asking if that’s better. Ava can’t believe that he raided her place. Harris states that he had to. Ava points out that he found nothing, so he just barged in and scared her customers. Ava asks Harris to just stop doing that. Ava asks Harris what she wants. Harris places his badge in Ava’s hand and says right now he’s not a cop, just a man who cares deeply for her.

Xander and Sarah finish eating. Sarah offers to heat up the leftovers tomorrow to make up for him doing all the heavy lifting. Sarah asks if they should start unpacking. Xander says they should probably get it over with, but first he wants them both to be comfortable together in their shared home. Xander asks if they should consider condensing a bit. Xander questions if they need a sewing machine. Sarah calls it an antique, passed through her mom’s family so she thought she would take it up but admits she doesn’t have enough free time. Sarah decides they should both downsize a bit and asks about Xander’s giant trunk. Xander says that’s his kilt trunk which Sarah laughs at, noting that she never saw that while they were married. Sarah says they have to scale back somewhere. Xander suggests putting her gnomes in a garden shed which Sarah questions. Xander tells her to keep what she likes and he’s just trying to find a way. Sarah agrees to ask Maggie to store stuff for both of them and then they can move it there tomorrow which Xander calls perfect.

Everett arrives at Steve and Kayla’s where Stephanie greets him at the door. Steve questions Tripp about him. Tripp recalls meeting Everett back when he was living with Stephanie and Joey in Seattle. Steve questions Tripp never mentioning him as he never knew Stephanie had a boyfriend back then. Stephanie introduces Everett to Kayla and Steve. Tripp introduces him to Wendy. Everett hopes they don’t mind him crashing dinner. Kayla says the more, the merrier. Everett brought bottles of wine and flowers for Kayla. Kayla calls him generous and has Stephanie set another place at the table. Tripp goes to get Everett a glass of wine. Steve then questions Everett about knowing Stephanie back in Seattle.

Xander and Sarah move boxes that they plan to move to storage. Xander finds his first Valentine’s Day card to Sarah. Sarah stops him and says he doesn’t need to look in that box so he questions it. Sarah then reveals that it’s her Xander box with mementos from when they were together. Xander is surprised that she kept mementos. Sarah says she’s just sentimental. Xander then decides he has to look in the box so Sarah gives in. Xander finds the hat that he wore on their first trip to the beach and is surprised by what else he finds.

Harris tells Ava that when they were together, he saw who she really is and that what’s been happening lately is not her. Ava insists this is who she has been all along and that he just couldn’t see it. Harris doesn’t believe that because he felt the good in her in his soul and the loving, caring person that she is. Harris says that is who he still sees. Harris goes to kiss Ava but Stefan comes out and asks if he’s interrupting something.

Steve tells Kayla that Everett was just about to tell him how he and Stephanie met. Everett says it’s not that interesting and they just met at a coffee shop. Stephanie and Everett recall their first meeting. Everett talks about knowing she was special and that she was doing PR for a non-profit that he was covering. Steve states that he and Kayla are surprised to hear that Stephanie’s Seattle ex-boyfriend was in town when they didn’t know she had one. Stephanie says she wanted to see where the relationship goes before telling her parents. Steve asks if Everett moved to Salem to be with Stephanie and if they are back together.

Xander talks about the Quaich whiskey cup that he looked all over for before their wedding. Sarah mentions Maggie finding it and is sorry that he couldn’t find it. Sarah talks about doing her research on the Scottish poet Robert Burns. Xander then finds their wedding photo. Sarah says that box can go back in to storage as they won’t be needing any of that.

Ava tells Stefan that he’s not interrupting anything and removes Harris’ jacket. Stefan says he needs to get Ava back inside because it’s cold and they have a hell of a mess to clean up thanks to Harris’ raid. Harris says that was legal and had nothing to do with his personal vendetta against him. Stefan doesn’t buy it and tells Harris to get the hell out. Harris says he has a few more questions for Ava. Stefan says he can contact his lawyer then and takes Ava back inside.

Stephanie wishes Steve wouldn’t interrogate Everett. Steve says he’s just asking simple questions. Everett clarifies that he and Stephanie are not back together and that she’s made it clear that friendship is all she wants for now. Steve asks if Everett wants more. Everett states that he respects Stephanie’s feelings on the matter and is very grateful for her friendship. Tripp decides to change the subject by announcing that he and Wendy have something to share.

Sarah thinks they’ve done enough for the night and points out that the chair is now open. Sarah has Xander sit down as he complains about pulling his shoulder with all the lifting. Sarah massages Xander and says they can take turns with this every other night. Xander suggests whoever cooks dinner, the other does the dishes which Sarah agrees to. Sarah adds that she will do his laundry if he goes to the grocery store. Xander decides he’ll take trash duty. Sarah says no splitting of cleaning the bathrooms since they each have their own. Xander jokes that he’s gotten mature and puts the toilet seat down now. Sarah points out that their child will be up at dawn so they should probably get to bed and then they end up kissing.

Ava asks what the hell is wrong with Stefan. Stefan argues that he had to get her away before she spilled everything. Ava insists that she wasn’t going to as she’s in this as deep as he is and doesn’t want to go to prison. Harris comes back inside. Stefan calls him the creature that wouldn’t die and reminds him that he told him to get the hell out. Harris declares that it’s his duty to tell him that he left his back door unlocked and to check on Ava’s well being, accusing Stefan of assaulting her. Harris asks if Ava wants to press charges. Harris argues that they can’t deny their connection and asks Ava to come with him. Stefan declares this is all that’s left for Harris to see is this as he grabs Ava and kisses her.

Tripp and Wendy present a scavenger hunt app and explain that it’s geo-cash based and they earn points by finding things hidden in containers around the city. Stephanie and Everett talk about discussing something similar recently. Stephanie suggests they could do it for charity and have the Spectator sponsor it. Kayla suggests the hospital benefitting from this as well and that Steve could place the items since he knows the city best. Stephanie says she will call Paulina in the morning and knows she will love it, so they just need to set a date. Tripp brings up February being American Heart Month, so he suggests Valentine’s Day which Kayla notes is her and Steve’s anniversary. Steve says he’d love to have a treasure hunt on their special day and asks what kind of goodies they are going to hide. They each write down their ideas which Steve reads over. Stephanie says they will regroup after she talks to Paulina to work out the details. Tripp mentions that they have to go. Kayla says the family dinner was wonderful. Steve decides to send leftovers with Tripp and Wendy. Tripp tells Kayla that dinner was amazing. Kayla encourages him to look after Wendy which he agrees to do. Kayla adds that Paulina is getting her test results back tomorrow and she’s sure she’ll be able to handle whatever it is. Tripp wishes there was something they could do for Holly. Steve tells Wendy that he’s so happy that she’s staying in Salem and that Tripp is over the moon about it. Wendy responds that she’s over the moon about Tripp. Steve calls her a special person and notes that he and Kayla are so happy that Tripp found someone he loves, who loves him too. Everett says he should probably get going too. Stephanie jokes about him being a night owl. Everett jokes that being in a coma cured his insomnia. Everett asks about Stephanie being in to the scavenger hunt. Stephanie thinks it will be an awesome fundraiser. Everett suggests they team up and treasure hunt. Stephanie says that would be cheating if they know where everything is, unless she tells Steve not to tell them and they can turn the town upside down. Everett says that sounds like a plan.

Xander and Sarah kiss until Sarah stops and says they shouldn’t do this because it’s not a good idea and they don’t want history repeating itself. Xander says he’s so glad they are in a good place and he doesn’t want to mess that up. Sarah says they have a beautiful baby girl who deserves a happy, loving home, so they should just focus on being good parents and doing what is best for her. Xander agrees that is the goal and they shake hands on that. Xander decides he should get some sleep since he has a lot of moving to do tomorrow. They say goodnight to each other and Xander heads to his bedroom. Sarah then heads to her room.

Stefan asks Harris if he gets it now. Harris complains about Stefan cheating on his incarcerated wife. Stefan points out that Ava doesn’t have a problem with that. Ava remarks that they can’t help it so they aren’t going to fight it. Harris guesses they deserve each other then. Harris hopes the next time he sees Ava is not behind bars as he then exits the Bistro. Stefan tells Ava it’s okay as Harris is gone now and he’s all talk. Stefan urges Ava to let it go. Ava asks if he had to kiss her like that. Stefan argues that she knows it was all for show and he still loves his wife deeply. Ava feels it was a bit much. Stefan complains that he had to make it believable. Stefan declares that Harris is not her friend and orders her to stay away from him or he will bury them. Stefan exits. Ava screams in frustration and drinks from a bottle behind the bar.

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