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Recap written by Eva

Elizabeth persuades Mr. Muldoon’s doctor to talk to them about Mr. Muldoon’s case on a hypothetical basis so as not to violate doctor patient confidentiality. Dr Sawyer tells Finn and Elizabeth that she referred Mr. Muldoon to an oncologist but she doesn’t know if he kept the appointment because he never called her office back to tell her he had kept the appointment with the oncologist. Finn and Elizabeth decide to find Mr. Muldoon’s oncologist to see if he kept the appointment Dr. Sawyer made for him.

Spencer tells Esme that he gave Ace to Nikolas because he thinks she has regained her memory and is keeping it a secret from everyone. Esme doesn’t admit the truth to Spencer and tells him she is going to call the police to find Ace and bring him back home. Spencer tells Esme that, if she calls the police, he will tell them that he suspects she has regained her memory and she will be charged with posting the video of Cameron and Josslyn and framing Trina for the crime.

Willow tells Nina that their relationship is over because she enjoyed telling Carly and Drew that Michael knew that she turned them in and didn’t tell Carly and Drew the truth. Michael tells Carly and Drew that he kept Nina’s secret because he didn’t want Sonny and Willow to get hurt. Drew thinks Michael should have told him and Carly and they could have decided if they should tell Sonny and Willow the truth. Carly asks Drew to leave her and Michael alone because they need to talk.

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