Days Short Recap Thursday, January 4, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

While Johnny and Chanel were in bed together, EJ texted Chanel. EJ texted her because he couldn’t get in touch with Johnny. Johnny checked his phone and realized EJ reached out to him. He found out Holly overdosed. Johnny wanted to go to the hospital. EJ told Rafe that he wanted to be kept informed about Tate’s arraignment. Rafe asked about Holly’s condition. EJ told him she had another seizure. Rafe suggested he be with Nicole. EJ said she was with Eric. Johnny showed up at the hospital and wanted to know about Holly. EJ said it wasn’t a good time to see her. Johnny thought it was strange of EJ to stand by and allow Nicole to be with Eric. EJ said he had to take care of things. He was convinced Tate had something to do with it and was determined to keep Holly away from him. Johnny said Holly got drunk on Christmas Eve, but EJ thought Tate was responsible for what happened. Theresa was grateful that Justin came to help Tate. Alex showed up and said the arraignment was scheduled soon. Alex said they needed a ruthless and high-powered attorney to help Tate. Theresa said she appreciated Alex’s help, but she and Brady trusted Justin to handle the case. Justin said he would have a consultant attorney on call.

Tate told Brady he didn’t want him taking the blame for something he didn’t do which was why he told the truth. Brady said he couldn’t handle it by himself. He said EJ wanted Tate’s blood. Tate said he wanted to fight his own battle. John brought Tate a suit for the arraignment. He told Brady to remain optimistic. Tate apologized for not calling for help when he found Holly unconscious. Brady said he didn’t think Tate would get justice with EJ as the D.A. Justin assured everyone that there was little evidence against Tate. He said Tate would plead not guilty at the arraignment and the judge would set a trial date and bail. Justin said Tate would be released into parental supervision since he was a minor. He thought Brady would assume parental responsibility for Tate. Justin said he would go to the hearing alone. Alex asked Theresa if Tate was innocent. She said she was sure her son didn’t do drugs. John and Brady went to the park. Brady was convinced that he might have hurt Tate’s case by taking the blame. It made it look as if Tate was trying to hide something. John said he was trying to protect his son. Brady questioned if Tate followed in his and Theresa’s footsteps and got involved in drugs. John said his instincts told him Tate was innocent. When everyone went back to the police station, Tate told them he made bail. Later on, Tate found out the judge changed the decision and revoked bail.

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