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Abe and Paulina spend New Year’s Eve together as he pours them champagne. Paulina mentions being surprised that he came over since she thought he was set on spending New Year’s Eve alone. Abe responds that he was, but he changed his mind because the thought of beginning a brand new year when he’s not remembering any of the past years made him afraid that he would be uncomfortable which would make her uncomfortable. Paulina assures that it doesn’t as they toast to the future. Abe notes Paulina not drinking. Paulina explains that she’s staying away from alcohol as she’s been having strange symptoms and it’s what her doctor suggested. Abe asks about her symptoms but Paulina wants to forget about it since she feels fine and doesn’t want to spoil their New Year’s Eve together.

EJ and Nicole kiss at home and wish each other a Happy New Year. Nicole points out that EJ made it just in time. EJ reminds her that he promised that he would. EJ toasts to Nicole and they kiss. Nicole asks what they should do now. EJ asks if she’s offering a suggestion. Nicole confirms that she is. EJ asks when Holly will get back from her dinner. Nicole mentions that she told her 2 AM. EJ points out that means they have an hour and 50 minutes. They agree that a lot can happen in that time as they continue kissing.

Everybody at the Bistro party says Happy New Year as the clock strikes midnight. Ava and Stefan exchange kisses on the cheek. Theresa and Alex kiss as Brady watches and mutters a Happy New Year to everyone else who is alone tonight.

Tate goes searching for Holly and finds her on the ground outside, foaming at the mouth after having overdosed on her pills. Tate runs to her side and tries to revive her as a cop arrives and warns Tate not to move.

EJ and Nicole head to the bedroom and light candles as they start kissing and begin to undress. on the bed.

The cop questions what’s going on as Tate explains that Holly was having a seizure and vomited. The cop checks on her and notes that Holly’s pulse is low and she’s barely breathing. She asks what Holly took but Tate says he doesn’t know. The cop urges Holly to breathe as Tate asks if she’s going to be okay. The cop calls in a possible overdose and requests paramedics and an ambulance. Tate finds the bag of pills nearby and puts them in his pocket.

At the police station, Rafe and Harris talk about New Year’s bringing out the crazy people. Rafe mentions that they had two more overdose fatalities tonight. Harris responds that things won’t get better until they find out where the drugs are coming from. Rafe then gets a call and says he’s on his way. Harris asks if it’s another overdose. Rafe confirms that it’s a 17 year old girl..

Brady interrupts Alex and Theresa kissing and informs them that he can’t find Tate. Theresa suggests just texting him. Brady confirms that he did but he’s not responding. Alex suggests Tate and Holly must be huddled up in a corner somewhere. Brady says he was going to give Tate and Holly a ride home as he was going to take off but he will continue looking. Theresa says to let her know if he finds him. Brady goes and asks Ava if she’s seen Tate. Ava responds that he’s been there all night with Holly and walks away which Brady notes was no help. Brady then gets a text from Tate that he needs help at the loading dock and rushes out of the Bistro.

EJ and Nicole lay in bed after having sex and they wish each other a Happy New Year. EJ tells Nicole how relieve he is to have her back. Nicole responds that she’s relieved to be back to herself. EJ guesses talking to Marlena helped which Nicole confirms. They call each other a blessing as EJ says now they can look forward to good and happy times together. EJ declares that he can feel it’s going to be a wonderful year for them as they continue kissing.

At the Bistro party, Stefan proposes a toast and thanks everyone there for celebrating New Year’s Eve with them. Stefan calls it a night to look forward to the future. Stefan announces that a couple just got engaged at the Bistro and toasts to them. Stefan then hears an ambulance coming. Ava comes over and informs Stefan that Holly overdosed on the loading dock. Theresa hears that Ava said Holly and begins to panic.

Brady finds Tate on the loading dock where Holly is being loaded on a stretcher as people look on. Brady asks Tate what happened. Tate explains that he found Holly as she was having a seizure and vomited then the cop showed up. Tate repeats that he thought Holly was going to wake up as Brady hugs him and tells him it’s going to be okay. Brady tells Tate that he needs to know what happened before. Tate then reveals the bag of pills to Brady. The cop comes over and says she will take those.

Abe brings Paulina tea and honey. Paulina questions Abe waiting on her in her own house. Abe points out that she obviously hasn’t been taking care of herself. Paulina argues that she’s been getting a lot of sleep but Abe says he’s not letting this go and questions her symptoms. Paulina explains that she started feeling tired all the time which didn’t surprise her but then she started noticing her joints were aching and her skin was dry. Paulina reveals that she has hypothyroidism which is common for her age. Paulina says she just has to take a little pill every day so it’s no big deal. Abe calls that good news. Paulina then reveals that she also has a tiny lump in her neck which is probably nothing but they did a biopsy for cancer. Paulina adds that there’s no definitive test results yet but will probably be tomorrow. Paulina mentions reading medical articles online since the biopsy and calls them very encouraging since there are lots of new treatments for every kind so if it is cancer, she knows she can beat it and she will.

The cop demands that Tate hand over the bag of pills so he does. She points out that she asked if Tate knew what Holly took and questions what they are. Tate says he has no idea. The cop demands an ID. Brady explains that he is Tate Black, his son and a minor. She repeats that she needs ID. Rafe and Harris arrive on the scene. Rafe asks what’s going on so the cop explains the overdose and that Tate was on the scene with these pills. Rafe takes a look and questions where Tate got them. Tate responds that they aren’t his so Harris asks whose pills they are as they need to know where they came from. Tate responds that they are Holly’s. Rafe is shocked to learn that Holly is the one who overdosed.

EJ tells Nicole that he’s ready to call it a night and asks if Nicole is not tired. Nicole says she is but she wants to wait up for Holly to see how her date went. EJ says he’ll wait with her but Nicole jokes that Holly won’t give her the scoop if EJ is listening. Nicole’s phone then rings so she assumes it’s Holly and hopes the date wasn’t a bust. Nicole sees that it’s Rafe and answers. Rafe informs her that he’s outside the Bistro where there was an incident involving Holly which Nicole questions. Rafe reveals that it appears Holly suffered a drug overdose which shocks Nicole, who asks if Holly is okay. Nicole asks if Holly is still alive. Rafe confirms that she is but she was not responsive when picked up from the dock and she is now on her way to the hospital so she should get there now. Nicole hangs up and informs EJ that Holly overdosed and they have to get to the hospital now.

Stefan calls for everyone to get back inside. Harris asks Ava if Holly was served any alcohol. Ava says absolutely not and that they don’t serve to minors. Ava adds that she didn’t see any drugs but she wasn’t scanning the room all night since she was working. Harris calls it possible that drugs were on the scene. Ava argues that’s not what she said while Stefan questions why Harris is giving the third degree. Harris responds that a teenage girl overdosed and almost died here tonight and they don’t even know yet if she’s going to pull through. Harris asks if they noticed anyone else that was high. Stefan remarks that it was New Year’s Eve. Harris asks if Stefan saw any drugs at any time but Stefan and Ava claim they saw nothing. Harris tells them that if they see or anything regarding drug usage, dealing, or transporting, Salem would greatly appreciate if they gave him a call. Harris says they know where to find him and walks away.

Brady and Tate arrive at the hospital and ask a nurse about Holly. She asks if they are family. Tate says he’s her boyfriend while Brady explains that Tate was there when it happened. The nurse instructs them to have a seat and someone will notify them. Tate questions if she’s dead. The nurse explains that Holly is in trauma but she doesn’t have any more information. Tate worries while Brady encourages that she’s being treated as they sit down together. Brady tells Tate that he needs to tell him exactly what happened tonight. Tate responds that they were at the party having a good time and then Holly said something about knowing how they can have more fun and she pulled out the pills. Tate says he told her no, so she got mad at him and stormed off to the bathroom with the pills. Tate adds that he hoped Holly would cool down so he went looking for her and couldn’t find her until she found her out back, shaking and throwing up. Tate says that out of nowhere, the cop was shining a light in his face. Tate worries that he’s in big trouble. Nicole arrives and asks where Holly is. Brady says that they just got there and that Holly is in trauma. Nicole then rushes off to find her.

Holly is treated in trauma as her vitals begin dropping. Tripp calls for a crash cart as he works on her. Holly flatlines as Tripp and the nurses try to revive her. Nicole rushes in and worries as the nurse tells her to wait outside.

Stefan and Ava go back in to the Bistro. Stefan complains that the place was hopping just two hours ago. Ava says she can’t take this and worries that Holly could’ve died tonight. Stefan argues that there’s no telling that what she took came from here and they didn’t shove the pills down her throat, so it’s not their fault. Ava asks if he still sleeps the same at night without waking up sick to his stomach. Stefan admits that he hates this as much as she does, but Clyde has them in a chokehold. Stefan says he’s sorry for what happened to Holly, but there is no way out of this.

Tripp comes out of the trauma unit and informs Nicole that they stabilized Holly but there were complications. Tripp reveals that Holly is now on a ventilator as she slipped in to a coma.

Theresa and Alex arrive at the hospital. Theresa rushes up to hug Tate and asks if he’s okay. Brady says he’s shaken up. Theresa asks where Holly is and if she’s alright. Tate responds that they don’t know anything. Theresa asks if he’s okay. Tate says he’s not and shouts that Holly could be dead as she was shaking and throwing up everywhere. Alex asks Theresa about Tate possibly using. Theresa argues that her son does not do drugs and knows that his parents are addicts so he would never go down that road. Theresa assures that she would know better than him what her son does, so Alex apologizes. Theresa suggests Alex just go home since there’s nothing he can do. Alex refuses to leave her when she needs him but Theresa says she doesn’t and calls this a family matter so she asks him to leave. Alex says he will check in with her later then and exits. Theresa sits with Tate and tells him that she’s so sorry about Holly. Theresa understands it was a lot for him to watch her overdose and says it must have been really traumatic. Theresa then asks Tate if he did any drugs. Rafe comes over and asks if there’s any news on Holly. Brady informs him that she’s in trauma but they aren’t saying anything else. Rafe knows it’s a tough night for Tate but he’s going to need to ask some questions. Rafe adds that Tate is not in custody, but since he’s a minor, he will need to read his rights for his protection. Brady argues that Tate is not under arrest. Rafe asks if Tate wants a lawyer. Brady insists that he doesn’t need one because he didn’t do anything wrong. Rafe asks if Tate wants to continue talking to him which Tate confirms. Tripp comes over and asks to speak to Rafe so they step aside.

Abe encourages that Paulina is a strong woman and if anyone can deal with this, it’s her. Paulina says it may be nothing and points out that she has her daughter to help her get through this. Abe knows how close they are. Paulina calls Chanel her rock and all she needs. Paulina says now that she’s told Abe what’s going on, she thinks he needs to leave which he questions. Paulina repeats that she wants Abe to leave. Paulina calls Abe a generous soul and she appreciates his offer to be by her side but she has to decline it. Abe argues that if she’s going through something, he wants to be there for her. Paulina shouts that she doesn’t want him to be there for her and that she and Chanel will go through it together. Paulina doesn’t want Abe sticking around because he feels sorry for her as she hates that. Abe argues that he hates it too and he doesn’t feel sorry for her. Paulina complains that she might be facing serious health issues but it’s hard to have him around when he is her husband but he just looks at her like an acquaintance. Abe disagrees but Paulina says whatever she is to him is not enough. Paulina asks Abe to leave again but Abe says that’s too bad as there is no way in hell that he’s going to let the woman he loves go through something without him by her side. Paulina questions him saying she’s the woman he loves which Abe confirms. Abe tells Paulina that he loves her which makes her smile as they kiss.

Ava finishes a call with the hospital, who tells her that Tripp wasn’t available and wouldn’t give her any information about Holly. Ava tells Stefan that she has a really bad feeling about this. Stefan points out that there’s nothing they can do, so he suggests going home to sleep so they can be prepared for any questions tomorrow. Stefan adds that they need to get their stories straight that they didn’t see or hear of anything illegal. Stefan then gets a call from prison. Ava wonders if it’s Gabi but Stefan points out that she’s not allowed phone calls at this time so it has to be Clyde.

Brady says he’s going to see what’s going on. Tate wants to go too but Brady tells him to stay with Theresa. Brady goes over to Tripp and Rafe, as Tripp tells Rafe that Holly is showing signs of little brain activity. Brady questions if Holly is in a coma. Tripp informs him that Nicole has been made aware but since Brady isn’t family, he can’t discuss it with him. Tripp assures that Holly is getting the best possible care as he then walks away. Brady asks Rafe what the hell is going on. Rafe informs Brady that Holly is alive and that’s all he can tell him. Brady questions Holly being in a coma. Rafe says that obviously what happened is very serious, so he needs to talk to Tate to find out what he knows about what Holly took tonight. They go back over to Tate and Theresa. Rafe confirms that Holly is alive and reminds Tate that he needs to ask him those questions now. Rafe needs Tate to tell him everything from the moment he picked Holly up to the moment he found her passed out. Tate explains that they went to the party together, were dancing and having a good time until she suddenly pulled out the pills and showed them to him. Tate assures that he did not give Holly the pills and that she brought them. EJ arrives and disagrees, declaring that his stepdaughter does not do drugs.

Nicole visits Holly in the trauma room. Nicole sits by her side and tells her that she is there. Nicole sings a lullaby to her as she holds back tears. Nicole then breaks down crying.

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