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I can do both. It’s not too late to change your mind. I can’T. Of course you can. No, I can’T. I told you, I gave him my word. I-I’m doing it. And I-I need to do it for my grandchildren. Especially scout. You know, girl power. Of course. Grandma needs to show that she’s brave like her parents. What is wrong with the two of you? Something happen to scout? And what to my wondering eyes should appear but a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer. You’re not required to be off book, you know. In fact, those kids are gonna want to see the pictures. Everything okay? Yeah. Yeah, just… reading this, you know, it makes me… think about family and… past christmases. And how this might be your dad’s last one? How many times are you going to read that book? Alright, maybe I’m being a little bit silly. I just don’t want to disappoint the kids. As if you ever could. Spencer, is there any way that we could convince you to bring ace over to the hospital party tonight? I really wish that I could. I just don’t want to push my luck…

[ Knock on door ] …Especially after esme agreed to let me come over and watch ace tonight. Hi. Hey, esme. Uh, come on in. I thought that I was meeting you guys at your place. Oh, this is perfect. That way we can all go over to the hospital party together. I appreciate the offer, but I can’t stay. Wait, what? You promised me that I was gonna be able to spend tonight with my brother. That’s why I’m here. Um, I was gonna drop ace off with you so you could enjoy christmas eve together. Oh, okay. Alright. Thank you. You’re welcome. What about you? Where are you gonna be? Oh, my goodness, you look so nice. Thank you. I’m guessing you didn’t get this dressed up to go see santa, huh? Well, if that’s your way of asking if I’m going to see spencer later, no. He’s spending time with his little brother at esme’s house, so… but thank you, by the way. For what? It wasn’t lost on me that you included spencer. And I know that he appreciated it. And so did I. Well, you know, I’m not completely sold.

[ Chuckles ] But in the spirit of the season, right? I’ll take it. Okay. Good. Where did you and aunt stella disappear to earlier?

[ Clears throat ]

Hark! The herald angels sing papa now.

[ Both laugh ] Yeah.

‘Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la la-la la-la don we now our gay apparel

[ Dramatic music plays ]

[ Elevator bell dings, doors open ] You shouldn’t be here. Merry christmas, grandma. I love you. Oh. Here. And that goes ditto for me.

[ Laughs ] Oh, please hurry home so we can ring in the new year together. I miss you. I love you. Merry christmas, mom. Bye. I don’t want to be late for story time at the hospital. I don’t want to be late, either. But we have to wait for your big sister. Josslyn: Ho ho ho! Josslyn!

[ Laughs ] Hi. Oh, someone’s super eager to get to gh. Hi, dex. Hi, miss. Spencer. Adam, right? Yeah. Nice to see you. I’m glad you could join us. Thank you. Merry christmas, father. Merry christmas to you both. Merry christmas. And this is, uh, for your collection plate. Yeah. Your generosity is much appreciated. Remember what we said? Best behavior. Best beha– this guy’s always well-behaved. You should have been at the house when we were putting on our dress socks. Ooh, fun times. Oh, yeah. You have a beautiful family. Thank you, father. We are truly blessed. Aren’t we? Yes, we are.

[ Chuckles ]

Thanks for being there for me. Always. You know that. You know, I’m not gonna let what’s hanging over me rob me of the joy of what’s right in front of me. Sounds like a plan.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hey! Look at this festive bunch. Is it true? Are you reading the christmas story today? Yes, with the mayor. I don’t know. Benign storyteller? I think you make a better scrooge. Funny, and that’s not the first time I’ve heard that. You’re gonna be great. Daddy’s almost as good at reading stories as grandpa is. Thank you, sweetheart, I think. You know, I just love this time of year. Everything’s so cozy and beautiful and sparkly. Not as sparkly as your ring. What, this old thing? Speaking of… here we go. Here we go. If I’m gonna be the flower girl, I have plans to make. You two better set a date. You saw scout. She’s full of christmas joy. Yeah, what I saw was the two of you look at each other when I mentioned her name. What’s going on? Um, under normal circumstances, it would probably be good news. Drew got scout into westwood academy. That’s great. It’s a great school. The girls love going there. Yeah, I guess scout isn’t that interested in it. No, it’s — it’s more than that. She actively doesn’t want to go. Does drew know that? He’s got blinders on. It’s like he — he decided selfishly that this is where our daughter was gonna go, and he refuses to see anything else. It’s not that surprising. I think it is. Drew is normally really sensitive to other people’s feelings, but he didn’t even ask scout if this was something that she wanted, let alone he didn’t ask me. Well, that isn’t right. But drew has had a very challenging life, and I think he just wants the world for scout and a better world than he had, anyway. And I think this is his way of doing that. Kristina. No, no, no. Just — just hear me out. Just think about it. Don’t say no right off the bat, please. What you’re offering to do for us is beautiful. But… but it’s too much responsibility to put in my hands. No. You just think I’m gonna screw it up somehow? That’s — that’s not what molly’s saying. No, but I-I wouldn’t blame her if it was. But, hey, molls, just think of all the advantages, right? You know my medical history. We’re obviously in contact every single day. And if you use me as the donor, then you’ll have a biological connection with your child. I mean, those davis genes will be all up in there.

[ Chuckles ] I can give you guys the thing you want more than anything in this world without having to wait. Kristina, do not say it. I think I kind of have to. You really don’T. Well, I think I do. It’s me. Hi. I’m the donor. It’s me.

[ Laughter ] For the kids who are hospitalized over christmas and their families, this celebration isn’t just a party. It’s an act of courage. So can’t you honor that and go away?

[ Laughs ] You could be more charitable on this holy night. After all, you’re the one who fabricated the evidence that sent me to prison. I-if I can forgive you, why can’t you find it in your heart to do the same? I will never forgive you. There may not be a way to prove you ordered tj’s kidnapping now that mason gatlin’s been shipped off to prison. But one day, you’ll slip up. And when you do, I’ll send you right back where you belong. Merry christmas.

[ Chuckles ] Adam, this is my little sister donna. Nice to meet you, donna. Adam goes to school with me at pcu. Why didn’t you go home for christmas? Not everyone goes home for winter break. Hey, I, um — I brought you a present. It’s outside if you want to see it. I’ll — I’ll go with. Great. Okay. Thanks.

[ Laughs ] Come here. I understand why you invited adam. I do, especially after everything we talked about. Nobody wants their friend to be alone at christmas. But it is christmas. Shouldn’t he be with his family? I want to thank you for joining us. We’re family. And we’re — we’re very grateful that we could all be together. I’m very, very grateful. Are we gonna miss the party? No, we’re not gonna miss the story at general hospital. But we — we got to do what we came here to do. I’m gonna show you what we’re gonna do. Come here. We’re gonna light a candle, okay? You know — you know why you light a candle? Hold my hand. You light a candle… to remember the people that we love that aren’t here, like your uncle morgan. Okay? And… uncle jason. You’re thinking about nelle, aren’t you?

yes, I-I try not to dwell on it, but, uh, on a night like this, your sister’s definitely on my mind. My sister. That still sounds so strange. Yeah, I’m sure. All I knew about nelle was the pain she caused michael. I can’t help but think… if nelle was given a chance, would she have been able to turn her life around? That would have been a big change. But not an impossible one. I guess we’ll never know. We’ve come a long way, huh? Yeah, yeah, we have. A year ago, we were at each other’s throats. I hope we can put that all behind us. Yeah, so do I. So, wiley, we have one more candle to light. Who’s it for?

[ Sighs ] Grandpa mike. The holidays always get me thinking of the patients who have helped me over the years. Isn’t that the other way around? No, I, uh — I think I know what she means. Trust me, the mike corbins of this world have given me far more than I ever gave them. Well, I don’t think mike would agree.

[ Chuckles ] Then there’s the family members I miss every day. Thomas. Irene. Uh, is anybody hungry? I’m always hungry. Oh! Marshall: Oh! Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness, I am so sorry. Oh, my goodness. I’m so sorry. No, no, no, no, no, no. It’s fine. We have plenty in the kitchen. It’s absolutely fine. No, d-don’t you dare. I made the mess, and it’s on me to clean it up. Stop it. It’s okay. It’s okay. Pop, are you picking up strange vibes? From who? Aunt stella. She’s just not herself tonight. See? We got this. Thank you. No worries. Oh, my goodness. I just need some time to myself is all. Everything okay? Yeah. You know, it’s hard this time of year. It’s all peace on earth and goodwill to all. But people still see the old me, and I guess I don’t qualify for grace, so… look, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. I can’t change that. It’s what we do moving forward that matters.

[ Gasps ] Look, ace. Isn’t that a beautiful ornament? You like that one? That’s grandmother’s favorite, too.

[ Both laugh ] You’re right. It’s what we do now that matters. Take good care of my boy. You know we will. Alright. Um, I’ll pick him up later. Bye, ace. “Bye, mama.” Mommy loves you. Oh. Adam’s afraid to go home and face his parents. I couldn’t leave him in the dorms alone on christmas eve. No, no, of course you couldn’T. And I get that you want to help your friend, and I love you for that. Maybe it’s not the help he needs, though. What do you mean? Well, you said he’s afraid to face his parents. Maybe you’re enabling that fear. Adam wrote a song for me. It’s my christmas present.

[ Laughing ] Oh. Do you guys want to go meet santa? I hear he’s passing out candy canes. Candy canes are alright. Let’s go find him. I think he was spotted in the cafeteria. Come on, let’s go. You doing alright? Yeah, can we get you anything? Or maybe you want to rest until the party starts. What I’d like is a moment with my future daughter-in-law, if you don’t mind. Well, you heard the man. Scram. Scoot. Skedaddle. Let’s skedaddle. Skedaddle. Buy you a cup of coffee. Thanks. You want to sit? Sure. Sorry if that was a bit forward. I’m an italian from brooklyn. Nothing’s too forward.

[ Chuckles ] Good to know. So, um, is this about your christmas list? Because chase did get you something, but I don’t know. Actually… oh, so there is something special you want. Something only you can give me.

Chase doesn’t want to facewhat’s happening to me. He wants me to live forever. Of course he does. We all do. But you and I know that isn’t reality. I hate it so much. Me too. Now, the last thing I want is to add to the pressure that violet’s already applying. Is she ever. But, uh, time isn’t exactly on my side here. So… my christmas wish is that you and chase… don’t wait too long for the wedding. I want to live to see my son, who I cherish, marry the love of his life. I think everything that drew went through, you know, just gonna mean a lot of change for him. Like maybe this is his new normal. I’m gonna go help scout ice cookies. Alright? Bye. Go that’s one smart boyfriend you got there. I know. Look, new normal I get. I just wish drew was home so we could actually talk about this together. Say something, anything. Please just don’t say no. Anything except for that. Not yet. It’s a lot to process. It was one thing when I was sharing my dna with a stranger. I felt removed from that person. Grateful to them. But it was like somehow they weren’t involved. But this, creating an embryo with your — with your sister — it’s a serious step that could complicate things for all of us. Christmas. It’s a tough time. Even for those with a close family, sometimes because of a close family. On the one hand, you’re — you’re surrounded by joy. On the other hand, you’re — it makes you even more aware of the ones who — who aren’t with you. You told me about how — how you — how you — stella and — and irene and irene and stella. Two peas in a pod. How they worked together to make — make christmas special for you and your brother. I imagine that stella is missing irene tonight. I know I am.

Heavenly peace are you feeling okay, aunt stella? Yeah, I’m fine, I’m fine. Oh, my goodness. Ooh. Let me see. What? No, no fever. I’m not sick. It’s just — that’s the thing about christmas. It’s never just about the one you’re celebrating now, but it holds the memories of all the other christmases and the people you shared them with. Like your grandmother. We really should be heading over to general hospital. Did esme seem weird to either of you? Huh? Weird how? I don’t know. I just think it’s very unlike her to just drop ace in my lap. I would hardly call that dropping him in your lap. And “needs time to herself”? Since when? Since becoming a single mother. On christmas eve, of all nights? I thought she seemed sincere when she said she wanted you to spend some more time with your brother.

[ Knock on door ] Maybe she’s had a change of heart. Cyrus.

Mommy. I know, I know. You want to get to the party at gh. Come on, I’ll take you. Let your granddad take you. Come on. You ready? Are you coming? Uh, can — can you tell sonny that I’ll meet him at the hospital? We’ll tell him. Okay. Come on, can’t keep santa waiting. Please, one more time? If we don’t leave soon, we’re gonna miss story time. Hey, how about this? I’ll send a recording of the song to your sister, and then she can share it with you whenever you want to hear it. That sounds like an excellent idea. Carly: Great. Come on. You guys coming? I think we’ll hang here, hold down the fort till you get home. Alright. Say hi to santa for me. Okay. We’ll be back soon. Uh, do you need me to set the table or anything? Already done, okay. Have fun, donna. Come on. Come on, come on, come on. Let’s go. Fire’s getting low. Hey, do you want me to grab more wood? No, I got it. Thanks, dex. That was really sweet of you, the whole song thing for donna. Yeah, she was pretty excited about it, huh? Yeah, I’ll say. Um, in the spirit of the holiday, I have something for you, too. Like a present? Yeah. You didn’t even know if I was coming until like an hour ago. How do you got a present? I just had the idea. My dad created a fund for me for traveling. I have free reign over the money as long as it’s used for flights. Okay. I know you said it was too expensive to go home for the holidays, but I found a flight that can get you home before midnight. You’ll be able to spend christmas with your family. No, joss, I can’t ask you to do that. Okay, you didn’T. I’m offering. And I know it’s a bit over the top as far as gifts go, but I’m not traveling anywhere, so why not put the fund to good use? Do you not listen?! I said I didn’t want to go home! Jordan: Sorry I’m late. Oh, we’re just glad you’re here. For dessert. Well, thank you so much. So, how’s our favorite couple doing? There’s been a bit of a setback. I think that tj and i need to talk. Yeah. No. Copy that. Krissy, whatever we decide, whenever we decide, we are incredibly grateful. What molly said. I love you, both of you.

Born the king of angels that was — yeah.

O come, let us… it’s christmas eve. You know, we don’t have to think about this right this second. True, true. Yeah. Yeah. But will you be able to think about anything else? No. No way. Me neither.

Christ the lord are you sure you want to be there when we say “I do”? After all, I’m the girl who was all wrong for your son. Oh. You’re never gonna let me live that down, are you? Nope. Yes. I want to be there when you and chase get married. More than anything. Then we’ll make it happen. Hey, how was santa? I mean, it was not really him, but his helper was good. Okay. When’s the story gonna start? Well, as soon as the mayor gets here, which I’m surprised wasn’t 10 minutes ago. Wonder what’s keeping her. We were just heading out. I-I won’t keep you. I just wanted to drop off a christmas present for the newest member of the family. For ace. Hopefully I can get to know him a bit in the new year. Thank you. I’m sure he’ll love it. I hope so.

[ Laughs ] We really are going to be late. A blessed christmas to all. You too. Okay, who wants to do the honors? Not it.

[ Handle rattling ] There’s no way out unless I grow wings or am willing to risk falling into the lake again. Let me go, nikolas! I’m the mother of your child! I deserve to be treated with respect!

[ Breathes shakily ] I can do this. I have to do this. Nikolas cannot keep us locked up in here.

that deliver excitement. So does everyone think this is a bad idea? It doesn’t matter what we think. I hate when parents say that. But it’s true. The only opinions that count are molly and tj’S.

We wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas everyone in the loop? Uh, kristina told us about her offer. Her loving, kind, and very generous offer. Absolutely. So, did you guys decide yet? Not that there’s any pressure or rush. Yes. Yes? Yes as in, yes, y-you decided, or yes as in, yes — yes? Yes? Yes, we accept, yes. Yes! If you would like to be our egg donor. Oh, my — yes, of course! We’d love it. Thank you, kristina. Thank you.

Now bring some out here good tidings we bring who wants to see the decorated cookies? Oh, wow! We do! Alexis: Look at that. Oh, my goodness. Can I have that one? Oh, yep, I want the green. These look so good. I call the green one. Dante: I actually already called it. You called it? Wow. Pop, remember when I told you that mom used to say her best christmas present was the smiles on our faces? She meant that. She meant that. She was always happiest when she was making her loved ones happy. And I know she would want the same thing for you. She would want you to be happy this christmas. And to think of her… with a smile. Yeah, you’re right. That’s — that’s what irene would want. And, uh, that’s what I’m gonna do. Yeah. I wish I could have known my grandmother. Oh, you’re a lot like her. She saw the beauty in things. She loved art and music. Th-that’s what attracted her to marshall at first is music. They’d go out dancing, stay all night long. Wind up closing down the club. Oh. But I am doing my sister a disservice, because she was never one to live in the past. If she was here, she’d tell us to enjoy the christmas we got and the time we get to spend together. Speaking of which, we — we got to get out of here. We’re gonna miss the whole thing.Oh! Oh, oh, yes, yes, yes, yes. Come on, come on, everybody. Let’s get to moving. Oh, yeah, auntie. Okay, we’re coming. Babe, would you grab my coat? Portia: Yeah. Finn: Oh. Thank god you’re here. I thought I was gonna have to be a solo act. Oh, rest assured, I wouldn’t miss this evening for the world. Where’s violet? Oh, she and leo are — are decorating gingerbread houses with the other kids. I just dropped off amelia and wiley. Oh, good. I think every inch of leo’s house is covered with candy.

[ Laughs ] Madam mayor. Oh, come on, now. We’ve known each other too long for you to call me that. I know. I was just joking.

[ Laughs ] How you doing, laura? I’m doing well. Your bride didn’t accompany you? She’ll be here soon. She just wanted to light a candle. You alright? Yes. Thank you, father. I’m fine. I’ll leave you to your thoughts, then. Actually… father… is it too late to make a confession? It’s never too late. Give me a few minutes. Thank you. Yes, of course.

Daddy, it’s time. Oh. Um… you heard the little lady. You know what? Let’s do this.

[ Laughs ] Alright. Ready to hear the story? Yeah. Okay. Let’s see, now. “‘Twas the night before christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” I was just trying to help. But you’re not helping, okay? Okay. You don’t get what it’s like at my house. Everything is so oppressive. It’s — it’s hard for me to even breathe there. So if you can’t even understand that… please just stay out of it. Tell your mom I said thanks. I can’t stay for dinner. What was that about? I don’t even know.

[ Door closes ] “Now, dasher! Now, dancer! Now, prancer and vixen! On comet, on cupid, on donner and blitzen.” Laura: “To the top of the porch, to the top of the wall. Now dash away, dash away, dash away all.” Spencer. Hey. Say hi. Hi, trina. Hi! You look fantastic. Thanks. What are you doing here? Uh, ace was having a little bit of a moment, so we decided to take a little break, give him a chance to calm down. Aw. Well, you having a moment? I don’t believe it. He is doing a lot better now, aren’t you? Yeah. Well, I thought you were gonna be at esme’s tonight. Yeah, so did I. It’s bad enough that you have half of port charles blaming me for josslyn and cam’s sad little sex tape. Oh, only half? I better step up my game. Even though all of the evidence points to you. Spencer: Everything that josslyn had been saying and trina had done her best not to say, it was all true. You are the one who made that video, and you are the one who distributed it to the world. It was you all along! I just spotted a fugitive. Esme prince is on pier 55. Give me that!

[ Crash ] I survived the drop once before, and I’ll do it again. Finn: “He had a broad face and a little round belly that shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly. He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf, and I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself.” Laura: “A wink of his eye and a twist of his head soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread. He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work and filled all the stockings and then turned with a jerk. And laying his finger aside of his nose and giving a nod, up the chimney he rose.” “He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle, and away they all flew like the down of a thistle.”

Hark! The herald angels sing forgive me, father, for I have sinned.

Glory to the newborn king “but I heard him exclaim ere he drove out of sight, ‘merry christmas to all and to all a good night.'”

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