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Holly sits alone in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Johnny comes in and greets her, then asks where everyone is since the garage was empty. Holly informs him that Stefan went to visit Gabi in prison, Anna and Tony left the country, and EJ took Nicole to Green Mountain Lodge to spend the night together, so Nicole could get away from everything for awhile. Johnny tells Holly that he’s sorry her mom is having such a hard time. Johnny knows EJ is handling it a little better, but he knows that he’s hurting too which is to be expected since they lost their baby. Johnny asks how Holly is doing. Holly responds that she’s not great, but looking forward to distracting herself by watching It’s a Wonderful Life and invites Johnny to join her. Johnny says he’s sorry but he’s heading over to watch it at Chanel’s. Holly guesses she will be spending her birthday all alone then.

Marlena and Kayla enter the Brady Pub where Kate is setting up for the Christmas dinner with an angel theme. Kate says they had a hell of a year and she was feeling sentimental as this time last year, they lied dying of a virus and thought they were saying their final goodbyes to their loved ones. Kate toasts to another Christmas in Salem.

John and Steve walk outside the Brady Pub. Steve questions Andrew saying that the ISA can’t give them anything on the loser who tried to kidnap Sarah’s daughter. John thought for sure they could hone in on the security photo. Steve guesses they are back to square one. John says at least Maggie kicked Konstantin to the curb and plans to send him on a one way trip out of Salem. Steve says he’ll be glad when Konstantin is someone else’s problem. John agrees and suggests forgetting about him to focus on spending the holidays with their loved ones.

Chanel and Paulina walk through the town square together. Paulina talks about doing a podcast with a holiday message and credits Abe for his help. Chanel is glad Abe stopped by but she’s worried that Paulina is taking on too much, bringing up Paulina being asleep on the couch when she came home. Paulina talks about her schedule and having to be in the mall on Christmas Eve which she swore she would never do. Paulina then starts having pains so Chanel asks if she’s having a panic attack. Paulina thinks she just needs something to drink so Chanel sits her down at a table.

Johnny apologizes to Holly for forgetting her birthday and wishes her a happy birthday. Holly calls it a lame birthday this year and says since Nicole is still sad over losing the baby, no one is really in the mood to celebrate. Johnny says they are all sad about losing the baby but this is Holly’s special day, so it would be wrong to ignore it. Johnny proposes that they eat cake before he goes to Chanel’s. Holly calls that really nice of him but says she doesn’t need a pity party. Holly adds that she and Nicole do have plans tomorrow, but she just needed to get away for a night. Johnny asks what about Tate. Holly reminds him that Tate walked out on her at dinner last night, so it’s over between them. Johnny says he’s sorry to hear that. Holly says she has other friends but holiday birthdays suck because nobody is ever around. Johnny promises her that this one is not going to suck and tells her to wait there.

Kate, Marlena, and Kayla continue having drinks. Kate jokes that it may be the alcohol talking but she thinks the three of them should get matching tattoos as a tiny little symbol of their apparent trip to Heaven. Kayla suggests the three angels which Kate says could be their little secret. Kayla compares it to Charlie’s Angels. They laugh together as John and Steve enter. Steve comments that it looks like somebody is having a party. Kayla and Marlena hug them and remark on going through Hell. Steve responds that they know what it’s like from being without them. Roman comes down and joins them, saying he thinks they’ve earned the right to join this party. Kayla calls it so wonderful and thinks they should make this gathering a holiday tradition. Kayla asks what they should call it. Kate suggests The Grateful to Survive Another Crazy Year in Salem which they toast to.

Paulina has a drink of water and says that’s better but starts coughing. Chanel worries but Paulina says it just went down the wrong windpipe. Chanel comments on her looking so tired and questions how long she’s been having trouble swallowing. Chanel thinks she needs to see a doctor. Paulina calls it just a winter cold. Chanel is sure a doctor will put their minds at ease and says it’s the only thing she wants for Christmas. Paulina argues that her doctor is on vacation and will be back on the first of the year, so she promises to make an appointment then. Chanel then notices a lump in her neck. Paulina tries to blow it off as just a swollen gland. Chanel can’t believe she didn’t notice before. Paulina calls it nothing but Chanel declares they are going to the hospital right now.

Chanel brings Paulina to the hospital which Paulina calls a terrible idea, complaining about being in the ER on Christmas Eve and says she’ll be sick when they leave from all the germs around. Paulina argues that her case is not an emergency so they could be there for hours. Paulina repeats that she will make an appointment with her own doctor when he returns from vacation. Chanel tells her to stop being so stubborn and sit down because she doesn’t want to think about how long she’s been ignoring her symptoms. Chanel compares it to her uncle waiting months to go to a doctor and finding out he had lung cancer. Paulina argues that this is not that. Chanel argues that she still knows how important early detection is. Chanel declares that nothing is more important to her than Paulina.

Johnny has a cake delivered and puts 17 candles on it. Holly remarks that she’s practically an adult now and points out that 17 is the age of consent in the state. Johnny responds that as her protective older brother, he doesn’t want to know how she knew that. Johnny says he will sing her happy birthday and tells her to make a PG wish that doesn’t involve being 17 and legal. Johnny then gets a call from Chanel. Johnny apologizes for running late but promises to be leaving in a few. Chanel reveals that they will actually have to postpone their gift exchange because she’s at the hospital with her mom. Johnny asks what happened. Chanel explains that Paulina has been feeling bad for weeks now and has been trying to hide it until she couldn’t anymore, so she dragged her to the hospital and it’s very busy, so they are probably going to be there for hours. Johnny says he’ll be right there but Chanel tells him there’s nothing he can do. Johnny argues that he can at least be there for her, so he’s on his way. Johnny hangs up and tells Holly that he’s very sorry but asks to put this on hold as Chanel’s mom is sick. Johnny hates to leave Holly alone. Holly tells him not to worry as it’s obviously important. Johnny thanks her for being so understanding and tells her to try to have some fun tonight because she deserves it. Johnny then exits the mansion.

Steve toasts to another crazy year in Salem. Roman jokes about how many of those they’ve had together. Kate comments on some of the years they were presumed dead. Kayla says all that matters is they were there for each other through all of it. John acknowledges Steve as the first friend he made in Salem. Steve jokes that he’s known him longer than anyone, including his wife. John recalls it being right around this time of year as they flashback to their first meeting. Steve says John was like some valuable asset that everyone was fighting over from Victor to Stefan’s man Petrov and even the head of the ISA. Steve says they all said John was like a killing machine, but when he found him all wrapped up in bandages, he was like a lost puppy that he had to take care of. John is thankful that Steve got him away from them or he can’t imagine where he would be today.

Paulina finishes a work call as Chanel brings her a glass of water. Chanel comments that it’s Christmas Eve and Paulina is in the hospital, so she shouldn’t be working. Paulina argues that she’s just doing her job. Paulina knows Chanel is concerned and she appreciates it, but says now is not the time to be bossing around her mom. Johnny arrives and hugs Chanel. Paulina questions calling him. Chanel explains that she had to cancel their gift exchange for tonight. Paulina complains about cancelling plans and tells Johnny to go home and be with his family. Johnny responds that he would, but they are all out of town except Holly. Johnny adds that Chanel said there’s nothing he can do to help, but he disagrees. Paulina questions if he has some medical degree they don’t know about. Johnny says not quite, but he’ll be right back and walks away.

Holly sits at home and turns off It’s A Wonderful Life after complaining that it’s a crappy life. Holly gets up and sadly looks at the Christmas tree and then looks over at the alcohol. Holly remembers Johnny drinking some scotch. Holly then declares that no one will ever know if she has a small taste, so she pours herself a drink. Holly then takes a drink.

Steve plays Silent Night on his harmonica. Marlena comments on John looking miles away. John says he’s just thinking about how lost he was when Steve first found him and then Marlena really found him. John adds that he was also thinking about the time he gave her that charm bracelet which Marlena says she treasures as they flashback to that moment. Kate comments that it really is a lovely bracelet. Marlena thanks her and says it’s very meaningful to her. John says if he was told back then, that they would be here swapping memories as lifelong friends. Roman calls those hard times. John mentions not having memories of before he became John Black as he only knew what he was told and he didn’t want to know anything else until he found out who his real father was a couple months ago and that he didn’t come from that monster Yo Ling. John declares that thanks to that wonderful man coming in to his life, he feels so blessed to be surrounded by so much love here. John states that he is one lucky man. Roman goes to get he and Steve beers while Kate notices her wedding ring is gone. Kate recalls putting it down while baking pies earlier and then got distracted and worries that it could’ve gone in to a pie. Steve assures that he, John, and Roman will get on the case and find it. John then coughs out the ring and reveals that he found it. Kate can’t believe it got there while John jokes that Roman got her a big enough ring that it didn’t go down his throat. Kate talks about what the ring means to her and how she thought she lost it until Roman rescued her as she flashes back to them reuniting. Roman states that the ring made it through death and the great beyond. Kate insists it will never leave her finger again as she and Roman hug.

Johnny returns and tells Chanel and Paulina that they are all set with an exam room waiting for her. Paulina remarks that she’s the Mayor and didn’t get special treatment, so she questions what kind of strings he’s pulling. Johnny responds that it helps when there’s a whole wing of the hospital in his family’s name. Paulina guesses she was wrong when she said there was nothing he could do to help and thanks him. Chanel thanks Johnny for coming to the rescue. Johnny says that he wouldn’t be anywhere else.

Holly finishes her drink and then pulls out her phone to try coming up with a message to send Johnny. Holly decides against just telling him that she loves him or bringing up being his stepsister. Holly puts in text that the time Johnny said she looked pretty in her prom dress was the day she fell in love with him and goes through the details of that night. Holly writes that she’s sure Johnny is her soulmate and now that she’s 17, there’s nothing stopping them from being together and that she loves him. Holly then realizes she can’t send it and says it would ruin everything if he found out. Holly remarks that if Johnny loved her back, he wouldn’t have left her all alone just because Chanel called and he would’ve stayed to watch her blow out candles. Holly complains that nobody cares about her.

Chanel tells Johnny that they got Paulina set up in the exam room and hopes she doesn’t make a run for it. Johnny asks how she’s doing, then calls it a stupid question as he’s sure she is worried about her mom. Chanel comments on even being in the hospital on Christmas Eve. Johnny calls it the worst. Chanel asks if he’s talking from personal experience. Johnny reveals that he has a prosthetic eye. Chanel asks what happened. Johnny explains that he had a type of cancer when he was a kid and this is the time of year that he had his surgery. Chanel can’t believe she didn’t know about that. Johnny assures he is okay now and just has to get checkups for the rest of his life. Johnny admits he still gets nervous but he’s very lucky in so many ways. Johnny adds that she never even knew he was sick and hugs her. Johnny encourages that Paulina is a very strong woman and the doctors are amazing, so he tells her to keep the faith.

Roman talks about being up late for wrapping gifts for the kids toy drive if he doesn’t get help. Steve agrees to help if he doesn’t expect much. Kayla calls Steve the original secret Santa and talks about their first Christmas and how many Santa hats he has. Steve says that Kayla is no slouch as Santa either as they flash back. Kayla talks about thinking Victor would kill her if she didn’t come home for Christmas. Steve recalls Victor as being his first employer in Salem while John calls him a tough son of a bitch who basically owned him but then he became his father in law and friend. John knows for a fact that Victor knew everything about his past, but took all those secrets to his grave. John declares that he’s grateful to have those secrets stay there forever.

Johnny gets a call from Holly, who is drunk and questions if he even had her number saved. Johnny assures that he did or else he wouldn’t have answered. Holly tells him not to lie to her. Johnny asks if she’s been drinking. Holly tells him that she’s all alone in the house with enough alcohol for a cruise ship so she has been drinking. Holly complains that nobody cares what she does. Johnny tells her that he does care. Holly argues that if he cared, he wouldn’t have left her to go hold Chanel’s clammy hand. Johnny tells her to slow down and points out that Chanel’s mother is sick. Holly then accidentally drops her drink glass, smashing it on the floor. Johnny asks what just happened. Holly admits she broke a glass. Johnny tells her not touch it and leave it there for Harold to clean up. Holly says that sounds good to her. Holly adds that she called him to tell him that he’s a big fat jerk. Holly then hangs up. Chanel asks if Holly is okay. Johnny responds that he doesn’t think she is. Chanel says he should go home as it sounds like she needs him. Johnny feels he’s the last person she wants to see. Johnny explains that it’s Holly’s birthday, she’s all alone, and he ditched her. Chanel feels that Holly clearly needs someone and it seems like he’s all she’s got so he can un-ditch her. Johnny asks if she’s sure. Chanel assures that they will be okay here. Johnny tells her to call if she hears any news. Chanel promises to do so and says she loves him. Johnny tells her to take care of her mom as they kiss and then Johnny exits the hospital.

Holly worries about what she has just done. Holly then passes out on the couch. Johnny comes home and checks on her, waking her up. Holly tells him that she’s so sorry about the glass. Johnny tells her not to worry about it. Holly then falls back asleep so Johnny covers her with a blanket. Johnny then gets a call from Chanel, who asks how Holly is. Johnny responds that she’s knocked out and judging by the amount of alcohol, she’s gonna have a rough Christmas morning but she’s going to be okay. Johnny asks how Paulina is doing. Chanel responds that she’s waiting to see a doctor, so she just wanted to call and check in. Johnny sends his love. They wish each other a Merry Christmas and hang up.

Chanel sits with Paulina and tells her about the Christmas carolers at the hospital. Chanel suggests calling Abe to let him know what’s going on but Paulina says no as they don’t even know what’s going on. Paulina feels Abe has enough to worry about. Chanel reminds her that she invited Abe over for Christmas, so he should probably know to make other plans. Paulina refuses and declares that she will be home and Abe will be coming over for Christmas. Paulina promises that she’s going to be fine.

Steve, Kayla, John, Marlena, and Kate wrap Christmas presents for the kids. Roman comes over and says he just got a call in for a last minute pie order. Kate asks why he didn’t tell them no until he reveals it was from Julie. Roman explains that Julie said she has some last minute guests coming over for Christmas and she didn’t bake enough. Roman remarks that he can’t blame Julie for being a little grouchy due to the presence of Xander and Konstantin, which shocks Steve, who says he thought Maggie already washed her hands of him. Roman says apparently not, as Julie told him that Maggie invited Konstantin to the Horton Christmas celebration. Marlena asks John if he’s okay. John admits that all the talk about the past got to him a little. John thanks everyone for a great evening and wishes them a Merry Christmas. Marlena thanks Roman as they all gather up their wrapped Christmas gifts.

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