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sorry to keep you waiting. Oh. I couldn’t get a rideshare pickup, and skateboarding was out of the question.

[ Both chuckle ] Uh, don’t worry abo–

[ Groans ] It’s fine. I was returning e-mails. Don’t worry. I’ll last through the holidays. Aunt stella. Hey.

[ Sniffs ] Is that what I think it is? Is… chicken and dumplings? It sure is. Have you had your dinner? A while ago, but mind if I join you anyway? Oh, sure, baby. Sit down. Okay. Something on your mind? Sorry, guys. There she is. Hi. What took you so long? Parking. But you look very cute. Hi, daddy. Hi. Mwah! Glad you made it. Glad I got invited. So, are we celebrating something special? Yes. Me. Well, here’s what we’re celebrating. She got a good report card.

[ Gasps ] And what happened is, the teacher in the last quarter said that, uh, she was talking too much to the other kids. Oh. Motor-mouth syndrome. Yeah. I remember it well. Remember I used to get all those comments on my report card all the time. Okay, so, how did you manage to turn things around and score a fancy dinner at the metro court?

[ Whispers ] I talk less. Thanks for waiting. Mm-hmm. Avery’s all settled in and sleeping. I really appreciate you picking her up from dance class. I’ve been so busy with this move, you know? Uh, yeah, I had to drop donna off at sonny’s for dinner, so it wasn’t a problem to grab avery. And I’m glad we stopped by kelly’s, ’cause she was really hungry — and tired. Right. Yeah, that’s a good call. Thank you. Oh, and thank you for the burger. I’ll — I’ll heat that up later.

[ Sighs ] Well, I’m sure glad that — that she was able to stop and get something to eat so she could just pass out when she got home. Home. Here. Again. I anticipated that she’d have some adjustments to make, you know, but so far, she’s been quite a trouper. Well, she’s moved around a lot. What about you? Well, moving is so stressful, right? Even under the best of circumstances. But you’re worried about something. And it has nothing to do with moving back here. Oh! It really feels like christmas when we put out the donation bins. One of my favorite things about the holidays. People take time to be extra generous and kind. Your recommended treatment plan is spot on, doctor. Thank you. You know this is just a formality for the lawyers. You’re a brilliant physician. You don’t need any supervision. Thank you for the vote of confidence. Before you get all mushy on me, monica wants to see you in her office. Well, I can’t tell you how good it is to be home. I am spending the holidays right here with my family. And speaking of holidays, I’m wishing you and yours a real lovely one. Okay. I’ll see you. Bye. Are you ready for this? Well, I’m not sure.

You know? We really need to work on your people skills. Hello, trish. Hello, ms. Miller. I’m meeting robert scorpio tonight. Yes, he’s expecting you. Right this way. Thank you. Here you go. You look great. You clean up well yourself.

[ Laughs ] You know, I’m really happy that we’re doing this. That makes two of us. I’m especially looking forward to dessert. Hey, where’s nina? Is she working? Probably downstairs at crimson. Uh, I promised donna I’d give her some one-on-one time, so she wanted you to come, and how could I resist? Well, way to go. Thanks to you, I score a free meal at the metro court. Not that I need any excuse. I always love hanging out with my little sister. You know that. I know. Why do you have that look?

[ Sighs ] I’m tired of being the “little sister.” When are you and nina gonna have a baby?

[ Clears throat ] There’s just so much going on. You know, moving out of wyndemere, getting this place organized again. And I have a major gallery opening coming up first of the year, and, of course, the artist hasn’t delivered all the pieces yet. Life of a busy single mom. You know all about that. I do. I also know that you’ll find a way and you’ll make it through. Well, you’re right. You’re right. Thank you, carly. Here’s the thing. You’ve just been rambling on about all the things you’re handling. But you never once mentioned that your boyfriend was murdered. I can’t believe that’s the same sad, little tree that violet picked out at rice plaza. Violet really took our words to heart. Well, your words, right? “Perfection is the enemy of good.” Yes, but you clarified it for her and said that she should look for something special and unique, and so she picked out the saddest-looking tree on the lot. And we took it home and gave it some love, and look at it. It’s — it’s beautiful. It’s transformed. Oh, and everybody looks so happy. Even the tree. The whole family pitched in. Even finn? I find it hard to believe he’d be the beacon of christmas cheer. Well, he is when he’s around violet. I mean, he wasn’t exactly “ho-ho-ho,” but he was radiating joy. And then violet sang a song that she wrote, and chase accompanied her on the guitar. That sounds incredible. Oh, and there’s even more. Got big news. What’s up? Chase and brook lynn are getting married. Well, now you buried the lede.

[ Laughs ] Congratulations. Thank you. Can you believe it? I was so worried that chase would never forgive me for not telling him about my diagnosis or that he’d be so devastated that he couldn’t be around me. And look at us now. We are the literal picture of family unity.

[ Chuckles ] I’m really happy for you. I love them all so much. Finn has violet, and he and elizabeth are… finding their way back to each other. Chase has his true love, brook lynn, by his side. And they’re all so happy. I-I… I couldn’t wish for more. I just got out of the O.R. I grabbed something before I — before I went in.

[ Gasps ] You sure you’re not hungry? Aunt stella, you — you didn’t have to. You… well, I can take it back home. No. No, ma’am, please. Hand that over.

[ Laughs ] Thank you. I know this used to be your favorite. Mmm! It still is. Don’t tell molly, okay? I’m good with the veganism, but this will always be my definition of comfort food. Nobody makes chicken and dumplings like you. Actually, irene made it better than I do. It was our grandma’s recipe, and we had to promise to guard it with our lives.

[ Chuckles ] Irene was always a better cook. Open. Come on. Alright, alright. I’m glad you enjoy it. Auntie, um… did you ever regret moving in with your sister? Altering the course of your life to — to support her? Hey, you need anything? You need help? No. I think we’re just about done, right? But thanks anyways, dr. Finn. Okay. Excuse me. Sure. Dr. Robinson? Yes, yes. Amy, how can i help you? I was just wondering if there have been any updates on dr. Finn’s malpractice suit. Is there any chance it would settle and not go to trial? Amy, amy, amy, this is something that the lawyers need to be figuring out. We shouldn’t even be discussing this. And it certainly shouldn’t be a topic of any sort of hospital gossip. I’m gonna need you to do something for me, please. Just exercise a little discretion. Understood? Thank you.

[ Exhales deeply ] I hate to run, but, uh, monica wants to see me. Oh. Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe she’s lifting the requirement that you have to have your treatment plans signed off on. Or maybe the hospital’s decided to revoke my privileges altogether.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Wish me luck.

Monica: Come in. Hey. Your assistant said you were expecting me. Yes. Have a seat. Okay.

[ Sighs ] Hi. Wasn’t expecting to see you here. I’m here representing the hospital board. They want a recommendation regarding the lawsuit. Oh. A recommendation. Whether to go through a trial, hoping to disprove the muldoons’ claim of negligence or whether they should make a separate settlement. Ah! Which would make you the sole defendant. That’s quite a question. What brought that on? I’ll explain, but I would like to hear your answer first. Alright. But that’s not the first time this question was brought up. And the answer is still “never.” I never regretted moving in with my sister and the boys.

[ Chuckles ] Don’t get me wrong, now. Of course, I dabbled in the fantasies of “what if.” But they were just fantasies and can’t compare to the life that I’ve lived. And a life I’m proud of. Your grandmother irene and I, we — we shared a deep bond. So, shoot, there’s no question I’d step in and help out. I’m proud. I’m proud to have helped raise thomas and curtis. They’re my nephews, but I love them like my own. Just like I will always love you and will always be your biggest fan and do whatever I can for you… including sneaking you some chicken and dumplings. Thank you.

[ Both laugh ] That’s the privilege of being an auntie — one of many. I wonder if kristina will feel that way. So, if we swing by rice plaza, there’s still time to get that tree you’ve been trying to get for god knows how long.

[ Laughs ] Touché. No need. I’ve already got my tree. Really? Mm-hmm. I’m impressed. Well, don’t be. Full disclosure — I actually ordered one from a florist. Do you know they will decorate your tree for you? What will they think of next?

[ Chuckles ] Hmm. However, I give you full points for selecting your own. Thank you. And I do appreciate you coming with me. It’s a shame we had to abort the mission because of gregory chase’s attitude. Yeah. So, uh… how’s the malpractice suit going? Well, dad, are you and nina

[Chuckling] Thinking of having a baby? No, no, that’s not — you know, that’s not in the cards for a lot of reasons. I’m very satisfied with the kids that I have. So is nina. So you are my forever young child. But you’re not a baby. Okay, then. But let me tell you something. Being a-a-a young child is — means you’re special. She was the youngest for a while, right, kristina? Yeah. I was the youngest. I was the middle. And being the youngest is definitely the best.

[ Giggles ] Thank you. So, how are things with nina? We’re settling in, except that, you know, she’s buying the christmas gifts, it’s making her crazy.

[ Chuckles ] Aw.Aw, don’t — don’t tell her I said that. But, uh, her and willow are doing — are doing good. Good. Yeah. And what about you and michael? Yeah, we’re doing better. Um, but her and michael are not that great. Sorry. I think things will warm up, though. Any issues going on — it’s probably just, you know, protectiveness and loyalty. Alright, donna, I cannot decide. You’re gonna have to pick for me. What should I get? I trust you. Sure.

[ Chuckles ]

by austin’s death. He was murdered. And so violently. I-I pray his killer is soon caught and — and behind bars. I guess I don’t talk about it because it’s so upsetting. And it’s complicated. And, yes, austin and i were seeing each other, but — but it was sort of transitional, carly. I mean, I don’t mean to sound callous, but I really don’t know what to make of how I feel now or how I felt about austin. Have the police questioned you? Why would they? I didn’t kill him. You and austin were involved. You were kidnapped by austin’s cousin. You know how the police think. It makes sense that they would ask you about austin’s involvement with his cousin, right? They would ask you about austin’s mental state, if he had any enemies, if austin was receiving any threats. I mean, come on, ava. You know this is standard police procedure. I don’t intend to get into that with you. Why? You got something to hide? How you doing with that shirley temple? Good. But could I see how they make our dessert? Kristina says they use a flame torch. Uh, trish? Yes, mr. Corinthos? Can I talk to you for a second? Sure. My daughter donna got a great report card, and I promised her a great dinner, but she just wants to talk about dessert and everything. Can you take her in the kitchen and show her how to make crme brulée? I’d love to.

[ Laughing ] Yeah. And congratulations, donna. Do you want to go to the kitchen and sample something sweet before dinner? Yes, please. Okay. Let’s go. You know she just ruined her appetite, right? Ah, she’ll be alright. Um… how are you doing? I’m good. Yeah. I’m, you know, busy. Assembled the board of directors, and the bylaws for the center are done. The construction is set. And, you know, knock on wood, everything’s going good. I’m working really hard to hire some new staff for charlie’s for the holiday rush, and it’s busy. Are you still planning on managing, uh, charlie’s? Yeah, of course I love working there. Yeah, I know you do, but I just don’t want you to do so much that you don’t have time for yourself. I got it handled, dad. Okay. I know you do, but you just seem to be talking a lot about work and not about your personal life. How’s that going?

[ Chuckles ] You weren’t in the office much today. I finished the editorial on the mixed-use, rezoned buildings. I wanted your feedback. Left you a message. I’m sorry. I — the afternoon got derailed. Um, I have some big news, too. Late-breaking story I don’t know about? Nope. This is personal. I’m gonna be a grandmother again. I want your input on the final candidates for the epiphany johnson nursing scholarship.

[ Chuckles ] Maybe before the next meeting. Yes. You got it. I think it was really great of sonny to establish that fund in her name. Mm. And he just underwrote all the christmas activities for the whole hospital. Gifts, food, decorations, everything. Ah. That man can really surprise you. Well, he’s always been really generous with the hospital. Mm. Now, on a not-so-happy note, can you do me a favor and let me know if you hear about any gossip in the hospital regarding finn’s malpractice lawsuit? Amy driscoll just approached me about news of his suit. Oh. Uh…yes. I will, uh, definitely have a chat with her myself. But do you mind if I ask you if you know why monica wants to see finn? Honestly, I-I don’t know. But what I can say is, from my experience, monica is one of the fairest, most impartial administrators that I’ve ever worked with. And we know that finn is one of the most gifted doctors there is. I think we can really hope for the best on this one. Elizabeth. Oh, amy. Amy, why did you talk to dr. Robinson about dr. Finn? I know. I could really use your advice about that. You see, I was one of the nurses who assisted in mr. Muldoon’s treatment. Mm-hmm. So I’m supposed to give a deposition, but I don’t know what to say or do. There’s only one thing you can say. You have to tell the truth. All I can tell you is that I wasn’t negligent. I’ve gone over my notes, and I’ve examined mr. Muldoon’s case from every possible angle. I know I did nothing wrong. Unfortunately, when mr. Muldoon came to see me, he already had late-stage cancer. It had developed over many years, silently, without any noticeable symptoms. His cancer was also being masked by the presence of a tapeworm, which I found and treated with praziquantel. I had asked mr. Muldoon several times to come in and see me for a follow-up, but he was very busy. And it was almost two months before he came back, at which time I ran further blood tests and, more importantly, a colonoscopy, which revealed his colon cancer. You should do what you need to do. I understand. But I stand by my treatment, whether or not G.H. Stands by me.

you’re working at the bar,you’re getting the youth center up and running. So, that’s two full-time jobs. Yep. I want you to have time to have some fun. Oh, I intend to. But right now I just have to focus on some other priorities. But fun will come later. How much later? What — what don’t I know? Dad, I’m gonna be molly and tj’s surrogate. You know, I got to know finn when he and anna were an item. The guy’s a bit stiff.

[ Chuckles ] Hell of a doctor. You really believe he was negligent? Robert, you are also an attorney. So you know full well it doesn’t matter what I believe. It matters what I can prove. And I fully intend to prove that if hamilton finn had more carefully screened mr. Muldoon, more thoroughly tested him, that muldoon’s cancer would have been detected. But hamilton didn’t, it wasn’t, and muldoon died as a result. Agree? Disagree? Hello? Hello? Mm. Oh, I’m sorry. I — [ Chuckles ] I wasn’t listening. Oh. In fact, uh… I wasn’t thinking about the case at all. I was thinking about you. We have managed to coexist and maintain a level of civility for avery and donna’s sake, and I am grateful for that. But that does not mean that I answer to you or that I owe you explanations for anything. What happens to you affects avery, and I love that little girl. I helped raise her. And I’ve stepped in for you when your life has gotten too dangerous or took you elsewhere. You don’t have to remind me. I’m not trying to judge you, okay? I’m just thinking about avery. If she were separated from you for any reason, it would kill her because she loves you. So, if you had anything to do with austin’s death, you don’t have to tell me, but you need to tell sonny. Well, how’d it go? Well, they won’t be lifting the restriction on my treatment plans any time soon. Other than that, I have no idea. As you know, our surrogate miscarried our embryo. She’s opted not to try again. And that’s hit molly pretty hard. I’m sorry to have heard that, but, darling, there’s still hope. Yes, there is, because molly’s sister, kristina, she — she offered to be our surrogate.

[ Gasps ] What a profound gift kristina’s giving her sister. And you! We are both very grateful. Good. Mm-hmm. But something’s worrying you. What is it? As a doctor, I am aware of all the possible risk and health challenges. But what really worries me isn’t medical. It’s having to count on kristina. Congratulations. Are sam and dante — no, no, no, no. Actually, there isn’t really a grandchild. Not yet. You know that molly and tj are — are trying to have a baby via surrogate, right? Yes, you mentioned that to me and that the surrogate miscarried. So, kristina has offered to be the surrogate, and molly has accepted. Well, that’s amazing. Why do you look less than thrilled? Because I have mixed feelings about it. And I am, of course, saying this to you in confidence, all right? Of course. Good, because I — I really have to be able to talk to somebody outside the family. I’m right here. Speak. Okay. So, I told you that molly and kristina were bumping up against each other for a while, right? Well, that was because kristina wanted to be molly’s surrogate and — and molly was reluctant about that. So I-it caused a rift. And just when they were beginning to repair the relationship, the surrogate had a miscarriage. So now kristina suddenly is option number one. And don’t get me wrong. I’m very proud of kristina for wanting to do something so selfless and — and loving for her sister, but I can’t help wonder if the two of them are really going into this with their eyes wide open or they’re just sort of riding the waves of emotion, not being able to foresee that those waves eventually come crashing down.

Apparently the hospital is considering making a separate settlement with the muldoons. If they decide to do that, not only would I be going to trial alone, the fact that the hospital settled — it would imply they believe there was negligence. Finn, no, but they can’t do that to you. Dr. Finn. Hmm? Can we speak privately? Sure. Oof. Protective. She’s just voicing her concern and disappointment, I share both. Finn, you know I consider you a dear friend. But I am not here as your friend. I am here as a member of the hospital board. Thank you for coming in on such short notice. I assume this is regarding the proposed separate settlement with the muldoons. Yes. The hospital needs to clarify its position on the hamilton finn case, the malpractice case. Kristina has her own way of looking at life. And that’s fine. But she’s also impulsive, has been as long as I’ve known her. She — she starts out with the best of intentions, but she doesn’t always follow through. So you’re worried that she’ll flake out on you and molly on something as important and sensitive as this? Honey, I-I can’t really see that happening, can you? Not intentionally. But my fear is that, once kristina confronts the reality of what surrogacy entails — the hormone treatments, the constant monitoring, the doctor’s appointments — it might be… more than what she bargained for. Sometimes it takes two or three tries before an embryo takes. Miscarriage is — it’s a significant reality. Auntie, what if it’s — what if it’s too much and she changes her mind? I can see it. I-I can see her backing out, auntie. And that would… that would break molly’s heart. And mine, too. I thought you and molly had some issues recently. Yeah, well, we — we worked them out. What does alexis think about that? You know, she’s my mom. She’s cautiously optimistic. But in the end, everything’s gonna be fine. And she is gonna get another grandchild to love, so she’s gonna be over the moon about it. So, that’s it? You’re gonna put your social life on hold for the next nine months? What does your, uh, singer friend think about that? Blaze? What? I’m — dad!

[ Chuckles ] No, I’m just saying, in puerto rico, I just felt like there was something between you two. No, we’re just — you know, we’re just getting to know each other, uh, really. So — why? What do you think you noticed? No, I just notice that you lit up when you saw her. And I haven’t seen you light up like that since parker. Well, maybe I was just really well lit. Okay, look, I don’t want to pry, but if the situation changes, I just want you to know… that I would be happy for you. Thanks, dad. I have no doubt that you will make a strong case. I mean, you’re a terror in the courtroom. When I’m not facing off against you, I can’t think of better company. You really know how to turn a girl’s head, robert. Let me return the compliment. You, sir, are an almost baffling combination of infuriating and irresistible. You sweet talker, you.

[ Both laugh ] Did you get a rideshare here? No, I drove. Oh, that’s too bad. I can’t drive you home. Mm. Yeah. No need. So you can meet me there. And spend the night.

there is no need to call a rideshare. I’m happy to take you home. There’s no need for you to go to any trouble. It’s no trouble at all. Besides, you just listened to me vent about my daughters, which I really appreciate, by the way, ’cause it’s certainly not something I can share with them. “A,” I don’t want to diminish their optimism, and, “b,” it’s none of my business, right? They’ve committed to this, and they don’t need their mother mucking it up. You’ve raised capable young women, alexis. The risk is theirs to take. And whatever consequences may arise, you’ll be there for them. Let’s just hope that the benefits far outweigh the risks.

[ Sighs ] Thank you for your sage perspective. Oh, I’m sage-ier than ever these days.

[ Chuckles ] It’s all about family and connection for me now. That’s — that’s what’s keeping me going, despite my prognosis. Finn, chase, violet. Seeing them happy, knowing they’ll be okay — that’s all that matters. That’s all you want for your daughters, isn’t it? To know that they’ll be okay? Absolutely. That their families will stay connected? You got it. I want so much for molly to have this baby that she wants so much. And I really am grateful that kristina can hopefully make that happen. You know, from what I observed about kristina and molly, they have a bond much like irene and I did. Of course they squabble maybe a little bit more than irene and I, but that’s because of their closeness, and they know what buttons to push. But the difference is, molly is — is like you, the strong one, the rational one. She — she can tough things out. There’s all kind of strengths, tj. It takes guts to throw caution to the wind and lead with your heart. It’s true irene leaned on me. But I leaned on her, too, for advice, support, humor…

[ Chuckles ] …And consolation. Your grandmother and i were sisters. We were a team, and we knew each other better than anybody else. We knew what our successes and happy times meant to each other, just like we knew… the heartbreak of our fears and tragedies. Why do you think kristina offered to be the surrogate? And why do you think molly agreed? Trust the bond. And trust kristina to see it through. Oof, looks like you were hungry after all.

[ Both laugh ] Thank you for dinner. Absolutely. But the thing I appreciate most… is having you as my auntie. Aww. I love you. I love you, too. Ooh. It’s gonna be alright, baby. It’s gonna be alright. Sorry. Avery wanted a glass of water. Well, I’ve said everything that I need to say. I’m gonna go. Have a good night. Carly. If I have a problem I think sonny can help me with, I’ll tell him. But that’s got to be my decision, right, not yours? I have my own life and my own challenges. And I’m all about you doing you. But it doesn’t mean that I’m blind or that I don’t care. What is that supposed to mean? It means I haven’t seen you this defensive or tightly wound in a long time. You’re obviously in over your head. And if you need someone to help pull you out, sonny’s the one to do it. And for avery’s sake, I would ask him sooner than later.

[ Door opens ]

[ Keypad beeping ] Damn it, nikolas. Are you back? Donna was a very good girl. Thank you, trish. You’re welcome. Have a good evening. Okay, so, speaking of good girls, santa is coming soon. Have you been a good girl? Daddy, have I been good? Let me think about that. You’ve been the absolute best.

[ Giggles ] Aww.

[ Lock disengages ] Mmm. Mmm.

[ Laughing ] My recommendation to the board will be that general hospital… backs you. Monica and I agree there was no negligence and there will be no separate settlement. Thank you. And thank monica. Tracy, I won’t ever forget this. But, really, what was that whole thing at the beginning where you said you weren’t here as my friend? That really scared me. I’m not here as your friend. I’m here in a strictly professional capacity. My decision was based on the fact that you are an excellent doctor, you are an asset to this hospital, and we are very lucky to have you. We’ve reviewed dr. Finn’s actions, and we’ve found that he’d done nothing wrong. You’re walking away from a separate settlement? That’s correct. Why don’t we mount a defense that dr. Finn was negligent but acted without the hospital’s knowledge or approval? We concluded that dr. Finn did nothing wrong. So, until you come up with another step we can take, thank you very much for coming in. Dr. Quartermaine, as your legal counsel, I feel compelled to offer you some advice. Rethink your decision carefully. The muldoons have deep pockets, and they are willing to fight. So ask yourself which is more important — backing dr. Finn or securing the future of general hospital?

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