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[ Dramatic music ]

Ridge: Dad gave me his medical power of attorney. I have to do what he wants.

Steffy: He didn’t know there might be a treatment.

Ridge: It’s an experimental treatment.

Donna: It– it could work, ridge. It could work.

Brooke: This is a chance. A chance that eric didn’t realize he had when he said he was ready to go.

Ridge: Either a man is ready to go or he’s not. And he said he was. You all heard him. Finn, thank you for your research. I want to go see my dad. It– it’s time to turn off the life support.

Rj: I thought being here would make me feel closer to granddad, but I’ve never felt further away.

Luna: Hey.

Rj: What?

Luna: It’s okay to be scared for him, okay?

Rj: Well, I just– I knew this day was coming, but I didn’t know it was going to come so soon. This might really be the end.

[ Knock on door ]

Luna: Hey, mom.

Poppy: I got your text. I thought you two might want some coffee while you wait for some news.

Rj: Thank you. That’s– that’s so kind of you. I appreciate it.

Poppy: I’m so sorry about your grandfather.

Steffy: We can’t just give up on him, dad. Granddad still has a chance to live.

Ridge: What’s the chance, steffy? One in a million, one in a thousand? What’s the number?

Donna: Well, better than no chance at all?

Ridge: I’d love more than anything to have my dad go back to the office and finish his collection. I would love that. That’s not the way this day is playing out, is it? He asked me to make this decision. Maybe to save you the agony. I don’t know. But please, look at me. Let me make it. You’ve all said your piece. Just– I’m sorry.

Donna: Oh, my god.

Donna: Um, can I please have a minute with him? Thank you. Eric. Eric darling. Can you hear me? I don’t even know what’s happening with you right now. But– but you’re here. You’re here. Do you hear me? You’re still with us. Can you hear me? Oh, god. Ridge says that we have to let you go, but I’m not ready for that, eric. My god, we fought so hard to be together. My god, I waited for you. I was so patient. But I would have waited forever. Forever. Eric… I didn’t give up on you then and I’m– I’m not giving up on you now. You cannot give up on us, eric. Do not give up. Want the power of 5 serum benefits in 1? New olay super serum activates on skin to hydrate, smooth, visibly firm, brighten, and improve texture.

Steffy: Dad, finn has been working nonstop to find a way. With this new procedure, this transplant–

Ridge: Steffy. Steffy.

Steffy: It could save granddad.

Ridge: I don’t want to cause him any more pain.

Finn: Look, I understand where you’re coming from. Ridge, this is an extremely difficult decision to make as a family, but are you absolutely sure about this? Because if– if we do want to proceed with the treatment, time is of the essence.

Donna: I don’t– I don’t want to see you in any pain, my love, but I’m not ready for this. Ridge says that, uh, that we have to let you go. To give you up. But I’m not ready for that. I’m not ready for that. Remember when you, uh, you told me that you weren’t ready to give up on our adventure together? Remember you just said that to me? I’m not ready to give up on that either. So please, please, come back to me. Come back to me.

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and free drive up.

[ Music: “Love


Luna: Update from the hospital?

Rj: No. Um, just thomas asking me if I’ve heard anything.

Poppy: I’m so sorry this is happening, rj. I know I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing your grandfather, but luna thinks very highly of him.

Luna: Yeah. He’s an extraordinary man.

Rj: No one like him.

Poppy: I’m aware of his reputation. His status in the fashion world. But, you know, since luna has been working here, I’ve heard about his kindness, his humor, his devotion to his family and the respect for the people he works with.

Rj: He wanted to keep living up until the last second. I’m– I’m– I don’t think I’m ever gonna have a teacher better than him.

Poppy: No matter what happens, it sounds like he lived a very full and wonderful life.

Finn: We’re running out of time, ridge. We need a decision.

Ridge: I made the decision. I made it. And I’m gonna have to live with it for the rest of my life. Why are we debating this? Why? I’m gonna go see my dad. It’s time. Talk to him. Tell him you love him. Tell him we’re gonna be okay. Because we’re a family. We’re his family. Tell him goodbye.

Donna: Eric, honey bear. Your family’s here and, um, they wanna spend some time with you. I’ll always love you, honey bear. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Steffy: Dad, please. Please. I know how much you love granddad, but if we have a chance to make this better.

Ridge: A chance to make it better? What are you– how could it be better than this? We had a party. We got to drink champagne. We got to celebrate this legend of a man and he was so happy. His family was there and I don’t know if you saw, but he got to spend a special moment with every person there. Like he said, it was his time. That he was ready. And he told us to be kind to one another. I can’t think of a better way to cross this bridge to whatever the next chapter is. I don’t– I don’t know. What are you proposing? What are you saying? Huh? We’re gonna roll him out of here. We’re gonna cut him open? Prod him and then clean his blood. Do some kind of transplant on him, with no guarantee. I have no guarantee other than he’s gonna be in pain. He’s gonna suffer. I don’t want him to suffer. So, I made a decision– no, I– mm. He made the decision. He decided that he’s gonna go on his terms. And we should all try to respect that.

Steffy: You did everything you could.

[ Steffy exhaling ] Oh, granddad. So many things I wish I said to you. So many questions I wish I asked. I just always imagined you’d be there for kelly and hayes like you were for me. You’re helping me through life, steering me in the right direction. God, this is so hard. This is really hard. But I know you’re gonna be there watching over us. So, we’ll be all right. I know that you’re gonna be in me. Always. Oh, granddad. Oh, I love you.

Brooke: Eric… we all just love you so much. And losing you is going to leave a huge hole in our hearts and our lives. But you know what? We’re gonna do the best we can to fill it with laughter and love. Love for you. Love for each other. It’s gonna be really hard to say goodbye, but ridge thinks he’s doing the right thing. He’s doing what you want, eric. I still remember the first night that I walked into your house and I got to meet the love of my life. My soul mate. And I got to meet you too. The kindest man ever. And everybody in your orbit felt the same way. You have so much love to offer everybody and so much support and encouragement. And so much light. That’s what you are. You’re just– you’re like light from the sun, eric. You are. And I don’t know what I’m gonna do without you. You’ve made this world a better place. I just love you so much. I love you.

Ridge: Well… I’m gonna give you what you asked for. You don’t make it easy. It’s not supposed to be easy, is it? You were strong for me. You’ve been strong for all of us for so long and it’s time for us to be strong for you. Go be with mom. With phoebe. Be at peace. It’s okay, dad. It’s okay to let go.

[ Somber music ]

Donna: Oh, my god. Eric.

Brooke: Wait. Did you see that?

Steffy: He was trying to open his eyes. Dad, dad, you have to stop. You have to stop. He’s in there.

Donna: Eric, please.

Brooke: Eric, please.

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