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Wendy comes home, surprising Tripp as he thought he was picking her up from the airport. Wendy says her flight got in early so she just took a ride share. Tripp feels bad that he couldn’t go with her to Hong Kong. Wendy understands that he had an obligation to his patients and says he was with her in spirit. Tripp knows how difficult it must’ve been at Li’s memorial. Wendy says it turned out to be a small family thing. Wendy knows Li was screwed up and made some terrible mistakes and cries that it’s too late for him to get the right help as Tripp hugs her.

Harris and Ava kiss at the Bistro. Harris asks where they should have their first date. Ava mentions Wendy coming home from her trip so her place won’t work. Harris suggests the Bistro since it’s private and shut down for awhile. Ava calls that a great idea and offers to make them dinner but Harris decides that with her permission, he’d like to be the one to make dinner. Ava laughs at the idea but Harris insists he’s a pretty good cook and offers to make seafood linguini. Ava calls that very ambitious. Harris asks if Stefan will mind him messing around the kitchen. Ava thinks back to Stefan talking to her about wanting to kill Clyde. Ava assures Harris that Stefan won’t mind him using the kitchen as he’s got more pressing issues on his mind right now..

Stefan walks through the town square and calls Vivian, leaving a message saying he needs her help and he doesn’t want to get in to details until they can actually talk but it’s urgent. Stefan says he knows it’s late in Alamainia but this can’t wait. Stefan hangs up and remarks that Clyde threatened his wife, so the bastard needs to die. Chad then appears and asks Stefan who he wants dead.

Everett is in his room at the Salem Inn and receives a call back from Gwen. He thanks her for getting back to him as he hopes she might reconsider her decision to fire him. Everett notes that Xander said it was Gwen’s decision because she owns half the newspaper. She then reveals that she no longer owns it which he questions.

Wendy tells Tripp that her father could be pretty harsh on Li and they didn’t always get along, but Li was his only son and he loved him. Wendy adds that her father wouldn’t let anyone comfort him and just suffers quietly on his own. Wendy thinks he feels very guilty about the way things ended between him and Li. Wendy states that he was so angry about Li for losing his DiMera shares and they never had a chance to reconcile, all because of Gabi. Wendy questions why Gabi had to kill Li. Tripp points out that at least Gabi is behind bars. Wendy mentions that she’s not convicted yet and she hates to wish ill on anyone, but she’ll never get over the loss of her brother. Wendy declares that the only way she will feel Li’s death is avenged is if Gabi is put away for good.

At the police station, Rafe tells Jada that Gabi will be happy to hear that Dimitri is paying for his crimes. Jada still can’t believe Dimitri turned himself in to save Leo. Rafe comments on it being true love. Jada questions how long that will last while Dimitri is behind bars. Paulina then arrives and says she’s glad someone is behind bars as she questions letting a drug dealer go. Rafe apologizes but says they had no choice since the evidence went missing. Paulina doesn’t understand how evidence just disappears.

Stephanie goes to see Everett and asks if it’s a bad time. Everett says not at all. She says she wanted to see him in person because she got really good news to share with him which Everett says he could use. Stephanie tells him that she and Chad feel awful about him getting fired, so after thinking about it, Chad called Jack and Jennifer, who own a newspaper in Boston. Stephanie informs him that they said they would be happy to hire him and agreed that Gwen made a terrible mistake in firing him. Everett calls that very generous of Jack and Jennifer and notes that he might have to take them up on that, but reveals that Gwen is not the one who fired him. Everett explains that he just spoke to Gwen on the phone and she said she recently sold her half of the paper but she wouldn’t say to whom. Everett declares that whoever bought her half is the one that wanted him gone and he’s going to find out who that is.

Rafe tells Paulina that they are still not sure how the evidence went missing but they are looking at security protocols to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. Paulina doesn’t mean to be harsh but calls it a pretty big screw up. Jada assures that they are very upset about it too. Paulina worries about drug business picking up in Salem. Rafe insists that they are not giving up and if there is a new drug cartel in Salem, they will find it and shut it down. Paulina says she hopes so as she then gets a call and steps away to answer. Rafe tells Jada that he knew Paulina would be upset about this. Jada wonders if it’s her fault that the evidence went missing since she was in the evidence room and thinks she saw the drugs there and worries that it’s possible she forgot to lock the door, questioning how else it could’ve happened. Rafe reminds Jada that Harris’ keys went missing, so there’s a good chance someone used them to get in there.

Harris informs Ava that dinner is almost ready. Ava asks where he learned it from. Harris says it was from a cookbook and he perfected it while in the navy. Ava jokes that she takes her pasta seriously and won’t cut him any slack just for saving her life once. Harris mentions not wanting to make any mistakes. Ava jokes that as their first date, their entire relationship could depend on it. Harris says he’s going to go make sure he times it right then.

Stefan tells Chad that he doesn’t understand. Chad asks if he was talking about EJ, guessing he wants to kill him for prosecuting Gabi. Stefan asks what he expects when EJ is charging Gabi with a murder she didn’t commit. Chad argues that Gabi was caught with a bloody knife. Stefan insists that she was set up. Chad asks by who. Stefan says if he knew the answer to that, she would be set free. Chad brings up Li pointing the finger at Gabi in his dying breath. Stefan argues that Li was dying and didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. Chad says he knows he didn’t mean it literally about killing EJ, but he doesn’t know why Stefan is so angry at EJ since it’s not his job to prove her innocence. Stefan explains that he’s just worried about his wife being in prison since the last time she was there, she was beaten within inches of her life. Stefan doesn’t expect Chad to care but Chad assures that despite their problems, he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Gabi or EJ. Stefan states that he’s not going to murder EJ and admits he’s just desperate to keep Gabi safe. Stefan calls Gabi the most important person in his world and he knows she’s suffering in prison. Stefan just wants this nightmare to be over and declares that he would do anything to make that happen. Chad says he can understand his willingness to do anything for Gabi, admitting that he’s gone to extremes in the past for love. Stefan remarks that it’s good to know that he’s not alone in going to extremes for love. Stefan tells Chad that he can’t stop there and asks what exactly he did.

Stephanie questions if Xander didn’t tell Everett who owns half the Spectator. Everett says that he was cagey about it before, so he doesn’t imagine he would tell him now. Stephanie asks how he’s going to find out. Everett responds that he’s an investigative journalist and that’s what he does. Everett opens up his laptop and says he was thinking that there must be a public record of the sale transaction which means they must be able to find that record somewhere. Stephanie asks if there’s anything she can do for help. Everett says if she’s up for it, she can make some phone calls when he pulls up some numbers for the city. Stephanie says she would be happy to find the jerk who fired him and get his job back…

Tripp guesses Wendy is not too hungry but brings her some food. Wendy acknowledges that he’s going through a tough time, worrying about his mom. Tripp responds that Ava is actually doing okay since EJ decided not to press charges on the death of Gil. Wendy says Ava must still be traumatized from Gil trying to assault her. Tripp says Ava is acting all tough about it, but he knows she’s really fragile as it shook her badly, so he is worried about her. Wendy declares that they will look out for her. Tripp thanks her for being so nice about his mom and everything. Tripp adds that Harris has been there for Ava too. Wendy asks if they are officially together now. Tripp thinks it’s heading that way. Tripp knows he was down on Harris at first, but he did help Ava out of the murder charge which had him thinking that Harris really is on Ava’s side and she needs someone like that, so he hopes it works out for them.

Ava and Harris have dinner. Harris asks for her verdict. Ava responds that since it wasn’t made by an Italian, she tells him job well done which relieves Harris. Ava talks about Harris usually being so self assured and confident and jokes about him being human. Harris brings up losing his keys. Ava thought they weren’t going to talk about that. Harris worries about someone using them to steal the evidence. Ava points out that he doesn’t know that while Harris feels it’s the only reasonable explanation. Ava insists that he is an asset to the police department and that there will be plenty of opportunities for him to make up for this. Harris admits he knows one way that he can. Harris brings up that Paulina said there’s an increase in recent drug activity through Salem and she suspects a new drug cartel. Harris vows to make it his mission to take it down.

Paulina tells Rafe to let her know immediately if he gets any new information on the drug ring. Rafe agrees to do his damndest to take care of this problem. Rafe brings up his late sister, Arianna, trying to take down a drug cartel herself so he’d like to think he’s taking up this mantle in her honor. Paulina is sure that he will do them proud and tells them to have a good night as she exits the station. Jada tells Rafe that they are both off the clock and suggests they leave and look at the drug ring with fresh eyes. Rafe agrees and they exit.

Stefan asks Chad what drastic thing he did in the name of love. Chad thinks back to buying half of the Spectator from Gwen to fire Everett. Chad then tells Stefan that he pulled a gun on Clyde when he found out that he murdered Abigail and he would’ve killed him if he hadn’t got the best of him. Stefan responds that he wishes he had killed him. Chad questions why he said it like it was personal when as far as he knows, Stefan never had any involvement with Clyde.

Stephanie makes calls but tells Everett that all the offices seemed to have closed, so they probably won’t hear anything back until tomorrow. Stephanie brings Everett diet cola and salted almonds. Everett comments on her remembering his favorites. They talk about not coming up with anything yet. Everett wonders if he’s looking at the wrong database but then finds something that tells him who bought the Spectator.

Wendy thanks Tripp for making her a sandwich. Tripp reveals that he’s been thinking maybe they should move out of this apartment since a lot of bad things have happened there recently. Wendy points out that a lot of good things happened too and she has wonderful memories of living with Li. Wendy adds that coming home actually made her feel closer to Li. Wendy still can’t believe that Li is gone. Wendy talks about looking at old photos of them and reading old e-mails he sent while on her flight back. Tripp tells Wendy that if the place makes her feel closer to Li, then they will stay. Tripp adds that it’s also the place where they fell in love, joking that it actually goes back to when he and Joey were competing for her attention in Hong Kong. Wendy jokes about beating them in poker. Tripp blames being distracted by his dad missing and suggests they have a rematch. Wendy thinks that will cheer her up a little, so she agrees.

Ava tells Harris that it’s too dangerous and she’s scared of him getting hurt. Harris appreciates her concern but assures that he can handle himself and the ones that should be scared are the people running drugs through Salem.

Rafe and Jada go back to her room with a small Christmas tree which they decide to decorate together. Jada calls it nice to have time to themselves. Rafe agrees that they haven’t had a chance to do it in awhile due to being so busy at work. Rafe still can’t believe they had to let the drug dealer go. Jada reminds him that they are not giving up and plan to find the kingpin to take down the whole operation.

Stefan claims Chad is right that he doesn’t have any involvement with Clyde and doesn’t even know the guy, but he did care for Abigail. Chad doesn’t want to hear that and brings up Stefan knowing she was mentally ill. Stefan calls it the biggest regret of his life but says that doesn’t mean he didn’t care for her or that he doesn’t want to see Clyde punished for robbing Chad’s children of their mother. Stefan declares that Clyde should be burning in Hell where he can’t harm another innocent life. Chad states that they don’t see eye to eye on much, but they agree on that.

Everett gets a name of the company that bought the Spectator, Flynn Industries, and tries to figure out who owns it but nothing comes up so he wonders if it could be a shell company. Stephanie says if that’s the case, the whole thing could be shadier than they thought. Everett acknowledges that investigating shell companies can be a long, complicated process. Stephanie reveals that she has a shortcut and declares that her uncle Shane is the director of the ISA, so if anyone can get them a quick answer, it’s him. Stephanie then calls Shane and asks for a favor.

Rafe and Jada agree that their Christmas tree turned out better than they thought. Jada toasts to a festive holiday season. Rafe states that she’s way more in to Christmas than he thought. Jada calls it one of her favorite holidays and turns on her Christmas lights in the room. Rafe calls it nice and romantic as they kiss onto the bed.

Wendy beats Tripp at poker. She thanks him for cheering her up and finding a way to take her mind off of being sad. Tripp asks if there’s any other way that he can cheer her up as they kiss. Wendy says she was looking forward to being in his arms on the whole way home. Wendy tells Tripp that she needs him so much as they continue kissing.

Harris feels he ruined the mood by talking about work and jokes that Ava said their whole relationship is riding on the first date. Ava assures that she was kidding. Harris still wants to correct course. Harris then turns on music and asks her to dance which she agrees to and they kiss.

Chad tells Stefan that he’s going to pick up dinner from the Bistro. Stefan informs him that it’s actually closed since the owner met an untimely demise. Chad says he forgot about that and that it sucks because it’s Stephanie’s favorite place. Chad asks if it’s closed for good. Stefan then reveals that it’s not because he bought it. Chad questions Stefan buying a restaurant and not having enough on his plate at DiMera. Stefan claims he couldn’t pass up a good investment. Chad questions Stefan buying a shiny new eatery while his wife is facing a life sentence and feels it doesn’t add up. Stefan calls it a great distraction. Stefan then gets a call and walks away.

Stephanie hopes it won’t be long before Shane e-mails with a name. Stephanie mentions that Chad is picking up dinner, so she should probably get going. Everett thanks her for her help and says it means a lot as they hug. Stephanie tells him to keep her updated. Everett then gets an e-mail from Shane. Stephanie asks what it is. Everett claims that Shane couldn’t come up with anything but Stephanie doesn’t believe him, pointing out that Shane is a super spy. Everett tells Stephanie that it’s none of her concern. Stephanie tells him to just show her or else she’ll just call Shane. Everett then shows Stephanie the e-mail and she is shocked to discover that it was Chad.

Rafe and Jada lay in bed after having sex. Jada feels this is going to be the best Christmas ever because she’s with him. Rafe says he feels the same and tells Jada that he loves her. Jada says she loves him too as they kiss.

Tripp and Wendy go to the bedroom and continue kissing as they begin to undress and have sex.

Harris cleans up the dishes after dinner and offers to walk Ava home but Ava says she has a few more things to wrap up at the Bistro. Harris offers to wait but she says that’s not necessary. Ava thanks him for a wonderful first date. Harris asks if that means there will be a second date. Ava responds by kissing him which Harris calls a great answer. Ava agrees. Harris tells her to text him when she gets home and says goodnight as he then exits.

Stefan walks past the Pub as he gets a call back from Vivian. Stefan informs Vivian that Clyde is threatening to kill Gabi, so he needs her to have Ivan take him out. Vivian says no. Stefan argues that she’s in Alamainia so they can’t arrest her there. Stefan complains that she doesn’t understand that this affects him too since Clyde is using his love for Gabi to get him to run drugs for him. Stefan says he can’t just stop loving Gabi. Stefan then angrily declares that he will find a way to eliminate Clyde himself and thanks her for nothing as he hangs up.

Everett sits alone in his room and says he can’t believe it was Chad. Everett remarks that he guesses Chad isn’t quite the man that Stephanie thinks he is.

Stephanie finds Chad in the town square. Chad says he was just about to send her a text. Stephanie asks if it was about how he secretly bought the Spectator just to fire Everett.

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