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sh pretty standard diagnosis and treatment. Nothing out of the ordinary. Mm-hmm. Yeah, and I agree with your assessment. As soon as I get back to the office, I’ll log on and I will okay the treatment. Thank you, dr. Robinson. Well, that was tough. You know he’s a leader in his field. Seems a little ridiculous that he has to have supervision to treat his patients. Just a reminder — I am not the enemy here. Finn isn’t the only one who was sued for malpractice and wrongful death. The hospital was also listed as a defendant on the suit. I-I have no choice. I’m just following procedure. I know. I’m sorry if I made it seem like it was all your doing. I know it’s not. It’s just that this whole situation is very frustrating. I know.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Um… mm! Can you try dr. Gatlin-holt again, please? In the meantime, we’re gonna have to shift his patients to other doctors. Yeah. Well, scout and I are running late, so you can fill me in on this “matter of concern” when I get back, yeah? Okay. Okay. Scout! Sweetie! We’re running late! Hi, uncle sonny! Guess where I’m going today. Uh, let me guess. The museum. Nope. I’m meeting daddy at the metro court, and I’m gonna interview him about his job for a report for school. Wow! That’s a big-girl assignment. I’ll tell you what. Maybe when you’re finished with the report, you can show it to me. Okay. Okay? Alright. That sounds good. We’ll see you later. See you. Bye. Bye. What’s this “matter of concern”? It’s about the man who tried to kill avery’s mother. Well, I’m always happy to see you, but I’m curious. Is this a social meeting or is this about business? Uh, actually, it’s family-related. I wanted to check in with you about how esme was doing at her job and whether or not you were still happy with her work. Actually I am. She’s proven to be competent, organized, efficient. She works well with the other departments, and she manages to stay ten steps ahead of me, which is not easy. She even asked for a raise, and I gave it to her because she earned it. I am so happy to hear this! You know, esme is about to move out on her own, and I’m gonna sign the lease actually tomorrow, but I just sort of wanted to know that she was likely to be employed in the near future. Unless something changes, I don’t see why not. I’m wondering about spencer, though. He’s so attached to ace. I’m worried about how he’ll handle esme and ace leaving. So am I. The matching professional called me this morning. She asked how we were doing after andrea’s miscarriage. She informed me that andrea does not want to try again, which I explained I already knew, but then she asked if we wanted to move forward with another surrogate. Neither of the women that we interviewed when we met andrea is available. They’ve both been successfully matched with other couples. Mm-hmm. But the matching professional felt she had some other candidates that might really work for us. So you said yes. What? When the matching professional asked if you and I wanted to try again, you said yes without asking me?

[ Knock on door ] Finn? Sorry. I just need to finish this e-mail to portia to remind her to sign off on the course of treatment I’m recommending. It’s a good thing it’s not an emergency, or my patient would be dead by the time I got rid of all this paperwork. End. Send. Okay. What can I do for you? I want you to close your eyes and take a breath. Are we gonna do yoga? Do you think this is really a good time? This isn’t yoga. It’s a breathing exercise. Now, trust me and close your eyes. Okay. I want you to breathe in for a count of four, hold it for two, and out for five. Are you gonna count me through this or do I have to keep track in my head? I’ll count for you. Now close your eyes. Ready? Breathe in. Two, three, four. Hold. One, two. Out. Two, three, four, five. One more time. Breathe in. Two, three, four. Hold. One, two. Out. Two, three, four, five. I’m not complaining at all, but what was that supposed to accomplish? It’s supposed to push all that anger and frustration out of your head, clear everything out so you can actually hear me when I tell you this. You did nothing wrong. My m oh, I’m gonna have to call you back. Somebody really important just showed up. Okay. Bye. Hi, daddy! Hi! Hi, hi, hi, sweetheart. Hi. I am so excited. Here. Have a seat. I’m so excited to tell you all about what I do at work. It’s gonna be so fun. Oh, I want to show you something. Look at that. That’s the plaque that you gave me. I look at it every day. Do you like it? I love it. My teacher told me I should record an interview with you so I don’t forget when I write my report. Is that okay with you?

[ Laughs ] Of course it’s okay with me. Yes, I give you my permission to record our conversation. You can ask me anything you want.

[ Recorder beeps ] Okay. I’m ready to start. Ask away. What is the name of the company you work for? It’s aurora media. And I work there, but I also own it. For how long? Six years. Your mom and I bought another man’s business, and, uh — and then we renamed it aurora. Why did you make this company? Well, your mom and I wanted to — to build something for you. We wanted to have a company that you would be really proud of and that maybe you would work at someday, if you wanted to. You know I can’t discuss an active investigation. I’m not asking for anything privileged. Can you at least tell me how long before mason gatlin is transferred to pentonville? Well, I guess it’ll be when the doctors clear him. How long is that gonna be? Could be any day. Okay, well — [ Sighs ] I’m assuming that the D.A. Is gonna make him some kind of plea deal. I don’t know what robert’s plans are with this case, but could I ask — why are you so curious? I don’t want scorpio to let him off easy. If it were up to me, he’d be in prison for life, throw away the key. I agree with you, but the theory is that mason was working for somebody. He didn’t order ava’s kidnapping. But we’re pushing him right now to get the name of his boss. Well, don’t — don’t — don’t waste your time. I can tell you right now who was responsible for ava’s kidnapping. So, because nikolas disappeared the way he did, spencer took on a role in ace’s life, uh, that was pretty major. More like a father than a brother. So, naturally, he would want ace to continue to live in the same house. Obviously he re– reconsidered. Yes, he did. He absolutely did. He is still very sad about it, but he’s not angry about it anymore. He’s not even fighting it. I’m sure that had something to do with trina.

[ Chuckles ] Yes, that’s what I’ve heard. She’s a very good influence on him. You know, that’s not an easy feat. I know my family and how stubborn they can be — fatally — when they actually make up their mind. And spencer gave every indication that he was heading down that path. Yeah, I actually give spencer an awful lot of credit here. I think that in — that he’s matured an awful lot. In part because of the role that he has played in ace’s life, he had to learn how to put somebody else’s needs ahead of his own, so that’s made him more thoughtful a-and a little less impulsive. But to be honest, you know, there aren’t many men his age who would take such an interest in a newborn baby brother. Good for spencer. Yeah. Good for him. He is no longer the grandchild I am most worried about. I assume you are referring to charlotte? Tj, I didn’t commit to another surrogate — just to entertaining more candidates. The matching professional is gonna meet us at the port charles grill this afternoon for a preliminary discussion. Why didn’t you tell me? I just had the conversation this morning, and i am telling you right now. T-this is — this is happening too fast for me. I’m still processing the loss of our baby that — that andrea was carrying. It wasn’t just a hypothetical. It was real. W-we had hopes for it. W-we had dreams for it. We were only a few weeks out from learning if we — if we were gonna have a son or a daughter, and I didn’t even realize how emotionally invested I’ve become. And I-I just — I don’t know when I’m gonna be up to making that kind of emotional investment again. I just know I’m not ready now.

[ Cellphone beeps ] I have to go. I’ll see you tonight. This is traumatic for both of you. I-I don’t — well, there aren’t any words. You — I just want you to know that I’m here for you. Whatever you need, honey. Whatever you need, tj. I know, mom. Thank you, alexis. I was looking forward to putting my hand on andrea’s belly, feeling our baby kick. We were almost to the point of ultrasounds and imaging, finding out if we were having a boy or a girl. Now our baby’s gone. I want to believe I did nothing wrong. You didn’T. You know, I — I keep going over it in my head. Was there anything that I, uh — I missed? Was there — there some little thing that could have saved muldoon’s life? Okay, what’s the first, hardest lesson any doctor has to learn? We’re not god. Right. And it’s not just doctors who think that. Sometimes it’s the patients, too. They want to believe — they need to believe that you have all the answers, that there’s a medicine or a treatment out there that’s gonna heal them and give them their life back. But we both know medicine doesn’t work like that. You run tests, you give a diagnosis, you provide treatment, and you hope it’s the right one. Now, bet ween what mr. Muldoontold you and the tests you ran, you provided the best treatment possible. I know that. And I’m gonna keep reminding you until you know it, too. I wouldn’t dream of arguing with you.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Dr. Finn. I’m dede clark. I’m representing general hospital in the muldoon malpractice lawsuit.

Rsv is out there. Okay. Last question. What is your favorite part of your job? Well, nobody’s ever asked me that before. That’s a very good question. Um, I think my favorite part of the job is knowing that aurora entertains people as well as informs them… and also that aurora is just a really good place to work. People have good jobs with good benefits and are treated with respect. Thank you for your time, mr. Cain. Hm! Well, you’re welcome, miss cain. I don’t know about you, but all this interviewing made me a little bit thirsty. W-what do you say you ask the waitress for — for a few drinks, maybe three ginger ales? I’ll go get them for you, daddy. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] What do you think? Do you think I was, like, too preachy? I think scout asked you some honest questions, and you gave her honest answers. She took it so seriously. Right? I mean, maybe she’s got, like, a serious — like a future in journalism. She could. I mean, or she could just get it from my mom. I don’t know. Yeah. The drinks are coming. Okay. Great. Thank you. In the meantime, guess what. I’ve got some big news for you, scout. Dr. Navarro: Molly! This is a nice surprise. Dr. Navarro. It’s good to see you. I was told that your surrogate suffered a miscarriage. I’m so sorry. Yeah. Of course we’re disappointed. I’m sorry. I-I didn’t mean to upset you. No. But you should know that miscarriages are always a risk, particularly in the first trimester. Do you think you and tj will try again? Please come on in. This is elizabeth baldwin. She was recently named head nurse here at general hospital. Nice to meet you, elizabeth baldwin.

[ Chuckles ] Congratulations on the promotion. Well, thank you. It’s nice to meet you, too. And since you’re already here, did you have any involvement or interaction with mr. Muldoon? I’m sure I was here when he was a patient, but I don’t recall having any personal interaction with him. Okay, well, my team will be doing a comprehensive records check, so if it turns out that you did have any involvement with mr. Muldoon, we may need to interview you in the future. But right now I’m here to speak to dr. Finn. Hm. Understood. I’ll talk to you later. Bye. Please have a seat. Thank you. Uh, before we begin, I’ve been advised to retain my own separate counsel. Congratulations on the promotion. Well, thank you. It’s nice to meet you, too. And since you’re already here, did you have any involvement or interaction with mr. Muldoon? I’m sure I was here when he was a patient, but I don’t recall having any personal interaction with him. Okay, well, my team will be doing a comprehensive records check, so if it turns out that you did have any involvement with mr. Muldoon, we may need to interview you in the future. But right now I’m here to speak to dr. Finn. Hm. Understood. I’ll talk to you later. Bye. Please have a seat. Thank you. Uh, before we begin, I’ve been advised to retain my own separate counsel. As you should. Your attorney will focus on your defense. I represent the hospital. But your actions with regard to diagnosis and treatment of mr. Muldoon will directly affect my defense. That’s why I’m here. And I apologize in advance if any of my questions seem intrusive, but the key to defending a malpractice suit is having all the information so that there are no surprises in the courtroom. You know, I also want to thank you for the discretion that the invader showed in reporting the shooting. You gave all of the facts and managed to leave out anna and charlotte’s name. Well, first of all, charlotte, the victim, is a minor, so she’s protected. And anna has been so unfairly treated by the sun. I just wanted to do what I could to protect her privacy. And I’m so grateful that you made that call. You know, when I was elected, I had to learn how to deal with the media scrutiny, but I think I’ve developed a tougher shell. But, you know, then I-I read one of these opinion articles about me, and I-it’s just absolutely brutal sometimes. And I would never want charlotte to be exposed to anything like that. And it’s the last thing that anna needs, just having to live with the fact that she — she knows that she shot a child. I can’t imagine the guilt she must be dealing with. In truth, if the circumstances were different, I would have had a searing op-ed written on gun violence. I mean, if someone as trained and skilled as anna devane could shoot an innocent person by accident, I mean, what better argument is there against carrying guns?

[ Glass shatters ] I can take some of austin’s patients. That would be perfect. And I also called dr. Park. He should be here soon. Portia? I’m sorry, tj. Yeah. Hm? I called dr. Gatlin-holt again. Still no answer. Left another message. What about the texts? Nothing. Okay. Have we checked the last time he was on duty? I did. It was two days before thanksgiving. He had the holiday off, and he was due back this morning. But still, it could be anything. It could be car trouble. He could have forgot to charge his phone, which could be dead. Do you want me to go to his apartment and check on him? I don’t really want to ask you to do that. You’re not asking. I’m volunteering. Mason gatlin is working for cyrus renault? That’s right. How long have you known? Since the day cyrus was released from pentonville. You remember avery’s temporary nanny, betty? Yeah. I was wondering why you moved on from pilar. Why? Because I knew that betty was a plant. Mason used her to spy on me. So I got brick to dummy up the computer and put in false information. She stole the information, took it to austin. Austin delivered it to cyrus at pentonville. Hold on. Austin gatlin-holt was in on this, too? Austin and his cousin, it looks like, have been working with cyrus all along. Damn it! What?

[ Line ringing ] Man: Hello? Yeah. I’m sorry. Who’s this I’m speaking to? Who am I speaking to? Well, I asked you first, but it’s detective falconeri with the port charles police department.

Nice to meet you,


Paul briscoe, detective with pautuck pd. Why are you calling

this number? Well, I’m trying to get ahold of dr. Austin gatlin-holt. He’s on staff at general hospital here in port charles. I’m sorry to inform you. Austin gatlin-holt is dead. My late father-in-law lit up a room, but his vision dimmed with age. He had amd. I didn’t know it then, but it can progress to ga, how did mr. Muldoon become your patient? My daughter, violet, and mr. Muldoon’s daughter are in the same class at school. We were at a parent gathering, and mr. Muldoon mentioned that he traveled abroad for business and that he was feeling a little under the weather and that he may have contracted something along the lines of a tapeworm. I recommended mr. Muldoon come in and make an appointment and visit me here at general hospital. And he agreed. And did he come see you? He did. How soon after your initial conversation with mr. Muldoon did you examine him? It’s lucky that your office is in a hotel so we can come up to the restaurant. Should I put that in my report? Well, I think it’s your report. You get to decide what you put in there. Just, you know, it’s good training in case you become a journalist, deciding what you put in your story and what you don’T. Okay, if our daughter isn’t gonna ask you about your good news, then I will. What’s — what’s going on? Okay. So, I closed a deal with steve harris. Wait. Should I be familiar with that name? Yeah, h-he works in venture capital. He’s got a daughter a little bit older than scout who attends westwood academy. Westwood academy? That’s that, um — that fancy private school, isn’t it? Yeah. Yeah. St-steve’s on the board, and I told him about scout, and I convinced him to open a spot for her so scout can go to westwood, too. I always knew that miscarriage was a possibility, but I was not prepared emotionally. No one ever is. So what are your thoughts about moving forward? Andrea, our surrogate, made it very clear that she does not want to try again. So if we decide to move forward, we’ll have to start from scratch. I know that will set you back a few more months, but I’m sure you and tj will find a suitable candidate. Honestly, I-I’m not sure we can go through this again. That’s very understandable. It’s a decision only you and tj can make. But while miscarriages are not uncommon, many, many surrogacies have been successful. There are lots of parents in the world, lots of people in the world who are proof that surrogacy can work. I wish you and tj the very best, whatever path you choose going forward. Yes. Thank you, detective briscoe, for the update. Sounded serious. Yeah, it was. Uh… but I can tell you about it ’cause you’re gonna hear about it soon enough. Austin gatlin-holt is dead. You know how it happened? He was shot to death at a house in pautuck. You didn’t know about it? How would I — I don’t know anybody in pautuck. Why would I know? Unless you arranged for it to happen. Dante, you’ve — you’ve known me long enough. You know how I work. If I’m gonna arrange for austin to be dead… they’re not gonna find his body. And the last thing I’m gonna do is come here and talk to my son, the detective. You gotta give me a little more credit than that. Alright. Well, I’m relieved you didn’t do it, but now I got to figure out who did it. No, you don’T. If the tray is too heavy, then make two trips. Got it. Yeah. The cost of the broken glasses will come out of your paycheck. Alright. Yes. Now finish the clean-up. Yes, sir. Either he doesn’t know who his new dishwasher is, or that matre d’ has a death wish. Sometimes it can feel like westwood academy? Well, you and I have never discussed scout going to a private school. Yeah, it’s a great opportunity. No, I know. Kristina — s-she went to westwood. I remember my mom having to do backflips to get her in. Not to mention I think sonny had to have, like, “a talk” with someone to get her accepted. And it’s — it’s really expensive. I mean, he — he could afford it. Yeah, so can I. But westwood? I believe the acceptance rate is like 7% or something. And there’s an epic waiting list. Is scout just gonna jump to the front of the line? Well, there’s a big waiting list because it’s such a great school, and it turns out there’s a student in scout’s class that had to leave, so scout can kind of just slide right in there and start right after christmas break. Scout, what do you say? Westwood is an amazing school. It’s — so, it’s all girls, and they have one of the best swim teams in the state. You’re gonna be able to study so many more subjects than you would at public school. And as you get a little bit older, they even have, like, a study-abroad program. Do you want me to go there, daddy? Well, all I’ve ever wanted for you, scout, is the best life possible. This — this school, westwood, is a great step up. I think you’re gonna love it. What do you say? Okay, daddy. Austin gatlin-holt lived and worked in port charles. It’s my duty to investigate. You just told me that austin was shot in pautuck, the same place where you shot his cousin mason. Yes, in the line of duty. Is-isn’t it gonna be a conflict of interest to investigate austin’s death? Shouldn’t that fall on the — on the cops from pautuck? Yes. If I was running lead investigator, yeah, it would be a conflict of interest. But it’s not because austin was murdered in pautuck, the pautuck pd will run lead. But because, like I said, he lived and worked here in port charles, the pcpd, we — we got to share information. I mean, you could save us a lot of time and effort if you can tell me who you suspect. It’s the same person you suspected all along. Cyrus renault. I got to go. I’m surprised an upscale place like the port charles grill would hire an ex-con like cyrus. Well, uh, maybe the manager here believes in second chances. Do you think he can be reformed? You know, I just had this conversation with my other brother, martin, and I’ll tell you what I told him. It is entirely possible that cyrus hasn’t changed a bit and this turn towards god is just a big act. But I believe in second chances. So until cyrus has proven himself to be a threat, I’m gonna stand by my own principles and just say that, uh, my brother deserves a second chance, just like everybody else. Shall we? Thank you for lunch. No. Thank you. After you. Thanks. Okay. I checked in on those patients of dr. Gatlin-holt’S. They’re all doing fine. They shouldn’t need to be checked on until evening rounds. Thank you so much. And I hate to say this, but I may need to ask you to stay late to cover. Actually, the timing couldn’t be better. And what does that mean? Molly and I had a difference of opinion on whether we should look for a new surrogate. And that is just not a conversation I want to have right now. So if I can bury myself in work instead, bring it on. Tj, I’m so sorry again. Portia, I really need to talk to you. Not a problem. I’ve got more patients to see. Okay. Um, I went to austin’s apartment. Mm-hmm. No one was there, but there was a food delivery sitting outside his door. I looked at the receipt. It had been delivered on thanksgiving day. Clearly, he never brought it inside. Okay. Now I’m starting to get concerned. I found the super. I explained the situation. He let me in. No sign of him. In fact, it looked like austin hadn’t been there since before thanksgiving. What?! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Should we call the police? We’re travelling all across america,hey, steve. Drew cain. Yeah. I-I’ve got an update about my daughter. I spoke to scout and her mom about westwood academy, and they are all for it. Yeah, so — so let’s figure out a time where we can get together and move forward about scout getting admitted. Sam: Ooh! I know you need to write up that report on your dad’s job, but did you have any other homework you had to finish up? No, mommy. Just the report. Okay, well, I was thinking that maybe we could take a drive over to westwood academy and see what it looks like on the outside. What do you think? We could go by kelly’s or perks and get some hot chocolate? Mommy? Yes, sweetie? I don’t want to go to that school. Come here. Hi. Um, I’m meeting someone here. I don’t see her yet, but she said the reservation should be under her name. Claire brown. Mr. Muldoon came to visit me about a week after our conversation. What kind of symptoms did he complain about? He had some G.I. Distress, weight loss, general fatigue. Anything else? He complained of some dizziness, but it hadn’t gotten as far as fainting. How did you treat him? I did some blood work and a culture. Tests came back with low hemoglobin and elevated white blood cell count. And the culture came back positive for a tapeworm. I treated him for the tapeworm. He called me a few days later to say he was feeling much better. I also requested that he come in for a follow-up, just in case. Just in case what? It’s standard procedure to make sure the condition is properly treated. But mr. Muldoon refused, saying he had to go on another business trip. And then what? Well, mr. Muldoon came in two months later, at which time I ran further bloodwork and a colonoscopy. And at that time I discovered that he had cancer. What happened then? I immediately referred him to oncology, but unfortunately he was already stage iv. Mr. Muldoon passed away shortly after. Were any of the symptoms that mr. Muldoon complained about in his first visit signs for cancer? Dr. Finn, when mr. Muldoon initially told you about his symptoms, did you ever think it might be cancer? Before answering more questions, I think I’d like my lawyer present. Yeah. Listen. I’m on my way to the metro court. Get over there now. There’s something you need to know.

[ Engine starts ] Detective falconeri, you’ve got a detective briscoe from the pautuck pd waiting for you. I put him in the interrogation room. Thank you. Detective. Hey. I’m dante falconeri. We spoke earlier. Good to meet you in person, detective. You, as well. I’m requesting interdepartmental cooperation to investigate the murder of austin gatlin-holt.

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