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 I have been looking forward to this all week. Freshly cut pine trees are the best smell in the world. You always felt that way. Anytime we got near one when you were young, you’d say, “this ‘twee’ smell like christmas, daddy.”

[ Laughter ] Well, I still feel that way. Trina, honey, take your pick. Any one you want. Uh, no way. This is a group effort. The three of us are picking a tree together.

[ Chuckles ] Mommy is going to call up a rideshare so someone can pick us up and take us to our new apartment, okay? Spencer: Why don’t you just let me drive you? Detective falconeri. Thank you for stopping by. Yeah. I have asked deputy mayor ashford to sit in. Yeah. What, uh — what can I do for you, mayor? We would like a full update about the austin gatlin-holt murder case. Well, that couldn’t have been a better public appearance. You two were a hit. Everyone at wyndham’s loved you! Ah, it was all sasha. Are you kidding? They couldn’t take their eyes off you. It was the two of you together. That’s what people are responding to. You guys have this special chemistry that everyone can see.

[ Rapid knocking on door ] What’s the emergency? The results just came in for the organic chem make-up test. Okay. How’d you do? I don’t know, I-I’m — I’m too scared to look. Okay, well, you studied really hard. I’m sure you’re fine. Well, w-what if I didn’t?! I-if I got less than an 85%, my — my life is — is over. And, honestly, I might as well just jump off a-a bridge. Don’t say things like that. I’m sorry. I make bad jokes when I’m nervous. It’s one test. One super-important test that will help determine if I become a doctor! I’m just — I’m way too stressed out. Can we please just look together? Look at all these beautiful trees! How are we gonna pick just one? Well, one is all we can fit in the house, so… well, you don’t have to be so literal. Well, whichever one we pick, aiden’s just gonna have to be on board because it was his choice to stay home and bake. Christmas and valentine’s are his busiest time of the year. Lots of people want custom cookies. This is true, but if you don’t help pick out the tree, you can’t criticize our choice, right? Mom. Is something wrong? Wrong? No. Why? It just feels like you’re trying too hard to make it seem like you’re happy. Is something bothering you? Good. You’re right on time.Glad you’re here. I am prepared and ready for you. Ready for what? I-I-I thought we were prepping my deposition. Martin: That’s exactly what we’re gonna be doing. Alexis has kindly volunteered to act as opposing counsel for your prep. Ah. Opposing counsel, huh? That’s right. And just so you know in advance, I won’t be playing nice.

At we know so far isthe morning after thanksgiving, a pautuck resident noticed the door of an unoccupied house in the neighborhood was open. They walked in and found austin’s body. How was he killed? Two shots to the chest. Close range. Sometime in the 48 hours leading up to thanksgiving. And do we know who owns the house where he was found? And when was it last lived in? It was being used as a weekend and short-term rental, but it hadn’t been occupied since late september. And it was owned by the victim, austin gatlin-holt. Well, what about this one? That one? You don’t like it? Honey, I know we said you could choose any tree you wanted, but, um, you sure you want to make a decision so — so quickly? How about you look around for something else? Why? I mean, this one’s nice, and — and it smells… it smells amazing! What’s wrong with it? If your father won’t tell you his problem with this, I’ll tell you. It’s small. It’s too small. When did you become so perceptive? I’m not a little kid anymore. No, you’re not. You know, when I became a mom, I promised myself that I would always be honest with my kid if I thought they could handle it. And you are definitely old enough and mature enough to talk about this, so… I’m worried about finn. Why? Well, there’s a situation at the hospital where he’s being accused of doing something wrong. You mean like a malpractice suit? I may not have my law license anymore, but I got a lot of legal stuff still right in here, and I’m gonna use it to help you with your deposition. I’ll take all the help I can get. Diane is a formidable opponent. Indeed. They don’t call her “killer miller” for nothing. She’s gonna try to trap you into making a-a statement of negligence. So no matter what happens, do not let her provoke you. If you lose your temper, your need to defend yourself may lead you to say things on the record that can’t be taken back, such as statements that might give the impression that you are too arrogant to admit you missed something, and now a man is dead as a result. Right. And the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to let alexis beat up on me a little. It’s for your own good. Spencer, we have been over all of this. It just seems…crazy. It seems crazy to me. Because you’re gonna have to load all of ace’s things into some stranger’s car, you’re gonna have to strap in his car seat, and then you’re gonna have to pay someone that you don’t know to drive you a short distance just so that you can unload ace and all of his things, like… my car is parked in the garage. It’s ready to go. I am more than happy to take you guys, and I’m more than happy to help you carry everything that you have to carry. S-stop! I-I really don’t know how much clearer I can be. I can’t rely on you anymore, spencer. Okay. I think I found the grades. Are you ready? J-just tell me. Got a 97. Congratulations. Oh, my god! Oh, my god. Hey, dad? Yeah. Guess what. I just got my organic chem make-up test back. And… I got a 97%. Yeah. Yeah. I did — I did — I did say “make-up test.” Why did I have to take it again? Um, no, it wasn’t anything I did wrong. It was actually because of someone else. M-my friend josslyn had to — had to go to the emergency room during the exam, and they — they asked me to take her. I know it’s been a long day, but just one more piece of deception business, and then you guys can go? Maxie, don’t worry about us. I am excited. We have a video conference call with pebela. That’s huge. I know. It took me forever to convince them to take that meeting. But I have another piece of good news. Do you guys remember that desert photo shoot I was talking about a few months ago? Cody: Yeah. Well, it’s a go! I mean, we have to wait a few months because the photographer is completely booked, but we’re gonna go on location in monument valley. The monument valley? Like, the — the one where all those westerns were shot? Yes, and everyone tells me it’s even more spectacular in person. We’re gonna shoot at the pink cliffs at sunset. That’s amazing! I’ve seen it in movies but never in person. Deception’s really going all-out for this, huh? Of course we are. The perfect photo-shoot location is so important to this campaign. Because deception is not just selling makeup and beauty wands. We are selling romance.

Have a seat in the witness chair. And I meant what I said. Diane miller is one of the best. Yeah, I’m — I’m aware of her reputation. Well, being aware of it and experiencing it for yourself are two totally different things. She will turn your deposition into a minefield. It sounds like we’re going into battle. We kind of are. Okay. Then how do we ensure the truth comes out and we win this case? Preparation. That’s what’s key here. And we make absolutely certain that you abide by the golden rule. Which is? Both: Never volunteer anything. It’s very humbling trying to shield you from something you already know about. Yes, finn is being sued for malpractice. Why? Did one of his patients die? The man he was treating had cancer, and they didn’t find out in time. And, unfortunately, he passed away. Wow. It must be so hard on finn. Yeah, it is. He’s really beating himself up over it. As much as we like to think that doctors are infallible, medicine is not a science. They’re not gods, and they can’t fix everybody all the time. I know that. But if he’s getting sued, did finn do something wrong? No. No. Absolutely not. Finn is an incredible doctor. He — he gave that man the best care possible. What happened was not his fault. I’m glad you told me and that you realize I can handle hearing things like this now. Jake, you’ve been so good with aiden picking up the slack since cameron left. If I haven’t told you enough, I am so proud of you. Thanks, mom. Now that you asked me a question… can I ask you one? I guess this one doesn’t seem small to me because it’s the size mom and I always got. Small has a lot of advantages, you know. They’re easy and cute, and you don’t need a ladder to put up ornaments. It’s okay. We both know I won’t be climbing any ladders this year, but… it doesn’t mean that someone else can’T. We’ve been blessed with a beautiful big house with high ceilings. It would be a shame to not take advantage of that space by not filling it with the biggest, best tree we can find. After today, ace and I are gonna be on our own and I need to get used to loading him and all of his stuff in and out of rideshares. Fine, but can’t you just let me do this for you just one more time? No. I-I’m sorry, but I have to get comfortable being alone and relying on myself. And the sooner I do that, the better it will be for ace. Look. I’m doing this for him. Can’t you see that? I guess I didn’t really think about it like that. Spencer, I know that this is hard on you, and I’m sure you probably think that I’m shutting you out and making things as difficult as possible for no reason. Kind of. Yeah. But I see where I was wrong. And I am sorry. Apology accepted. Dad, I-I have to go. I’ve got a lot of studying to do. I’ll — I’ll see you at christmas. I’ll t-talk to you later. Bye. Why’d you lie? Laura: I am concerned that you’re not further along in the investigation at this point. Austin gatlin-holt was a doctor at general hospital. He was related to the quartermaines. There are many people in this town who want to know who’s responsible for this man’s murder. Right. I-I get that, mayor, but we’re doing what we can. He wasn’t killed here. Which means this case is officially being handled by the pautuck pd. That’s right. And we’re in constant contact with them. And we’re also talking to austin’s associates here in port charles. Has either department come up with any suspects? Uh, no one officially yet, but, uh, there are a couple persons of interest. One of them is your brother.

I-I’m explaining this all wrong. Of course, deception’s products are amazing. The best in the business. I mean, the deceptor? Game changer. But advertising is all about making customers associate what we’re selling with something that they want, even if it’s subconsciously. Whether people are willing to admit it or not, everyone wants a little romance in their life. You two together in front of a gorgeous desert sunset? Well, it’s the epitome of that. Sasha: Wow, maxie. Sounds like you have a very thorough, well-thought-out marketing plan.

[ Knock on door ] Come in! Hi. Sorry to interrupt. I just didn’t want you to worry. James is okay. Wait. Did something happen to james? I had no idea that curtis was going to have such strong feelings about what tree we should get. This one? He always did. When he was barely 3 years old, me and irene, we took him and tommy to pick out our tree. This one, he makes a beeline to the one he wants. This ugly, gnarly piece of tree. Wouldn’t take no for an answer. Did we end up getting the tree? Absolutely. ‘Cause your mama agreed with you. She said — she said, “curtis picked out the loveliest tree.”

[ Laughter ] Sure, mom. You can ask me whatever you want. How are things with you and charlotte? I’m not really sure. I-i think we’re still dating, but, um, since what happened… …we haven’t seen each other that much and she isn’t really texting me back, either. Well, maybe she just needs more time. Maybe. Even before that, she was kind of hard to read. Most girls I know talk a lot and say everything on their minds. But not charlotte. I never know what she’s thinking. Adam: I-I’m sorry. I-I shouldn’t have done it. I just panicked. My dad would have been so mad that I left an important test. Even to help a friend? Yeah, he would have hated that. Except I was the one who left for you, so… I-I know. So what you’re saying is, if I had been the one who was in trouble, you wouldn’t have helped me and you would have left me on my own?

[ Scoffs ] Okay. J-josslyn, you don’t understand. Okay? Ever since I can remember, my parents have wanted me to be a doctor! And what do you want? It doesn’t matter what I want! It doesn’t work like that in my family! Okay, so you’re just gonna do what they want you to do forever? When are you gonna start making decisions about your own life? Uh, the rideshare will be here in 10 minutes, so I’m gonna go double-check our rooms to make sure I didn’t accidentally leave anything he needs. Okay. Yeah. Don’t forget his favorite blanket. The warm, fuzzy one that he likes. It was the first thing I packed. Do you mind watching him? Of course.

[ Smooching ] Okay, ace. This is it, buddy. You and your mommy are gonna be getting your own place, which means that, uh, we’re not gonna see each other as much. And I’m gonna miss you. But I’m still gonna take you to the park to see the ducks. And I will ask if I can be the first person to give you some ice cream, ’cause I know it’s gonna be your favorite, too.

[ Sniffles ] A-and, uh, next summer, we will go to the pool again because I know how much you like the water. A-and, um…

[ Stammers ] I know that we’re not gonna be living together anymore, but I want you to know that I will always, always, always, always be your big brother, okay? No matter what happens. What you want to do is you want to keep your answers short. Yes or no. Don’t volunteer anything. This is all much more complicated than I realized. Yeah, well, the law is much more complicated than most people realize. And, by the way, this is important, specifically to your case. It could backfire on you if you say, “I don’t remember.” A man is dead. There’s a family grieving. And the jury wants to feel that you will remember every detail leading up to the death. But don’t lie. If there is something you forgot, it’s better to admit it than to make up a story that’s gonna come back and bite you. Well, no one’s ever accused me of being overly verbose, so don’t worry. I think I got this. Clearly, you’re not talking about martin. Uh, no. Your other brother, cyrus. Well, considering his rap sheet and all the crimes

i personally saw him commit, he’s certainly capable of murder. What’s his connection to austin gatlin-holt? It looks like both austin and mason were working for cyrus the whole time he was in pentonville. Doing what? And how do you know this? Yeah. Dante, this is a huge accusation. Do you have any proof?

Can you state your name for the record? Dr. Hamilton finn. Wrong. No, I’m pretty sure that’s my name. It is, but that’s not what she asked. She specifically asked you,

“could you state your name for the record?” To which you reply…? This is ridiculous. That’s what I reply. Look. Um, this is a deposition, not “simon says,” alright? I’m not gonna play lawyer games and parse every word coming out of diane miller’s mouth. Well, you better, because she’s gonna parse every word that comes out of your mouth and then try to get a jury to see that you’re negligent and at fault. So you want to take a breath and we’ll start again? Can you state your name for the record?

[ Exhales deeply ] Yes. What is your name? Dr. Hamilton finn. Jake, charlotte’s been through a lot. There are two kinds of trauma after someone gets shot, and she’s going through both. Obviously there’s the physical pain, but then there’s also the mental and emotional trauma of knowing that she could have died. I guess I didn’t think about it that way. She’s lucky, though. I mean, her physical injuries are healing. She’s gonna make a full recovery. But the other wounds, they’re gonna take a lot longer to heal. I hate guns! Trina: Okay. I’m a little scared to ask, but how do you both feel about this one? Oh, well, don’t look at me. Talk to the tree whisperer here. It’s all his decision. Curtis: We’re getting close. But this ain’t it. You guys, why don’t we take another look at this one?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Um, it is perfect. I love it. Okay. Can’t wait to see it decorated. Hm. Bye, guys.

[ Laughs ] I guess — I guess she had someplace to be. Right?

[ Both chuckle ] James went to the school nurse saying that his tummy hurt. And when they couldn’t reach you, maxie, they called me. Oh! I can’t believe I left my phone here! They tried to call me four times! Maxie, don’t worry. It’s okay. Okay. Well, h-how sick is he? Where is he now? Well, I-I took him home, and I put him right to bed and gave him some ginger ale and his favorite comic book. Liesl was willing to examine him and said don’t worry. It’s just a case of the 24-hour flu that’s been going around. She’s there with him now and said he should be as good as new tomorrow. Okay. Okay. So it’s not an emergency. Not at all. Okay. Alright. That’s good. I’m happy to hear that. Look, I understand that you’re under pressure, but I don’t like when people lie about me — for any reason. I stayed because it was the right thing to do, and I wouldn’t have felt great if I had just focused on my test and left you to fend for yourself. I’m sorry. I owe you. No, no, no. You don’t owe me anything but honesty. You don’t have to go around telling people what happened, but if you do, tell the truth. I got to get goin’. I… I need to get a jump on my gross anatomy and histology before I get too far behind. O-oh, b-by the way, um, I forgot to ask. What — what’d you get on the make-up test? I got a 90.

[ Sighs ] I-I’m sorry. T-that’s too bad. Look, I’m sure you’ll do better next time. I’ll see you later.

[ Door closes ] Looks like I have everything, so I guess, um, this is it. Do you want me to put him in his stroller? Oh, no. I-I’ve got it. Okay. Okay. Well… not enough hands. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] But you don’t want me to help, right? Um, it’s quite the production, but I’ve got it. So I, um… I guess this is it. It looks good. So… wish us luck. Luck.

[ Elevator bell dings, doors open ]

I have a confidential informant, and they are telling me that austin visited cyrus in pentonville at least one time, maybe more that we don’t know about yet. Well, that’s interesting. It is interesting, especially when you consider the fact that austin testified at cyrus’ hardship release hearing, saying that he was ill and that he wasn’t a danger. Okay, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how many times austin visited cyrus in prison. There’s a visitor’s log. T-there’s security footage. Pentonville is full of cameras. You’re right. In theory, that should be the case. But when I called pentonville and asked them, they said that they had no record of austin being there at all. Is there any possibility that your confidential source is lying? Not a chance. They’d have no reason to. I think someone wiped the records clean. Tell me about mr. Muldoon’s first appointment. What were his symptoms? Dizziness, fatigue, gastrointestinal distress, and weight loss. Did mr. Muldoon disclose anything that pointed you toward a preliminary diagnosis? He had been traveling to rural areas in the tropics and believed he had contracted a tapeworm. Who initially raised the possibility of a tapeworm — you or mr. Muldoon? I believe mr. Muldoon did. And what was your response? I ran some tests and a culture. Hm. What do you think those results indicated? Well, the tests revealed a low hemoglobin and elevated white blood cell counts, and the culture came back positive for a tapeworm, so I, uh… you — “I, uh,” what? The tests confirmed mr. Muldoon had a tapeworm. And did you treat mr. Muldoon for that diagnosis? Yes. How? I gave him praziquantel. And could those symptoms mr. Muldoon was experiencing have been indicative of anything else? Dr. Finn, I’ve asked you a question. You said that your patient was complaining of dizziness, of fatigue, of low hemoglobin, of high elevated white blood cell counts. Could any of those symptoms been indicative of another disease or illness? Only about 10,000 things.

[ Sighs ] Curtis: Right on. Thanks, man. Well, pop, they’re gonna deliver the tree this afternoon. I hope you’re up for it tonight because I am ready to hang some ornaments. I love how you get so excited about christmas. It reminds me of your mama and how excited she got about it, too. Yeah. It was always her favorite time of the year. Even when times were tough, she always went all-out no matter what it cost.

I know that anna shootingcharlotte was an accident, but it still really scared me. So I started reading about some gun-control groups, and I think I want to get involved with one of them. I love that. I love that you’re finding something that matters to you and you want to make a difference. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. I will. But right now… we got to find a tree. You’re right.

[ Sighs ] And we need to get the best one to send pictures to cameron.

[ Chuckles ] I like that one over there. You know, when I was a kid, I used to think christmas just happened.

[ Chuckles ] Mom and aunt stella… always did such a wonderful job of making christmas so magical for tommy and me that it never occurred to me that it took work. I mean, it wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized that they had to plan and save all year so that day could be memorable for us. And then every year, without fail… we always had many gifts under the tree. Good gifts, too. Stuff we wanted. Mama knew how to make us the happiest. Her and aunt stella would go without so they could make it happen for us. I asked mama one year, “is christmas any fun for you?” Right? Because she doesn’t get many gifts. And I remember her saying… “baby, the best presents are the smiles on your faces.” Yeah, that — that — that sounds like irene.

[ Exhales heavily ] I hate to admit it, but I think that esme was right. It’s taken me a very long time to understand this, but… I think that this is gonna be better for ace in the long run. It may not mean much in the moment… but I am so proud of you… for being so mature and putting ace first. It means a lot, actually. And it’s better that it’s happening now when he’s so young because he’s never going to remember that his life was any other way. But the thing is that… I will. You know, I’m never gonna forget all those months of seeing him change and watching him grow. Watching him figure out that he’s got fingers and toes. And I’ll always remember how it felt to hold him and rock him in the chair in his room. Both of us so cozy and happy. While I sang him to sleep. That’s beautiful, spencer. And I believe that ace will remember all of it. Maybe only subconsciously, but it will be somewhere in his mind that your voice was the first one that he heard and that your arms used to hold him. And he’ll remember how safe and secure that he felt with you. That will be imprinted in his mind and his heart.

[ Josslyn groans ]

[ Drawer slides ] Maxie: I don’t know what to do. I-I hate not being with james when he’s sick, but this video conference call is really important. Well, listen, maxie, if it’ll help make up your mind and get you to james, I can talk to pebela’s people, like, all day, really. I appreciate that. I-I really do. And it’s not that I don’t trust you and sasha ’cause you guys were great together on “home & heart.” It’s just this conference call is so important. Maxie, cody and sasha want to do this, and you yourself said they can handle it. So just say, “thank you,” and let them. I promise, maxie, we’re gonna call you right after and tell you how great it went. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Alright. Yeah. You guys have convinced me. Um, you just have to let me set you up first. So let’s go over to this table. Okay. Cody, you sit there. Sasha, next to the window. Alright. I’m gonna remove these flowers. It’s just a little much. Alright. Scoot closer to her! Yeah. No. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yep. Yep. And this. Yes. Okay. Perfect. Alright. Let’s go before I change my mind. Hey, uh, tell james I said hi and, you know, hope he feels better. Okay. You ready? Hit it. Hi, everyone. Hi. Thank you so much for meeting with us today. I’m sasha gilmore, and this is my colleague cody bell. Hi. Nice to meet you. Sasha and I just want to fill you in on what’s going on with deception. Done. You were right. Broke him in less than 15 minutes. Objection! I did not break! As much as it pains me to say, as your attorney, you definitely did. When you snapped at her, what you said was basically the equivalent of admitting you took the easy way out when you diagnosed him. But that is not what happened! It doesn’t matter what happened. If you say that, this is what the jury is gonna hear — that you took your patient’s word for it, you wrote him a prescription, sent him on his way without finding or treating the cancer that eventually killed him. Understand this. There are literally thousands of illnesses that present with fatigue, distress, low hemoglobin, and an elevated white blood cell count. That’s a fact. Look it up. How would you like me to answer this question? As simply as possible. When she asked you if those symptoms were indicative of anything else, you just say, “yes.” Just that. Just that one word. “Yes.” Okay. Keep my answers short. Duly noted. Thank you. Alright. Let’s take it from the top.

[ Clears throat ] Can you please state your name for the record? Yes. I’d like to know your opinion, dante. Do you think cyrus murdered austin gatlin-holt? I don’t have any evidence to back up that theory. I’m not asking about evidence. I’m asking your opinion. Well, did cyrus have a motive? Yeah, sure. Austin came to see me at the pcpd before he died, told me he was worried that mason was gonna make it look like austin kidnapped ava. He wanted immunity. He was gonna give up the name of the person that he and mason were working for and he was gonna provide the corroborating evidence. And you think that person was cyrus? Just to be clear, austin never told me he was working for cyrus. I found that out

after he died. But it certainly gives cyrus ample motive in austin’s murder. Yeah, the problem is, is that cyrus has an alibi. He was mopping floors at the port charles grill when austin was killed. But this is cyrus we’re talking about. If he didn’t want to do it himself, he certainly could have hired someone else to do it for him. Right, but that’s, you know, making a couple assumptions. One of them is that he’s still got the associates and contacts that would actually murder for him… and, two, that he knew that austin was gonna give him up. And I’m not convinced that he did. Alright. I want you to keep me in the loop on everything involving this investigation. Nothing is too small, okay? Absolutely. Because if my brother is the same ruthless killer that he always was, I’ll make sure he never sees the light of day again.

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