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Sloan is at home and calls out to Eric that she is getting the baby his bottle. Sloan then gets a call from Dimitri, who asks if she’s gotten Leo out of prison yet. Sloan tells him to give her a break as it’s only been a couple hours. Sloan reminds Dimitri that she’s also caring for a baby. Dimitri says that’s not his problem and orders her to do her job, or else his next call will be to the baby’s real mother.

Nicole sits at home with her phone. EJ walks in and talks about his work call taking so long even on Thanksgiving. EJ asks if she wants more tea or something to eat but Nicole says she’s fine. Nicole asks if everyone else went out for Thanksgiving. Holly then walks in and is surprised to see Nicole is home.

Theresa calls that very gallant of Alex to come to her defense like that as she doesn’t think anyone’s ever done that for her before. Alex calls the knight in shining armor routine new for him too but says she had a rough day and Xander got what he deserved. Theresa checks on Alex’s hand. Alex admits it hurt and hopes that she knows she’s not the problem for Xander. Theresa states that he has lots of problems because of her. Alex argues that Xander always wants something he can’t have but he’s never going to be able to trade places with him. Theresa then asks why they are wasting time talking about Xander and suggests they go home.

Steve tells Maggie that he didn’t want to say anything until he had more information, but it’s very possible that Konstantin orchestrated the kidnapping to score points with Maggie and Sarah. Konstantin swears he would never do that and that he had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Steve questions if it was just a coincidence that a mysterious stranger just wandered in as soon as he started watching the baby. Konstantin then shouts that it was not mysterious at all and reveals he knows who did it. Maggie questions him saying he knows who took Victoria. Konstantin flashes back to retrieving the baby from Theresa. Konstantin confirms that he does, so Steve asks who it was. Konstantin calls it very hard for him to say. Steve tells him to just spit it out. Konstantin knows he said Steve was mistaken but he’s starting to believe he’s not completely off base. Konstantin declares that the person who took Victoria did it because of him, to force his hand.

Holly says if EJ and Nicole want space, she’ll just go up to her room. Nicole stops her and apologizes for what happened at the hospital, snapping at her when she was just trying to make her feel better. Holly assures that it’s okay as she can’t imagine what she’s going through. Nicole thanks her. Holly asks if she needs anything. Nicole hugs her and declares that she has everything she needs in this room. Nicole tells Holly that she’s so grateful to have her as her daughter and she loves her so much.

Dimitri tells Sloan to acknowledge that she heard his request. Sloan assures that she did, especially the part where he was threatening her and her son. Dimitri asks for a response. Sloan tells him that she will leave her son at home on his first night to go deal with Leo. Dimitri tells her that she can come see him at the White Dove Motel when it’s done. Sloan hangs up as Eric comes home and tells Sloan that he finally got the baby back to sleep. Sloan apologizes for forgetting to warm up the bottle. Eric asks if everything is okay. Sloan tells him it’s not and she has to deal with a client. Eric questions it being on Thanksgiving. Sloan calls it an emergency and asks if he’ll be okay alone with the baby. Eric jokes that the men will hold down the fort. Sloan thanks him and calls him a lifesaver as she kisses him. Sloan then exits as she wishes Eric a happy Thanksgiving.

Alex and Theresa go home where Theresa holds frozen peas on his injured hand. Theresa hates that he got hurt but is so grateful that he came to her defense twice in one day. Alex responds that Xander had no right to talk to her that way while Konstantin doesn’t know either one of them. Alex knows Maggie likes Konstantin and he seemed okay at first, but he’s starting to wonder about him. Alex mentions wanting to stop by the Kiriakis Mansion tomorrow after being swamped at work. Alex invites Theresa to come with him but Theresa questions where their professional relationship leaves their personal relationship.

Maggie questions Konstantin about someone kidnapping her granddaughter to force his hand. Konstantin says it was people back in Greece which Steve questions. Konstantin claims that it all started with his loan from Victor to start his restaurant and says he had every intention of paying it back, but when he couldn’t. he turned to an unsavory man with connections to the Greek underworld to help him. Maggie asks if he’s talking about the mob. Konstantin admits he couldn’t pay him either so before he knew it, he owed twice as much. Steve asks what this has to do with baby Victoria. Konstantin claims he thinks this man or one of his associates took the baby to use as leverage. Steve wonders why Konstantin waited until now to say anything.

Marlena goes to see Eric and wishes him a happy Thanksgiving. Marlena hugs Eric and acknowledges that her son is now a dad. Marlena asks to see the baby. Eric says he just put him to sleep but she can look in on him. Marlena adds that she brought a present for the baby. Marlena mentions not knowing his name. Eric explains that he and Sloan haven’t agreed on one yet. Marlena asks where Sloan is so she can congratulate the new mom but Eric informs her that she stepped out on a client emergency.

The doorbell at the DiMera Mansion rings so EJ tells Nicole and Holly that he will get that. Holly tells Nicole that she seems a lot better today. Nicole responds that she is and with good reason. Nicole adds that there is something she wants to tell Holly that she didn’t want to say in front of EJ. Nicole then declares that her baby is alive.

EJ answers the door at the DiMera Mansion to see Sloan.

Steve asks Konstantin again why he waited until now to speak up if he knew the mobsters took Sarah’s baby. Konstantin claims that he didn’t put it together until today, but now he wonders if they were watching him all along or if they followed him to wait for an opening and then jumped at the opportunity. Konstantin tells Maggie that he’s sorry for putting her family in danger.

Theresa tells Alex that she doesn’t mean to put him on the spot, but they haven’t really defined what they had. Theresa says they slept together in Greece because he felt sorry for her but Alex insists that was not pity sex. Theresa says that afterwards, they agreed to step back and take things slow. Alex notes that is what Theresa said she wanted. Theresa points out that they are living together now and even with separate bedrooms, people that are taking it slow don’t really share a bathroom. Theresa asks Alex where they go from here. Alex asks if there is some place she’s hoping to go. Theresa points out that they went on one date already and asks how he feels about another date or if the situation is too messy for him.

Eric opens Marlena’s present which is baby shoes. Marlena brings up Nicole’s baby and doesn’t know how she lives with the pain. Eric acknowledges that she had high hopes. Marlena says she thought about stopping in on her and EJ but thought about giving them more time. Marlena asks if Eric has seen Nicole. Eric confirms he ran in to her today. Marlena asks how she seemed. Eric responds that she was grieving, but when she held his baby, she was convinced that he was her baby.

Holly questions how Nicole’s baby could be alive and what makes her think that. Nicole explains that Eric and Sloan adopted a newborn baby boy today and she ran in to Eric at the Pub today. Nicole says she asked to hold him and that’s when she knew he was her baby. Nicole adds that Eric and EJ didn’t believe her and she knows how it sounds, but insists that it’s the truth that the baby that Eric and Sloan adopted is the baby that she gave birth to. Nicole declares that he is her baby boy.

EJ asks what the hell Sloan wants. Sloan says she came to offer her condolences for the loss of his child first. EJ thanks her and asks what is second. Sloan responds that she came on behalf of her client, Leo Stark, and says EJ has to drop the murder charges against him because he’s not responsible for the death of his son. EJ asks if Leo isn’t responsible, then who is?

Konstantin tells Maggie that he has deep regret about bringing criminals to her doorstep but assures that he was never in cahoots with them. Steve calls it quite a story. Maggie says it’s quite troubling but she thanks Konstantin for being honest. Konstantin apologizes to Steve for not coming to him and John earlier. Steve warns that he’s just lucky that Victoria is safe. Steve tells Maggie that he’s going to head home as Kayla is finishing up her shift at the hospital and he’d like to spend the rest of the holiday with his wife. Maggie wishes them a happy Thanksgiving and thanks Steve for his help. Steve then exits the mansion.

Alex says he can’t deny that their situation is complicated. Theresa asks if that means he wants to keep the romance out of it and just be roommates and co-workers. Alex says he didn’t say that but they have a lot working against them as he has family members that aren’t thrilled about them being together. Theresa thought he didn’t care about what Xander said. Alex notes that Xander isn’t the only one that warned him about her as Brady pretty much told him that he’d be risking everything by letting her in to his life and his company. Theresa admits that she and Brady have a very long history and most of it is bad. Alex is sure that Brady has his own agenda. Alex says the bottom line is that Brady is not scaring him off, because he doesn’t scare that easily. Theresa says she’s noticed that about him and it makes her very happy because she’s trying to accept the roommate living situation thing they have going but admits it’s kind of killing her. Alex asks how so. Theresa declares that she’s so in to Alex and it keeps her up at night as she can’t wait to see him in the morning. Theresa states that being this close to him makes it so hard to pretend that she doesn’t want to rip off his clothes. Alex then kisses Theresa. Alex suggests they take it to the bedroom as they continue kissing.

Marlena tells Eric that it’s not too surprising that Nicole would believe his baby was her baby as the grief can be overwhelming and rather than trying to cope, she’s subconsciously trying to deny it. Eric says it’s just uncomfortable and sad as Nicole wouldn’t even give the baby back until EJ came out of the Pub and convinced her to. Marlena asks if she accepted it then. Eric says she seemed to, but he’s just not sure. Eric talks about how Nicole looked back at the baby as she walked away, as if she wasn’t letting go of him.

Sloan understands EJ needs to blame someone for the death of his son. EJ blames Leo for causing the car accident with Dimitri. Sloan argues that Leo is not at fault for that and the baby was alive when he arrived at the hospital so he did not die during a crime. EJ says if Sloan is so hellbent on saving Leo, then she should produce the driver of the car, Dimitri. EJ declares that if she can’t, he will see her in court. EJ tells Sloan to show herself out and heads back in to the living room. Sloan follows him to stop him. EJ questions what the hell she is doing. Sloan responds that she just wanted to talk to him more. EJ threatens to throw her out but Nicole stops him. Sloan greets Nicole but Nicole then questions why Sloan took her baby. Nicole demands an answer as to why she took his little boy. EJ tells her that they talked about this. Sloan says she heard from Eric. Nicole asks if he said she was crazy. Sloan says she’s truly sorry for her loss, but their son is not her son. Nicole questions who gave the baby to her and how she got him. EJ declares that it’s time for Sloan to leave but Nicole argues that she needs answers. EJ says not tonight. Nicole pleads with him. Sloan tells Nicole to listen to EJ and put an end to this for everybody’s sake. Holly tries to stop Nicole as Sloan exits. Nicole cries that she needs to know why Sloan and Eric have her baby.

Konstantin tells Maggie that he’s so sorry and feels that he has ruined her holidays. Maggie calls it very troubling. Konstantin says he doesn’t blame Steve for being suspicious of him as he’s sure it serves him well in his profession. Konstantin adds that Maggie is very lucky to have a friend so protective of her. Konstantin admits Steve is correct that it was his fault that her granddaughter was in danger. Maggie questions those people making Konstantin’s life hell for years, but she doesn’t condone his involvement with them and won’t tolerate having her family’s safety threatened in any way. Maggie declares that she needs Konstantin to leave now.

Alex and Theresa continue kissing and start to undress. Theresa mentions that she has her clothes all over her floor and bed so suggests going to Alex’s room, but Alex admits he hasn’t changed his sheets since they moved in. Theresa refuses to get naked in there then, so they decide on the couch and continue kissing.

Marlena tells Eric that she’s sorry that he had an uncomfortable moment with Nicole. Eric states that she doesn’t deserve any of this and he just feels blessed to be a dad while he can’t imagine losing him. Marlena tells Eric that she’s so happy for him as he’s waited so long for this. Marlena decides she should get going and reminds Eric to name the baby. Eric says they will work on that and adds that they are planning a christening. Marlena says she’s looking forward to it and tells Eric not to worry too much about Nicole as she’ll figure a way through this. Eric thanks Marlena as she then exits.

Nicole questions why EJ let Sloan leave without going after her. EJ understands how upsetting it must have been to see Eric out with his son today. Nicole argues that it was their son and she needs to get him back from Sloan. EJ tells her that going after Sloan will just make her angry and sadder. EJ says they will discuss this further when she calms down. EJ tells Nicole that he loves her and that they will figure this out together. Nicole cries that she just wants her baby back as EJ hugs her.

Alex and Theresa lay on the couch after having sex. Theresa says who needs a bed while Alex agrees that sheets just get in the way. Theresa calls the couch enjoyable while Alex jokes that the floor wasn’t too bad either. Alex assures her that it was not pity sex. Theresa thanks him and suggests maybe they have dinner first next time, assuming there will be a next time. Alex assures there will be. Theresa jokes that maybe next time they can even try a bed as they continue kissing.

Konstantin questions Maggie wanting him to leave. Maggie is sure he will understand that the safety of her family will always be her first priority. Konstantin says he understands and respects that, but he doesn’t know where to go. Maggie suggests the Salem Inn for tonight until he books his flight back to Greece. Konstantin says he can’t afford to. Maggie gets that money is obviously an issue for him and since his debt was incurred because of her husband, she will pay off his debt to Victor. Konstantin says he can’t let that happen but Maggie insists. Maggie believes he’s a good man, who got involved in a very bad and dangerous situation. Maggie repeats that she doesn’t condone him borrowing money from a criminal because he was desperate. Maggie says she’s not judging him but she can’t have that danger around her family. Maggie agrees to give him enough to pay for his night at the Salem Inn and then she will cover his flight back to Greece. Maggie says she’s sorry it came to this. Konstantin says he’s heartbroken as he cares for her and her friendship is a blessing to him, but he understands she’s keeping her family safe and he will respect her wishes. Maggie decides she will pay off the criminals that harassed him and then maybe, he can get his life back. Konstantin thanks her for all that she has done and says her kindness and support means more than she’ll ever know. Konstantin goes to pack his things.

Steve walks through the town square and calls John. Steve knows they said no calls on the holidays but he didn’t think this could wait. Steve informs John that he just came from Maggie’s and he’ll never guess what Konstantin is claiming now. Steve reveals that Konstantin said Sarah’s baby being kidnapped was because of Greek mobsters that he owed money to and Maggie believed him. Steve thinks they need to step up their investigation and get Konstantin out of Maggie’s life before she gets in any deeper.

Sloan goes to see Dimitri at the motel. Dimitri complains that it took her long enough and asks if she talked to EJ. Sloan confirms that she did and claims the charges against Leo will be dropped in the morning. Dimitri tells her good work and that he knew she could do it.

EJ brings Nicole a glass of water and asks how she’s feeling. Nicole responds that she’s better now thanks to him. Nicole apologizes for earlier. EJ says there’s no need to apologize. Nicole knows EJ doesn’t think it’s possible that Sloan’s baby could be their baby. EJ understands that she does, so he’s not going to try to convince her otherwise. EJ calls it one of the longest days of his life and he’s sure she feels the same. EJ points out that it’s still Thanksgiving and they have a lot to be grateful for. EJ feels things will look a lot different in the morning. Nicole hopes so as she feels so bad for falling apart in front of Holly since she looked so worried. Nicole asks if EJ knows where Holly went.

Holly goes to see Eric, who calls it a nice surprise and wishes her a happy Thanksgiving. Eric asks if something is wrong and if her mom is okay. Holly responds that she was just with her and she still believes his baby is her baby, so that’s why she is here. Holly had an idea that maybe would put Nicole’s mind at ease. Holly asks if Eric would be willing to perform a DNA test on her baby. Holly assures that she knows the baby isn’t Nicole’s, but thought maybe if they could prove it to Nicole then she’ll have to let it go. Holly knows it will be hard for Nicole to face the truth but at least she would know for sure that the baby is not her baby.

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