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Alex is working out at home as Theresa walks in. Alex apologizes if he disturbed her but she says he’s not at all.

Chad and Stephanie eat at the Brady Pub. Chad comments on her not eating much but Stephanie says she’s not that hungry. Chad opens his tablet and asks if Stephanie saw the crazy editorial that her ex wrote about Leo. Chad comments that he knows Everett is new in town and doesn’t know Leo’s story but figured he would’ve asked questions before writing something like this, questioning what kind of idiot would come up with the idea of making Leo Stark a folk hero. Stephanie then reveals it was her idea.

Everett goes over his article on Leo for the Spectator while at the office with Xander. Xander calls Sarah and asks how Maggie is doing today. Sarah responds that she’s much better. Xander is glad but assumes that means they are moving forward with the custody hearing with no more postponements which Sarah confirms. Sarah then questions why he’s really calling and if he considered what she said yesterday about his flawed legal strategy. Sarah asks if Xander is waving the white flag or if he’s actually reckless enough to have Eric testify that she’s an unfit parent.

Steve finds Konstantin in the town square. Konstantin mentions picking up breakfast for Maggie. Steve comments on hearing about a big store sale and reveals that he knows Konstantin purchased the tablecloth there and questions why he lied.

Alex tells Theresa that he should hop in the shower, but first asks if she’s thought any more about her offer. Theresa thanks him for giving her the night to think about it. Theresa then tells Alex that she would love to run Bella Magazine again, but their living working situation could get really messy. Alex points out that they are just roommates and friends. Theresa remarks that they were friends with benefits. Alex thinks they are mature enough to figure it out and asks if working at Bella will be strange or awkward for her. Theresa assures it won’t be and that she wants the job. Alex then congratulates her on the job and hugs her.

Chad apologizes to Stephanie for calling her an idiot then and questions the article on Leo being her idea. Stephanie says she didn’t suggest the love story angle but calls it brilliant. Chad questions why it would be a good idea to defend Leo of all people. Stephanie questions Chad not knowing and says the majority of Spectator readers loved Leo’s gossip column, so they miss him. Stephanie says the last thing they want readers to do is blame the new editor or lose interest. Stephanie knows Chad is upset not about Leo, but about Everett. Chad asks how he’s supposed to feel when the first thing Everett does after moving to town is hire her to represent him. Chad adds that every time he turns around, Stephanie and Everett are together, reminiscing about the good old days and talking about their relationship problems. Stephanie responds that she doesn’t know what he wants from her. Chad declares that for starters, she could’ve said no to taking Everett on as a client.

Everett pulls out his phone and starts to text Stephanie but puts the phone down.

Xander tells Sarah that she can’t honestly believe he’s going to stop fighting for her daughter. Sarah argues that she thought he’d want to save face rather than risk being humiliated because Eric is a hostile witness, who is more likely to say something bad about Xander than her. Sarah adds that Xander’s argument that she’s a bad parent because she lied about her baby to Eric is the height of hypocrisy when Xander was part of that lie. Xander brings up Sarah lying to him about his baby being the whole start of this. Sarah says none of that matters now. Xander says it matters to him and says she wasn’t being reasonable. Sarah responds that she doesn’t want him in her life or Victoria’s. Xander guesses he will see her in court then and hangs up. Sarah tosses her phone as Maggie walks in and guesses it was Xander. Sarah complains that Xander is impossible for going ahead with this sham of a custody hearing. Maggie asks what she can do. Sarah asks her to watch Victoria for her since she got called in for an early shift at the hospital and then she has to go to court. Maggie assures that she would be delighted to watch her granddaughter. Sarah hopes Maggie didn’t have plans. Maggie says she was going to go Christmas shopping but she can do that anytime and hopefully with Sarah and Victoria. Maggie adds that she could also use some help in getting something for Konstantin. Sarah questions if Konstantin is planning to stay through Christmas.

Konstantin asks Steve what he’s lying about. Steve explains that Konstantin gave Maggie a tablecloth that he claimed came from Victor and that he had it flown in from Greece, but he found the price tag, proving that he lied. Konstantin then admits that he lied so Steve questions why. Konstantin claims that Maggie was having a terrible day, missing Victor, so he wanted to lift her spirits. Konstantin adds that it was too late to have something shipped from Greece by the time he found out about their anniversary, so he admits to telling a white lie. Konstantin says he didn’t feel good about it but after seeing how excited Maggie was when she saw the tablecloth, it was all worth it. Konstantin asks Steve not to tell Maggie. Steve agrees not to because he doesn’t want to upset her but warns that it better not be a pattern of hurting her. Konstantin assures that he would never because Victor was so important to him and so is his widow. Konstantin adds that Maggie is very lucky to have friends like Steve as he then walks away.

Xander tells Everett that he saw he turned off comments on his Leo Stark article, but congratulates him on views skyrocketing in the last 24 hours. Xander says he apparently made the right decision in hiring him. Xander talks about Everett following his ex to a new town and taking this job. Everett notes that he was in a coma for a year and says he’s happy to have a job. Xander brings up finding out that their long term viability is in question. Everett admits he was surprised to learn about the paper’s recent financial woes, but he’s glad he had the good sense to hire the best PR firm in town as Stephanie really delivered big time.

Stephanie questions Chad telling her that she should’ve turned down a potentially lucrative client because he doesn’t like that they used to date. Chad says she can do whatever she wants but he thinks that there are other PR firms that Everett could’ve hired and a thousand other towns he could’ve moved to, so he questions not thinking there is an ulterior motive. Stephanie remarks that it couldn’t possibly be about the quality of her work. Chad says he knows she’s the best. Stephanie responds that Everett knows it too and he’s comfortable with her, but obviously Chad is uncomfortable working on this project so she’s happy to keep their projects separate. Stephanie accuses Chad of being jealous. Chad feels that’s what Stephanie wants and that she’s using Everett to pressure him in to making a commitment. Stephanie argues that he doesn’t know her at all then because he’s dead wrong. Stephanie doesn’t want someone who has to have their hand forced and wants someone who loves her. Chad responds that he does love her but decides to end the conversation before saying something he regrets. Chad tells her to enjoy her breakfast and exits the Pub.

Theresa asks Alex when she can start. Alex says he just has to call the board. Theresa talks about being ready and having so many ideas. Theresa tells Alex that it feels so good to know that someone finally believes in her again.

Steve goes to see John, who shows him the family tree gift he got from the kids for his anniversary. John says it’s so nice after not knowing his past to now be able to look at the family tree and reflect on everything he and Marlena have built. Steve says he has a lot to be proud of. John says Steve does too and suggests they take their wives out this weekend as things are kind of quiet on the Black Patch front. Steve says it’s funny he mentions that because he thinks they need to investigate Maggie’s new friend.

Maggie tells Sarah that she doesn’t know what Konstantin’s plans are for the holidays but he’s welcome to stay and talks about how he’s gotten her so many gifts since he arrived. Maggie tells Sarah about the tablecloth that Konstantin said he had shipped from Greece which Sarah calls very kind of him. Maggie says that’s why she wants to repay his kindness. Konstantin comes to the mansion and listens from outside the room as Sarah remarks that letting Konstantin stay here is pretty generous. Maggie then asks Sarah if she has a problem with Konstantin. Sarah says no but points out that Maggie just lost Victor and is getting awfully close to Konstantin and she thinks it’s a little too fast. Konstantin continues listening in as Maggie questions where this is coming from. Sarah talks about Konstantin being a stranger before Victor died and now he’s living with them. Sarah says it’s great that he brought her comfort but he has a life to get back to in Greece. Sarah adds that Konstantin is showering Maggie with gifts. Maggie asks what’s wrong with that. Sarah is starting to feel like maybe he wants something in return from her. Maggie questions if she thinks Konstantin is trying to get her in bed. Sarah says it’s not that. Maggie appreciates her concern but says Konstantin is not a stranger since Victor grew up with him and out of respect for Victor, she will extend the hospitality that Victor would want for his friend. Sarah talks about how Victor was savvy and careful with his friends and warns that maybe Maggie should be too. Maggie tells Sarah to mind her own business.

Steve tells John about busting Konstantin about lying over the tablecloth. Steve talks about how Victor died, Maggie inherited half of the estate, and suddenly this guy that they’ve barely heard of shows up and makes himself indispensable to Maggie. John asks if Steve thinks he’s just after Maggie’s money. Steve feels it sounds like a headline to him.

Everett goes to the Brady Pub and runs in to Stephanie. Everett says he was going to text her but it’s better to say in person. She asks if something’s wrong. Everett says no and thanks her because Xander was thrilled with the editorial. Everett tells her that her strategy was brilliant. Stephanie remarks that she’s glad someone thinks so.

Chad goes to the Spectator office. Xander asks if there’s something he can help him with. Chad asks if his new editor-in-chief is around. Xander tells him that Everett just went out for a coffee. Chad says that’s good because he hoped to speak to Xander alone. Xander asks what this is about. Chad then asks how Xander would like to sell him his half of the Spectator.

Theresa calls her mom Kimberly and informs her that she’s going to be running Bella Magazine again as Alex Kiriakis put her in charge because he knows she did a really good job. Theresa tells her that they are not sleeping together but they are roommates and he’s her boss. Theresa acknowledges that Alex is quite attractive and admits she likes him a lot. Theresa then hangs up as Konstantin arrives at the door. Theresa questions what the hell he’s doing here as he barely missed Alex. Konstantin assures that he waited until he saw Alex leave and tells her not to worry because this will be his last visit which she questions. Konstantin declares that he was thinking about telling Alex that he’s not Victor’s son and that Theresa has been lying to him all this time.

Everett asks Stephanie what idiot could possibly find an issue with her PR strategy. Stephanie says she doesn’t want to debate who is and isn’t an idiot. Everett assumes it’s Chad that took issue with the editorial. Stephanie explains that it’s personal for him because he has a long and sordid history with Leo Stark. Everett asks if Chad can’t bear to read anything nice about Leo. Stephanie admits she wasn’t a huge fan of Leo but a large part of the readers loved him. Everett asks what Chad’s problem is then since he works for her firm and should know that part of the job is putting personal feelings aside to do what’s best for the client, the company, and more importantly for Stephanie.

Xander questions Chad wanting to buy him out of his interest in the Spectator and asks why. Chad says that the Spectator was Jack and Jennifer’s baby and was important to Abigail. Chad says it would’ve been Abigail’s and some day would’ve been their children’s. Chad adds that keeping it in the family would be nice and that the Hortons and Deverauxs are not thrilled with the direction the paper is taking. Xander points out that Gwen and Leo are gone now, so he’s determined to restore dignity to the paper. Chad didn’t think so based on the editorial he read this morning. Xander says that was meant to be provocative and that he told Everett to make this a place for real journalism. Xander hopes that if he did sell to Chad, he would keep Everett on. Chad asks why that would matter to him. Xander states that he promised to give Everett a fair shake. Chad questions Xander always being a man of his word. Xander thinks Chad doesn’t care about the paper or Abigail’s legacy, but that he wants to get rid of Everett because he hired his girlfriend and he doesn’t like it.

Sarah tells Maggie that she didn’t mean to overstep and she was just trying to be helpful, bringing up when Maggie gave her unsolicited advice about Xander. Maggie acknowledges that Sarah often did the opposite and now they are going head to head in court. Maggie says she has learned to let Sarah make her own decisions and tells Sarah to let her make up her own mind about Konstantin.

John tells Steve that as devil’s advocate, they are private investigators so they see the worst in humanity all day. John suggests maybe Konstantin is just fond of Maggie. Steve responds that he’s fond of Maggie too but he didn’t abandon his life and move in with her. John points out that Konstantin did help out Alex and Brady in Greece. Steve questions John giving Konstantin the benefit of the doubt when he’s never met him. John brings up Konstantin being fond of Victor for loaning him the money for his restaurant. Steve argues that they’ve only heard that story from Konstantin and they know the shady dealings that Victor had over the years. John agrees that they only have Konstantin’s word and admits that it would be nice if they could hear it from Victor, then suggests maybe they can.

Theresa questions why the hell Konstantin would tell Alex the truth when this is his plan too and asks if he doesn’t want his inheritance. Konstantin argues that he’s not a young man so by the time she gets with Alex, he could be as dead as Victor. Theresa questions why he would want to expose the truth to the world, pointing out that they would wind up with nothing. Konstantin argues that she will be with nothing, but he will have Maggie’s half of the Kiriakis fortune.

Alex goes to the Brady Pub and runs in to Stephanie. Alex notes that he hasn’t seen her in forever. Stephanie jokes that he’s busy running the world and mentions seeing his new roommate Theresa in the lobby, noting that she’s glad Theresa stuck around Salem. Stephanie then introduces Alex to Everett. Everett acknowledges Alex as the long lost son of Victor and CEO of Titan. Stephanie notes that Everett is the new editor-in-chief at the Spectator and that he’s new in town. Alex asks how Everett knew that Theresa was Stephanie’s cousin. Stephanie informs Alex that they used to hang out back in Seattle. Everett remarks that it’s one way to put it. Alex then realizes Everett is the guy that Stephanie said ghosted him. Everett jokes that his reputation precedes him.

Chad questions why it matters to Xander why he wants to buy the paper. Chad hands Xander his offer and says it’s way above market value. Xander responds that he cares about more than just money these days as he’s currently in the process of trying to win custody of his daughter. Chad questions him suing Sarah for custody. Xander explains that he feels having a job and a steady income will help him in the eyes of a judge, so he’s not willing to risk that for anything and declines Chad’s offer.

Sarah tells Maggie that she’s right that she can choose who she wants to spend time with and she’s sure that she wouldn’t let herself be taken advantage of. Maggie says certainly not by Konstantin because she knows he’s a good man. Sarah says if she says so and then decides she doesn’t want to argue. Maggie knows this isn’t going to be an easy day for Sarah and that it will painful for her to face Xander in court. Sarah states that it’s what she has to do to keep her daughter safe. Sarah says she should get going and tells Maggie that she loves her. Sarah thanks her for babysitting. Maggie assures they will be fine. Sarah talks about Victoria being a great napper so Maggie will get plenty of peace and quiet.

Theresa tells Konstantin that she knew he was after Maggie’s money. Konstantin remarks that at least one of them is making progress. Theresa says that stops now because she’s not going to let him take advantage of Maggie. Konstantin asks if she’s threatening him. Theresa asks why she wouldn’t threaten him after he came in threatening her. Theresa adds that Maggie has been very good to her and was a friend to her when she had a drug problem, so she’s practically family. Konstantin complains that he’s merely being kind to a lonely widow. Theresa argues that Maggie is still grieving Victor as they were madly in love. Konstantin assures that he’s very aware. Theresa argues that he thinks she’s taking too long with Alex but it might be years before Maggie is ready to move on. Konstantin is not so sure and says they’ve been growing quite close, but notes that he heard Sarah trying to turn Maggie against him as she suspects he’s up to something. Konstantin says that’s where Theresa comes in because he knows what he needs to do to earn Sarah’s trust and keep Maggie’s. Konstantin declares that Theresa is going to help him if she doesn’t want him to tell Alex everything.

Maggie watches over baby Victoria. Konstantin comes in with flowers and says he loves to see her smile. Maggie comments that he always knows the right kind of flowers to bring her but says it’s too much. Maggie mentions that she was talking to Sarah about all the gifts he gave her already and says she cannot accept the flowers. Konstantin then says the flowers aren’t for her, but for Victor, as he thought she might want to go visit with him in the mausoleum since she was so busy yesterday. Maggie mentions that Henderson is off today and she is babysitting. Konstantin offers to look after the baby while Maggie is out there. Maggie feels that’s a lot to ask. Konstantin says he’s no expert but points out that Victoria is sound asleep and Maggie will be nearby if they need anything, though he doubts they will.

Steve asks John what the plan is and if he’s going to hire Susan Banks to try to get answers out of Victor’s ghost. John brings up the last time Steve was in Greece and how he dug up all sorts of things about Victor’s life that they never knew. John suggests they do more digging, ask some friends and do research on Konstantin. Steve asks if he wants to go to Greece to investigate Konstantin. John asks why not get the full story.

Everett tells Alex about his coma. Alex tells him it was great to meet him and he has to get to the office. Alex then jokes with Everett that he knows from experience that Chad doesn’t like Stephanie spending time with her ex. Alex then exits. Everett questions that experience so Stephanie informs him that before she got with Chad, she dated Alex. Everett jokes that Stephanie really gets around.

Chad walks through the town square and makes a phone call, saying he knows he’s the last person he expected to hear from, but he needs their help.

Xander finds Sarah at the hospital and says he knows what she’s up to as he questions what she’s trying to pull now.

Theresa sneaks in to the Kiriakis Mansion to join Konstantin in the living room. Theresa doesn’t think this is a good idea but Konstantin doesn’t care. Konstantin tells Theresa that she made her bed and now she knows what she has to do. Konstantin then instructs Theresa to take baby Victoria.

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