Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week of 10-30-23

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Marlena from DOOL


Marlena obviously doesn’t have an assistant because people always walk in her office without warning.

EJ shouldn’t be surprised by anything Stefan and Gabi do anymore. They schemed so they could have the company’s shares for the longest time. He should know they would stoop to any level to get their way.


We know the episode is fantasy based, but someone should have been around to keep the zombies away from the people at the hospital.

Chad said he didn’t have anything of Abby’s to use for the potion. Stephanie managed to get Abby’s ring. How did Stephanie get the ring, but Chad didn’t have it?


Tate wasn’t sure if Eric knew Holly. Did he forget that Eric used to be married to Nicole?


Belle talked to Eric about what’s going on with her instead of Marlena. Marlena is a therapist so she was the best person to talk to about her situation.

Nicole didn’t hear what Holly said. She heard her talking so she should have heard what she said.

Eric suddenly wanted to be with Nicole now that she’s marrying EJ. He suddenly would have gotten back together with her.


Eric suddenly wanted to marry Sloan after finding out Nicole got married.


Eric from DOOL

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