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Let the you know what, katrina? You can go ahead and can go. We can finish this tomorrow. Have a good night.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Hello, carly. Hey, alexis. I’m sorry for calling so late. I just was wondering if you heard anything about drew’s case. I’m afraid all I’ve heard is silence from judge kim’s office. But I promise you, as soon as I hear something, I’ll let you know. Thank you. I’ll keep pushing, carly. I know you will. Alright. Have a good night. You too. Hey. Carly: Hey! Sam! What are you doing here? Did scout forget something? No, no. She had an amazing time. Dante’s with her and rocco. Okay. I just wanted to come and check on my friend. Molly! Hi! Hello, my darling. How are you? I’m good. Hm. I’m sorry I’m late, honey. Oh, five minutes is not late, mom. And the food just got here. I didn’t want to keep you and tj waiting. Tj isn’t here. Halloween’s always busy at the E.R., So he probably won’t be home till early morning. Aww. Poor baby. Well, you know he loves being a doctor. I know that he loves my daughter. Andrea was gonna join us, but she said she’s exhausted after trick-or-treating with her son, so she had to cancel. You know, I am really glad that you have such a cordial relationship with your surrogate. Me too. Tj and I were really lucky to find her. I think that baby will be very lucky to have you and tj as parents. You hungry, mom? I’m always hungry. I will go unpack the food. Alright.

[ Knock on door ]I’ll get it. What are you doing here? I like your costume, sweetheart. Mom. What are you doing here? I came to see wiley. And I came to warn you. Warn me. About what? You can’T. You just can’t, willow.

[ Mouthing words ]

[ Mouthing words ]

[ Gasps ] Hey. Willow. You okay? You — you having a bad dream? Voil. Ohh! Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Ace asleep? Yep. And his mother, too. Esme is down for the night this early? Ace is teething. He kept her up all night. She’s exhausted. Well, she seemed fine when she was trotting him around in his costume. Ohh. Wasn’t he so cute? Yeah. He was just a little bit cranky.

[ Laughs ] Spencer’s out with trina? Yeah. And charlotte should be out trick-or-treating by now. Thanks for the ride, mr. Cassadine. Yeah. Thank you. Valentin: Not so fast. Stay right where you are.

[ Ominous music plays ] This has to be it. Wait.

[ Gasps ] Of course it was you, you smarmy bastard. What kind of greeting was that, mom? Did you let molly know that you were coming? Yes. When she invited me. I also brought pumpkin ice cream for halloween. -Krissy! -Kristina: Hi! So glad you could make it! Me too. Ohh. Sorry I’m a little late, but I had to get someone to cover for me at charlie’S. Here I am. And I heard you brought pumpkin ice cream. I did, yes. Blaze turned me on to this new place. It’s so good. It’s totally organic. And it has amazing new flavors. I can’t wait to try it. I bet even mom will like it. Well, mom likes everything. Alright, alright! Time-out. Someone gonna tell me what I’m missing? I hope you don’t mind me dropping by like this. No. A-as long as you’re okay with helping me clean.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. What can I do? Perfect. Oh. Crayon duty. Got it. Thank you. Yes. So, um, I just spoke to your mom. You did? Did she have any news about drew? No. That’s why I called her, you know, to see if she had an update. Because I’m just — I just couldn’t help myself, you know? Well, I’m sure she doesn’t mind, but my mom did tell me about judge kim’s record of giving overly harsh sentences if he thinks it’s gonna help him out politically. Can you believe judges are still doing that? No. I know. But she will see to it that she makes him answer some really tough questions if he doesn’t reconsider drew’s sentence. Yeah, I know she will. Um, I just — the waiting is driving me crazy. Yeah, I know. Scout did have an amazing time, but having her dad home would change her life. Would change a lot of lives. Have you told scout what’s going on? No. No, no. I don’t want to get her hopes up in case it doesn’t happen. That’s smart. I keep telling myself the same thing. “Don’t get your hopes up, carly.” But, man. It’s so hard. Where’s wiley? I carried him to bed. He didn’t even wake up. Wha–

[ Sighs ] I-I’m so sorry. Willow, you have nothing to be sorry about. Looks like you had a bad dream. Do you remember what it was about? Yes. I had that dream about harmony again. It’s good that charlotte’s out doing something with kids her age. Yeah, I know. I’m just worried because she’s obviously troubled right now, so… she had her first session with you today. By the way, thank you so much for fitting her in your schedule. It’s a good first step. Yeah. Is there anything you can tell me? Well, I can’t share what she confided… because she never opened up to me. Really? Nothing? She was pleasant, articulate, and gave nothing away. The only real moment in the session happened when she began to talk about being protective of her father. Okay. You all have your cellphones fully charged. How about flashlights? -In my pocket. -Yes, sir. You’ve got your candy bags there. -Papa, please. -I’m almost done. One more time. What’s the route? Together: Harbor vista to prince street to elmhurst way and then back. You’re gonna be back here at exactly what time? Children: 9:00. Good. Everyone stay together. No one goes out on their own. Yes, sir. Your parents are counting on me to keep you safe. Don’t make me look like a jerk. I’m helping you out. Your father sufficiently embarrass you tonight? You did. Good. It’s my job. And to keep you safe and make sure you have a good time. Thank you, pa. This night means a lot to me. It means a lot to me, too. Have fun. -Let’s go. -Hey. Wait a minute. So, what made you change your mind about dressing as the hermit? You don’t like my rah-rah costume? Kind of surprised you do. I don’t, but I couldn’t get the other costume ready in time. Maybe I’ll dress as the hermit next year. Jake, charlotte, let’s go! I knew it.

[ Line ringing ] Happy halloweenie, annie. Where are you? Uh, out tricking and treating with the rest of the kids. No. Really. Where are you? I’m still in the office. Okay. Stay there. I’m coming over. Wait. What’s this all about? No, this is something that you need to see for yourself. Okay. Di I was watching you with nina earlier. And? And you were very gracious to her. Yeah. She’s lucky she wasn’t bobbing for apples. Well, you’re really good at hiding your animosity. Well, it’s exhausting. You know? Yeah, I get that. And fanning the flames of my hatred for nina, you know, it doesn’t help anything. And… she’s willow’s mother and wiley’s grandmother, so… and sonny’s wife. Yeah. And there’s that. Dante says that sonny seems pretty happy. Good. I want him to be happy. And he wants you to be happy, too. I know. I know that. And, you know, nina has been on her best behavior around the kids and with sonny. But you don’t think she’s changed. No. I don’t at all. And look — for a long time, willow didn’t want any relationship with nina. And now, clearly, that’s changed. So if willow’s happy, I’m happy. But what about michael? So much candy. Willow. Look. Was it the same dream or was it different this time? I was outside — at kelly’s at the halloween party. Everyone else was inside. And suddenly harmony was there. It seemed almost normal. Did she talk to you? Yes. I-I asked her why she was there, and she said the same thing as before. She said she has to warn me. But once she goes on, her lips move, but there’s no sound. So you still haven’t heard an actual warning. But I think I know what harmony is trying to tell me. Did she miss something? I don’t know. She opened up the door. I came in with my pumpkin ice cream. I came over, said it sounded really good, and here we are. Yeah, I think you’re caught up to date, mom. Funny. You two were hugging each other. Is that against the rules? You know what I’m saying. The last I knew, you two weren’t speaking to each other. Now you’re acting like nothing happened at all and you’re playing that little game like “let’s make mom think she’s crazy.” Oh, I love that game! It’s the best! Yeah. Spill it.

[ Inhales sharply ] After you told us how disappointed in us you were and how you would do anything to have your sister back in your life, we both really took it to heart. We got together and ironed things out. Well, it was really more of a hammering things out if we’re gonna be accurate. Well, sometimes it takes a hammer to get through with you. Well, you weren’t so easy yourself, sis. You know what? I don’t really need to know what happened. I don’t need to know the details. Mom, it’s you. You always need the details. Yeah. Yeah, well, I don’t need to know. I see you two have made up and you’re both very happy. And I’m very happy that you’re happy. We’re all happy. And I’m very proud of you. Okay. Can we eat now? Please. Yeah.

[ Laughter ] She actually said she’s proud. Of both of us. I mean, that’s got to be a first. I guess hammering it out was worth it. It definitely was. I’m gonna need my big sister when this baby comes. You’ve got me. Always. Valentin was badly injured not that long ago. And charlotte is emotionally and physically dependent on her father. Yeah, but she also has us, a-and she has sam and dante. Well, she lived with sam and dante for a month, maybe two. Before that, she lived with us for a few months. But if you take into context her entire life as she remembers it, the one constant is valentin. In other words, protecting her father is like protecting herself. Okay, so if protecting her father is like protecting herself, how does that translate into her breaking into anna’s hotel room and vandalizing it or burning down anna’s home? If it was really charlotte who did that. What’s with the apples? I hate apples! Me too. Some guy gave me money. Yeah. Me too. That’s why I like going later. People run out of candy and feel guilty, and then they give out cash. Wait. How much time do we have left? Plenty. I think that going across back and forth each street took too much time. We should just go on one side and back the other way. Yeah. Maybe we should split up sides of the street. That way, we can tell each other which houses are a waste of time and which houses to hit. Good idea. I’m not just accomplished. I’m just saying that that year I took you trick-or-treating was my favorite. Because you made us dress up as supreme court justices! Because there were two women on the court that year. That was the first time. I had to wear those big glasses that kept slipping because I was ruth bader ginsburg. You were shorter. Oh. But those little gavels did come in handy when we were knocking from door to door. True. And our costumes were unique that year. Yeah. You know, deep down I must have really loved that costume because I wore the same costume just a few years ago. Mom. Yeah? Be honest. Was that the last time you were proud of us? I’m proud of you both all the time. When you’re not annoying me. I’m proud of all three of my girls. Just wait till she gets ahold of your little girl on her first halloween. Or a little boy. Hm. Are you kidding me? It’s the davis family. It has to be a girl. Mm. That’s a good point. Probably true. I think michael’s just trying to do what’s best for his family, you know? That’s true. But I just don’t think michael is as open to nina as willow and the kids are. Uh, well, maybe he’s just not as good at covering his feelings as his mother.

[ Chuckles ] Um, but michael was sonny’s best man at his wedding, right? Yeah. I think he did that because sonny asked him to. You know? So you still think michael is wary of nina? Well, I think “wary” is an understatement, sam. The woman let us all believe sonny was dead when she knew damn well that he was alive, so I think the real question is, why would michael or any of us ever trust her? Yeah, t-that’s true. I’m just glad that michael and sonny are close again. So am I. Dante didn’t think they would ever be able to reconcile. Me either. I mean, they’re both stubborn, stubborn men. And after sonny fell in love with nina, I… michael couldn’t accept it. No. It was really tough on michael. It was tough on all of us, you know. But now? Now life goes on. Whatever happened in puerto rico seemed to have changed everything between michael and sonny. Do you think you know what harmony is warning you about? Not for sure, but I think she’s trying to tell me that someone close to me is lying. What, lying to you? Yes. And she’s afraid that I’ll get hurt. I mean — [ Chuckles ] Harmony’s been lying to you her whole life, so… I know. Maybe that’s what’s getting all jumbled up in your head. That’s what liesl said. She said I should just ignore it. But what if someone is lying to me? Michael: You think you’re

gonna get off that easy

for what you did

to my mom and drew.

Do you think willow

will understand?

Do you know what drew means

to her? He saved her life!

Drew saved

your daughter’s life, and you got him sent to prison.

Oh, no, no. He’s only there

because of you, nina.

He was beaten so badly

that he almost died.

You think willow’s

gonna forgive you for that?! Michael. What? Do you think maybe I’m just nervous about how well things are going with nina? Even if charlotte didn’t burn down anna’s house, knowing what she has done, she’s clearly in crisis. Yes, I know. That’s why I’m just so grateful that she’s seeing you. I mean, she’s gonna come back, right? She’s gonna see you on an ongoing basis? That seems to be valentin’s intention anyway. Oh, good.

[ Telephone rings ] Oh. It’s valentin. Hello? Valentin? Is everything okay? Yeah. I’m just checking in like I said I would. Oh, yes, of course. You did tell me that. Uh, is charlotte having a good time? She is. She’s trick-or-treating with danny and jake and georgie. Oh, good. Good. I’m glad she’s spending time with them. It’ll be good for her to be with her friends right now. She really needed this, laura. Yes, I know she did. Please tell her that I love her. And thank you for checking in with me. Um, have a good night. Bye. Jake: Charlotte? How did we lose her? No clue. Charlotte?! Come on, charlotte! Not funny! Charlotte?! She found it. The feeling of finding the psoriasis treatment she’s been looking for. Sotyktu okay, so, have you and tj come up with any possible baby names? I think it’s a little early to be talking about baby names. -Tj and I said the same thing. -Good. But then we realized we were talking about the most mundane things possible not to talk about the baby all the time. It’s almost impossible not to obsess about the first baby. Why don’t you just talk about the baby? We kind of do now. Mmm! And it’s all I can think about! Ooh. Uh-oh. Oh, is that what I think it is?

[ Gasps ] Book of baby names! Ooh! Here we go. Be nice. Wha– I’m always nice. Mostly. Okay. So we’re both thinking… albert. Albert? For a baby? Wait. You like albert? I think albert is perfect. I think any name that they come up with is perfect because it’s their baby to name. Okay. Well, I wasn’t even really that crazy about albert… thank god. …Even though it’s a good name. Ooh. We were thinking ferris. Hah! As in… “bueller? Bueller?” Stop. “Bueller? Bueller?” Stop. Stop. Stop it. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Maybe that’s a bad idea. Alright. How about girls’ names? We’re thinking something classic. Okay. Like athena. Ohh. Oh. Why not name her madea? Oh! Very funny. How about we just look at this book together quietly and keep our opinions to ourselves? That’ll be the day. You’re one to talk. Girls! Mom, come on. We are your daughters. It is impossible for us to keep our opinions to ourselves. Well said, sis. Thank you. Touché. Mm. [ Chuckles ] -Let’s skip to — ooh. -Oh. I bet you didn’t expect to be helping me take out the trash when you offered to come check on a friend. No, but I’ll scrub some pots and pans if you need me to. No. No, no, no. I already did all that. But next time.

[ Chuckles ] Perfect. Wow. I bet you if I would have told you all those years ago that we would have a night like this…

[ Both laugh ] I would have said, like, in a million years, I don’t think we would have ever been able to be civil to each other. Wow. We’ve come a long way. I’m glad we have. Me too. But if scout and rocco are on the same sugar rush that my kids used to get on when they were… oh, on halloween night, um, you better go help dante. Well, I’m sure dante has downed most of that candy by now. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for coming to check on me. I didn’t realize how much I needed the distraction. Of course. And you know you can call me, text me, drop by anytime. And don’t give up. Because my mom never will. I know. Ve up. Because my mom never will. I know. Happy halloween. Happy halloween.

[ Laughs ] So, things are going well with you and nina? Well, you were there tonight. Maybe it’s just that now we’ve shared some positive experiences? I mean, I know you had a good time at the wedding. We all did. Well, until you got distracted by that business call. Yeah, I’m sorry about that. It was… but since the wedding, nina and I can talk about wiley and amelia, even about taking that trip to montreal. Wait. Did you — did you want to go on that trip with nina to montreal? Yes, I — I kind of did. I know charlotte. She couldn’t do something like this without having, you know, some kind of help. You think she had help from victor. Yeah. Remember when valentin got hurt? It was victor who arranged to have charlotte go to that private school in europe. He had access to her there for over a year. An impressionable year. Yeah. Who knows what kind of lies he filled her head with. Didn’t she say she hardly saw him? But that is exactly what victor would tell her to say. Victor hates anna, so whatever charlotte has done to hurt anna is born out of victor’s own hatred. Why else would charlotte do something like that? Hi. Okay. Why do I need to see? Okay. You recognize any names there? Forsyth. Exactly. This memo is proof of a colossal screw-up. And forsyth was right in the middle of it. It should have killed his career. Yeah, but it didn’T. No. Because someone buried it. Is this memo the only proof you’ve got? No. I was there, robert! And I wrote it all down in my notebook. I know for a fact that he was there. And forsyth has always known that I knew. Danny: Come on! Charlotte! You’re ruining everything! Where is she?! She has to be around here somewhere. -Is that her? -No. We saw that girl before, and, well, charlotte doesn’t have pom-poms. -Charlotte? -That’s not charlotte. She must have gotten ahead of us. Uh, you guys go that way. Text her, georgie. I’ll check this way. Georgie: Okay.

[Coughing] Copd isn’t pretty.

[Coughing] I’m out of breath, and often out of the picture. () But this is my story. () And with once-daily trelegy, it can still be beautiful. () Because with 3 medicines in 1 inhaler, trelegy keeps my airways open for a full 24 hours and prevents future flare-ups. Trelegy also improves lung function, so I can breathe more freely all day and night.

Trelegy won’t replace

a rescue inhaler

for sudden breathing problems.

Tell your doctor if you

have a heart condition

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Do not take trelegy

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swelling, problems urinating, somewhere in that trunk is a long-form copy of the incident. Used to be high upin the intelligence community, and now I-I think he does something with the defense industry. Either way, if any of this came out, he would be fired immediately. Or worse. No wonder I’m being targeted. I mean, he knows for a fact that I witnessed everything that happened. Somewhere in that trunk is a long-form copy of the incident. I took it. Just for insurance. That’s smart. Is it, though? I mean, what good is it doing me? You know, no one could blame me if I — if I took a copy of this to alexis at the invader before forsyth finds out that I’ve got any actual proof. Maybe I should take you home to your place. It’s okay. I don’t need a babysitter. And if anyone is watching me, then everything should seem really normal. You be careful. We know what lengths forsyth’s prepared to go to to keep this quiet. You think that’s why he burned my house down? To destroy any evidence that I might have? Could be. But if he knows you got that trunk, he could come after you. Let him. At least now I’m not fighting the shadows. I know exactly who I’m up against. You guys are back early. Where are jake and charlotte? We couldn’t find charlotte. What do you mean you couldn’t find her? You were supposed to stick together. We were. Weren’t we, georgie? Yeah, a-and when we stopped to check our candy, charlotte just kind of disappeared. -Georgie tried texting her. -Now jake’s gone, too.

[ Knocking ] Charlotte: “Anna devane

is not who she seems.

Do not trust her.” I had no idea you, uh — you really wanted to go on that trip. I mean, I know it’s extravagant, sonny offering to take us to montreal just so wiley can prove to james his grandpa has a private jet.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, my dad will go to extremes to make sure his kids and grandkids are happy. I can see that now. And I think sonny would be disappointed if he couldn’t do it. And I’ve never been to montreal. Going there with sonny and nina and the kids would give us another positive experience we could share. What do you think? This ice cream is really good. Blaze has great taste. Mm. She sure does. So, mom, is there any update on judge kim? Yeah, is that the judge that gave that ridiculous prison sentence to drew? It is. Um, right now there is no actual news. There are rumors flying around at the courthouse that he’s gonna reconsider drew’s sentence, but they’re just rumors. Man. Poor scout. -I saw her the other day. -Yeah? She’s old enough to understand what prison means. She misses drew so much. So does carly. I-I just — I can’t believe that the judge wouldn’t take drew’s family into consideration or his military record. I think the judge wants to be seen as tough on everyone, no exceptions. Sees it as a path to bigger things. Well, that is a shame. Yeah. It is. So we hope for a miracle. Okay. Is it really you? My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love her.S. Learn how abbvie and ironwood could help you save on linzess. I don’t understand. How are you here?! All I know is that they said I was free to go, and I came straight here. Oh, my god. You couldn’t get out of there. Carly, I did. I’m here. We’re together. And I love you so much. I love you, too. Did you drive, kristina? What? On halloween night? No way. Oh, good. I’ll drop you off. Thank you. Next time, we have sam to make everything complete, right? Yes. I agree. Thank you so much. I love ya. -Love you. -Alright, honey. Thank you for the ice cream. Of course. And thank blaze for that recommendation. I will. Good night. Night. Love you. Night, honey.

[ Sighs ] Well, that wasn’t the evening I expected. Oh. Disappointed? What?! I’m thrilled!

[ Chuckles ] Romulus. Atlas. Perseo. Maybe I shouldn’t show this to tj. I just assumed… I thought that you only went along with the idea of the montreal trip for wiley’s sake. I didn’t know you actually — I thought you’d be dreading it. I would have been — before. I-I might have even found an excuse not to go. And t-that changed since the wedding? I guess so. And the more time I spend with nina when we’re with the whole family, the more I think we might actually be able to have… a real relationship. Does that bother you? Willow, the only thing I care about is that… you and the kids are happy. And I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you stay happy… and that no one will ever hurt you. Charlotte reminds me a lot of myself at that age. Really? Yeah. I had a chaotic childhood, too, and I thought I knew better than all of the adults around me. Well, every teenager thinks that. Yeah, except I didn’t think of myself as a teenager. I just thought I was more mature than the other kids around me. And maybe I was. Maybe charlotte is, too. But, anyway, I threw myself into some really adult situations that I didn’t know how to deal with. But that didn’t stop me from trying. [Chuckles] And look how well things turned out for you. Yeah. Yes, but I didn’t have a grandfather like victor cassadine whispering in my ear that I should hate someone. Victor has convinced charlotte that she should hate anna, that she should hurt anna. Went straight to voicemail. She’s turned her phone off. -Why would she do that? -I don’t know! Sorry. It’s okay. You’re worried about charlotte. Jake? Georgie and I are with mr. Cassadine. And he’s really worried about charlotte. Are you with her? Call me! When was the last time someone saw charlotte? Right before we went into the alley, like we said. And no one’s seen her since? Jake thought he saw her. He did? It wasn’t charlotte. It was some kid dressed as the hermit from the tarot cards. Okay. Why would he assume that that was charlotte? Well, because charlotte said she was gonna dress up as that, but she changed her mind. Tell me exactly what this costume looked like. Freeze!

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