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Eric goes home to Sloan, who says she got his message and it sounded urgent. Eric confirms that it is so Sloan asks what it is. Eric thinks back to Marlena advising him to look in to his heart and tell Sloan how he really feels. Sloan tells Eric to just say whatever he wants to say.

Stefan and Gabi go to their room to propose a toast. EJ storms in and questions what the hell game they are playing. Stefan and Gabi respond that they are toasting to EJ’s shotgun wedding and his early retirement. EJ tells them that this is enough of this charade where they pretend to take over DiMera because they know damn well that’s not happening. Stefan and Gabi tell him that it is happening and there’s nothing pretend about it. Stefan then reveals that Li turned his shares over to them which means they are majority shareholders and EJ is out.

Marlena calls Li to check on him and see how he’s feeling since their session was productive but intense. Li thanks her and claims he’s feeling good. Marlena encourages that he made a lot of progress but they have a lot to work on. Li states that his fixation on Gabi is a thing of the past. Marlena is glad he’s feeling positive about it but she thinks they need to work more on it and his feelings for Gabi because he’s not out of the woods yet. Li picks up a knife and declares he has no feelings for Gabi anymore as she’s as good as dead to him.

Stefan tells EJ that there is nothing preventing them from calling an emergency shareholders meeting and ousting him as CEO. EJ questions them tricking Li in to believing Gabi was kidnapped and then blackmailing him for his shares. Gabi says she did what she had to do which is the DiMera way. EJ argues that Gabi is no DiMera. Stefan points out that Gabi is his wife. EJ calls Gabi a scheming bitch while Stefan is the idiot that she has wrapped around her gold digging finger. EJ remarks that Stefano would be disappointed to see Stefan with Gabi while Stefan mocks EJ being the product of Susan. Gabi gets in between them and comments that EJ wouldn’t want to get blood on his suit before he and Nicole take wedding photos.

Sloan tells Eric that he’s making her nervous and to just say what he wants to say. Eric then informs Sloan that he wants them to get married today which surprises her. Sloan asks what brought this on and what made him want to get married today of all days. Eric thinks back to talking to Nicole. Eric then asks Sloan if it’s so wrong to want to spend the rest of their lives together. Sloan feels it’s just a little spur of the moment but assures it’s what she wants more than anything so Eric asks what are they waiting for as they kiss.

Chad goes in to the living room and tells Nicole that Holly and Johnny are putting the food away. Nicole hopes they can have some after EJ finishes setting Gabi and Stefan straight. Chad comments on them hijacking the wedding with bogus claims about firing EJ. Nicole then remarks that Chad better beef up security when he and Stephanie tie the knot.

Stephanie runs in to Everett in the town square and asks what he’s still doing in Salem. Everett then reveals that he lives here now. Stephanie questions since when. Everett informs her that he just accepted a job here. Stephanie argues that makes no sense since he was a hotshot newspaper reporter in Seattle, hustling like crazy for big stories so he could move to a big market like New York or DC. Stephanie asks why he’d want to move to Salem. Everett explains that he got a good offer as Xander just hired him to be the editor-in-chief of the Salem Spectator since the previous editor suddenly left town. Stephanie confirms that was her cousin Gwen but she still doesn’t get why Everett would want to work at a local paper since it seems like a big step backward. Everett admits the restarting his career hasn’t gone as smoothly as he hoped since his old job was already filled by the time he recovered. Everett states that this job at the Spectator does offer a decent salary and a chance to start fresh. Stephanie points out that it’s also in her hometown. Everett asks if that will be an issue.

Nicole apologizes for assuming Chad and Stephanie were getting married, feeling that it obviously upset him. Chad says it’s fine and goes back to her wedding. Chad notes that EJ told him that he wasn’t on good terms with Gabi and Stefan, but he had no idea it was that bad. Nicole remarks that they thought Gabi and Stefan couldn’t sink any lower.

EJ argues that Gabi and Stefan may have Li’s shares but the board will never approve his removal. Stefan responds that the board has nothing to do with it. Gabi says the shareholders will vote and she’s called a meeting for this afternoon. Gabi remarks that once they give EJ the boot, they can start rebuilding the company as they see fit. EJ calls her a snake. Stefan mocks that EJ’s going to be looking for a job soon.

Marlena realizes Li’s feelings for Gabi are heightened and that’s one of the things they need to work on. Li hears the concern in her voice, but assures that he was speaking figuratively when he said Gabi was dead to him. Li says he’s just eager to put this toxic relationship with his ex-wife behind him. Marlena looks forward to their next session and they hang up. Wendy then comes home and asks what Li is doing with that knife.

Eric tells Sloan that they love each other and are starting a family together, building a life, so he thinks that’s all the reason to make it official. Sloan points out that it would strengthen their chances with adoption agencies. Eric asks again what they are waiting for. Sloan says there is nothing, so she agrees to getting married today as Eric hugs her.

EJ thought Stefan forgave him but says that obviously never happened so this is a pathetic attempt at revenge. Gabi remarks that they are taking over DiMera while EJ is about to be out on his ass. Stefan advises EJ to go to the office and pick up his things. Gabi notes that if he leaves anything, it will be going in the trash. EJ warns that they won’t get away with this while Stefan says they already have.

Li claims that he was just about to start dinner but stopped to check the recipe on his phone first. Li questions why Wendy is looking at him like that. Wendy reminds Li of the voicemail he left her, saying he needed help. Li laughs it off, claiming he doesn’t remember and he’s fine. Wendy points out that he didn’t sound fine. Wendy asks how his therapy went. Li says it was great and calls Marlena amazing. Wendy tells li to drop the act and tell her what’s wrong.

Eric goes to Marlena’s, dressed in a suit. Marlena asks what the occasion is. Eric responds that he’s getting married and he wanted to ask Marlena to officiate and marry them.

Sloan looks at a framed photo of her and Eric, saying she thought this day would never come, especially after she lost their baby but finally, here it is. Sloan declares that she is going to be Mrs. Eric Brady and there is nothing Nicole or her baby can do to stop it.

Nicole informs Chad that Gabi and Stefan got Megan and Dimitri’s shares and then last night, they got Kristen’s. Chad questions how. Nicole says she’s not exactly sure, but unlike EJ, she’s not worried about it. Chad checks his phone so Nicole asks if everything is okay. Chad mentions leaving a message for Stephanie, but she hasn’t gotten back to him. Nicole says they missed her and brings up that when she made that crack about him getting married, his expression turned dark. Nicole asks if everything is okay with Chad and Stephanie.

Stephanie asks why Everett living in Salem would be an issue for her. Everett says he’s not saying it would, it’s just their history. Stephanie says history is exactly what it is and he has a right to live where ever he wants. Everett tells her that he will respect her boundaries, since he knows she’s living with somebody else now. Everett guesses he was cool when she told him that she ran in to her ex. Stephanie informs him that Chad doesn’t know she saw him.

Li informs Wendy that Gabi tricked him  in to thinking she was kidnapped and it was all a ruse to get his DiMera shares. Wendy asks what Gabi did. Li says it doesn’t matter as it’s over now. Li brings up when their father finds out and says he can hear him now, telling him that he let Gabi make a fool of him. Wendy argues that they both know their father is a tyrant with absurd expectations. Li says if he fails to meet his father’s approval, he doesn’t listen to him or care how he feels, he’ll just take over his life and ruin everything. Wendy asks what he’s talking about. Li informs Wendy that he lost the first woman he ever truly loved because of their father. Wendy notes that he never told her that. Li says she was a little girl at the time so he wasn’t going to burden her with it. Li notes that he hadn’t told anyone until he told Marlena today and she helped him see the direct line from that loss to his obsession with Gabi. Li says after their session, that revelation lifted his spirits and gave him hope, making him think that he could actually let Gabi go. Li says that was then, but now, he wishes that lying bitch nothing but pain and misery.

EJ tells Stefan that he should’ve told Dr. Rolf to rip Jake’s heart out of his chest, the moment he learned that he was on ice. Stefan talks about being a better chess player than EJ since he’s always five moves ahead. EJ responds that this match isn’t over. Stefan remarks that EJ doesn’t realize he’s been bested. Gabi tells EJ to enjoy his extended honeymoon. EJ warns them to enjoy their victory because he assures that it won’t last and he will make sure they pay dearly for what they have done. EJ declares that his next move will end them as he then exits the room.

Chad tells Nicole that Stephanie wants to know that he’s committed to a future with her and he gets that, but he can’t make any promises to her right now. Nicole says she’s sorry about that as she didn’t realize Chad was still struggling to move on and she just thought that he and Stephanie were so happy. Chad confirms they were, but now they are barely speaking. Nicole says that’s too bad but points out that it seems Chad has been honest about Abigail and his lingering grief and since Stephanie loved Abigail, she should understand. Chad says he thought she did. Chad adds that in the beginning of their relationship, they were open and honest about everything but now she seems disappointed and to be shutting him out. Chad declares that he doesn’t know what’s going on with her.

Everett questions Stephanie not telling her boyfriend that she ran in to him. Stephanie explains that it’s not like she’s keeping it from him, she just didn’t get a chance as she had an early meeting. Everett brings up that they are having problems, reminding her that he saw them arguing at the Pub. Stephanie calls that no big deal and tells him not to spy on people because it’s creepy and weird. Everett says he couldn’t hear anything they were saying while Stephanie mocks him watching them through the window and following her home. Everett explains that he only did that to tell her how much he wants her back. Stephanie doesn’t want to have this conversation. Everett suggests she tell him about the argument with her boyfriend then, but Stephanie says that’s none of his business. Everett disagrees, saying he may have dropped out of her life for a few years, unintentionally, but he still cares deeply about her and he knows that she doesn’t like to keep things bottled up. Everett gives his word that he won’t judge her, criticize her, or tell her what to do and he will just listen like he used to. Everett suggests it could ease the burden of what she’s going through. Everett urges her to talk to him.

Chad tells Nicole that he loves Stephanie, but after officiating the wedding today, he can’t imagine exchanging vows with anyone other than Abigail. Nicole tells Chad that she understands, noting that her situation with Eric isn’t the same as Chad’s with Abigail since Eric was the love of her life like Abigail was Chad’s, but now he’s happy with Sloan and she’s happy with EJ. Nicole states that once someone has your heart like that, she’s not sure it’s possible to fully let them go.

Marlena tells Eric that ever since he was little, he’s been so thoughtful about his decision making process. Eric knows this sounds impulsive, but swears it isn’t. Marlena reminds Eric that a couple hours ago, he told her that EJ and Nicole were getting married today. Marlena questions believing that his rush to marry Sloan had nothing to do with that. Eric admits that part of him will always love Nicole but he won’t let that stop him from living his life. Marlena responds that nobody wants him to do that and she just wants him to be very clear about what he’s feeling and why he’s taking this very big step. Eric assures that he is clear and sure about this decision. Eric declares that he really wants to marry Sloan today and asks Marlena to marry them. Marlena agrees to do it, so Eric thanks her and they hug.

Everett asks Stephanie why her boyfriend would ask her to move in with him and kids if he was still mourning his late wife. Stephanie assures that Chad was upfront with her about Abigail from the very beginning, so she knew how much he loved her and that he would never get over losing her, but also that he hoped to see a future with her. Everett calls it risky. Stephanie says they decided to take a leap of faith and admits they are going through a rough patch but says that’s all it is. Stephanie is confident they can work through it, saying that Chad is a wonderful man and what they have is worth fighting for. Everett thanks her for sharing with him. Stephanie notes that Salem is a small town, so he probably would’ve heard about it anyway. Everett assures that he didn’t take the job at the Spectator because she lives here as the last thing he wants to do is make her life more complicated. Stephanie says she believes him. Everett offers to treat her to a pumpkin spice latte.

Nicole tells Chad that they all wish they had some magical power to keep the people they love from leaving them, but they don’t, so when someone precious to them leaves them, they have to choose to either stop living or to take a chance at happiness. Nicole knows what she’s done with EJ and thinks Chad should do the same with Stephanie. Chad calls her a very wise sister in law. Nicole knows he’s heard it a million times, but she thinks Abigail would want him to find love and be happy. Chad confirms he’s heard it a lot, but now it’s registering. Chad thanks Nicole and tells her that he’s going to make things right as he hopes it’s not too late. Nicole wishes him luck as he exits the mansion.

Roman joins Eric and Marlena. Roman congratulates Eric and says he’s happy for him. Eric asks if he means that since he knows he doesn’t like Sloan. Roman jokes that if Sloan gives his chowder another chance, all is forgiven. Sloan then arrives and greets them. Marlena and Roman tell her that she looks lovely. Brady comes home, so Marlena calls it perfect timing and says he can join them. Brady asks what’s going on. Roman informs Brady that Eric and Sloan are getting married and Marlena is about to get things started. Eric then asks Brady to be his best man. Brady says he’d be honored and agrees. Marlena calls to get the party started.

EJ returns to Nicole in the living room. Nicole asks how it went. EJ informs her that Gabi and Stefan have called a shareholders meeting. Nicole argues that they can’t do that but EJ reveals that Li gave them his shares, so they have the power to oust him from DiMera and there’s not a damn thing he can do to stop them.

Li complains to Wendy that he feels so stupid. Wendy says she’s furious and hates that Gabi did this to him. Li says he’d love to see Gabi get what’s coming to her, but it’s not coming from him as he’s not going to retaliate. Wendy assures that Gabi is not worth it and has taken enough of his energy. Wendy encourages Li to focus on his work with Marlena which Li says he plans to do. Wendy tells Li that she loves him and whatever he needs, she’s there. Li thanks her and says it means a lot to him as they hug. Wendy then gets a text from Tripp, reminding her that they were supposed to have dinner tonight. Wendy says she will cancel to stay home with Li but Li tells her not to do that and to go be with her boyfriend. Wendy asks if he’s sure. Li responds that at least one of them should be happy.

Gabi and Stefan talk about taking over DiMera. Gabi offers to go to the office with Stefan, but Stefan tells her to stay and relax, then when he gets back, they will pick up where their celebration left off. Gabi says she can’t wait as Stefan then exits.

Nicole tells EJ that the baby just kicked hard. EJ jokes that the baby is probably just as mad as he is about Stefan and Gabi. Nicole says the baby is certainly mad about something.

Marlena begins the wedding of Eric and Sloan. Marlena asks if Sloan takes Eric as her husband and she says I do. Marlena then asks Eric if he takes Sloan as his wife. Eric says I do, so Brady hands over the rings. Eric and Sloan put the rings on each others’ finger. Marlena pronounces Eric and Sloan as husband and wife, then they kiss.

A few hours later…

Roman tells Brady and Marlena that it’s a done deal and Eric is once again a married man. Marlena asks how he feels about that. Roman says he’s fine and hopes Eric’s new wife treats him right.

Eric and Sloan have sex on the couch at home. Sloan calls it their first time making love as husband and wife. They talk about feeling more connected to each other. Sloan asks if he’s sure. Eric asks what she means. Sloan asks if Eric is sure this is what he really wants or if he’s having second thoughts about marrying her. Eric assures this is exactly where he wants to be with her as his wife. Eric tells Sloan that he loves her and kisses her.

EJ tells Nicole that it appears the shareholders just voted to oust him as CEO. Nicole assures that they will do everything they can to take back what Gabi and Stefan stole from him, tomorrow. Nicole suggests for now, they go down to the secret room and consummate their union. EJ jokes that it’s a naughty suggestion. Nicole jokes that he hasn’t seen nothing yet as they kiss.

Stephanie and Everett walk to the park. Stephanie thanks Everett for urging her to open up and for listening, admitting it really helped. Everett hopes that Chad knows how lucky he is as they hug. Chad then approaches and calls out to Stephanie.

Wendy walks through the town square and calls Li, leaving a message that she and Tripp just finished dinner so she’s calling to check up on him. Wendy states that what Gabi did to him sucks, but she knows he will put Gabi behind him and find the woman who is right for him that will love him and only him because he’s a great guy with his whole life ahead of him…

Li Shin is lying face down on the floor of the apartment with a bloody wound in his back. Stefan bursts in to the apartment to find Gabi, holding a bloody knife in shock.

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