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Chad sits at home as Stephanie walks in and thanks him for letting her sleep in as she was up until 3 AM with a PR crisis. Stephanie adds that Chad was dead asleep when she got home so they didn’t get to end the night like they usually do. Stephanie suggests they can start the day that way instead and goes to kiss Chad but he pulls away.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Sarah tells Xander that she wasn’t expecting to come face to face with Susan Banks, alive. Sarah says it must be such a huge weight off Xander’s shoulders to know he’s not a killer after all. Xander admits he’s so glad she made it as he spent so many sleepless nights racked with guilt over what happened to her. Xander acknowledges that Sarah thinks he’s a horrible person but Sarah says she never thought that. Sarah says it was just everything that she thought happened that made her scared to let him back in to her life, but now here he is. They get close but Sarah apologizes and says this whole thing has gotten her emotional but she knows he’s with Chloe. Xander then reveals that he’s not because Chloe is moving to New York with Philip, so they are over. Xander declares that it doesn’t change anything between them because Sarah tried to deprive him from his own daughter and did everything to keep the truth from him. Sarah admits she regrets that and acknowledges that Victoria is just as much his and that depriving him of his daughter was terribly unfair. Sarah knows that she was wrong.

Ava guesses her and Harris both know what it’s like to want something so much that they’ll do anything to hold onto it. Harris takes Ava’s hand and they kiss. Ava then stops and questions what the hell they are doing.

Clyde Weston is sitting in prison with a tablet, reading the article about Susan Banks being alive.

At the hospital, Tripp greets Kayla, who welcomes him back. Kayla mentions hearing he had an adventure in London. Tripp still can’t believe all that happened with Susan being alive and getting Ava off the hook for murder. Tripp adds that Ava is now doing really well mentally and they released her from Bayview. Tripp calls it a lot to take in. Kayla asks if Ava is staying around Salem now. Tripp states that she hasn’t made a decision yet but he hopes whatever she decides to do gives her stability and peace of mind because the last thing she needs is more drama.

Harris tells Ava that he’s wanted to kiss her for quite awhile. Ava admits she has too, even though she just told Tripp that her feelings for Harris were not romantic. Harris relates to telling Marlena the same. Ava guesses they meant it at the time. Harris agrees and they continue kissing.

Xander questions Sarah admitting to him that she shouldn’t have kept him in the dark about his daughter. Sarah explains that it wasn’t a random decision. Sarah repeats that she knows it was wrong now, but at the time, it felt completely justified. Sarah thinks Xander can understand that but he says he doesn’t. Xander knows he’s been a screw up many times and made terrible decisions, but when they were together, every choice he made was because he loved her. Xander questions how she couldn’t know that he would also love their daughter with all his heart and be a good, loving father. Xander adds that he would never place Victoria in danger and would protect her with every cell of his being. Xander asks how Sarah could not know that.

Clyde reads about Susan being held captive by her ex-husband Edmund Crumb and that Edmund claimed in his statement that he received an unsolicited phone call after the crash, who then delivered Susan to him, and that Edmund claimed not to know the man’s identity. Clyde remarks that Edmund does speak the truth because there’s no way he would know who arranged his reunion with Susan. Clyde adds that even if Rafe and the cops put their heads together, they’ll still never figure out that it was him who accomplished that. Lucas then enters the prison waiting area and questions what the hell he accomplished.

Stephanie asks Chad what’s going on. Chad claims it’s nothing and apologizes. Stephanie argues that it’s clearly nothing and ask what she did to make him pull away like that. Chad responds that it’s not her, it’s him and apologizes for sounding cliche. Stephanie tells him that it’s okay and he can tell her what’s wrong. Chad then informs her that it’s Abigail’s birthday today. Stephanie tells him that she’s so sorry as she forgot and calls it thoughtless of her. Stephanie understands the day would be hard for him. Chad admits it’s been much harder than he thought it would be and that it was around this time last year that they found out it was Clyde Weston who took Abigail from them. Chad remarks that he almost killed Clyde and part of him wishes he would’ve shot him when he had the chance.

Clyde tells Lucas to keep moving. Lucas says he will with no problem because Clyde is the last person he wants to run in to today because it’s his niece Abigail’s birthday today. Lucas asks if Clyde remembers Abigail since he’s the one who murdered her in cold blood.

Tripp explains to Kayla how Ava got discharged but she had nowhere to go. Kayla understands he wants to be there for her. Tripp knows Kayla is not too thrilled about Ava staying with he and Wendy. Kayla admits that she is concerned and so is Steve. Tripp understands given their history with Ava, but assures that Ava is really doing better, has gotten treatment, and is going to therapy. Tripp declares that Ava seems committed to doing whatever it takes to get her life back on track. Tripp then gets paged to the emergency room and walks away.

Ava tells Harris that she’s been through a lot which has made them close. Ava states that even thought they both admitted to having feelings for each other, she’s having second thoughts. Harris agrees that they can put this on hold until they get their lives back on track, before they start something.

Tripp checks on the patient in the ER, Mr. Galvan, who tells him that he just took his regular meds and now he’s fine so he doesn’t need to be here. Tripp is concerned that the man may be hurting himself so he wants to take some blood and get him checked out. The man then pulls a scalpel out and declares that Tripp is not taking his blood, but he’s going to take some of his.

Sarah tells Xander that maybe she should’ve known that in spite of all of his screw ups, he would never actually put his own child in danger, but she didn’t. Sarah admits that she shortchanged him and says she’s truly sorry for that. Sarah feels that Xander is now shortchanging her if he’s not going to at least try to see it from her perspective. Sarah argues that she didn’t want her daughter to grow up with a father who could end up in prison or dead and she could never live with herself if something happened to him that affected their child. Sarah cries that she had to protect her and asks if he can understand that. Xander supposes that he can, but says he just wanted her to be happy and to give her a good life. Xander sees now that he got so desperate to make that happen that he made the terrible choices that caused him to lose the best thing to ever happen to him and the love of his life. Sarah insists that she loved him too and that when things were good between them, he had her whole heart. Sarah adds that he did make her so happy and calls walking away from him the hardest thing she’s ever done.

Kayla goes to the ER where Tripp is holding a towel over his arm and questions what’s going on. Tripp informs her that the patient got paranoid when he tried to take his blood and pulled out a scalpel before taking off. Tripp states that he got cut but it’s not too deep and just missed the artery. Kayla is sure security will catch the guy and tells Tripp to let her fix it up.

Ava tells Harris that she knows they are both kind of disoriented right now but she just doesn’t know where her life is headed right now. Ava points out that she’s staying with her grown son and his girlfriend on their couch, has no money, and doesn’t even know what kind of job she could get. Ava jokes that her only experience is a mob princess and she’s not interested in that kind of work anymore. Harris suggests not knowing exactly who she is could be a clean start and opportunity to reinvent herself. Ava says she has no idea what to do. Harris decides they can think for a second as they sit together. Harris asks Ava if she could do anything in the world, what would it be? Ava responds that she does love to cook so Harris suggests she could find a way to feed people for a living. Ava agrees to think about it, then asks what Harris would be if he could be anything.

Kate and Marlena sit together at the Brady Pub. Kate talks about doing her best to get her kids through the toughest times, but wonders if there’s more she could’ve done to make their lives easier now. Marlena encourages that all they can do is their best and the way their children turn out is up to the hands of God. Marlena declares that they can just hope they find their way. Kate guesses she’s just feeling abandoned with Philip going off to New York, Rex back in Chicago, Austin in Europe, and then Lucas. Kate talks about how Lucas had so much promise.

Clyde tells Lucas that he didn’t intend to kill Abigail. Lucas calls him a pathetic psycho and asks why it matters what he intended to do. Lucas argues that Clyde went to the DiMera Mansion with murder in his heart. Clyde argues that Belle just would’ve been collateral damage because he had to send EJ a message. Lucas calls him a sick bastard and asks how he lives with himself, knowing all the pain and suffering he caused. Lucas states that Clyde doesn’t deserve to be alive.

Stephanie reminds Chad that Clyde is locked up in prison where he belongs, so he can’t hurt him or anyone else he loves ever again. Chad points out that if he had killed Clyde, he wouldn’t be here for his kids. Stephanie adds that so many people love and need Chad. Stephanie hopes he knows that she’s one of those people as she hugs him. Chad apologizes for pulling away. Stephanie says it’s okay and he doesn’t need to apologize, especially not today. Chad decides he’s going to go to Abigail’s grave for a little while. Stephanie offers to go with him but Chad says he’d rather her not. Chad explains that he just needs it to be him and the kids today, so he hopes that’s okay. Stephanie assures that she totally gets it and she’ll see him later. Chad then exits the apartment.

Clyde tells Lucas that he won’t get all choked up for Chad’s loss since he and EJ are not so upstanding citizens. Clyde brings up that it was Chad that tried to kill him and then when he choked him back, EJ put a bullet in him. Lucas remarks that Clyde’s still here sucking up all the oxygen out of the room. Clyde asks if Lucas thinks he can change that and says he’d like to see him try, arguing that Lucas doesn’t have the guts. Clyde mocks Lucas losing his nerve when he wanted to kill Orpheus. Lucas argues that was because he thought Orpheus killed Kate but she turned out to be alive while Abigail’s not coming back. Clyde laughs at Lucas and says he couldn’t kill a stuffed deer. Clyde reminds Lucas that he has clout in prison and outside, so he warns him to be careful about who he threatens. Lucas doesn’t care and says he’s not scared of him. Clyde warns Lucas that he should be, because he doesn’t have to hurt him to hurt him. Clyde guesses that Lucas doesn’t want to be mourning another loved one as he then exits the room.

Kayla gets a text from security that they lost the patient who stabbed Tripp. Kayla then tells Tripp that he’s good to go. Tripp responds that he’s going to go back to work but Kayla reminds him that hospital policy says after being assaulted, he must be either be admitted into the hospital or go home. Tripp argues that he already missed all those days while in London. Kayla decides he’s going to miss one more and tells him to get going, so Tripp then exits.

Harris tells Ava that he’s got a room at the Brady Pub so he has to figure out how to pay rent. Harris mentions that Kate seemed pretty convinced that ths Salem police department could use him. Ava questions him wanting to be a cop. Harris says he did go to the police academy before enlisting in the military, but he’d have to talk to Rafe. Ava jokes that she can’t be a reference because she is not Rafe’s favorite person. Harris responds that he’ll try not to hold that against him.

Sarah tells Xander that the moment Bonnie and Maggie found out she was pregnant, they thought she should tell Xander that the baby was his and that Maggie was very upset with her for keeping it from him. Sarah talks about Maggie always being on Xander’s side and always reminding her that he did love her. Xander states that Maggie has a heart of gold. Sarah adds that Rex had nothing to do with her decision and it was all her, as she chose to keep Xander’s child from him. Sarah declares that now Susan is alive and she sees how affected Xander is by that, she thinks she’s made it clear that changes things for her. Sarah states that Victoria is Xander’s daughter and he was there for them the moment she was born. Sarah tells Xander that he is Victoria’s father and she wants him to be a part of her life.

Chad sits in the park with flowers when he gets a call from prison and it’s Lucas. Chad asks him if everything is alright. Lucas responds that it’s okay but he knows it’s Abigail’s birthday so he was calling to check on him. Chad says that’s nice of him and he appreciates that he remembered. Lucas wishes he could be there with Chad and the kids today. Lucas hopes Chad is around people who love him, assuring that he does have a lot of people who love him.

Stephanie goes to the hospital to see Kayla. Kayla hugs her and says she’s so glad to see her. Stephanie asks about all the security. Kayla says there was an incident with a patient who assaulted Tripp. Kayla notes that it was a minor cut but she still had to send him home. Kayla then asks what Stephanie is doing here. Stephanie says she wanted to take her to lunch but Kayla says she can’t take that long of a break since they are swamped and are already down a doctor. Stephanie remarks that it’s just one of those days where she’s going to keep hearing no. Kayla questions what she means. Stephanie then informs Kayla that today is Abigail’s birthday and she offered to go with Chad to visit her grave, but he told her that he didn’t want her there.

Lucas tells Chad that he ran in to Clyde Weston and he told him what a waste of life he thinks he is. Chad warns Lucas that he needs to get out of there in one piece so Thomas and Charlotte can spend more time with their Uncle Lucas, so he needs to steer clear of Clyde Weston. Lucas remarks that Clyde is the one that should steer clear of him. Chad tells Lucas not to do anything stupid. Lucas says he has to go as his time is up and tells Chad to take care of himself as they hang up. Chad then looks at a photo of Abigail on his phone.

Harris tells Ava that maybe once he gets a job, he can take her to dinner. Ava admits she would like that. Ava knows they decided to hold off on anything but friendship, but she doesn’t think a hug would cross any boundaries, so they hug until Tripp comes home and asks what’s going on. Ava thought he was going to be at work. Tripp says he was and apologizes as he didn’t know Harris would still be there. Harris says he was just leaving so Ava tells him to take care as he then exits. Tripp asks Ava what he missed.

Xander tells Sarah that he’s so happy they were able to work this out. Sarah suggests she go get their daughter to introduce her to her daddy. Sarah then gets a call from Justin and tells Xander that she will tell him they’ve decided to share custody and then they will figure out where to go from there. Sarah answers the call and is taken aback by what Justin tells her. Sarah hangs up and then turns to Xander to inform him that Justin just told her that Xander filed for full custody and that Sloan was going to make the case that she’s an unfit parent. Xander tells her that he was very angry when he made that decision since she was keeping Victoria from him and he thought she was being unreasonable. Sarah tells him to just wait until she gets him in court. Xander argues tha they can work this out but Sarah declares that now he has a fight. Sarah says she’s heard enough and she thought he changed. Sarah tells Xander to talk to his lawyer and get out because she doesn’t want to see his face until she has to see him in court. Sarah then storms out.

Stephanie tells Kayla that this is what she was worried about when she and Chad first started dating, knowing she could never take Abigail’s place in his life. Kayla calls just a very sad day in Chad’s life and encourages her to be patient because she knows Chad loves her. Stephanie declares that she believes that, but she doesn’t believe Chad will ever love her as much as he loved Abigail because she was the love of his life.

Chad looks at he and Abigail’s wedding photo on his phone and wishes her a happy birthday, calling her still the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid his eyes on. Chad knows it’s been awhile since she’s been gone but he still misses her every day.

Ava jokes with Tripp about having to check with him before having a friend over. Ava admits there is an attraction and they might have dinner soon. Ava then questions what happened to Tripp’s arm. Tripp says it’s nothing and explains that a patient got a little violent but he’s fine. Tripp adds that the cut isn’t deep and he’s taking antibiotics just to be sure. Ava hopes they caught the guy but Tripp says not yet. Ava hugs him and then Tripp goes to change clothes. Ava then gets a call from an unknown number. She answers and it’s Clyde, who informs her that a little birdie told him that Tripp had an accident at work today but he thinks she should know that it was no accident. Ava questions who this is. Clyde responds that she’ll find out soon enough because they have a lot to talk about.

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