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In the town square, Nicole tells Tate that she’s glad to see him but she knows it’s not easy moving and leaving all his friends behind. Tate mentions that he did just meet a nice girl in the park. Nicole jokes that was fast. Tate adds that he feels really stupid but she doesn’t need to hear about it. Nicole asks him about it, so Tate explains that he kind of thought the girl was in to him but she shot him down quick and it turns out that she’s in to somebody else. Nicole calls it her loss and assures that he’ll meet plenty of potential girlfriends here. Tate comments on it just being weird to be the new guy in town but notes that this girl, Holly, did give him her number. Nicole then stops him and questions if he said Holly.

Holly goes to the DiMera Mansion where she excitedly greets Johnny. Johnny talks about preparing to watch a movie. Holly sits with Johnny as Chanel comes back with popcorn. Johnny tells Chanel that Holly has joined them. Holly questions them being back together which Chanel confirms. Holly is disappointed but claims to be really happy for them. Holly then adds that she’s surprised since they got a divorce, so she thought their relationship was totally over. Johnny responds that Chanel decided to give him another shot. Holly thought Chanel was in to girls now. Chanel clarifies that she’s in to both. Holly calls that a bummer which Chanel questions. Holly then says she meant it’s a bummer for the dating pool in Salem because Chanel is such a catch. Johnny agrees and says he was lucky to catch her again, leaving Holly uncomfortable.

Marlena joins Harris in the interrogation room at the police station. Harris asks what she’s doing there. Marlena responds that she came to thank him personally as Susan filled her in on how he and Ava rescued her from Edmund Crumb. Marlena adds that Susan thinks Harris is a real hero. Harris is not sure the police would agree but thanks her. Marlena tells Harris to call her if she can vouch for him in any way. Harris appreciates that but says right now, he’s more worried about Ava because he thinks there’s a good chance that she could be sent to prison.

Ava sits at the police station as Susan arrives with EJ. Ava asks how Susan is. Susan responds that the doctor said she’s fine which Ava says she’s glad to hear. EJ adds that he is too because now Susan can finally press charges against Ava for attempted murder.

Nicole asks Tate what Holly’s last name is. Tate says she never said. Nicole asks what she looks like. Tate responds that she’s hot which Nicole jokes is not helpful. Nicole then pulls out her phone and shows a photo of Holly, which Tate confirms is her. Nicole then reveals that Holly is her daughter.

Holly tells Johnny and Chanel that she will get out of their hair but Johnny invites her to watch the movie with them. Holly says she doesn’t want to crash their date night but Chanel says the more the merrier. Johnny says to just slide over and make some room for Chanel but Holly instead sits in the middle of the couch. Johnny and Chanel awkwardly sit down on opposite sides as Holly declares that this is going to be fun.

Marlena tells Harris that Ava was already in a lot of trouble and he put a lot on the line for her. Harris asks what else he was going to do after someone tried to kill her at Bayview, so he had to step in. Marlena argues that he did more than step in as he helped Ava escape from Bayview, evade the police, and create an international rescue mission. Marlena says he did quite a bit for Ava. Harris admits one thing led to another but Ava was worried that no one would believe her side of the story and she knew EJ sent the hitwoman after her, so the only way to get EJ off her back was to prove that Susan was alive. Marlena goes over how they forged two passports and fled the country to go on the run, avoiding the police at their own risk. Harris feels like there’s a question somewhere. Marlena asks why Harris did all that for Ava.

Ava argues that she is the reason that Susan is here. EJ argues that Ava is the reason that Susan went missing for a year. Ava says she was not in her right mind when she did that, unlike EJ who knew exactly what he was doing when he sent the hitwoman after her. EJ denies that while Ava calls him a liar. EJ tells Ava to prove it. Rafe interrupts and asks what’s going on here. EJ informs Rafe that Susan is ready to make a statement about how Ava tried to kill her. Susan declares that she actually will not press charges against Ava.

Tate is shocked to learn Holly is Nicole’s daughter. Nicole acknowledges that she is all grown up and feels like it happened overnight. Tate calls it a crazy coincidence. Tate then asks if Nicole will put in a good word for him, but then says there’s no point if she’s in love with another guy. Nicole questions Holly being in love. Tate says that is what Holly said and asks if she didn’t know. Nicole confirms that Holly hasn’t mentioned anything, so she wonders who she is talking about.

Johnny pauses the movie to ask Chanel and Holly what they think so far. Holly talks about hearing of Clueless but never seeing it and thinking it was older. Johnny starts to talk about movie history but Chanel reminds him they are here to have fun. Holly tells Johnny that it’s really interesting. They joke around until Johnny chokes on the popcorn so Holly offers to get him a drink. Chanel asks for one too so Holly goes to get them waters while Chanel moves closer to Johnny on the couch.

Harris tells Marlena that helping Ava seemed like the right thing to do as she was scared and had no one on her side while he was there. Marlena feels it might have been simpler if Ava told her about Susan during her therapy sessions. Harris thinks she can understand Ava’s trust issues. Marlena points out that Ava trusts Harris. Harris states that being locked away together can bond people and admits it’s lonely at Bayview, so they became friends. Marlena asks if that’s all. Harris questions why she’s asking. Marlena says on a personal level, it’s none of her business, but as his therapist, she feels the need to caution Harris that he seems to be in denial about his feelings for Ava.

EJ questions what Susan is talking about, arguing that Ava drove her off a cliff and tried to kill her which is why she was held captive for a year. Susan argues that Ava and Harris rescued her so she’s made amends and she forgives her. Susan adds that she’d rather have Rafe focus on the mystery man that shipped her off to Edmund. Rafe assures that he’s on it. Susan tells EJ that they can go eat now. EJ asks if there’s nothing he can do to get her to reconsider which Susan confirms. Ava thanks Susan and says she has no idea what this means to her. Susan and EJ then exit the police station together. Ava asks Rafe about letting her go but Rafe tells her that she’s not out of the woods just yet.

Johnny tells Chanel that he hopes the night wasn’t too much of a bust. Chanel says it’s never a bust when she’s with him and she’s loving watching Clueless again. Johnny says he’s kind of glad that Paulina kicked them out of her place, though says it’s been a bit more lively at the DiMera Mansion with so many people moving in and out over the past year. Chanel says that includes Holly. Johnny says she’s cool though. Chanel jokes that all she has to do is not try to kill anyone. Johnny hopes his murderous family is not deterring from the point he’s getting at. Johnny wonders if Chanel would like to be the next person to move in to the DiMera Mansion. Chanel says she’s really glad they are back together and having fun, but suggests not getting ahead of themselves. Johnny proposes a compromise that maybe after the movie, they can go to his room and start practicing for when she does move in. Johnny and Chanel kiss until Holly comes back with their waters. Johnny thanks her while Chanel apologizes fro stealing her spot. Holly then pretends to trip and spills the water all over Chanel.

Tate tells Nicole that Holly didn’t mention who the guy is that she’s in love with. Nicole suggests she could’ve been joking about a celebrity crush. Tate notes that Holly said she thinks the guy feels the same way about her. Tate then gets a text from Brady and says he has to go. Tate tells Nicole it was nice seeing her and walks away. EJ then approaches and tells Nicole that he has the most amazing news and he doesn’t even know where to begin. Susan then rushes up with a corn dog and says this is what she’s missed the most. Nicole can’t believe that Susan is alive. Susan sees that Nicole is pregnant and remarks that Rafe didn’t say anything about finally becoming a daddy.

Ava questions if Rafe is seriously going to press charges against her for escaping Bayview and fleeing to London. Rafe informs her that the district attorney’s office has been a mess since Melinda was fired, so they are going to let that slide since she rescued Susan. Ava asks if it’s because she and Harris didn’t get EJ’s confession even though they tried. Rafe says it’s not that either, so Ava questions what it is. Rafe reminds Ava that she wasn’t exactly a free woman when she escaped Bayview as she was there under a court order. Ava argues that she got better and Susan is alive. Rafe declares that where she goes next is not up to him, but up to her doctors.

Harris tells Marlena that he really doesn’t want to talk about this. Marlena says she understands and she wouldn’t ask if she wasn’t his therapist, but it’s important for her to know because it affects him and his recovery. Harris admits he won’t deny that he cares about Ava and they grew close in Bayview then even closer on the run, but he doesn’t know about the kind of feelings Marlena is talking about. Rafe then brings Ava in to the room. Harris asks what’s going on. Rafe explains that Susan decided not to press charges against Ava and the district attorney is going to let everything go. Rafe says they got lucky since what they did was unlawful but it did lead to the rescue of Susan, so they are off the hook and no one’s going to prison. Harris asks if that means he and Ava are free to go, but Rafe says not quite. Ava tells Harris that they technically have to complete their court ordered stay at Bayview. Marlena states that she can make a call. Ava asks if Marlena thinks she really needs to go back since she feels she’s made so much progress. Marlena says that’s not up to her, but she’d be glad to talk to her doctors about it. Marlena then exits the room.

Nicole questions EJ not telling Susan. EJ says there was a lot going on. EJ then informs Susan that Nicole is pregnant with his child, not Rafe’s. Susan thought Nicole was married to Rafe. EJ notes that Susan has missed out on a lot since she’s been gone as he and Nicole are back together and engaged. Nicole tells Susan that it’s her future grandbaby. Susan asks if she’s sure about that because she’s not feeling a familiar connection. EJ assures her that the child is definitely his because they even did a paternity test which Susan questions why he’d have to get a test to find out if the baby was his. Nicole admits there were some issues around the time she got pregnant and she was high and so was the person she was with because of tainted biscuits. Susan asks who the other person was. EJ asks how that’s important and tells Susan to just be happy for them and the wonderful news. Susan agrees and says she’s just so happy for both of them. Susan comments that children really are a blessing.

Tate goes home where Brady questions where he’s been since he’s been texting him for hours. Tate reminds him that he wanted to get reacquainted with the town and remarks that not much has changed since he was a kid. Brady says that wasn’t long ago. Tate mentions going to the park where they used to see the ducks. Brady is surprised he remembers that. Tate tells Brady about running in to Holly there.

Holly apologizes for spilling water on Chanel and says she must hate her. Chanel says it’s fine. Holly remarks that now Chanel is going to have to go all the way home to change. Johnny disagrees and says he’s sure he can give Chanel a t-shirt and pants that fit. Chanel says she remembers where he keeps his things, so she will go upstairs and change quick then come back. Johnny tells her where everything is. Holly apologizes again. Chanel says it’s okay and she’ll be right back as she heads upstairs. Holly asks Johnny if she ruined everything. Johnny assures that it’s fine and was an accident. Johnny adds that he was just telling Chanel that he thinks Holly is really cool. Johnny comments that the DiMera Mansion has been a lot more bearable since she and Nicole moved in. Holly then asks if she can tell him a secret.

Harris guesses there was nothing on the tape that Rafe could use against EJ. Rafe says unfortunately not but thanks him for trying. Harris notes it was weird how EJ just kind of left but he just hopes that he doesn’t try to come after Ava again. Ava notes that EJ isn’t known for forgiving and forgetting which Rafe agrees with. Marlena returns, so Ava asks what her doctors said. Marlena informs her that the doctors agreed that Ava has made an amazing progress and that they were actually considering releasing her before she escaped. Marlena adds that the doctors believe Ava has learned right from wrong and is no longer a risk to society, so she is free to go. Ava can’t believe it and excitedly hugs Harris.

Holly tells Johnny that she’s been debating whether or not to keep this to herself, but maybe now is the time to speak up. Holly worries that he will think she’s crazy. Johnny promises there will be no judgment. Holly starts to tell him but Susan rushes in, shocking Johnny as they embrace. EJ and Nicole come in behind her. Johnny can’t believe it and asks how this is possible. EJ calls it a long story, but all that matters is that Johnny’s grandma is home safely. Nicole asks to speak to Holly and tells her that she spoke to Tate, informing her that he is Brady’s son. Holly admits she didn’t put that together. Nicole then asks Holly who the boy is that she’s in love with.

Brady tells Tate that Holly is a sweet girl, so he hopes they can be good friends. Brady questions if he hoped to sweep her off her feet and have her fall in love with him. Tate questions there being a problem. Brady argues that Holly is not just some girl, she’s Nicole’s daughter. Brady tells Tate that he can feel whatever he wants to feel, but he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to act on it right now. Tate says he’s going to his room but Brady stops him. Brady knows he’s being tough on him and apologizes, but what with happened at school, he wishes Tate was more focused on making up for that. Brady talks about the disruption caused by having to get him from California. Tate says he already apologized. Brady says sometimes that’s not enough and declares that tomorrow, he’s going to enroll at Salem High and when he’s not studying, he’s going to be working. Tate questions what he’s talking about. Brady informs him that as a favor to Theresa, Roman said Tate could work at the Brady Pub. Tate calls that so not fair as he thought Brady was joking about that. Brady insists that Tate’s going to pay back the damage he caused with his prank at school. Tate complains that it will take him forever to make that much. Brady says that’s good because it means he will stay out of trouble forever.

Rafe warns Ava that now that she’s free to go, he doesn’t want to see her back at the police station ever. Ava says normally she’d have a snarky response but promises that she plans to walk the straight and narrow. Rafe hopes she keeps that promise. Ava asks for a phone to call Tripp to pick her up and guesses she’ll need a place to stay. Rafe agrees to take Ava to his office to use the phone. Marlena then tells Harris that Bayview is willing to re-admit him if he wants her to drive him here. Harris responds that after everything he’s been through, he’s feeling good about his mental health. Marlena asks what he means. Harris explains that when he asked her to commit him, he felt he was still a danger but after all the stress of being on the run, he felt like he was back in control. Harris says with Marlena’s approval, he would like to end his stay at Bayview but keep seeing Marlena on an out patient basis. Marlena thinks that’s reasonable and agrees to make the call. Harris thanks her for everything. Marlena says she’s curious on if his decision to leave Bavyiew has anything to do with the fact that Ava will no longer be there. Harris says not at all.

Marlena goes home and hugs Tate, saying she can’t believe how grown up he is and there’s nothing like seeing him in person. Marlena says she’s so glad he’s back as Tate jokes with her. Marlena goes to set up Tate’s room and Brady goes to help her. Tate then pulls out his phone.

Holly steps out of the living room with Nicole and complains that she’s embarrassing her by being nosey about her love life in public. Nicole asks if she’s in love then. Holly claims she just made that up because Tate tried to kiss her but she’s totally not in to him, so she made up a story about a boy she was in love with to let him down easy. Nicole says that makes more sense than her not telling her that she was in love. Holly insists she would tell her if she was. Nicole feels like they have a close relationship and she would be open to telling her something that important. Holly repeats that she would. Nicole asks if she wants to go back in to the living room. Holly then gets a text message and tells Nicole to go ahead and she’ll catch up. Nicole then heads in to the living room. Holly reads her text from Tate, asking if she wants to hang out tomorrow. Holly texts back that Tate’s dead to her. Chanel comes back downstairs and asks if she’s alright since she looks upset. Holly says she’s fine. Chanel asks if something is going on in the living room. Holly tells Chanel that she’ll never believe this.

Johnny asks Susan if Ava was right that she’s been alive this whole time. Susan confirms that Ava and Harris rescued her from being chained to the floor in Edmund’s flat. Nicole thinks maybe Ava has redeemed herself which EJ calls impossible. Susan orders EJ to leave Ava alone. Johnny agrees that it’s time for EJ and Ava to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. EJ guesses he’s outnumbered and agrees to a fresh slate which Susan excitedly hugs him for.

Rafe looks at EJ’s file at the police station and says he knows he tried to have Ava killed. Rafe remarks that Ava may be off the hook but EJ is not.

Harris calls Kate and mentions hearing that Eric’s old room above the Pub is available, so he asks if Roman would take him on as a tenant. Kate thinks Roman would be happy to do that and says she’d be happy to have him as well. Harris says that’s great and thanks her. Kate says she will let Roman know and they will see him at the Pub soon as his new home. Harris says he looks forward to it and hangs up. Ava returns to the interrogation room and tells Harris that she wanted to say goodbye and thanks. Harris says no thanks required. Ava asks if Harris is heading back to Bayview. Harris reveals that he’s actually not going back and Marlena agreed to have him released. Ava calls that terrific and asks what he will do now. Harris says he came to Salem to keep an eye on Megan DiMera, but now she’s gone. Ava guesses he will leave town then but Harris says no and that he grew up in Salem and it seems like a nice place to live. Ava asks if he has somewhere to go. Harris informs her that Marlena told him that Eric moved out and Kate just agreed to rent the room to him at the Pub. Ava says that everything is working out. Ava tells Harris that she’s really glad he’s staying in Salem. Ava guesses she will see him around.

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