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Alex sits at home, reading an article in the Spectator about him being Victor’s long-lost son until Justin shows up at his door. Alex asks what he’s doing there. Justin asks if a father can’t visit his son.

Constantine from Greece arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion and introduces himself to Maggie as a lifelong friend of Victor’s. Constantine says he came to offer his apologies for the loss of a great man as he can only imagine how hard it must be for Maggie and her family.

Brady talks to Theresa on the phone and says Tate is fine, settling in the guest room. Brady hangs up as Chloe shows up at the door. Chloe informs Brady that she came to say goodbye as she is leaving Salem.

Philip and Belle sit together in the Brady Pub. Philip informs Belle that he’s leaving Salem with Chloe and he knows it’s sudden. Belle comments that he just got back and asks if he and Chloe are back together. Philip clarifies that they are just friends but admits he still has feelings for Chloe. Belle asks if Chloe still has feelings for him which Philip confirms. Philip notes that Chloe just ended things with Xander, so he doesn’t want to get ahead of himself. Philip states that going to New York is about both of them getting a fresh start. Philip insists they will be back and that Belle and Shawn can visit anytime they want. Belle informs Philip that is not going to happen because she doesn’t know where things stand after Shawn cheated on her.

At the police station, Shawn makes a call about needing to get his life back on track after all the mistakes he made. Talia then arrives and sees Shawn.

Brady questions if Chloe is moving to New York because of what happened with Xander. Chloe says yes and no, but that was definitely part of the decision. Chloe feels like she needs to hit reset and be close to her son Parker. Brady mentions how he and Theresa don’t agree on much but they do agree that it’s nice to have Tate with them. Chloe asks how that’s going. Brady says Tate is a teenager but they are working through it. Chloe says it will be good for Tate to be around Brady. Chloe then informs Brady that she is leaving tomorrow morning with Philip which surprises him.

Philip questions Belle about Shawn cheating on her with his partner’s sister. Belle notes that Shawn said it only happened once as a drunken fling and she believes him cause he has no reason to lie. Philip asks if they are trying to work things out. Belle responds that they are not because there’s no point as she doesn’t think there’s anything they can do to get things back on track. Belle thinks that her marriage may be over.

Shawn asks if Talia is looking for Jada. Talia informs him that she actually came to see him because she figured they should talk since Belle knows about them now. Talia asks if Shawn thinks Belle will be able to forgive him. Shawn doesn’t know and says Belle has put up with a lot from the past couple months, but this might be her breaking point.

Alex and Justin have beers together. Justin says he just wanted to state the obvious that Alex is still his son in every way that counts and nothing will change that, so he hopes Alex feels that way too. Alex responds that he does and apologizes for not reacting well when he first found out the truth. Alex says now that he’s had time to process it, he needs Justin to know that he loves him very much and he’s grateful for him and his brothers. Justin is relieved to hear him say that as they hug. Justin then asks Alex what about Maggie since he heard that he took her spot as CEO of Titan. Alex confirms that he did because he’s Victor’s heir. Justin asks if that means Alex will be staking his claim to the family home next.

Maggie comments on her home feeling empty without Victor. Constantine knows how much Victor loved and cherished her. Maggie is sure he didn’t come all this way just to share his condolences. Constantine states that a letter or phone call felt too impersonal but reveals that he has something for her.

Talia tells Shawn that she’s so sorry that he has to go through this and encourages that maybe he and Belle can move past this. Shawn says it’s a lot more complicated. Talia hates the thought that she’s the one that ended his marriage. Shawn responds that the marriage was on shaky ground since before Talia entered the picture, so if this is the end, the blame falls squarely on him.

Belle tells Philip that some people would say she had this coming, like Jan Spears or Sami. Philip calls Jan a jealous psychopath and says Sami wouldn’t want her marriage to fall apart. Belle brings up that when she slept with EJ, Sami warned her that karma would bite her in the ass one day. Philip says who cares what they think. Belle says they are right and points out that she cheated on Shawn with EJ and with Philip. Philip argues that they weren’t married then and they were practically kids while Shawn and Belle were separated when she slept with EJ. Belle brings up the guy in Maine as well. Philip insists that Shawn has not been sitting around waiting to even the score and urges her not to give up on her marriage. Philip states that Shawn’s in a dark place now but she can help him through it and insists that she go talk to him which Belle agrees to do. Belle asks if she will see Philip again before he leaves for New York. Philip admits probably not. Belle tells him that it’s been really nice having him back after all this time and she’s so proud of him for getting his life back together. Philip states that Shawn can do it too and tells her to go tell that jerk that she still loves him. Belle then hugs Philip.

Brady asks if Chloe is giving Philip another chance. Chloe clarifies that they are moving to New York at the same time but they are not a couple. Brady feels there’s a chance they could end up getting together. Chloe admits it could happen since he still loves her and she still has unresolved feelings for him. Chloe understands how Brady would think she’s crazy to even consider that after all that Philip put them through, but she hopes that Brady trusts her to make the right choices. Brady tells Chloe that all he’s ever wanted is for her to be happy. Brady says he shouldn’t be surprised since she and Philip were high school sweethearts and you never really get over your first love. Chloe doesn’t think that’s true but Brady does because she was his first love and he doesn’t think he will ever really get over her.

Constantine presents Maggie with a box which includes a photo album that belonged to his parents. Maggie looks through it and sees old photos of Victor when he was young. Constantine says their families were very close. Maggie thanks him for letting her see this. Constantine says it’s hers to keep and he hopes it gives her comfort. Maggie calls it a special gift and asks how she could ever repay him. Constantine brings up that Victor loaned him money when he started his restaurant and would never let him pay him back. Constantine considers them even and calls Maggie’s smile payment enough.

Alex argues that Justin is making it sound like he just kicked Maggie to the curb but points out that he offered to let Maggie stay on and work for him which is more generous than when she fired him. Justin asks if this was payback which Alex denies. Alex repeats that he’s Victor’s heir and he knows the business, so he belongs at the top of the company. Alex acknowledges that Maggie and Victor loved each other and he would never do anything to intentionally hurt her. Alex states that he was sincere in offering her a job. Alex adds that Victor left half of the mansion to him but the other half to Maggie and he doesn’t want to give Maggie the boot. Justin apologizes for coming off accusatory as he didn’t know how it all went down. Alex understands and jokes that it’s not like he’s suddenly swimming in gold coins after finding out Victor is his dad. Alex says he’s still him and he’s just trying to come to terms with this new reality like everyone else.

Philip questions Kate pretending she doesn’t see him at the Pub. Kate comments on wishing he was smart enough not to get ensnared in Chloe’s web again.

Brady wants Chloe to know that he’s sorry for everything. Chloe responds that he has nothing to apologize for. Brady brings up the hell that Kristen and Rachel put her through. Chloe understands that he tried his best in an impossible situation. Brady feels his best wasn’t good enough because now they are saying goodbye. Chloe assures that she doesn’t regret a single moment of their time together. Brady brings up the times that Kristen threatened her. Chloe tells Brady that sitting here as friends, she’s so grateful for all of it and says Brady will always be in her heart. Brady says she will be in his as well as they hug.

Talia tells Shawn that they both made bad decisions as they were both hurt. Shawn agrees it was a recipe for disaster. Talia encourages Shawn to give himself the same grace that he’s giving her. Talia calls him a great guy and says everybody knows that except for him. Talia holds Shawn’s hand as Belle arrives and says she hopes she’s not interrupting. Belle says she needs to speak to her husband, so Talia quickly exits. Shawn informs Belle that Talia came to apologize. Belle says she’s not here to talk about Talia but about them. Belle tells Shawn that she’s hurt and she hates what he did, but she would like to try to forgive him and get this behind them so they can try to save their marriage.

Chloe tells Brady that she better get going if she’s going to leave tomorrow since she has so much packing to do. Brady tells her that he’s going to miss her. Chloe cries that she will really miss him too. Brady tells her to give Philip his best. Brady says he wants Chloe to have the best life and if she can find it in her heart to forgive Philip, he must be on the right track.

Kate tells Philip that Chloe is the reason that he was in a mental hospital halfway across the world. Philip argues that Chloe didn’t do anything wrong. Kate remarks that she never does but the people who get involved with her end up with their life in ruins. Philip says that’s not true while Kate brings up that Philip did terrible things because Chloe made him crazy. Philip points out that he’s better now. Kate questions why risking relapse by running off to New York with Chloe when he’s barely back on his feet. Kate insists that Chloe will drag him down again. Philip knows it’s easy to blame Chloe for how things went last time, but she didn’t make him do those terrible things to her and Brady. Philip adds that they aren’t running off to New York together so Kate asks what he calls it. Philip calls it two friends who share history getting a fresh start. Kate argues that what they have isn’t history but toxic baggage. Kate warns that if Philip values himself at all, he will call off this trip before it’s too late.

Constantine hopes he didn’t make Maggie sad. Maggie says the photo album was beautiful and made her feel like she was getting to know a whole new side of her husband. Constantine was glad to provide a glimpse in to Victor’s past. They talk about Victor embracing life. Constantine says he should get going and mentions staying in Salem for awhile. Constantine says that Victor told him so much about Salem, so he’s excited to explore it. Maggie asks where he’s staying so Constantine asks for a motel recommendation. Maggie declares that no friend of Victor’s will stay in a motel and tells him to stay here. Constantine says he can’t impose but Maggie insists. Constantine argues that she doesn’t even know him. Maggie tells him that tonight, she’s felt closer to Victor than she has since she lost him thanks to Constantine so he will stay in Victor’s home.

Justin asks Alex if he’s going to move back in to the Kiriakis Mansion, pointing out that he does own half of it so he doesn’t think it makes sense for him to stay in a modest apartment. Alex asks if Justin wants him to move back in. Justin says it’d be nice to have him there. Alex jokes that most parents can’t wait for their grown ass kids to move out. Justin jokes that he’d be the one freeloading. Alex says he’ll think about it and asks Justin to keep an eye on things for him. Justin says there’s not much to keep an eye on, pointing out that it’s just Maggie, him, and Bonnie with a full staff. Alex repeats that he’ll think about it. Justin tells Alex that he’s proud of him for not swimming in a pool of gold coins. Justin says he’s seen how money and power can corrupt and change a person, but he can tell already that Alex isn’t letting it go to his head. Alex says he’s trying his best. Alex tells Justin to let him know if he ever starts to not recognize him which he promises to do. Justin says he has to get to work and thanks Alex for the beer as he exits.

Brady sits looking at a photo of he and Chloe on his phone. Marlena comes out and says she heard voices so she assumed he had company. Brady confirms Chloe was there. Marlena asks if he’s alright. Brady responds that he just found out that she’s moving to New York with Philip. Brady acknowledges that they’ve been over for awhile but he’s going to miss her. Marlena knows they always had a special relationship. Brady gets a text from work that shocks him.

Philip tells Kate that the plans are made and he’s going to New York with Chloe. Kate reminds him that Chloe just broke up with Xander and asks if this is not just an elaborate ploy to make him jealous. Philip assures that Chloe is done with Xander and over him. Kate calls it a mistake to believe her. Philip insists that they are taking things slow and he has no interest in how he became last time. Philip assures that he learned his lesson so she doesn’t have to worry about him but Kate says she does because she’s his mother and she loves him. Philip knows she wants the best for him. Kate thought she lost him forever and watched him struggle through the past year to come out of it, only to find out he lost his father. Philip says that if Kate and Victor didn’t help him get the best care possible, he could’ve ended up in prison or locked up in Bayview. Kate says they did what they did because they loved and believed in him. Philip says he loves her more than she realizes as they hug. Chloe then enters the Pub and greets them, saying she’s sorry to interrupt.

Shawn tells Belle that he wasn’t expecting this. Belle admits she was ready to give up, but she thinks if they put in the time, then maybe they can get through this since they’ve come this far. Belle thinks their marriage and family deserve a chance to heal. Shawn tells her how nice it is to hear her say that she wants to forgive him and to work on their marriage, but reveals that he’s not going to be there to do that.

Brady goes to see Alex and questions him quitting Basic Black to go work at Titan and having to find out about Victor’s will from Bonnie of all people. Alex says he meant to call him. Brady thinks that’s a face to face scenario. Alex agrees and apologizes, noting that things have been a little chaotic recently. Brady goes over Alex being Victor’s son. Alex says when he found out, he felt he owed it to Victor to go back to Titan to run it properly but admits he should’ve told Brady. Brady points out how he hired Alex right after Maggie gave him his walking papers. Alex tells Brady that he’s going to make it up to him and he’s already figured out how. Alex states that Basic Black’s exclusivity rights with DiMera Enterprises is ending soon, so he invites him over to Titan to make him a better deal than ever and then Brady will be part of the empire. Alex points out that it would be Victor’s son and grandson back together again. Brady remarks that first, Alex stabs him in the back and now he wants to own him. Brady declares that Alex really is Victor’s son.

Justin comes home to the Kiriakis Mansion where Maggie introduces him to Constantine as a very dear friend of Victor’s. Constantine says he’s heard so much about Justin and his family. Justin asks if he came to offer his condolences which he confirms. Maggie then adds that Constantine will be staying with them for awhile.

Kate tells Chloe that Philip just told her about their plan and if her son is happy, then she’s happy. Philip thanks her for saying that. Chloe thanks her as well. Kate is sure they have a lot of details to iron out, so she will let them get to that. Philip tells Kate that he will stop by tomorrow to say goodbye before they leave. Kate warns Chloe to be careful with Philip’s heart and walks away. Chloe notes that went better than she expected. Philip asks how it went with Brady. Chloe responds that he wished them both well which surprises Philip as he thought they’d get nothing but grief. They consider it a good sign. Philip mentions seeing Belle and that she’s not doing well as the rough patch for her and Shawn just got a whole lot rougher.

Belle questions Shawn going away. Shawn reveals that he found an outpatient rehab center near where his dad is being treated. Shawn adds that Ben and Ciara are both there and he can spend some time with his nephew. Belle says it will be good for him to be near family to look after him. Belle asks how long he’s thinking like six weeks and offers to put off some of her case load or put in a leave of absence. Shawn stops her and informs her that he’s not going to be gone for just a couple of months. Belle asks how long he’s thinking. Shawn responds that he doesn’t know, as long as it takes for him to get his head on straight. Shawn adds that he needs to do this without her.

Chloe tells Philip that she knew things were rocky but she never thought Shawn would cheat on Belle. Philip says she’s pretty messed up but he convinced her not to give up on Shawn without a fight. Chloe says she’ll be sure to check in on Belle before they leave tomorrow. Philip suggests if Belle and Shawn’s talk goes well, maybe they can all have a going away breakfast. Chloe says she would like that. Philip states that they are really doing this with no expectations or promises, but a whole lot of hope.

Belle questions Shawn not wanting her to go with him. Shawn explains that if she’s there, his focus will be on trying to save their marriage when he needs to focus on trying to save himself. Belle asks if he doesn’t think she can help. Shawn says he can’t be worried about their marriage having oxygen when he can’t breathe himself. Belle takes it as he can’t breathe when she’s around. Shawn feels he’s not saying this right and that he just needs some time away to work on his problems if they are ever going to stand a chance of rebuilding their marriage. Shawn says he’s sorry and hopes she understands. Belle says she doesn’t like it, but she gets it, but she doesn’t understand why he can lean on his mom and sister but not his wife. Shawn argues that it’s not about choosing but showing up for them and facing what he’s done. Shawn says when he left his dad and came back, he just spiraled down. Shawn adds that he didn’t see the damage he caused, but he left his mom and sister to pick up the pieces so he feels like he needs to be there with them to help himself heal. Belle asks if he will come home to her when he heals. Shawn assures that he will as he hugs her.

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