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Finn: I’m sorry, you and Deacon are–

Sheila: Are in love. I know. It’s– it’s hard to believe, but we– we couldn’t be happier.

RJ: Luna, are– are you okay?

Luna: I’m fine, really.

RJ: No, you’re obviously upset. I– I mean, you– you don’t have to tell me, but did something happen?

Hope: Thank you, Mom. How did you know I needed that?

Brooke: A mother knows.

[ Both chuckling ] We’ve both been so busy, it’s been hard to catch up with you.

Hope: Hm, well, I’m trying to figure out the kids new schedules, trying to find that rhythm again. I’m working on hard on the new collection for Hope for the future.

Brooke: With Thomas.

Hope: Well, yes, he is my lead designer.

Brooke: Hm. Is that all he is these days? I’m still worried about your involvement with him.

Hope: Well, you wouldn’t be the only one. Finn feels the same way.

Brooke: I don’t quite understand. Why would Finn be worried about you and Thomas? Does he know?

Hope: Oh, no. No. I don’t think he’s aware of my, um… involvement with Thomas past the kiss in Rome, but he does know that Thomas played a big part in the reason as to why Liam ended our marriage.

Brooke: When did you see Finn?

Hope: Well, Kelly actually left her sequin pillow at the cabin and Steffy texted me about it, let me know that Finn was putting together a care package for her and the kids, you know, overseas, so I went by and dropped it off. And then, you know, Finn and i got to talking and it was rather unexpected, but it was… it was nice. Finn and I, we haven’t gotten a chance to spend a lot of time together. He’s a good man.

Brooke: Well, that’s interesting. You talked to him about Thomas?

Hope: Well, yeah. I mean, he doesn’t know the full context of our situationship, but, uh, he is aware of Thomas’ complicated history and he just decided to make it known that he believes… I deserve someone better than Thomas.

RJ: I’m sorry. I– I don’t mean to pry at all.

Luna: No, you’re not. It’s just… it’s– it’s not a big deal, okay?

RJ: If you’re upset, it’s a big deal to me. Tell me, is it– is it someone– is it someone at the office that’s giving you a hard time?

Luna: No, no. It has nothing to do with work.

RJ: Well, are you sure? Because, you know, if there’s a problem, I’ll deal with it.

Luna: No. Everyone’s been wonderful.

RJ: So, it has nothing to do with anyone here at Forrester, right?

Mother: Listen to me. Luna, stay away from the Forresters.

Finn: This can’t be happening.

Deacon: Look. It completely snuck up on us, too. Your mom and I, we’ve been spending a lot of time together and we– we enjoy each other’s company. Finn, I love her and she loves me, too.

Sheila: This is the first time in my life I– I have someone that loves me for who I am. It’s– it’s been life changing.

Deacon: Look, I wanted you to see that she has truly changed. I didn’t just ask to see you so you could see us together. I wanted you to see how much I believe in her rehabilitation, and I’m hoping that you could believe in it, too.

RJ: You know, I’m not trying to pry, I just– I wanna make sure you to feel at home here, you know?

Luna: I appreciate that. I mean, you’ve been incredibly welcoming.

RJ: I hope so. You know, we’ve been working together for a few weeks now. I feel like we’ve really gotten to know each other and I don’t know. I just want to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable here, you know, at Forrester.

Luna: Yeah, I mean, you make me feel safe.

RJ: Great. Well, then you continue being your awesome self around me.

Luna: Oh? Okay, so now you think I’m awesome?

RJ: Yeah. Yeah. Maybe.

Luna: Mm-hmm.

RJ: With a little bit of– with a little bit of stylish–

Luna: Yes.

RJ: And smart.

Luna: Right.

RJ: Huge amount of confidence, like exuberant, but you know, a little bit of funny. Just like a– you know.

Luna: Okay, don’t stop now. Keep going.

RJ: And you’re beautiful. You’re really beautiful.

Brooke: I’m a bit surprised that Finn was so outspoken about your involvement with Thomas, and I’m not sure that Steffy would appreciate his opinions about her brother.

Hope: Oh, I don’t think Finn would have gone out of his way to tell me how he feels about it. I just happened to be at his house and it came up naturally.

Brooke: Well, I’m grateful he opened up to you, and he’s right. You do deserve better than Thomas.

Hope: Finn just thinks I’m drawn to him because of my history with Liam. You know, wanting to be with a man who is completely and totally committed to me.

Brooke: And I do believe he’s right. So, what do you think about what Finn said? In your mind, do you think he’s right?

Sheila: I– I know that this is a shock for you. It is for me, too. I never thought that I would ever find anyone that– that could love me. I mean, flaws and all. But love heals, Finn. It changes people and this connection, Deacon’s unconditional acceptance of me, it has changed my life profoundly. I– I hope– I hope that you can see that. The change in me and– and that you can find a way to be happy for us. I just– I feel like I have so much love to give and I– I would really like to share that with you, too, if you let me.

Finn: You know, this is not at all why I thought you wanted to see me, Deacon. What am I supposed to say? Because all I can think about right now is how much I miss my wife and children. Steffy never would have left if it weren’t for you. You know what? You two, you’re in love. Fine, that’s– that’s– that’s great. That’s your business. But if you love me, if you truly love me, your biological son, then you would realize that you need to leave Los Angeles! Go back to Genoa City! Anywhere but here! Literally anywhere! Because if you stay near me, if you try to insinuate your way into my life, you’re gonna cost me the one thing that I love more than anything in this world! My wife and my children.

Luna: Working at Forrester has been such a dream. I mean, seriously, I wake up every single day so excited to come to the office. RJ, I’m just– I’m so grateful for this opportunity.

RJ: Well, you know, you can really tell when someone’s passionate about something ’cause it shows up in their work. Everybody’s noticed with you.

Luna: Even you?

RJ: Oh, come on. Especially me. My granddad, um, he always wanted Forrester to be a place where creative people could learn and grow.

Luna: You two have such a close bond.

RJ: Yeah, we do.

Luna: God, he must be so proud of you.

RJ: Well, I haven’t done anything yet, so I hope he will be.

Luna: Oh, come on.

RJ: What?

Luna: I think you’ve done a lot already. I mean, you’re taking care of him, you’re helping him. I mean, that’s a true reflection of who you are and your character. Honestly, RJ, I don’t– I don’t think I’ve ever met a guy, let alone anyone, who’s as kind and sincere as you. Are– are you sure you’re for real, or…?

RJ: Am I sure I’m for real? I don’t know. Last time I checked, I think I am, I think.

[ Luna giggling ]

Luna: I don’t know. I’ve always loved fashion, right? And I’ve always wanted to work at a place like Forrester, but… the best part of it is working here with you.

RJ: Ah, come on.

Luna: No, no. I mean it. And I know– I know you’re just starting out, but you clearly have the same talent as your father and your grandfather. I mean, your designs are amazing.

RJ: Well, I’d love to see you in one of them some day. You know, my dad and my granddad have both said that beauty inspires beauty and you’re very beautiful.

Luna: Well, RJ, you are pretty hot yourself.

[ Luna giggling ]

Brooke: Finn makes a good point. In Thomas, you found a man that is completely committed to you and that could be very enticing.

Hope: Well, it feels good. Thomas’ love for me. But still, then Finn brought up our history and the fact that another man might be capable of loving me and only me.

Brooke: That all might be hard to hear, but I’m certainly glad that he spoke about those things.

Hope: It was strangely very easy to open up to Finn. I mean, he understands it. We’re in a similar situation. To be married to someone who has a strong connection to someone else, that’s– that’s not always easy, but he gets it. He listened. He understood.

Brooke: I think you and Finn have more in common than you realize.

Hope: Well, he’s a remarkable man. He’s a good doctor, a good listener. Insightful and kind, so Steffy is lucky to have him as her husband.

Finn: If you love me, if you truly love me, then prove it. Leave town. Just let me live my life with Steffy, Kelly and Hayes without you.

Deacon: Finn, listen to me. Your mother and I are hoping for a fresh start.

Finn: Okay, great. Go have a fresh start somewhere else. I mean, like, do you really expect me to say something else?

Deacon: What I expect you to do is listen with an open mind.

Finn: Oh, my God.

Deacon: Look, listen to me. I’m taking people in here at Il Giardino. People that have made mistakes, but they’re willing to change okay? Your mother’s going to be a part of this. She’s gonna work beside me every single day, and I’m gonna make damn sure that she never hurts anyone again and that includes Steffy.

Finn: You’re gonna make damn sure?

Deacon: Well, I am a black belt in karate, Finn. I think I can control Sheila.

Finn: Control Sheila? With what? Your nunchakus? Sheila shot us, Deacon. Like, do you even hear yourself? What about your daughter? You think Hope is gonna listen to this insanity with an open mind? Are you willing to throw your relationship away with her because if you’re involved with Sheila, that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. She’s not gonna accept this.

Deacon: I know that my relationship with Sheila is gonna be shocking to a lot of people–

Finn: Huh.

Deacon: Especially Hope, but I also know that people can change, Finn. They can. They can– they can change and be redeemed. I’m living proof of it. I believe in redemption, and I know Hope does, too. You know how I know? Because she gave me a second chance, she gave me another chance to be a father to her. You should to do the same thing for your mom. Look, I get it, man. You wanna make sure that she’s doing the work and that she’s changing. Okay, fine, fine. Let us show you. Let us show Steffy and all the Forresters that she’s changing. Let her prove that she’s worthy of being loved. That she can be a good and a healthy part of your family.

RJ: You know, when I got here, I didn’t really know if I wanted to join the family business. I’m glad I did.

Luna: Yeah, me, too. I mean, I think it’s wonderful that you’re helping your grandfather. Especially if he’s, you know, facing some serious medical issues.

RJ: No, that– I’m– I’m cherishing every moment that I get to spend with him. But, um, I was actually talking about you. I mean, come on. Well, you know, the timing of the two of us meeting each other here at this exact moment. Come on, it’s pretty perfect, am I wrong?

[ Luna giggling ]

RJ: You know… when I got here, too, I was– I was really lacking in direction. I didn’t know if I wanted to design. I just knew I really wanted to help my grandfather. And I’ll be honest with you, I was really struggling to find my calling. And then I met you. I’m serious. I met– and you– you’re here and you’re chasing your passion. You– you have so much energy and excitement and it’s just, it’s inspiring. I hope you know that. It really is. It’s infectious. Like, when I’m working on one of my designs and you’re– you’re looking at it and you’re telling me what you see, I feel like that I can see it through your eyes. Don’t laugh at me, but sometimes, I think about, you know, specific fabrics or colors would look good on you and I don’t know, how I’d make a dress that’s specifically tailored just to how you walk. Luna, I’ve… I’ve met so many people. I’ve traveled to so many beautiful cities and… I’ve honestly never met anybody as special as you. I mean, I– I swear, there’s something about you that is just so special and– and magical. Mysterious. I just, uh… I look forward to getting to know you better.

Deacon: So that happened.

Sheila: Yeah.

Deacon: You okay?

Sheila: I’m just worried about Finn. He was so shocked to hear about us. Thank God we didn’t tell him about the engagement yet.

Deacon: Babe, we knew this was gonna happen, you know? People are gonna be shocked that we’re together.

Sheila: Especially Hope.

Deacon: Yeah.

Finn: Hey.

Hope: Hi. What are you doing here?

Finn: Is, um, now an okay time? I just really need to talk to you.

Hope: Sure. I actually– I was thinking about the conversation we had earlier, and I– I did tell my mom about some of the things and obviously, she agrees with you.

Finn: Yeah, well, you know, I just, you know, want what’s best for you.

Hope: Thank you. That means a lot.

Finn: You deserve to be happy.

Hope: Well, we both do. Uh, are you sure everything is okay? Because there’s clearly something weighing on you.

Finn: Um, yeah, just– you know the– the more I, uh, think about it, the more I realize how much we have in common. We both have complicated relationships with the people we love in our lives.

Hope: Yeah. I suppose our family dynamic is trickier than most.

Finn: Well, especially with our parents.

[ Hope laughing ]

Hope: Tell me about it. That is very true.

Finn: Do you understand what I’m saying, Hope? Like, do– do you know?

Hope: Do I know what? Finn, what am I supposed to know? What do you want to tell me?

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