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Kevin: You ready for a break? We have those dinner reservations.

Laura: Uh, yeah, in just a minute. I’m almost done.

Kevin: Ha! Of course, even in Europe, the mayor of Port Charles can’t stop working. How are things stateside?

Laura: This is not work.

Kevin: Oh, right. Nikolas.

Laura: Yes. Yes, exactly. I’m trying to narrow down where we should travel to next to continue the search.

Kevin: [ Sighs ] Laura. Yesterday, we found out that Nikolas is alive, and there couldn’t have been better news. But it also made something else crystal clear. Your son doesn’t want to be found.

Martin: Good morning, Valentin.

Valentin: Morning.

Martin: Wow. You know, I was sold. You said you wanted to turn this place into a home for you and Charlotte, but now that it’s fully furnished, I’m impressed.

Valentin: Thank you.

Martin: I’m sure you didn’t call me over here to compliment your decorating.

Valentin: No, this isn’t a social call.

Martin: Okay. Meter is running. What’s on your mind?

Valentin: First, I want to know whatever I tell you is covered by attorney-client privilege.

Martin: Of course. It always is.

Valentin: Even if it’s about somebody else?

Martin: It depends on who you’re referring to.

Valentin: It’s my daughter. Charlotte’s future depends on our conversation today.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Anna: Good morning, Sonny.

Sonny: How’s the security team I gave to you?

Anna: I have no complaints, you know. Guard is standing outside doing an excellent job of seeming unobtrusive.

Sonny: That’s exactly what I wanted him to do for you.

Anna: Thank you for this extra layer of protection. I know I was very resistant initially, but if I’m being honest, this whole thing is — it’s making me feel better.

Sonny: That’s the plan.

Anna: I know, it’s just —

Sonny: I know, I know. You don’t like to ask for help.

Anna: I don’t like to ask for help.

Sonny: But you know what? I got your back. You call me if you need anything.

Anna: I will. I bet I’m not the only person you’re looking out for.

Sonny: You’re right about that. There’s one person in particular.

Sasha: [ Exhales sharply ] You can do this, Sasha. It’s going to be okay.

Nurse: Good morning, Sasha. According to your chart, you were “unfocused” when you were readmitted yesterday. So as a reminder, you’re not able to leave your room without permission. And at least for the time being, you’re not allowed any visitors.

Sasha: Okay. But what about my doctors?

Nurse: You’ll still continue to receive the absolute best care here. But in the bigger picture, if you ever want to leave Ferncliff, you’re going to have to do your part.

Sasha: Oh, I plan to do just that.

Gladys: This is Gladys Corbin. I just want to confirm there’s going to be a car to pick me up in Aan José. Right, it’s, uh — there’s no checkout date. It’s an open-ended stay at the hotel. Okay, perfect. Thank you. [ Sighs ] Bought this coat for winter in New York. They’ve got to have some cold days in Central America.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Doorknob jiggling ]

Gladys: What exactly do you think you’re doing breaking into my home?

Sam: Well, I guess you didn’t hear me knocking. Or did you?

Laura: Nikolas is my son. I would go to the end of the earth to save him, just like I would for Lucky or for Lulu.

Kevin: I’m not questioning your commitment as a mother, but we have to face the facts. Nikolas has been taking money out of his accounts. We know that.

Laura: Yeah, so what is your point?

Kevin: It doesn’t just prove that he’s alive. It also proves that he doesn’t want any contact with you. He hasn’t contacted Spencer or even Esme about his new baby son, Ace. He’s sending every possible signal that he does not want to interact with his family.

Laura: Yeah, and I think if my son were in his right mind, he wouldn’t be doing that. I — I don’t want to abandon him in his hour of need.

Kevin: And I mostly agree with you. Personally, I believe that he could and would benefit from your guidance right now. But there are extenuating circumstances. When he imprisoned Esme, he knew he was breaking the law, so your son is running away from potential criminal charges and his responsibilities as a father. If a newborn son isn’t enough to bring him home, then what could you possibly offer him?

Laura: Hm. What more could I possibly offer my son? [ Sighs ] How about redemption?

Sasha: [ Gasps ]

Nurse Janice: I wish there was another way for you to help Sasha.

Dr. Montague: [ Exhales deeply ] So do I. But my relationship with Ms. Gilmore has been compromised.

Nurse Janice: You mean because of Cody Bell attacking you and kidnapping Sasha?

Dr. Montague: Yes. As a result of that, Sasha was left with a conflation of traumatic events. She can’t even see me without recalling the abduction. I don’t know if that was because of the drugs or her brain is that confused, but she thinks Cody Bell was trying to “rescue” her and that I’m the bad guy.

Nurse Janice: Anyone who knows you knows that can’t possibly be true. Sasha is truly delusional.

Dr. Montague: Which leaves me no choice but to remove myself from her case. Here you go.

Nurse Janice: Thank you, Doctor.

Dr. Montague: You know, I was only working at Ferncliff to take care of Sasha. Now that’s no longer the case, you’re not going to be seeing me here again.

Nurse Janice: You’re definitely going to be missed.

Dr. Montague: Thank you, Janice. I’m sure you’ll see me around town again.

Gladys: I know my front door was locked, and you’re not even trying to hide your little lockpick tool. Breaking and entering is a serious crime, Sam. I should call the cops on you.

Sam: You know what? I think calling the cops is a great idea. Call away.

Gladys: Oh, right. I forgot. You’re shacked up with Detective Falconeri. Of course he’s going to take your word over mine.

Sam: You know what? We don’t have to involve Dante in this. Call anyone at the PCPD. Although, I think getting the cops involved might delay your trip a little bit. Where is it that you said you were going?

Gladys: I didn’t say. And I’m not going to. You’re not welcome in my home.

Sam: [ Chuckles ] Your home? Last time I checked, this was Sasha’s apartment.

Gladys: Well, Sasha’s not well, and she’s not here, so you can just beat it.

Sam: That’s interesting, considering that your daughter-in-law is not well, yet you are still going on a trip. How do you think Brando would feel about that?

Gladys: I don’t have to take this from you.

Sam: No, that’s — that’s fine. But I am not going anywhere. Not until you exonerate Sasha.

Kevin: Nikolas is your son, and I know you will never give up on him. So hear that first, please. All right. But also hear me when I say that at the end of the day, it’s clear to me that redemption is the last thing that Nikolas wants.

Laura: And I wouldn’t disagree with you there at all. But what we want and what we need are two very different things.

Kevin: You couldn’t be more right. Most people can’t reconcile or admit that “this is what I need in my life.” Believe me, he’s fortunate to have you on his side.

Laura: [ Exhales sharply ] Look. I know right now it appears that he is just running from his problems, and my brain knows that he committed a crime and that he has to face up to it, but my heart loves him the same, exactly the same. So I’m going to love him, I’m going to support him until he gets his damn head on straight.

Kevin: Of course you are because that’s who you are. And I hope that happens. But I also know that that isn’t going to happen until he’s willing to put aside his immediate desires and focus on his responsibilities and the needs of his children.  Too harsh?

Laura: Uh, too accurate. [ Exhales sharply ] I know Spencer is suffering from the absence of his father. Ace will, too, eventually. But that’s why I need to find him. I’ve got to shake some sense into him.

Kevin: Nikolas has the money and the resources to stay hidden for a long time. And it breaks my heart to see you chasing after someone who doesn’t value the love and attention that you’re willing to shower on him.

Laura: Okay, I — I hear you. I’m not giving up my search.

Jordan: Good morning.

Anna: Hi. Well, you look lovely. Thank you for meeting me. Everything all right?

Jordan: What?

Anna: Is everything all right?

Jordan: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I’m just juggling a lot at the same time. What else is new? By the way, I noticed a man lingering outside. I know most people wouldn’t take a second glance at him, but my cop instincts are shouting at me pretty loudly that he’s no random innocent.

Anna: Right. Would that be the super serious guy, kind of tall, definitely not smiling, very focused?

Jordan: Yeah, yeah, that would be the man I’m referring to.

Anna: That’s my bodyguard.

Jordan: When did you start hiring bodyguards?

Anna: I didn’t. He’s on Sonny’s payroll, part of his security team, which I think is very generous.

Jordan: Oh, that’s a pretty big deal. Since when did the most self-reliant of spies decide she needs outside protection? And not from the WSB, but from Sonny, of all people.

Anna: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Jordan: Meaning?

Anna: Meaning someone is trying to dismantle my life and drive me insane.

Valentin: Before I get into the issues with my daughter, I want you to know that I take full responsibility. Charlotte’s mother has been in a coma these last few years, and I have allowed her to be raised by her stepfather and her grandmother lately, and I think that maybe she’s lost her way.

Martin: So are you speaking to me as your lawyer or your friend?

Valentin: Both.

Martin: Okay, well, then hit me with some facts.

Valentin: [ Exhales deeply ] A couple of nights ago, Charlotte claimed that she was hanging with Jake Webber at Kelly’s like a couple of typical teenagers.

Martin: And you learned otherwise?

Valentin: Nina showed me some security footage from The Metro Court Hotel that night.

Martin: And you saw Charlotte doing what, exactly?

Valentin: We both watched her letting herself into Anna’s hotel suite. The same suite that was later found ransacked, Anna’s clothes covered with ink, and then a cryptic message written in lipstick on the hotel mirror.

Martin: And you’re afraid that she’s fallen in with the wrong crowd, that she might have witnessed what happened in that hotel room?

Valentin: I think she’s the perpetrator.

Martin: Ah. Okay, uh, well, if that is the case, then she’s definitely troubled about something, experiencing some kind of growing pains, but even so, I don’t think there’s a court in the country that’s going to think of that as anything other than a cry for help. You know, I mean, even with the state of the room and the clothes and the message on the mirror, I mean, it’s just the folly of misspent youth.

Valentin: You may be right, but I think she’d face a stiffer sentence if the court knew that she set fire to Anna’s house.

Sasha: Damn it! I don’t know how much longer I can do this.

Gladys: I wish I could help Sasha. What’s happened to her is absolutely tragic. She lost her son and then her husband within months of each other. But why does everyone forget that I lost my grandson and then my son? My only child. [ Sighs ] My heart breaks for Sasha, but it also breaks for me.

Sam: I — I’m sorry. I know that losing Liam and then Brando was horrible for both you and Sasha.

Gladys: Well, thank you for at least acknowledging that.

Sam: But we need to focus on helping Sasha today.

Gladys: Face it, Sam. Sasha’s situation only got worse after Cody Bell abducted her. Then she completely lost touch with reality. It was not my decision to send her back to Ferncliff. The police and her doctors made that choice. There is nothing else I can do for Sasha.

Sam: What are you talking about? You totally took advantage of Sasha’s situation. How do you think your son would feel about that? How do you think your son would feel knowing that you stole from Sasha? Not to mention you undermined her sobriety and her sanity.

Gladys: I don’t have to listen to your garbage, Sam. Get out.

Laura: You know, I carry around an awful lot of guilt about Nikolas and about his childhood.

Kevin: I’m aware. But I’ll also remind you that you were a prisoner on Cassadine Island, and when you saw your chance to escape, you took it.

Laura: Yes, but without my son.

Kevin: You saved yourself.

Laura: Yes, I saved myself, and I abandoned my son at the same time. I left him. I left him to be raised by the Cassadines. So I am every bit as much to blame for the way he turned out as the Cassadines are.

Kevin: Laura, Nikolas is an adult. He’s a man who has responsibilities. Sooner or later, he’s going to have to stop blaming his childhood for the mistakes that he’s made as a grown man.

Laura: Thanks. [ Chuckling ] That was a really nice try. But you know better than anyone that we are the product of our childhoods. All I can say is thank god Stefan was there. Because Stavros and the rest of the Cassadines, they could never possibly be any kind of a role model for him. But they were there, they were manipulating him, they were forming his point of view about the world in which he lived, his tendency to get angry so quickly and to make these rash, crazy decisions. I don’t think he was born like that. I think he was taught that.

Kevin: He’s never even met his new son. And as much as you and I both know how much he loves Spencer, he’s abandoned him… again. What does that say about Nikolas?

Laura: I think it says that he believes his children would be better off without him, which I know is not the case because despite all of his flaws, deep down inside, there is a very good man in there with a good heart, and I just have to believe that those good qualities will triumph over this darkness that he’s going through right now and that he will make his way back to me and to his kids. See, I just think that he needs to be reminded that he has the ability to do that.

Kevin: Well, if anyone can get someone to listen to their inner angel, it’s you. So where do you want to look next?

Laura: London.

Martin: I understand how upset you must have been to see visual evidence that your teenage girl broke into a hotel room. And I get it — Anna’s not some random person, you love her, and if Charlotte had a problem with that, that’s troubling. But breaking and entering, even vandalism is a hell of a long way from arson.

Valentin: I have every faith in my daughter’s intelligence and her capability. She was at camp that night. That’s less than an hour from Port Charles. She could have taken a rideshare. She’s familiar enough with Anna’s house. That fire was intentionally set while Anna and I were away.

Martin: I refuse to believe that Charlotte would ever intentionally hurt Anna.

Valentin: Not physically. She wanted to take away her home.

Martin: For what purpose?

Valentin: She wanted her scared. She wanted her insecure.

Martin: [ Scoffs ] Wait a minute. If I’m remembering correctly, when you said the fire was set, didn’t Anna say she thought a professional had done it?

Valentin: I think she assumed that it was the WSB.

Martin: Okay, all right. Well, Anna is no fool. She’d been around the block a couple of times, so she knows what she’s talking about. How on earth would a teenage girl know how to set a fire that looks like a professional did it?

Valentin: The internet, Martin. It’s a dark place. If you look for something hard enough, you’re going to find it. I’m almost certain that my daughter is responsible for Anna’s house fire, and I want your help protecting her from herself.

Anna: Even though the PCPD haven’t determined whether Sonny or me were the target for the shooting of The Metro Court pool, I believe that the bullet that ricocheted and hit Curtis was meant for Sonny, not me.

Jordan: What makes you so sure?

Anna: The fire at my house, the writing on my mirror. Those — those things were definitely aimed specifically at me, at a place where I was living, so they’re personal, whereas the shooting at the pool, that was a public attack. So those are two totally different psychological profiles, two distinct and conflicting motives if you really look at it.

Jordan: Okay. But the rifle that was recovered in Curtis’s shooting was previously in WSB custody. You have way more connections to the WSB than Sonny.

Anna: Of course. Yes. And we were standing next to each other. So on the surface, that does make the issue murkier.

Jordan: Okay. Let’s just say the shooter was after Sonny. Then who burned down your house and vandalized your suite at The Metro Court?

Anna: I do not know. But whoever they are, they do seem to know exactly what they’re doing.

Nurse: Time for your morning meds, Sasha.

Sasha: No, no, absolutely not. Those pills are what got me in trouble in the first place.

Nurse: Didn’t you tell me you wanted to work hard to help yourself get out of this place?

Sasha: Of course. That’s my goal.

Nurse: Okay, then you agree with me. If you really want to get out, you’re going to have to play by the rules.

Sasha: I tried that. It almost killed me.

Gladys: It’s really not a good time, Sonny.

Sonny: Sorry to hear that because in my book, there’s always time for family. Didn’t expect to see you here.

Sam: Hi, Sonny. I owe you a big congratulations for having the most impeccable timing ever. I haven’t been able to get through to Gladys. Maybe you can do better.

Sonny: Yeah? What’s the problem, Gladys?

Kevin: Excellent. Thank you very much. All right, we’re set. Two tickets to London.

Laura: Great. Thank you. [ Sighs ] Hey. Thank you for being by my side through this whole thing. I mean, really, at any point, you could have said, “it’s time to quit. I got to go back to Port Charles. I got to resume my life.” But you didn’t, so thank you. Putting your life on hold to be with me through this.

Kevin: I’ve arranged for my patients to work with other therapists, and the hospital can always reach me in an emergency. And I know how important your children are to you. With Lucky living abroad, and Lulu… Well, it’s no wonder Nikolas has taken center stage. And if I haven’t said it already, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.

Laura: I love you with all my heart. Thank you.

Kevin: I love you. Now let me finish packing.

Laura: [ Sighs ] Hello, Jordan, it’s Laura. I thought I would check in with my deputy mayor. Tell me, how are things going in Port Charles?

Sam: Do you want to tell Sonny what’s going on, or should I?

Gladys: I’m happy to explain what’s going on. Sam here showed up at my door and then picked my lock to break into my home. Can you believe that?

Sonny: You didn’t knock?

Sam: Of course I knocked, Sonny, but she didn’t answer, so I had no choice but to pick the lock.

Gladys: Oh, well, okay. Some people understand that if you don’t answer the door, you’re not in the mood for company.

Sam: Well, either that or they don’t want their escape plan to be interrupted.

Gladys: [ Chuckles ] Wow. Oh, do you hear that? Not only does she pick my lock to break into my home, now she’s throwing around wild accusations about me, and it’s all because she’s cuddled up to that thief, Cody Bell.

Sam: The charges against Cody were dropped.

Gladys: Okay, that doesn’t mean he’s not guilty. It just so happens Selina Wu allegedly “found” some witness.

Sam: Oh. Really, Gladys? Selina Wu and Cody Bell? Is that really the road you want to go down? Because I don’t think that’s going to end well for you.

Gladys: All right. You know what, Sonny? The way she’s defending that two-bit thief, Cody Bell, it makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Why? I think the obvious reason is that she’s stepping out on your son Dante to have an affair with Cody. Ah, ah, ah — I’m just trying to protect your son because we’re family, and I know that’s what Mike would want. You just have to ask yourself — why is Sam so desperate to help Cody Bell if she’s not sleeping with him? What possible reason could there be? Cody was a virtual stranger to Sam when he came to town, but now, she’ll — she’ll do anything to help him, even jeopardize poor Sasha’s sanity.

Sonny: Sam, we’ve known each other for a long time. Is anything she’s saying the truth, that you and Cody have anything to do with hurting Sasha?

Nurse Janice: Ferncliff. This is Janice. How can I help you?

Dr. Montague: Janice, this is Dr. Montague. I am so sorry to trouble you with this, but I just pulled into my driveway at home and realized I left a file at Ferncliff.

Nurse Janice: Oh, no trouble at all. I’d be happy to track down that file for you. Do you remember where you think you left it?

Dr. Montague: I think it’s in the doctor’s lounge. It’s one of my patient’s files from General Hospital, so it should be easily recognizable. Is it too much trouble to ask you to check that out for me?

Nurse Janice: Sure, I’ll go look there and then call you back whether I find it or not.

Dr. Montague: Thank you so much, Janice. You’re the best.

Martin: I know how much you love and adore your daughter. I have witnessed firsthand what you were willing to sacrifice to be the father she needs. Now you’re telling me you honestly believe that that young lady is capable of burning Anna’s house to the ground? Who else have you told this little theory?

Valentin: Nina. She’s the only other one. She’s seen the footage. We watched Charlotte break into Anna’s hotel room.

Martin: And so what? So what? There’s video evidence that your daughter may have committed a crime.

Valentin: There was evidence. Nina removed it from the server. It doesn’t exist anymore.

Martin: All right, I’m — I’m going to ask you a couple questions, not because I’m judging you or Charlotte. I just want to make sure I give you the best help possible.

Valentin: Okay, I appreciate that. Ask away.

Martin: You’re saying that Nina is the only other person that knows this happened. I assume you haven’t said anything to Anna yet?

Valentin: I love Anna… but Charlotte has to be my primary focus.

Martin: Good. She have any idea what this would do to your relationship?

Valentin: I don’t know, but I’m not ready to tell her.

Martin: Where’s Charlotte now?

Valentin: She’s at school. Other than that, I haven’t let her out of my sight since the room was broken into.

Martin: Well, as your attorney, I’ll be of service any way I can. You know that. But I’m not sure I know what you’re asking me to do.

Valentin: I need you to be ready to defend my daughter in the event of an arson charge. If it comes to that — hopefully, that can be avoided, we can make this all go away, and I can get her the psychological help she needs. I’m asking you to cover contingencies.

Martin: Okay. Well… I’ll start brushing up on crimes committed as a juvenile. On a personal note, as your friend, I can’t tell you how sorry I am that you have to go through something like this with Charlotte.

Valentin: Thank you. I appreciate that. I was so obsessed with my sociopath of a father that I missed some cues. I didn’t pay enough attention to Charlotte, to what she was capable of. That’s a lonely place.  And I want to do what I have to do to help her.

Laura: I will let you know as soon as I am back in Port Charles. And by the way, thanks again for stepping up and taking care of everything while I’m out of town. Okay, bye.

Kevin: Yes, I did go to the business center and print out our boarding passes. And, yes, it makes me a bit old school and, yes, a little old-fashioned. But I don’t care.

Laura: [ Chuckles ] I wouldn’t call that old-fashioned. I’d just say it’s practical, that’s all.

Kevin: So do you have any idea of where you want to start looking in London?

Laura: I do.

Kevin: I know you’re disappointed that we haven’t found Nikolas yet, but maybe we’ll have better luck there.

Laura: That’s my hope.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Laura: Oh, uh, do I have time to take this call? It’s Valentin.

Kevin: Uh, yeah. We’re ahead of schedule. Find out what he wants.

Laura: Okay, great. Valentin, hello.

Valentin: Laura, hi. Any sign of Nikolas?

Laura: Yes and no. We’re in Geneva, actually. We were just on our way to the airport. We’re going to fly to London next.

Valentin: You think Nikolas is in London?

Laura: I’m not sure, but I did find proof that he’s alive.

Valentin: Well, that’s great. That’s got to give you hope, huh?

Laura: Yes. So, uh, there must be a reason that you called?

Valentin: Well, you say you’re flying to London. Any chance you’re stopping off in Port Charles?

Laura: Why? Has something happened? Did Spencer do something?

Valentin: No. I mean, Alexis hasn’t said anything about Spencer.

Laura: Oh, good. All right, then. So what’s the problem?

Valentin: It’s Charlotte.

Laura: Charlotte. What about her?

Valentin: I think your granddaughter is in some serious trouble.

Anna: I’m still trying to figure out who’s out to get me. And I really can’t rule out the fact that the WSB are probably at the top of that list.

Jordan: Is Valentin helping you out?

Anna: Um… well, he’s determined to protect me, you know, but…

Jordan: But what? You don’t believe him?

Anna: I believe that he would never harm me. But, you know, he has his own past. Murky ties with the WSB and other affiliated organizations with less-than-stellar reputations.

Jordan: Which means…?

Anna: Honestly, Jordan… I don’t know what kind of secrets Valentin is keeping. And I think it’s past time that I found out exactly what those secrets are.

Gladys: Don’t you see the pattern? The guy is a wannabe gold digger. He targeted a wealthy doctor and — and chief of staff at GH, and when that didn’t work out, he moved on to Sasha while she was struggling with mental health issues. He saw his next target — a rich, troubled widow. Cody took advantage of her grief.

Sam: No, no, none of this is true, Sonny. Cody is on Sasha’s side.

Gladys: No, no, no. Don’t believe her. She’s his accomplice. She has been in with Cody from the very beginning, but what else can you expect? She is a grifter, too.

Sam: No, please tell me you’re not buying what she’s shoveling.

Gladys: He’s my family. He’s my family. Of course he’s going to believe me. Sonny… all I’ve tried to do since Brando died is take care of his widow. But then Cody started whispering in her ear. And eventually, it became too much and she snapped. She went back on whatever drugs she was taking, and then she wound up stabbing Cody with a knife. I mean, you’d think that would make him back off, but he wasn’t all that smart. Somehow, he got himself admitted to Ferncliff, and that’s when he kidnapped her. And then he got arrested. And poor Sasha made her way back here to the apartment, and it was heartbreaking, Sonny. She was disoriented and not making any sense at all. And it broke my heart to have to call the police.

Sonny: You’re right. What happened to Sasha was worse than a tragedy. It’s downright criminal.

Sasha: [ Sighs ] Ugh… [ Exhales deeply ] Okay, okay, that’s — whew, that’s a little better. Oh, this isn’t going to last forever. You’re gonna survive this. No! [ Breathing heavily ]

Laura: Charlotte is in trouble? What happened?

Valentin: I can’t get into it over the phone right now for legal reasons.

Laura: For legal reasons? My god, what are you saying?

Valentin: I’m saying I need your help, Laura, and so does Charlotte, desperately.

Laura: Then you’ve got it. Okay, look, I will take the first flight to Port Charles. Um… I’ll just get there as soon as I possibly can.

Anna: Oh. Uh… so this is where you’ve been hiding out.

Sonny: Gladys. Looks like you’re headed somewhere.

Gladys: Uh, well, what — what can I say? With everything going on with Sasha, I… my own nerves were shot, and I just need a break, a little vacation.

Sonny: Yeah, it’s a lot of luggage for a little vacation. Where are you going?

Gladys: [ Stammering ] Just some quiet spot just to take a beat and, you know, calm down.

Sam: That is not true. She’s clearly running away.

Sonny: What are you running from, Gladys?

Sam: She’s hoping to get out of town before the truth about Sasha comes out.

Gladys: Okay, okay. You know what? You’re partially correct, but you always got to put a negative spin on things, right? I — I — yes, I’m leaving town, but it’s — it’s only because I cannot bear to stay here and watch the disaster that Sasha’s life has turned into.

Sonny: You are her legal guardian. You’re obligated to stick around.

Gladys: But not — not while she’s in Ferncliff. I can’t do anything for her while she’s there, and that’s — that’s why I thought this is the perfect time for me to go somewhere and get my own head on straight.

Sonny: That — that sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Sam: [ Chuckles ] Sonny, please tell me you’re not buying this BS.

Sonny: But, Gladys, can I just ask you one question? How are you going to pay for this trip? Because I already know you stole Sasha’s money to pay back your gambling debt to Selina Wu.

Gladys: No, that’s not — that’s not —

Sonny: Shut up. I’m — I’m done with your lies, and I’m going to make sure that you don’t lie again.

Sasha: Stay away from me.

Dr. Montague: Sasha, you’re confused. I can see the agitation in your face. This medication will help you calm down.

Sasha: Somebody help me! Dr. Montague’s trying to inject me with something! I do not consent!

Dr. Montague: No one can hear you, Sasha, and no one is coming to save you.

Sasha: [ Screaming ] Help me! Help me! Please! Help me! [ Screams ]

On the next “General Hospital” —

Chase (to Tracy): You’re not going anywhere until you tell me what’s going on.

Anna (to Valentin): Why would you keep this secret?

Trina (to Spencer): I couldn’t believe that you did that for me.

Gregory (to Alexis): You want to help me knock another one off the list?

Sonny (to Gladys): I know exactly what you did, and now you’re gonna pay for it.

Dr. Montague (holding Sasha hostage): I’m walking out of here and taking her with me.

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