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Talia returns to Marlena’s office. Marlena asks if she has a moment to talk since they didn’t finish their session. Talia feels there’s not much more to say as she pretty much told her everything. Marlena reveals that Talia did not tell her that the man she slept with was her son in law. Talia claims to not know what she’s talking about. Marlena reminds Talia that when they agreed to start therapy, they agreed that she would be open and honest. Marlena asks Talia again if she slept with her son-in-law. Talia then tearfully admits that she did.

Jada and Shawn return to the police station. Jada tells Shawn to finish his notes while she takes the gun to forensics. Shawn stops her to ask if they are good. Jada tells Shawn to focus on getting his act together and they will see what happens. Shawn says he will but says it’s really awkward to ask. Jada then tells him not to worry as she’s not going to tell anyone that he slept with her sister, right as Belle appears in the doorway and reveals that she just did.

Rafe calls Jada from London and leaves a message, saying he’s just checking in and guesses she’s in the middle of something. Rafe notes that Ava and Harris still have not returned to their hotel room and he’s got local authorities out looking for them. Rafe says to give him a call when she gets the chance and hangs up. Rafe then pulls his gun when he’s startled by Tripp arriving. Rafe questions what the hell he is doing here. Tripp says he’s worried about his mom.

Ava and Harris wake up in the bedroom they were left in by Edmund Crumb. Harris checks on Ava, who asks what happened. Harris reminds her that Edmund poisoned their tea. Ava recalls Edmund saying that he had Susan locked up somewhere. Ava and Harris then discover they are chained to the wall by their ankles. Susan Banks then walks in, also chained, and declares that they found her.

Shawn asks what Belle is doing there. Belle says she was going to surprise her husband and take him to lunch, but she just lost her appetite. Belle adds that she was just telling Marlena that they turned a corner in their marriage and the worst was behind them. Jada apologizes that she found out this way. Belle responds that she’s glad that she found out because Shawn was never going to tell her. Belle then asks if she’s the last person to learn that Shawn is cheating on her with Talia Hunter.

Talia asks Marlena how she found out. Marlena responds that Belle was just there and she had been worried because her husband didn’t come back after attending his grandfather’s funeral and he said he had too much to drink, so he slept in Talia and Jada’s room. Marlena adds that Talia had also said she had too much to drink and slept with a married man, so it wasn’t hard to connect the dots. Talia cries that she’s so sorry. Marlena responds that she is too.

Rafe guesses Tripp was trying to tip Ava off that he was on her trail. Tripp argues that she’s his mom so he wants to help her. Rafe asks if Tripp knew she was staying here all along. Tripp says no and explains that Wendy tracked down the fake names used on the passports. Rafe questions how he got a key to the room. Tripp says he just told the front desk that he was Ava’s son. Rafe figures so much for security. Rafe asks why he didn’t just knock. Tripp didn’t think Ava would be happy that he followed her here. Tripp asks where Ava is. Rafe responds that Ava and Harris left their passports and haven’t been back since. Tripp wonders if they found out they were there and are staying away. Rafe thinks they went looking for Susan Banks and hopes they didn’t get in to any trouble..

Ava realizes she wasn’t hallucinating and that Susan is alive. Susan says no thanks to her. Ava acknowledges not being in her right mind when she drove off the cliff and says she’s so relieved to see her and to know that she’s alive. Susan questions who Harris is and what he’s staring at. Harris brings up Susan’s resemblance to her brother Thomas. Susan asks how he knows Thomas. Harris says she probably doesn’t want to know. Susan guesses Ava finally got her signals and now they are all chained up. Susan mocks this being a rescue mission. Ava argues that it could be worse and points out that Harris is an ex-Navy SEAL. Susan remarks that it took them long enough to find her. Ava questions why Susan sent her the signals of all people. Susan argues that anyone else would have thought she was just reaching out from the great beyond and wouldn’t rescue her. Susan also thought Ava would be highly motivated to find her because she’s not responsible for her murder since she’s not dead. Harris explains EJ putting a hit on Ava because he thinks she’s responsible. Ava confirms that EJ sent someone to Bayview to murder her. Susan first expresses excitement that EJ would do that for her but then expresses disappointment in him. Harris asks Susan to tell them everything she knows about Edmund Crumb. Edmund then enters the room and comments on them finally being awake. Harris brings up being poisoned. Edmund declares that he now has them both where he wants them.

Tripp question Rafe planning to track down Ava and Harris by just sitting and waiting in their hotel room until they come back. Tripp worries that they could be in trouble or if EJ has already gotten to them. Rafe assures that he’s working with local authorities and has an APB out on them now. Rafe brings up Tripp not being more forthcoming. Tripp asks if he’s making this his fault. Rafe asks why he had to trick him in to telling him that Ava thought Susan was alive, pointing out that it could’ve exonerated Ava. Tripp says that’s if it’s true. Rafe adds that if it is true, EJ will probably call off his hit on Ava. Tripp argues that Rafe doesn’t care about helping Ava and just wants to bring her back to Salem to throw the book at her. Rafe shouts that he wants to bring her back to Bayview so she can get the help she needs. Rafe then gets a call and writes down a name that he is given. Rafe says he’s on his way and hangs up. Tripp asks if that was about Ava. Rafe says maybe. Tripp argues that he has to tell him. Rafe tells Tripp to go home and that he’ll call him when he finds something. Tripp refuses to leave, so Rafe warns Tripp to either leave willingly or he will handcuff him to the wall for obstructing a police investigation.

Harris asks Edmund why he is keeping them here. Edmund thought Susan would have told them by now. Susan argues that she doesn’t understand. Edmund talks about Susan walking out of his life with no warning. Susan complains about the terrible arguments they had every day. Edmund goes on about Susan not calling or writing letters until he saw on the news that Susan was dead. Edmund recalls getting a phone call that Susan was alive, then two men brought her here half dead, so he spent months nursing her back to health. Harris stops him and question who these men were and who else knows that Susan is alive.

Rafe threatens to handcuff Tripp right now. Tripp points out Rafe not having handcuffs on him. Tripp argues that they don’t like each other but they both want to find Ava, Harris, and Susan. Tripp insists that he knows Ava better than Rafe does, he knows her habits and what she’s told him so he can help him. Rafe feels they are wasting time. Tripp agrees, so Rafe reluctantly gives in and exits with Tripp.

Talia tells Marlena that she feels horrible about all of this. Marlena brings up this being about her family. Talia cries that she feels very ashamed right now since Marlena has been so good to her and Belle is the reason that she’s not in prison. Talia hopes Marlena will agree that Belle doesn’t need to know about this since it was just one time and she promises it will never happen again. Talia asks if Marlena is going to tell Belle. Marlena admits she would like to but she is bound by doctor-patient confidentiality. Marlena adds that in her experience, secrets have a way of getting out…

Jada assures Belle that no one else knows about this and Talia didn’t want anyone to know because she knew how much it would hurt Belle. Jada repeats that she’s so sorry for all of this as she then exits the room. Shawn tells Belle that he’s sorry and he will do anything to fix it, but Belle slaps him.

Talia knows she and Marlena still have to work together and it will be uncomfortable. Marlena agrees but say she can behave professionally. Marlena asks if Talia can do that. Talia guesses Marlena can now agree that she needs a new therapist which she confirms. Talia tells Marlena that she really helped her and she’s so sorry that she let her down as she then exits the office.

Shawn acknowledges that he deserved the slap. Belle says that’s the least of what he deserves. Shawn knows she’s feeling hurt and humiliated. Belle argues that he has no idea how she feels. Belle brings up how Shawn was throwing her past in her face while he was sleeping with Talia the whole time. Shawn argues that it happened one time. Belle argues that they weren’t married when she was with Philip and they were separated when she was with EJ. Belle points out that they were only separated because of Shawn moving Jan Spears in to their home. Shawn argues that they weren’t separated when Belle slept with her professor in Maine. Belle asks if they are keeping score now. Shawn argues that she’s the one doing that while Belle yells at him to just stop. Belle knows Shawn has been going through hell with everything happening with Bo and Victor. Belle cries that she tried everything in her power to be there for him through everything. Belle talks about giving him grace when he wouldn’t stop drinking and almost lost his job twice, but she stayed by his side and even went to an AA meeting with him yesterday. Belle brings up that they said at the meeting to be honest with yourself but he still lied to her. Shawn says he knew the truth would hurt her more. Belle cries that she thought this was the one thing he would never do to them and now she knows she’s living a lie.

Rafe and Tripp go to the café where Ava and Harris were. Rafe confirms that the waiter identified them as being there yesterday and that Harris used his phone to look something up. Rafe reveals that he checked the history and found out that they looked up Susan’s first husband, Edmund P. Crumb. Tripp says he will call Wendy to look up an address for the guy but Rafe reveals that he’s already got it.

Edmund says he had no idea who the men were or who their boss was, but they just told him that no one could know Susan was alive because of some deranged woman driving her off a cliff. Harris questions his idea of keeping Susan safe being to chain her up like a dog. Susan says there’s a bit more to it than that and recalls when she finally woke up and saying she needed her husband Roger which upset Edmund. Susan says that’s how she ended up chained up. Susan asks if Edmund is giong to keep Ava and Harris here too. Edmund questions Ava being the one who tried to kill Susan. Edmund declares that he wasn’t going to hurt innocent people but now he knows Ava is not innocent, so he will have to do something to take care of her as he then exits the room.

Jada goes to the hospital and finds Talia, who questions what she is doing here. Jada says she came to check on Dimitri and also to warn Talia that Belle knows about her and Shawn.

Shawn tells Belle that he loves her and nothing’s going to change that. Shawn says what happened with Talia was a mistake and he didn’t want her but he was drunk after they got in a terrible fight. Shawn states that Talia was just there. Belle questions him jumping in bed with someone he barely knew who had just been through hell too. Shawn admits he didn’t feel better and takes full responsibility for what happened. Shawn asks Belle not to blame Talia for this. Belle confirms that she only blames Shawn and guesses this is Shawn’s way of getting back at her for being with other people. Belle feels Shawn is using the past to justify cheating on her. Shawn assures that he knows nothing justifies this. Shawn then guesses that Belle’s past did in some way justify what happened because if he forgave Belle for everything she did, he would think she would understand and forgive him. Belle responds that she doesn’t understand or forgive him. Shawn swears that he will do anything to fix this. Belle states that there is nothing he can do.

Ava asks Susan what she thinks Edmund is going to do. Harris asks if Edmund has a history of violence. Ava remarks that he obviously has a screw loose somewhere. Ava argues that if Edmund was going to kill them, he would have by now. Susan points out that Edmund didn’t know who Ava was until now. Harris notes that she still didn’t answer. Susan doesn’t think Edmund would kill someone out of the blue for no reason, but admits he has killed before.

Edmund loads a gun and puts it in his pocket when Rafe and Tripp arrive at his door. Edmund answers and asks if he can help them.

Harris questions Susan saying that Edmund committed murder. Susan explains that Edmund thought he was killing Kristen to protect her. Ava questions what she is talking about. Susan continues that Edmund mistook her late sister Penelope for Kristen and they got in to a struggle where Penelope fell in to the pool and Edmund drowned her. Susan guesses that since Edmund’s done it before, she thinks he is capable of killing again.

Rafe introduces himself to Edmund and says that Tripp is his associate. Edmund states that his late wife Susan used to live in Salem and claims it’s a coincidence. Rafe explains that they are looking for two Salem locals that have gone missing in London. Rafe shows photos of Ava and Harris and asks if he’s seen them. Edmund identifies Ava as the woman who killed Susan and claims that he thought she was in a mental institution. Rafe responds that she was but she escaped. Edmund argues that she shouldn’t be free and calls her a menace to society who shouldn’t even be alive.

Jada explains to Talia that they were in the interrogation room and didn’t think anyone would walk in. Talia questions why she would talk to Shawn about it. Jada says she felt she had to confront Shawn for taking advantage of Talia while she was vulnerable. Talia argues that Shawn was vulnerable too and didn’t force her, so she is just as responsible. Talia says that Jada can’t let what happened affect her work relationship. Talia calls Shawn a good guy who made a huge mistake. Jada hates that it’s all coming out like this. Talia feels it was going to eventually. Talia hopes that Jada doesn’t look at her differently because of this. Jada assures that she loves her and is not judging her. Talia thanks her for never giving up on her and for always being there as they hug.

Shawn asks Belle to go home but Belle says she doesn’t want to be anywhere near him. Shawn asks where do they go from here. Belle has no idea but she wants him to leave her alone as she storms out of the room.

Talia thinks back to the day after she slept with Shawn. Belle then shows up at the hospital to confront Talia. Talia tells her that she’s so sorry. Belle tells Talia to go to Hell and walks away.

Belle goes to Marlena’s office and informs Marlena that Shawn cheated on her. Marlena hugs Belle as she breaks down crying.

Shawn holds a photo of he and Belle at the police station and thinks back to when they got back together after being separated. Jada returns to the station and tells him that she’s really sorry. Shawn responds that Belle was going to find out one way or another. Jada asks if he wants to talk about it but Shawn says he’s good. Jada mentions speaking to Kayla and that Dimitri is in recovery. Jada adds that she just heard from Rafe that he got a good lead on Ava and Harris.

Ava worries that Edmund thinks she’s a danger, so he’s going to kill her. Susan argues that they don’t know that. Ava feels they need to find a way out. Harris says he’s been in worse situations than this and promises that Edmund will have to kill him before he touches her.

Rafe informs Edmund that Ava and Harris were under the impression that Susan was still alive. Edmund calls that impossible since she was blown up in a car crash. Rafe says they believe they came to Edmund’s apartment. Edmund claims he hasn’t seen them. Tripp reveals that they looked up his address before going missing. Edmund says he’ll let them know if they show up. Rafe asks if he minds if they take a look around. Edmund then pulls his gun out and declares that he does mind.

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