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Brooke: Oh, really? [ Brooke chuckling ] Well, that’s very exciting. Can’t wait. No, I love reading your articles, really. Can’t wait to see it. Okay. Ciao. [ Brooke sighing ]

Taylor: Hey. So, uh, we never really got to finish that conversation yesterday.

Brooke: Uh, no, because you ran out of here so fast and I had plans. I had to be home with Ridge.

Eric: Parisian lace. There’s nothing else in the world like it.

Luna: Yeah, I’ve never seen so many options up close.

RJ: It’s really intricate and delicate.

Eric: Yeah. Each one feels different to the touch, each one tells a– tells a different story. All right, none of these will do.

RJ: What? Are you serious?

Eric: Not what I’m looking for.

RJ: Okay. I’ll let Pierre know we need more options to source, I guess.

Eric: Yeah, good. Luna, tell Sophie to get all this stuff out of here and get it to the house immediately, as soon as possible before we run out of time.

Katie: Are you sure it’s okay that I’m here?

Donna: At your sister’s house? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s okay.

Katie: Well, I mean, behind the curtain at Eric’s secret design studio.

Donna: Oh, secret? No. No, see Brooke ruined the secret when she came in unannounced.

Katie: Well, the designs are beautiful.

Donna: Yeah.

Katie: Are they enough to beat Ridge and his Couture collection? How worried are you that Eric is gonna lose to his son at the fashion challenge?

Donna: This collection is so important to Eric, it’s– it’s like his life depends on it.

Donna: Look, we– we don’t really have to get into all this.

Katie: Well, we’ve all heard Eric call this his grand finale, but to say that his life depends on its success seems a little dramatic, don’t you think?

Eric: All right, that’s it. That was a good session, I would say. We’ll pick up back at the house, um, there we are. Oh, uh, any word on the feathers for that black bodice?

RJ: Yeah, I’m working on it. Hey, what are you looking for?

Eric: My rolodex. It has the number for some vendors.

RJ: Well, Luna, she can search the company contacts. She’ll find them.

Eric: Okay, cool, thanks. Yeah, that’d be good.

Luna: Oh, actually, Carter gave me a bunch of things that you need your signature.

Eric: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Carter always wants me to sign something, right? Yeah, I can’t, um, here, take it, take it. Just take it. I don’t need to sign anything here. It’s Forrester Creations. I’m Eric Forrester!

RJ: I’m so sorry. That was not you. Hey, I… can I tell you something, but you have to promise you’re just gonna keep it between us?

Luna: Yeah, absolutely.

RJ: My granddad is not himself lately because… he’s compromised and the only people who know about it are Donna and me.

Taylor: Were you just trying to send me a message, you know? ‘Cause it felt like it. That you and Ridge are together now.

Brooke: No, I’m just saying if you came back here in this office to look for me and I wasn’t here, it’s because Ridge and I had plans. We went home.

Taylor: Oh, okay.

Brooke: Look, I don’t want to fight with you, Taylor. About Ridge, about our children. I mean, I feel like we’re on the same page about not wanting Thomas and Hope to be involved.

Taylor: Yeah, well, I– I didn’t come here to fight. But I am looking for Ridge.

Ridge: Hey! I’m here. Hi.

Taylor: Hi. Hi, I– I thought I missed you.

Ridge: No, I was with– with my trainer, obviously.

Taylor: Oh, your trainer. I thought you were looking a little, you know. Anyway, I just– I– I came by to catch you up on Steffy and the kids a little bit more.

Ridge: Well, thank you. I’m so glad you were there to help Steffy get set up and– and now I’m glad you’re back.

Taylor: Thank you. Yeah, it’s good to be back, you know. I had to see patients and make sure I talk to Finn.

Ridge: Yeah.

Taylor: And, um, you know, most importantly, uh, talk to Thomas. You know, I was– I was pretty upset with you yesterday, finding out about Hope and Thomas.

Ridge: I know. I’m sorry. I’ll keep an eye on him. But he’s put the work in. He’s not backsliding. And he’s been talking to this world-renowned psychiatrist and he’s got some loved ones in his corner, so take that off your plate. But Steffy, we gotta worry about her with Sheila running around.

Taylor: Yeah. I– I think we can be vigilant about both situations, yeah? But as for Thomas, you know, if–

Ridge: I will tell you if anything happens. Anything you need to know, I will let you know. Promise.

Taylor: Thank you. Okay, we’re good. All right, I am gonna let you two get at it. Get… um, with, uh… get back to work.

Ridge: I’ll see ya.

Taylor: I’m leaving. Goodbye.

RJ: Thank you so much, Sophie.

Sophie: Yeah, no problem.

RJ: Okay. Let’s make sure everything is here that Granddad wants.

Luna: So no one else knows about your grandfather? Not even your dad?

RJ: No. Especially not him. It’s this big, big secret and my granddad’s adamant that nobody else finds out.

Luna: So, why’d you tell me?

RJ: Because, I don’t know. You’re very caring. Dare I say, trustworthy.

Luna: Mm-hmm.

RJ: And you know, you’re part of the team.

Luna: Uh, yeah. Team Eric all the way.

RJ: Well, there you go. Why not?

Luna: If you don’t mind me asking though, what exactly is going on with your grandfather?

RJ: He says that it’s arthritis.

Luna: But you think it could be something more serious?

Donna: Doesn’t every artist deserve an encore?

Katie: An encore, yes, but not necessarily a curtain call. Eric is a vibrant vital man. He has so much life and creativity left inside of him.

Donna: He’s one of a kind. That’s for sure.

Katie: That’s why I don’t know why he keeps insisting that this is the end.

Eric: Donna’s right. This is– this is gonna be my final collection. And it’s gonna be on my terms. Thank you.

Brooke: Quite a surprise seeing Taylor.

Ridge: Yeah, it was. I called Steffy to see what was going on and I said maybe I should go over and she said, “no, stay here.” Hold down the fort and do work on my collection.

Brooke: Especially now that you and your father are facing off.

Ridge: Yeah, this whole competition part of it, I’m not– I don’t want that. I don’t want to be at odds with my dad. There’s something going on with him.

Donna: I, um, didn’t hear you come in, honey bear.

Eric: I’m, uh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to– I didn’t mean to interrupt.

Katie: Oh, please. You’re not interrupting. This is your home. I hope you excuse my intrusion. I have to admit, I gave myself a little sneak peek. Everything looks wonderful, although I’m hardly surprised. You’ve proven yourself over and over again.

Eric: Yes, well, Ridge and your sister, Brooke, seem to think that I should relax. Begin to step aside and let the younger generation take over.

Katie: Well, lucky for you, I would never insinuate that you retire.

Eric: Thank you. You’ve always been my favorite brunette Logan sister.

[ Katie laughing ]

Katie: Listen, if you step away, that is your decision and yours alone. However, I will tell you the company is doing really well. You should be very proud of Ridge and Steffy and Thomas and Zende.

Eric: Make no mistake, I’m extremely proud of all of them. I really am, but I’m determined to do this line on my own terms.

Donna: Um, sweetie, well, while it was– it was great to see you, but now that Eric is home–

Katie: Oh, yes, of course. I’ll skedaddle.

Donna: Thank you.

Katie: I love you so much.

Donna: I love you.

Katie: And I’ll keep all of this top secret, but I have to say, it’s fabulous.

Eric: Thank you.

Katie: All right.

Donna: Okay. Um, I’ll call you later, okay?

Katie: Thank you. Bye.

Donna: Bye. How are you doing? Let me see. It looks like the tremors stopped right?

[ Eric sighing ]

Donna: Just… just rest it, okay? What’s going on? You seem really worked up.

Eric: Yeah, well, something happened at the office. Um, something with the new– the new intern, Luna.

Luna: It’s sweet how concerned you are about your grandfather. I mean, you’re a good guy to care so much. You seem pretty upset about it.

RJ: I am. I mean, he’s– well, a couple times, he’s said that it’s arthritis and then, he’s also said that it’s carpel tunnel syndrome, so I don’t even know, like.

Luna: So, are you afraid it’s something more or he could be covering?

RJ: I don’t know, I hope not. That’d be awful. I mean, well, I know the whole reason he wants to do this collection is because of this and you know, the whole reason why I’m sketching the whole thing is because of this and… he really believes its his last and I’ve seen his hands. They’re getting more shaky and trembly and I can see it. His condition’s gotten worse. I just– I know that if I told my dad, he would understand. Like, immediately. He’d understand. He’d give him his office back, he’d step aside.

Luna: Okay, so– so why don’t you tell him? I mean, wouldn’t your dad want to know about this?

RJ: Yeah! Well, that’s– that’s what’s so tough about this and why I’m… I’m sorry. Thank you for talking to me about this. It’s really nice to actually tell someone about all of this.

Luna: Of course. I’m happy to listen.

RJ: I just know that my parents would want to know, but my granddad made me promise not to say anything.

Luna: I know you’ll figure out what to do, okay? And I’m here to listen, if you want, and I promise I won’t say anything to anyone.

RJ: Hey, I’m gonna tell you another secret. I– I didn’t even want to join the family business. I didn’t even want to be a designer.

Luna: So, you’re doing all of this just for your grandfather?

RJ: It’s been so hard for him. Like… he doesn’t even come in anymore really because he feels like the CEO office is his and my dad is in there all the time.

Luna: So, that’s why Eric stays at home with you by his side.

RJ: I can help him, you know? I’ve been helping him get all his designs on paper.

Luna: I haven’t met a lot of guys like you. It’s touching. I mean, the way you’re so committed and devoted to your grandfather, I can see how much he appreciates it. He’s really lucky to have you as a grandson, RJ. I mean, so much social media is bogus, right? I mean, people only post their best moments or totally fake ones, but following you, I could always tell how genuine you are. You’re a really special guy.

Ridge: Okay, but let me ask you this. The Met last year. Remember the one with the crazy hair, the singer? Yes? Who was she wearing?

Brooke: A Forrester.

Ridge: Who designed it?

Brooke: Eric Forrester.

Ridge: Eric Forrester. Cannes last year. Three dresses in the same place. Designed by?

Brooke: Eric Forrester.

Ridge: Eric Forrester. Here’s my point. He has created things that– these women didn’t come to us and ask for things. We didn’t ask them to wear them. These are things that my dad created because he has woven his name into the fabric of society. Walls fall and his gowns stand and that’s where we are, right? This is– this is what he does. So, I’m confused. Why now you wanna do one more line? What does he have to prove to anybody? He’s drowning the company and he knows he is, but he still wants to do this. So my question is why not work with me? That makes fiscal sense. But he doesn’t want to do that. This is his collection by himself and I’m confused by it. Thoughts?

[ Brooke sighing ]

Donna: So something happened with Luna at the office.

Eric: Yeah, that poor girl. I feel so bad. She’s gonna think I’m some kind of monster, some ogre. Some egomaniac.

Donna: Okay, nobody could ever think that about you. What– what in the world are you talking about?

Eric: She had some contracts for me to sign and she handed it to me and she handed me a pen and I couldn’t hang on to it and it made me angry and I yelled at her. I said, “I don’t have to sign anything. I’m Eric Forrester!” And she probably thinks I’m some crazy– I feel terrible. I feel terrible.

Donna: Okay, this is bad enough that you have to go through this, but the fact that you have to hide it from everyone.

Eric: Well, what’s going on? What’s going on with me?

Donna: Okay. Listen, your doctor is gonna be here any minute and I’m– I’m sure that we can finally get some answers.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: Okay?

Eric: Yeah, about what’s going on with me, what’s really going on with me?

Donna: It’s nothing that we can’t face, okay? You are– you are the strongest, most passionate man I know. I mean, look– look at everything you’ve created, Eric. Professionally, artistically. I mean, your positivity is– it’s contagious, you know? You’ve instilled it in your family. You have generations of children and grandchildren who wanna continue your legacy, and they love you so much, and none more than me. Eric, you’ve– you’ve given me some of– no, you’ve given me the best years of my life. You’ve filled me with happiness and laughter, and most importantly, love. I can never thank you enough for loving me the way that you do, so whatever this– this little hiccup is? We’re gonna get through it together.

Eric: Yeah.

[ Knocking on door ]

Donna: We can do this, okay? Dr. Colby, thank you so much for coming. I really appreciate it.

Colby: Of course.

Donna: Please, come in.

Eric: Thank you, doctor.

Colby: It’s my pleasure.

Eric: I appreciate very much your discretion in this matter.

Colby: Understood.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: Doctor, please, um, can you tell us what’s going on with Eric?

Eric: What have you found? What have the test results come up with? What’s wrong with me, Doctor?

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