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Belle calls Shawn from Marlena’s office and leaves a message, asking him to call her back and says they don’t have to talk about anything, she just wants to hear his voice to know he’s okay. Belle complains to Marlena that Shawn isn’t answering and she’s tried calling, texting, and tracking his phone. Belle adds that she doesn’t know where he is.

Shawn sits in his office at the police station and sees 4 missed calls from Belle as well as 7 messages. Shawn declares that he’s sorry but he has nothing to say to Belle or anyone anymore as he picks up his gun.

Jada goes home and is surprised to see her place is cleaned. Rafe then comes out from the bathroom and says he was just finishing up. Jada is impressed as Rafe jokes that he can’t spend all his time lying around and watching Body and Soul.

Steve and Abe sit at home watching Body and Soul where they comment on one of the character’s sons being back from the dead…

Philip asks Chloe if this means she forgives him. Chloe states that she’s furious at him for what he did, but she’s also really glad that he’s alive. Philip says he is too, especially now that he’s back home in Salem. Philip knows Kate think it’s a mistake for him to be here as she told him not to come to his dad’s funeral, but he can’t spend the rest of his life hiding. Chloe asks what he’s going to do. Philip declares that he will take responsibility for what he did and let the chips fall where they may. Philip then goes to leave but comes face to face with Brady when he opens the door. Philip says it’s good to see him while Brady is in shock and hugs Philip, questioning him being alive.

Belle complains to Marlena that this is all her fault for trying to get Brady to take Shawn to AA and says she doesn’t know what she was thinking. Marlena understands she was concerned and was trying to be supportive. Belle states that she needs Marlena to tell her what Shawn told her in their sessions. Marlena argues that she can’t do that. Belle points out that he’s not her patient anymore. Marlena says she can’t break their confidentiality. Belle argues that if Shawn is in danger, she has legal duty to say so. Belle asks if Shawn is a danger to himself. Marlena says she can’t say for certain but admits that after seeing him today, she is concerned. Belle begs Marlena to tell her what Shawn told her so that she can help him. Marlena then agrees to do so.

Shawn holds his gun in his office until there’s a knock at the door, so he puts it away. Paulina enters and says she hopes she didn’t come at a bad time. Paulina adds that she can come back later if he’s too busy. Shawn says it’s fine and asks what he can do for her. Paulina hopes that he can understand that even though Clint Rawlings just put him in the chair, she’s here to take him out. Paulina then announces she is giving Rafe his job back.

Rafe and Jada drink margaritas at home. Rafe talks about how he used to run a nightclub and jokes about what Jada doesn’t know about him as they kiss.

Brady can’t believe Philip is alive and he’s okay. Philip says he’s glad to be home and that he missed all of them. Brady tells Chloe that they were right the whole time as obviously Kristen had to be behind it all and gone after Philip to get to him. Brady asks where Philip has been and if Kristen had locked him in a dungeon. Brady says this means they can appeal the custody case and he needs to call Belle. Brady goes on about how the judge will realize that Kristen is a nutcase and everything will be fine. Chloe stops Brady and tells him that Kristen didn’t do it. Brady argues that she did and she framed him for murder. Philip then reveals that he framed him. Brady asks what he’s talking about. Chloe suggests this isn’t the best time but Brady wants to hear it. Philip admits he was insanely jealous of them and thought they were having an affair behind his back, so he came up with a plan to make him pay. Philip adds that he’s deeply ashamed of all of it. Brady demands to know the plan. Philip explains that Brady was on the phone outside the Pub and he came up behind him, knocked him out, and dragged him to the park where he stole his credit card and charged a bunch of shots to it to make it look like Brady drank them by filling a syringe with alcohol and injecting it to Brady’s blood stream. Philip adds that he sent threatening text messages from Brady’s phone to his own, then drove Brady to the park and dropped his watch there to be found later. Philip continues that he dragged Brady to the river bank, where he took out a knife and cut himself, then smeared his blood all over them, tossed his prosthetic leg in to the water and disappeared. Philip declares that he framed Brady, not Kristen. Philip knows how wrong it was but back then he was out of his mind and lost his grip on reality as he felt humiliated and betrayed. Philip says he could only focus on punishing Chloe and Brady for making a fool of him. Philip declares that he is sorry for all of it and will be sorry for the rest of his life. Philip knows it’s unfair as he asks if Brady can forgive him. Brady responds by punching Philip.

Steve and Abe watch Body and Soul until Abe sees a commercial for a memory supplement which Steve worries might be a sensitive subject for Abe. Abe informs him that Kayla told him that the supplement isn’t for amnesia. Steve says he’s sorry as he knows how frustrated Abe is. Abe doesn’t know why nothing comes back to him. Abe says he doesn’t remember Paulina or anything about their life together.

Shawn tells Paulina that he’s glad Rawlings is gone and brings up that Rawlings ordered him to arrest Paulina after the press conference but he refused. Paulina says she appreciates that and calls Shawn a valued member of the force, which is why she wants him to stay on as a detective. Shawn questions stepping down immediately. Paulina knows it must be disappointing for him, but she thinks it’s the right call to reinstate Rafe.

Rafe and Jada kiss until she jokingly apologizes in advance for him making the bed all nice when they’re about to mess it all up as they continue kissing. After they finish, they joke about making the bed being a waste of time. Jada suggests they take a break by getting a burger and a beer at the Pub. Rafe agrees but says first they can make the bed a little messier as they continue kissing.

Steve and Abe’s viewing of Body and Soul gets interrupted by the announcement of Paulina being the new Mayor. Abe hopes Paulina can undo the damage that Clint Rawlings did and then once he’s in the rearview mirror, he wouldn’t be surprised by anything Paulina can do. Steve comments that it sounds like Abe has a lot of faith in his wife, as she does in him. Steve assures Abe that Paulina really loves him. Abe confirms he can see that in everything she does, so it kills him that he doesn’t remember how much he loves her. Steve knows Abe came to stay because he needed space from Paulina, but he thinks maybe it’s time that they got close again.

Shawn agrees with Paulina that Rafe should be running the police department. Paulina is surprised and appreciates how classy he’s being about this. Paulina decides she’s going to go find Rafe to tell him that Shawn graciously agreed to step down and that he fully supports Rafe’s return. Paulina gets up but stops to ask if Shawn is sure he’s okay. Shawn claims he’s fine. Paulina notes he seemed a bit unsettled. Shawn repeats that he’s fine and that he thinks Paulina will make a great mayor. Paulina thanks him and tells him to take care as she exits the office.

Belle talks to Marlena about how Shawn came to her for therapy voluntarily and she thought he was making real progress. Marlena says he was but he’s decided that it won’t help anymore because it won’t help Bo or bring Victor back. Belle worries that Shawn is giving up. Marlena feels he’s hitting rock bottom which everyone has to do before deciding to make things right. Belle asks what if he doesn’t decide to do that and keeps spiraling. Marlena states that he’s not in a position to do much as he’s drinking a lot and is full of guilt and grief. Belle brings up that the last time Shawn and Victor talked, Victor was very hard on him with no understanding or forgiveness. Marlena understands that’s why Shawn can’t forgive himself and why he’s in so much pain. Belle cries that she’s terrified of what Shawn might do to get rid of that pain.

Shawn looks at his police commissioner name plate and then tosses it in the trash. Shawn then pulls his gun back out of the drawer.

Brady tells Philip that he doesn’t forgive him and yells at him to get up so he can hit him again. Chloe tells him no. Brady shouts that Philip that he went to jail and that Philip could’ve killed him by injecting alcohol in to his veins. Chloe argues that Philip wasn’t in his right mind. Brady questions where Philip has been. Philip informs him that he was in a mental institution in Europe and he’s better now, but he still feels horrible about what he did and he’s committed to make amends. Philip declares that he knows it won’t be easy, but he has to find a way to make this right or he can’t go on. Brady pulls out his phone and announces that he’s calling the police because this bastard is going to jail. Chloe takes his phone and says Brady can’t call the police. Brady argues that Philip is guilty of 12 crimes, so he needs to be arrested. Chloe repeats that he was mentally ill. Brady says he can go to Bayview though as long as he’s locked up somewhere. Chloe tells Brady to have some compassion since Philip just lost his father and it’s the only reason he came back. Brady calls Philip a vindictive and psychotic coward. Brady adds that Victor would be proud. Philip then reveals that Victor did know as he and Kate are the ones who sent him to Europe because they knew he needed help. Brady mocks that his mom and dad fixed it for him. Brady shouts about his grandfather being okay with him going to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Philip explains that Victor and Kate wanted to help them both which is why they signed the documents, declaring him legally dead, since without a body Melinda had no choice but to drop the charges against Brady. Brady brings up the agony that Chloe went through, not knowing if Philip was dead or alive, and the guilt he felt thinking Kristen was behind it. Brady adds that he hired Steve to investigate and then realizes that’s why Kate didn’t want him to, because she knew he was alive. Chloe argues that Kate was just trying to protect her son. Brady declares that Philip has to go down and pay for what he did to everyone as he takes his phone back from Chloe. Chloe tells Brady to stop and that Victor didn’t want his son to go to prison. Brady shouts that Victor won’t know now. Chloe argues that she knows Brady loved Victor and Victor wanted peace in his family. Chloe asks Brady to just let Philip try to make things right.

Abe complains that Steve is pressuring him about Paulina. Steve apologizes as he didn’t mean to do that. Steve then asks if Abe is attracted to Paulina. Abe admits she’s intelligent, strong, and beautiful but that doesn’t mean he wants to share a bed with her. Steve says nobody said that and he’s getting ahead of himself. Steve suggests instead of thinking about sleeping his wife, he should think about going back to the beginning and starting over again.

Rafe and Jada eat together at the Brady Pub. Jada comments on what they have going being great. Paulina then enters and tells Rafe that she’s sorry to interrupt but she’s glad she found him. Rafe asks what he can do for Salem’s new mayor. Paulina responds that he can go back to being police commissioner.

Belle wishes Shawn would talk to her or Marlena instead of pushing them away and beating himself up. Belle decides to go to the police station for help since they care about Shawn. Shawn then enters Marlena’s office. Belle tells him that they had been so worried about him. Shawn responds that he doesn’t want anyone else to worry about him anymore. Shawn pulls out his gun and says he needs Belle to take it away from him because he’s not in a good place right now as he places the gun down. Marlena asks if Shawn was thinking of hurting himself. Shawn admits he doesn’t know but he knows he needs help. Marlena tells him it’s alright as there is no shame in asking for help. Belle promises they will help him.

Chloe begs Brady not to call the police, arguing that the Kiriakis family is in mourning. Chloe tells Brady to think about Maggie and asks if he will have Philip arrested. Brady decides he doesn’t know and he’ll have to think about it as he storms out of the apartment. Philip thanks Chloe. Chloe feels Brady is just in shock and in time, he will realize that Philip is not responsible for what he did while he was sick. Philip worries that now that he’s out, the truth is going to come out and he’s going to need a lawyer. Chloe offers to call Belle but Philip points out that Belle is Brady’s lawyer and sister. Chloe argues that she is also his friend.

Marlena wants to put Shawn on a 24 hour hold to assess him and figure out the next step. Belle admits she’d feel a lot better if he agrees to that. Shawn agrees to whatever Marlena thinks is best. Marlena says they can talk for awhile. Belle assures they are in this together and will get through it. Shawn apologizes to Belle for letting her down. Belle says he didn’t and that she’s so proud of him coming to ask for help. Belle assures that everything will be okay as she kisses him. Belle then exits the office.

Rafe reminds Paulina that Shawn was just appointed commissioner. Paulina reveals that she just came from telling Shawn he’s out and he will stay on as a detective. Paulina asks if Rafe will accept the job. Rafe and Jada remind Paulina about the policy preventing them from dating. Paulina declares that as mayor, she will have no problem with colleagues dating as long as it doesn’t interfere with their work. Paulina adds that she will tell the city council as well. Paulina feels they need to start handling relationships on a case by case basis. Rafe says that’s great but he will hold off on making a decision until the policy is amended. Paulina questions if Rafe doesn’t want his job back. Rafe assures that he loves being a cop and police commissioner but he’s really enjoying spending time with Jada. Paulina acknowledges that and guesses she needs to hurry and get the policy changed because they need Rafe back in charge.

Abe appreciates Steve trying to help, but he doesn’t think he can since he has no idea what this is like. Steve responds that he actually does. Abe asks if he had amnesia. Steve confirms he did, courtesy of the DiMeras. Steve tells Abe that the short version is that a little more than 15 years ago, his brother Jack brought him back to town when Kayla thought he was dead, so she was ecstatic until finding out that he had no memory of her or their life together. Steve says his reaction was like Abe’s, questioning how he could be Kayla’s husband when he had no idea who she was but Kayla wouldn’t give up and eventually, something in his heart let him know that Kayla was his destiny, so he did his damndest to get those memories back and feel that love again and the rest is history. Abe asks if he thinks that could happen for him. Steve thinks it’s possible if he starts spending time with Paulina again. Steve says he doesn’t have to move back in right away but encourages taking her to dinner and talking to her. Steve adds that maybe he’ll remember or maybe he won’t, but he bets that Abe will fall in love with his wife all over again.

Jada thinks Rafe should take the police commissioner job. Rafe points out they’d have to stop seeing each other. Jada says that’s just until the policy changes. Jada feels Paulina is right that the city needs Rafe in charge and he loves that job. Rafe is not sure he wants to go back to the police department, but he is sure that he’s falling in love with Jada.

Paulina goes to Steve’s to let Abe know that she asked Rafe to take his job back and he’s considering it. Abe says that’s great and thanks her for letting him know. Paulina then tells Abe to have a good night and goes to leave but Abe stops her. Abe asks if Paulina would like to go on a date with him if she’s not too busy with her job. Paulina responds that she thinks she can make some time.

Shawn apologizes to Marlena for his behavior earlier. Marlena says he doesn’t have to apologize. Shawn understands she was just trying to help him, so speaking to her like he did and walking out was wrong. Shawn adds that quitting therapy was a big mistake, so he’s ready to get started again if she is. Marlena tells Shawn that he will be her patient and she will do everything she can to help him. Marlena then reminds Shawn that he is her family and she loves him beyond words. Shawn says he loves her too as they hug.

Belle goes to see Chloe. She stops outside the door and texts Shawn that she loves him and always will. Belle then knocks on the door. Chloe answers and thanks her for coming. Belle says she got her message and asks what’s going on. Chloe clarifies that needing a lawyer is not for her or Xander. Chloe then tells Belle to see for herself as she opens the door, revealing Philip. Belle is shocked as she rushes up to hug Philip. Belle can’t believe he’s alive and says she’s so happy to see him. Philip responds that he hopes she still feels that way after she hears what he’s done.

Brady goes to the police commissioner’s office, looking for Shawn but finds it’s empty. Brady then leaves a note on the desk to call him and storms back out.

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