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Sarah joins Maggie in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Sarah hugs Maggie as she asks how she is doing. Maggie mentions that people sending cards has helped as she reads one from Victor’s barber that says Victor kept them laughing for 30 years. Sarah agrees that Victor was funny. Maggie adds that a lot of people have said nice things. Sarah credits Maggie for that and calls her the best thing to ever happen to Victor. Sarah feels that people felt if Maggie saw the good in Victor, it must be there. Maggie brings up that Xander said she was the one thing he and Victor had in common and that she brought them back together for a while. Maggie mentions that Xander plans to come by later and she knows Sarah doesn’t want to see him. Sarah then reveals that she actually already did which surprises Maggie.

Chloe comes home to Xander at their apartment. Xander informs her that he is cooking their engagement lunch. Chloe says before they eat, there is something she needs to tell him. Xander feels it’s something pretty serious. Chloe responds that it could change their whole future.

Eric apologizes on the phone to Roman for jumping all over him about the baby shower as Nicole listens in behind him. Roman says it seems that he called about it at the worst possible time. Eric says he will tell Sloan that they wanted to do it as it will mean a lot to her. Roman asks if there’s anything he can do for them. Eric says if he thinks of anything, he’ll let him know but he has to go be with Sloan. Roman tells him to tell Sloan how sorry that he and Marlena are which Eric agrees to do. Nicole comments to herself that it sounds like Sloan lost her baby.

Sloan tells Melinda that she had so many plans for her and Eric and their baby, but now it’s just going to be her and Eric. Sloan feels they have to start over with a clean slate, no secrets, so she’ made up her mind that she’s going to tell Eric that he is the father of Nicole’s baby. Melinda guesses it didn’t register the first time so she repeats that telling Eric that he’s the father of Nicole’s child is a terrible idea.

Maggie didn’t know Sarah saw Xander and asks how that happened. Sarah explains that Xander came by yesterday to see Maggie and found her instead. Sarah states that Xander was very shocked by how pregnant she is. Maggie asks what she told him. Sarah admits that she lied through her teeth.

Xander questions what Chloe has to tell him that’s going to affect their whole future. Xander asks if she’s breaking off their engagement and if it’s about his past, insisting that he’s learned his lesson. Chloe assures that she’s not breaking their engagement, but he may want to. Chloe informs Xander that she just found out that Sarah is pregnant. Xander asks who told her that. Chloe explains that she ran in to Henderson at the grocery store and he told her. Xander guesses Henderson was getting food for Victor’s funeral. Chloe questions why they are talking about Henderson instead of Sarah as she thought he would be shocked. Xander then reveals that he already knew as he found out yesterday.

Eric tells Roman that he really has to go but he’ll stop in later in the week to talk. Roman tells him to go be with Sloan. Roman knows how much Eric wanted this baby and says he’s so damn sorry. Eric thanks him for calling as they hang up. Nicole then approaches Eric and apologizes as she couldn’t help but hear what he was talking about and says it sounds like Sloan lost the baby which Eric confirms. Nicole tells Eric that she’s so sorry.

Sloan argues that Melinda doesn’t want her to tell Eric about Nicole’s baby because then she’ll have nothing to hold over her head and she’ll have to nail Li on her own. Melinda insists she’ll get him another way. Sloan questions why Melinda cares what she tells Eric. Melinda says she is speaking as her friend and warns that the clean slate that Sloan wants could blow up in her face. Melinda adds that if Eric and Nicole have the baby, he could decide that he wants them to be a family which means Sloan could lose Eric forever.

Maggie assumes that Sarah told Xander that the baby is Rex’s. Sarah confirms that she did, noting it was simple and made sense. Maggie asks how Rex feels about it. Sarah admits that Rex is crazy about the idea and wants to marry her.

Chloe questions Xander already knowing that Sarah was pregnant. Xander explains that he found out when he went to see Maggie but he ran in to Sarah and she was obviously with child. Chloe questions why Xander wouldn’t tell her that Sarah is pregnant.

Sloan questions Melinda wanting her to keep quiet about Nicole’s baby being Eric’s and expecting her to believe she’s doing it for her. Melinda questions Sloan thinking she can give Eric this huge news and it will all be fine. Sloan argues that Melinda doesn’t know how close they’ve become and brings up how he chose her side over his whole family. Melinda asks if she thinks it will still be that way if he finds out what she did. Sloan insists that Eric will forgive her. Melinda reminds Sloan that she said it would be okay if Eric knew about Nicole’s baby because she was carrying his baby too but that’s not true anymore. Sloan says that’s enough and tells her to leave her alone. Melinda refuses until she gets through to her, reminding Sloan that she said their baby would bond them together for life but now the only one carrying Eric’s baby is Nicole, so she rests her case.

Kate goes to the Brady Pub and brings Roman bags of everything he needs for the baby shower. Kate mentions not being a fan of Sloan either but she heard from Marlena that they wanted to throw a baby shower and smooth things over. Roman stops Kate and informs her that there is not going to be a baby shower because Sloan lost the baby.

Nicole tells Eric that this is so sudden since last time she talked to Sloan, she said everything was great. Eric says that it was and then Kayla discovered some kind of auto immune disorder that Sloan didn’t know she had which caused the miscarriage. Eric adds that Kayla also said it would be risky for Sloan to even get pregnant again. Nicole knows that must have been hard to hear, especially after what happened. Nicole reminds Eric that they told her that too so she encourages him not to give up hope. Eric feels it’s too soon for that. Nicole tells Eric that this is so unfair as she knows how much he wants a child and that he would make a wonderful father.

Kate tells Roman that Eric has to be devastated. Roman confirms that he was definitely blindsided. Roman feels he was useless on the phone just now. Kate encourages that Roman will help Eric through this as they all will. Kate then informs Roman that he was right about telling Philip that his father was dead, so she took his advice and called Philip to tell him.

Sloan hates it but admits that Melinda is right that if she tells Eric what she has done, he’ll never forgive her and without a baby, there’s no reason for him to stay with her. Melinda points out that then Sloan would be childless and single, but Eric won’t find out if she keeps her mouth shut. Sloan asks if Melinda is going to continue threatening her. Melinda says she couldn’t do that to her now. Sloan questions Melinda really only thinking of her. Melinda assures that she came as her friend, not a prosecutor. Melinda vows to not tell a soul what Sloan did or that she’s keeping it from Eric and she won’t use what she knows against her. Melinda suggests that even if Eric did know about Nicole’s baby, it might not change a thing since Nicole is engaged to EJ, who is rich and handsome and they both are delighted to have the baby together so Melinda asks what Nicole would need Eric for.

Eric asks if Nicole is at the hospital to see her OB. Nicole says she came to pick up a prescription. Eric supposes he should get back to Sloan. Nicole tells Eric that if he ever needs someone to talk to who gets it, he knows where she is. Eric thanks her and then notices Nicole’s engagement ring.

Maggie asks Sarah if she’s sure that Rex sincerely wants to marry her. Sarah responds that Rex told her that losing her was the biggest mistake of his life and that he never stopped loving her which he said when she was still with Xander. Sarah tells Maggie that this is her future and reveals that she called Rex last night to accept his proposal. Maggie reminds Sarah that Rex had an affair the last time they were engaged, so he’s not reliable. Sarah argues that Rex is a changed man and guesses that Maggie won’t give them her blessing. Maggie responds that she can’t because Rex has cheated on her. Maggie declares that Sarah cannot go in to this marriage with the father of her baby not knowing the truth. Sarah argues that she told Xander that Rex is the father and he totally bought it. Maggie calls it a lie and insists that the baby’s father deserves to be part of the baby’s life. Sarah questions why Xander deserves anything from her after what he did. Sarah can’t believe Maggie is on Xander’s side. Maggie says she’s on her side too but Sarah doesn’t feel that way. Maggie warns Sarah about what it’s going to be like having to lie to her child about who their father is and asks if she can really live like that. Maggie asks what if somehow the truth comes out and it all blows up in her face.

Xander promises Chloe that he was eventually going to tell her all about Sarah, but when she came home and accepted his proposal, he was so excited that it was all he could think about. Xander adds that this doesn’t change anything for them. Chloe argues that Xander’s ex-wife is pregnant with his child but Xander tells her that it’s not. Xander informs her that the father is Rex Brady. Chloe asks if he’s sure about that.

Sarah doesn’t want to fight with Maggie while she’s grieving the love of her life. Sarah knows Maggie wants her and Xander to be together and to raise the baby together, but says she can’t do that and it’s not a possibility for either of them at this point. Maggie asks what she’s talking about. Sarah informs her that Xander told her that he proposed to Chloe. Maggie hopes she doesn’t accept and argues that Xander is on the rebound. Maggie declares that Sarah is the only woman for Xander and she always will be. Sarah laughs at that and argues that Xander is incapable of being loyal. Sarah calls Xander a con artist who scams people and argues Maggie is fooling herself by thinking Xander is harmless or deserving of her forgiveness. Sarah brings up the things Xander said to her after they broke up. Maggie shouts they were both hurt and angry. Maggie feels they are now wasting time because they are too proud to admit the truth. Maggie tells Sarah that she’s right that she lost the love of her life, so she doesn’t want Sarah to lose hers.

Xander informs Chloe that Sarah told him that Rex is the father of her baby and argues that she wouldn’t lie about something like that. Chloe comments that Henderson said it looks like Sarah is in her final trimester. Chloe asks if Xander’s sure since she had to have gotten pregnant before leaving Salem. Xander reveals that Sarah slept with Rex before she left Salem, right after they broke up, which Chloe admits she did not know. Xander tells Chloe that Sarah and Rex are having a baby and Sarah says they really happy just like they are. Xander assures Chloe that she is the woman he wants to be with as they kiss.

Roman asks Kate how Philip took learning about his father’s death. Kate says like most of them, he thought Victor would live forever, so he was stunned and he wants to come back but she reminded him that he did everything to convince people he’s dead and that Brady killed him. Roman adds that it wouldn’t go unnoticed by the police, so Philip needs to grieve from a distance, not a jail cell. Kate says that’s what she told him but she couldn’t get through to him because he wants to honor his father and doesn’t care about the consequences. Roman worries that Philip will care when it gets real. Kate says she offered to send him some of Victor’s ashes which he agreed to consider. They hope he will realize she’s right. Roman wonders if Philip ever thought he’d have to leave Salem forever when he was setting Brady up. Kate complains that Philip was always obsessed with Chloe. Kate admits she feels so bad about trying to convince Philip not to come to his father’s funeral. Roman assures that she’s doing the right thing.

Nicole confirms to Eric that EJ proposed and she accepted, so EJ is picking up the marriage license now. Eric is surprised they are already planning the wedding. Nicole says it won’t be a big deal and probably just them and the kids. Eric asks if the wedding is happening soon. Nicole responds that it is.

Sloan asks how Melinda is so sure that Nicole and EJ are such a love match. Melinda clarifies that she never said that and it’s probably a business deal but for the moment, they are committed to each other so keeping her mouth shut is the practical thing to do. Melinda admits she would love for EJ to find out that Sloan played him and that EJ would spend the next 20 years raising another man’s child. Sloan jokes that Melinda must really hate EJ’s guts. Melinda says she hates EJ wiggling out of the rotten and illegal things he’s done. Melinda remarks that EJ will find out about this one day and will suffer in ways the legal system could only dream of, which Sloan did. Melinda decides that’s enough about EJ as she came to see Sloan. Melinda tells her that she’s so sorry about the baby. Sloan admits that she had started to tell Eric the truth, to the point that she told him she had to tell him something that would upset him but then she got the awful pains and that’s when she miscarried. Melinda guesses Eric probably forgot what she said before the trauma but Sloan reveals that he hasn’t forgotten because he asked her about it today. Sloan decides that if she’s not going to tell him about Nicole’s baby, she doesn’t know what the hell she’s going to say instead.

Eric wishes Nicole and EJ the best. Nicole thanks him and hopes that Eric and Sloan can work through this. Eric says he better go check on her and then heads to Sloan’s hospital room.

Sloan tells Melinda that she doesn’t know how to explain to Eric what she said and she is no place to come up with a strategy. Melinda responds that luckily, she is and she knows exactly what she can tell Eric.

Roman wonders if Eric would mind if he showed up at the hospital. Kate encourages that Eric has probably been by Sloan’s side since it happened, so he can bring him something to eat. Kate tells Roman to stay as long as he’d like and she will hold it down at the Pub. Roman calls her the best and hugs her.

Chloe apologizes to Xander for realizing that Scottish cuisine is not really her thing. Xander encourages that she has plenty of time to acquire the taste but feels bad for turning her stomach. Xander decides he should go see Maggie and that he will do the dishes when he gets home. Chloe says she will do the dishes and decides she will try the food. Xander and Chloe say I love you to each other and kiss as Xander then exits.

Sarah doesn’t want to argue with Maggie as she knows the kind of pain she’s in while grieving the loss of her husband. Sarah says she would do anything to comfort her but she cannot tell Xander about the baby because then they would be tied together forever and she does not want that. Sarah calls Xander two different people, the wonderful sweet man she fell in love with but also the scary man who kidnapped Bonnie and Susan, so she would never know which Xander they’d get. Sarah declares that she is marrying Rex. Maggie asks if she loves Rex the way she loved Xander. Sarah says not yet, but she will and he will be good to her and the baby. Sarah says they will be a happy family and Xander will find happiness but she doesn’t care. Maggie thanks her for being honest with her if that’s the way it has to be. Maggie then gets a text from Xander and tells Sarah that he is on his way.

Melinda exits Sloan’s hospital room and runs in to Nicole. Nicole tells Melinda that she’s pissed off because she knows that she tried to tell EJ there’s some reason he shouldn’t marry her. Melinda claims she was just playing with him. Nicole tells her to go play somewhere else because her relationship is none of her business. Melinda agrees and apologizes. Melinda understands they are expecting a child together and want to be married, so she hopes they have a long and happy life together. Nicole doesn’t believe her and remarks that Melinda wants everyone to be as miserable as she is. Melinda says it was nice chatting with her and quickly exits the hospital.

Eric returns to Sloan’s room and apologizes for taking so long as he was taking to Roman. Eric asks if Sloan is still in pain. Sloan says not really. Sloan brings up Eric asking what she was going to talk to him about last night. Eric says they don’t have to talk about that right now but Sloan says she wants to. Sloan informs Eric that what she was about to tell him is that before any of this happened, she woke up and felt like something was off but she didn’t know what and convinced herself it was nothing. Sloan says she didn’t call her doctor and that’s what she was about to tell him but then the pain started. Sloan cries that she should’ve done something, called her doctor, or gone to the ER and then maybe they’d still be pregnant. Eric encourages that Kayla said there’s nothing she could’ve done. Sloan cries that they may never have a baby and it’s all because of her. Eric urges her not to give up hope. Eric brings up Nicole being told that she could never carry a baby to term and he just saw her in the hallway and she said her pregnancy is going beautifully. Eric adds that Nicole also said to tell Sloan that she’s sorry. Sloan calls that sweet of her and asks Eric to hold her which he does.

Xander goes to see Maggie and tells her that he still can’t believe Victor is gone as he thought he would outlive them all. Maggie thought she would be with Victor at the end. Xander jokes about who’s going to give him hell now. Maggie states that Victor had a certain grudging respect for him. Xander thanks her for saying that even if it’s not true. Sarah then comes back in to the room and asks Xander if they can talk for a few minutes. Maggie says they can talk now as she was leaving. Maggie tells Xander not to be a stranger as they hug. Maggie then exits the room. Xander asks what Sarah didn’t say yesterday.

Kate sits at the Pub and toasts to Victor, commenting that there will never be another one like him. Roman returns. Kate thought he was going to the hospital. Roman responds that he is, but reveals that he just ran in to her son and Kate assumes he means Philip.

Chloe’s doorbell rings.

Kate asks Roman why Philip didn’t come in with him. Roman reveals it’s not Philip as Rex enters the Pub and surprises Kate.

Chloe says the doorbell was perfect timing for saving her from having to eat the Scottish food. Chloe says she loves whoever it is and answers the door, shocked to see Philip.

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