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thanks hello, anna. Hey. How are you holding up? Yeah, sorry. I’m just wearing jeans. I’ve had to go out and buy some clothes. You could wear a burlap sack and you’d still look great.

[ Chuckling ] Thank you. That’s very nice. You hungry? ‘Cause I’ve been cooking for hours in the kitchen. Really? What are you making? Our very special lunch. Sasha, are you up for a visitor? No, no, no, no, no, no.

[ Whimpers ] What’s wrong with her? Dr. Montague says she’s going through withdrawal. From what? Drugs? That doesn’t make any sense. Wouldn’t she have gone through withdrawal already? Unfortunately, dr. Montague says she’s been using here in ferncliff.

[ Stammers ] Sasha found someone to bring her drugs. Who? How? She’s not allowed any visitors. I’m the only one who gets to see her. The medical staff gets to see her, and so does the custodial staff. You’d be surprised what an addict will do in order to get what they want. Marshall, so good to see you again. We are blessed with a beautiful day. Are you here for a swim? I’m waiting on my sister-in-law. Well, since she hasn’t arrived yet, this is a great opportunity for us to revisit my offer to purchase the savoy. Stella, it’s so great having you back working here. Well, as long as my family needs me, and, lord, do they ever, I am sticking around port charles. I might as well keep busy and earn some extra money while I’m at it.

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Clatters ]

[ Screams ] Trina, you scared me. I’m so sorry. I promise you it sounded worse than it was. Oh, my god. What are you doing here? Oh, how is avery? Is everything okay? W-what’s — what’s wrong with avery? What’s dr. Gatlin-holt doing here? I mean, he had his doctor’s bag. Maybe he was here seeing a patient or just doing some form of community service or something. Yeah, I never liked that guy. He manipulated chase into spying on the quartermaines. I remember that. I can’t figure out what his deal is. Something about him I don’t trust. Guard: Here’s your patient, dr. Gatlin-holt. Dr. Gatlin-holt, it’s so nice to see you again. And it’s good to know someone still makes house calls. Okay. Mr. Renault, how about we just get this over with?

What? What is it?Did something happen to avery? No, I mean, joss just told me that she was sick, that she has a cold. Oh. I think the new nanny told her that, but joss is not a fan of hers. Yeah. You know, I think we might have made a mistake, letting pilar go. I mean, she did make a mistake, that’s true, but avery likes her so much and she was so comfortable with her, and I think just because somebody has a spotless résumé as a nanny doesn’t mean that person is the right person to take care of your particular child. Are you talking about pilar or betty? Um… I-I think that sonny and i should give pilar another chance. But e-enough about that. How are you? How’s your summer? How’s spencer? I wouldn’t know. You’d have to ask esme. I’m sure austin has a very good reason for being here at pentonville, and I’m not gonna waste any more time speculating about him. Well, I like the sound of that. Yeah. I want to focus on you. You told me you saved cyrus’ life. I mean, that means every inmate in here thinks you’re his ally. I mean, doesn’t that put you in even more danger? It’s just the way life works in prison. You can’t stay neutral. That’s not realistic. Like it or not, everybody in here, everybody is allied with somebody else. You’re not answering my question. Doesn’t that mean the enemies of cyrus are now going to be targeting you? You’re a lucky man. Yes, I know. The good lord chose to keep me on this earth for a while longer so I can continue doing his work. No. You’re a lucky man because you had a heart attack in front of a trained navy seal who knew enough to keep you alive until the medical professionals could arrive. You are lucky that drew cain was there to intervene, otherwise, you wouldn’t be alive. I’m thankful god chose to put drew in my path that day. That whole experience was enlightening in so many ways. Yeah, I’m sure. And if that helps you sleep at night, I’m happy for you. Me? I’m a big fan of science, and this is medicine, this is for your heart. This is a statin and it will help unclog your arteries. You take it once a day with baby aspirin. Really, doc? That’s it? No lollipop? This is so delicious. Who taught you how to cook? I taught myself. Cooking relaxes me. I rarely cook, honestly. I’ve grown to like it a bit more, though, but I can’t remember the last time I spent a significant amount of time in my kitchen. I’m sorry your house burnt down. I think it’s hitting me harder than I thought it would. It’s your home. You’re gonna be hurt. Yeah, but… I mean, I hadn’t lived there that long. You know, and the stuff inside, it’s just things, like furniture and clothes and… I-I have to remind myself that the important thing, no one was hurt. Like, what if robin and the kids had been visiting or if charlotte was home? That’s the stuff that I keep running around and around in my head. Well, you know, look, the important thing is that nobody was hurt, yeah, that’s true, but it is your home, and you picked out the furniture, your clothes, and you felt safe. And someone deliberately destroyed that. They wanted to take what you valued and leave you with nothing. Yeah. I mean, whoever is out there trying to ruin my life, they’re doing a pretty good job. Thank you, emma. Hi, honey. My name is stella henry. And the nurse told me that your mom was brought in with a lung issue and put on a ventilator, and I know that must be very scary for you. Is there anyone that

I can callto come here and be with you — your dad, grandparents, a sibling? It’s just me and my mom. And now she can’t talk, and I don’t know what the doctors were saying to me. Well, that’s where I come in. My job is to help you understand all the medical jargon so that you know exactly what’s going on with your mom. Okay?

[ Sniffles ] All right, now, what’s your name? Joni. Good name. I got a friend back home named joni.

[ Pen scratching ] And your mother’s name? She’s pretty amazing, isn’t she? She knows exactly what to say. We see it here all the time. Stella is hands down the best patient advocate we have. If anything ever happened to me, I’d want her in my corner.

[ Chuckles ] I didn’t ask you to join me.

[ Scoffs ] I find that it’s so much more civilized to discuss business in comfort. We have no business to discuss. I thought I told you the savoy is not for sale. Yes, but that conversation happened in front of your son, who has suffered a devastating injury. I understand that you didn’t want to discuss taking anything else away from him, but we’re alone now. It’s time for you to face reality. Either sell the club to me, or, simply put, the savoy will go under. Sasha, honey. It’s me, gladys. Sasha. Do you know who I am? Gladys, you’re here.

[ Breathing heavily ] Yeah. It’s me. I-I don’t understand. Why — why is this happening? Why — why is what happening? Everything hurts. Is — is — is brando coming? Oh. Sweetheart… we lost brando. He’s not coming. No. No, no, no, I — I-I need him. I-I… I need brando. Everything hurts. Everything hurts. Everything hurts. What have you done to my daughter-in-law?

So, any progress on trying to find out, you know, who burnt down your house? No, no. I-I was with dante this morning at the pcpd, but, um, nothing. I’ve asked around, I haven’t heard anything, and I’m trying to figure out if the shooting at the pool was meant for you or me. But if you were the target, do you think there’s a connection between the fire and the shooting? I really can’t — I don’t know. I mean, I’m not sure what’s more upsetting, if… this thought that there’s an individual out there laser-focused on ruining my life, or if there are multiple people out there after us. I’d still like to offer you protection. Thank you. Dante offered that this morning, too. But I will tell you what I told him — thank you, but no. Dante’s a cop. It doesn’t make sense for him to guard you. And if you don’t want the cops to track you — look, I —

[ Chuckles ] I’m just — I’m just a friend who’s worried for your safety. What do you want? I work for sonny corinthos. He sent me here with a message for you. What’s that? You shouldn’t have to take on cyrus’ enemies. I can only imagine that’s one hell of a list. Well, I can’t undo what’s already happened. Like it or not, I set something in motion when I stepped in to help cyrus. There’s no way to stop it. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Why? What are you thinking? I’m thinking we can avoid all this by focusing on getting you out of here. Glad it’s not a child-proof cap. Again, lucky you. Ah.

[ Exhales sharply ] God certainly works in mysterious ways. All right.

[ Exhales sharply ] I have done everything that you have asked me to do, and now it’s your turn. It’s your turn to — to repay the favor. Do unto others, right? That’s the basics for your newfound faith, right? Because I’m done. I’m done cleaning up your messes. I’m done cleaning up mason’s messes. I’m — I’m — I’m done risking the integrity of general hospital, putting innocent people at risk. I’m — I’m done. I have more than paid off my debt, and I want out. Oh, do you now? I know it can’t be easy to watch spencer and esme playing house with spencer’s little brother. Yeah. I mean, I-I don’t blame spencer. I know it shouldn’t bother me. I mean, if I had a little brother whose mother was esme, I know I wouldn’t take my eyes off him. Yeah. And I understand spencer’s impulse. He’s worried about ace. I get that. Family is too important to take for granted, and I see that with my mom and everything that’s going on with curtis. I mean, my dad. So I don’t blame spencer forstanding by his little brother. That’s what family does. I have some answers for you. I spoke to dr. Burns and he said he put your mother on a ventilator because her lung collapsed, and he also thinks there might be a possible infection, so he’s ordered some other tests to figure out why her lung collapsed in the first place and what could be causing the potential infection. And he may need to put a stent in her lungs to help her breathe better. It’s a serious situation, but it is far from being fatal, and dr. Burns expects your mom to make a full recovery.

[ Sobbing ] Really? Yes, yes. Oh, sweetie. Thank you, stella. You’re so welcome, sweetheart. I want her out of this place today. Take a look at your daughter-in-law, gladys. She’s in no shape to be released. She’s a mess. Because of you! You put her in this nuthouse, and you’re the one who can get her out. So she can go straight to prison?

[ Groans ] All of this is t– it’s too much, and I want it to stop. Sure, gladys. Anything you want. That is, after you pay me for all my trouble. I’d say $50,000 will do the trick.

Wow! This new showing is really something, guys. I always knew that ava’s gallery was for the birds.

[ Laughs ] Hee-hee-hee, very funny, spencer. Is this someone who I’m familiar with? No, it’s just this very talented up-and-comer I happen to have great faith in. Trina can tell you all about it. Trina, I am gonna go and take care of what we discussed earlier, so… okay, so tell me about this new showing. It looks very cool, very exciting. You haven’t seen me in forever, and you really want to talk about the new art exhibit when we have much better things to do? Much better things to do. Like what? Like this. Joni? Your mom’s asking for you.

[ Gasps ] I can take you to see her. See, didn’t i tell you? Your mom’s gonna be okay. Thank you, stella, for everything. Oh, you’re so welcome, sweetheart.

[ Chuckles ] Now go see your mom, and if you need anything after, I’ll be right here, okay? Excuse me. We’ve never met before, but my name is felicia scorpio. Hi, felicia, I’m stella. What can I help you with? I was noticing you with that young girl, and the way that you comforted her was really remarkable.

[ Chuckles ] Well, thank you, felicia, but honestly, I was just doing my job. Which is what exactly? A social worker. Well, here at G.H., I’m a patient advocate. I help patients and family of patients navigate their way through the healthcare system, which can be very daunting for the average person. Must be very rewarding to be able to help people. It is a very rewarding job. But you also have to remember that not every patient gets better, so there are some rough days, too. Marshall: What are you telling me? If my son doesn’t sell you the club, you’re gonna run — run the savoy out of business? I’m sorry. Allow me to clarify. I’m just stating the truth. That curtis isn’t physically capable of running the savoy right now, and you’re not qualified to run the hippest club in town. You don’t have the connections or know the ins and outs to keep it going. I’ll tell you what i do know. I know you’re running an illegal poker game in the back room, and as my first act as manager, your poker game [Snaps] Is done. You being welcomed at the club anymore is done.

[ Snaps fingers ] And whatever you got on curtis or whatever arrangements you have with curtis,

[Snaps] Done. You ain’t got nothing on me, lady. You’ve lived long enough to know how life works. Everyone has something that can be used against them. It’s just a matter of me finding what yours is. $50,000? I don’t have that kind of money. But sasha does, and you’re in charge of her finances, so you do have that kind of money. It’s not liquid. It’s not like it’s sitting in some account somewhere. I’d have to sell stock, and I’m already in debt to selina wu, and I can’t sell any more. Well, if I were you, I’d find a way to figure it out because sasha isn’t leaving ferncliff until I get paid. I really appreciate your friendship. It’s nice. It feels…

[ Exhales deeply ] Well… it comes with amazing food.

[ Laughs ] And now that I’m no longer in law enforcement, it’s a lot less complicated, too. So…you agree to have my guys watch you? No. No? [ Chuckles ] I don’t want your people following me, I really don’t because I treasure my privacy. And my autonomy. You know, I can still have my guys watching you.

[ Stammering ] Just think about that for a second — how does that work? Because if — if I have strangers trailing me, I’m not gonna know if they’re your guys that are following me or if they’re, you know, the bad guys, so you see how that would be confusing? All right, all right, I won’t pressure you. I just want you to know that I’m here, I’m available, and, uh, I got a lot of resources if you need help. I know you mean it. I also know you have challenges of your own. Yeah, but I can handle that. You want some more parmesan?

[ Both laugh ] Well, I — no, you can have a bit more. Remedies everything, I suppose, doesn’t it? Mr. Corinthos wants drew cain to be left alone. Don’t mess with him, don’t approach him, nothing. Carly, I pled guilty. I accepted the verdict. There’s no way to get out of that. I disagree. That sentence that the judge imposed on you was unfair and wrong, and it wasn’t what you agreed to with the da. There has to be a way to appeal it, get it overturned, and get you the hell out of here. You want out? Just like that? Just like that. Mm. I do. And I’m — I’m hopeful that you’re gonna be open to the idea of ending things because we go way back. Don’t we, mr. Renault? When I was a kid, man… when you showed up at the house, it was like christmas morning. It was the only time in my childhood that I can remember that my mom stopped crying. It was great. For her, it was like — it was like it was her birthday or something, every single time, and it was so good for me. It was like a-a relief, you know? ‘Cause for those little chunks of time, I didn’t have to be her perfect little man. And I’m so grateful. I really am. Thank you. Thank you for paying for all of my education. And thank you for checking on me all of those years. I’m grateful. But that’s enough. It’s — it’S… it’s enough. ‘Cause now, it’s just all the — the downside because little by little, you and mason, you roped me into this world that I just don’t belong in. Whatever gratitude there was between us, you have manipulated it, and any love that might have been between us, you have twisted it. And you have exploited my skills as a doctor and you’ve used me, you’ve coerced me, and you’ve — you’ve — you’ve forced me to do things that I didn’t even think a person could do, ever. I didn’t know I was capable of that. I look at ava jerome right in the eyes and I-I lie to her — beautiful woman. I told her her husband was dead. Who does that? I’m done. Ava deserves to know the truth. She deserves to know that nikolas is alive and that I’m the reason — I saved his life.

Heya, sonny. Hey. So has there been any word? Have you figured out who austin and mason’s mystery boss is? I’m working on it. How about you? Are you working on it on your end? Hello. Hey, anna. I was thinking about ordering some food. Are you hungry? Uh, no, not really. Um, I just had lunch with sonny. You’re being very open about your friendship with sonny these days. Well… I’m not wearing a badge anymore. You could say the conflict of interest is gone. Kinda like my house. You can threaten me all you want. The answer is not gonna change. I can assure you that no threat was being implied. I’ve lived my life, paid my consequences, and I ain’t got nothing left to lose, but I will do whatever it takes to protect my son and his interests, which means his dream. The savoy is not for sale. Your illegal poker game is shut down. Now, this conversation is over. I’m gonna need that chair for my sister-in-law. Goodbye, ms. Wu. Do patient advocates have to be social workers? No, not necessarily. Why are you so interested? Well, I’m thinking about changing careers. I want to do something that’s more about service and giving back to the community, especially G.H. Why G.H.? Well, general hospital is where they saved my daughter’s life when she was a little girl. Oh. Well, if you’re interested in giving back, I think you should definitely look into becoming a patient advocate. The work can be very challenging at times, but it is the most rewarding job I have ever had. Yeah, okay, I definitely missed that.

[ Chuckles ] There’s a lot of things we’ve missed. Yeah. About that — I know that this was supposed to be our time to connect with each other after everything that happened in greenland, but — don’t — no. Don’t apologize. He’s your little brother. And I just don’t want him to suffer the same fate that I did. I know that it’s really, really far from ideal for me to be living at my grandmother’s house with esme and ace… while she’s off looking for my father. I — [ Chuckles ] Yeah, um… my hope is that my living situation improves once my grandmother and kevin get back, but I know that my family’s situation is really complicated. I really wish that I had something simple like what you have. Had. With curtis being shot and paralyzed, my life is far from being ideal. How’s he doing?

[ Sighs ] It’s hard seeing him suffer like that. And my mom, too, ’cause she wants to help him so badly. So badly, and he keeps shutting her out, and — and the worst part is that there’s nothing I can do to make it better, and I just feel like… hey, hey. I’m gonna hire diane. Your sentence was harsh and arbitrary, and there has to be a judge out there who would at least review it, and diane is the perfect person to find that judge and argue the case. Carly, I hate being in here. I-I hate it. I hate being away from you and scout, but I have to do the time. No, you don’T. If there’s a chance that we can get him to over– see, that’s just it. The cha– I — just hoping like that, hoping for an early release, that — that is its own form of torture. I wasn’t going after drew. I was going after cyrus, then drew got in the middle, otherwise, I would have left him alone. Mr. Corinthos doesn’t want any explanations or excuses. He wants full compliance, so… even if drew spends all day, every day with cyrus renault, that’s his business. You don’t go anywhere near him. I’m done. This thing that I did with nikolas is the last thing that I do. We’re even now. That’s it? You’ve got nothing to say? Go in peace. So, what are you planning to do with this piece of information that I just gave to you? I’ll do what I should have been doing all along — god’s work. Where are you going?

Ha, ms. Wu.

[ Chuckles ] I was hoping to find you here. That must mean you have your next payment. Yeah, a-about that, um… there’s a little problem getting the money together. Some kind of hold was put on sasha’s deception stock, but — but — but don’t worry, I will do everything I can to clear it up quick. I’m not here to listen to your problems. I want my money. I’m worried about you, anna. I’ve been talking to the pcpd. It’s unfortunate that I can’t head up the investigation into the fire since I accepted this new role as deputy mayor, but I need you to know I am monitoring your case. Thank you, thank you. I appreciate what everyone is doing, really, but, um… it’s — it’s strange there just aren’t any leads. I find that quite interesting. Do you think the arson could be connected to the shooting here that injured curtis? Marshall, I’m so sorry to keep you waiting. No need to apologize. Work you’re doing at G.H. Is important.

[ Chuckles ] I couldn’t agree with you more. And I think I might have recruited someone new to join my department. I would not count curtis out just yet. I mean, it is really, really hard for me to imagine someone as vital and active as curtis facing life in a wheelchair. Do you remember what kind of badass he was in greenland? That was amazing. I think that you really need to trust that he’s gonna figure this out. And as soon as he gets his thoughts together, he’s gonna do the right thing by your mom. I just wish I can do something.

[ Sighs ] Trina, you can’t put that on yourself. I think ultimately, you need to remember that this is something that’s between your mom and curtis, and even though i view you as superwoman, this is one battle that your mom is gonna need to fight on her own. And what’s more, your mom is one hell of a doctor, so she is not going to let curtis get anything other than the very, very best care that he possibly can, no matter what he says. The most important thing that you can do… is stand by your parents because that’s what family does. I did just what you asked me to do. I went to austin and I asked him if betty had found any information about you and pikeman. What’d he say? He assured me that they had everything they need and that as soon as the information is given to their boss, then we get nikolas’ body back and this will all be over. Do you think austin believes that? Do you think that mason and the mystery boss is just gonna hand nikolas’ body over to you? And lose whatever leverage they have? If you want to stay on mr. Corinthos’ good side, not only are you going to avoid any trouble with drew, but you’re gonna help him out if he gets into trouble with anyone else. Got it. But for the record… drew is pretty good at taking care of himself. I know this is your life, but I’m gonna fight for you. And if there’s the slightest chance that we can get you out of here, we’re gonna take it.

Oh, sasha, I do have sympathy for you. You’re so confused. W-wait. Gladys was — was just here, wasn’t she? Yes, yes, she was. But — but… is she s-still here? No, she had to go. But wh– well — well, why did — where did she go? She went to save you, sasha. And for your sake, you better hope she comes through. Selina, please. I’m good for the money. You know that. Do I really? I mean, in the past, I’ve always made my payments on time. There’s just a little problem with the deception stock. Yes, you already said that. Right, so — so you get it. I just — just need a little more time. Time is what you don’t have because I’m shutting down the poker game. What? Why? I don’t have to explain anything to you, gladys. But when I close down the poker game, I’ll also be closing the books on it. No more extensions. No more credit. Payment in full. I don’t have any evidence to support my theory, but my instinct tells me that the shooting here — it’s not related to the arson at all. I really wish we had something on the shooting. Any lead, even a small one, because curtis is really going through it at the rehab facility. Even though we’re fairly certain curtis wasn’t the intended target, it sure would help him to know who was responsible for leaving him paralyzed and unable to walk. Someone saw me in action at work today at G.H. And she asked me about my job, particularly the patient advocacy part, and I got a chance to tell her how wonderful the job could be and how it really gives you a sense of giving back to the community. You really think you’re gonna — you’re gonna get a new colleague? Well, she certainly seemed receptive to the idea. Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me one bit. You know, you got a way of, uh — eh, eh — getting your point across. You know, you can poke fun at me all you want, but you are not gonna spoil my good mood. Yes, I believe I changed somebody’s life today. Yeah. Wow. Is that a smile that I see? Did I just succeed in cheering up trina robinson?

[ Chuckles ] More like you got me to stop the pity party. Because how am i gonna help anyone if I’m feeling sorry for myself? So I’m going to take a deep breath…

[ Breathes deeply ] …And promise to be there for my mom and curtis, whatever it is they may need from me. Yeah, that sounds more like the fearless person that I know that you are. Thank you for reminding me that family is all that matters. Speaking of family, how is your little family with esme?

[ Chuckles ] What do you mean? When laura and kevin get back, are you all gonna still live together? Honestly, I don’t know from one day to the next if austin is being sincere with me or if he’s manipulating me. The night that nikolas died, though, I would have sworn he really wanted to help me. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what austin believes. It’s nikolas’ body that’s the ultimate leverage over you. We — look, we’re not gonna get it back unless we find out who austin and mason are working for. Right. And so let’s say that your plan works and that the phony information that brick planted on the computer for betty to find does lead you to their boss. Then what?

[ Slams table ] I’ll deal with him. I know zeke robinson is a great attorney, but diane is the best, and your case is her area of expertise. Okay. Ah! Okay, let diane explore other options. I’m gonna get you out of here. Just — just don’t get your hopes up, okay? The odds are that I’m gonna have to serve the full three years. I don’t believe that. And whatever happens… I’m with you. I’ll be back for another visit soon… because I’m gonna be monitoring you closely to make sure you’re following mr. Corinthos’ orders.

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