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Nicole is in the living room of the DiMera Mansion as Johnny comes in from a swim. Johnny talks about enjoying the last of summer and tells Nicole that the water’s great, so she should take a swim. Nicole asks if Johnny has any plans tonight. Johnny thinks back to overhearing Chanel and Talia planning a date. Johnny then tells Nicole that he’s free as a bird.

Chanel walks through the town square and gets a call from Talia, who says she heard a rumor that Paulina is the new mayor and Rawlings is out on his ass. Chanel confirms it to be true and says it’s great for Salem, especially for her because she can reopen the Bakery. Talia calls that amazing news and says she’s so happy for her. Chanel thanks her and guesses Paulina really did have a plan after all. Talia says she understands if she can’t make it to the concert tonight since she’ll have a lot to do to get the Bakery up and running again. Chanel says it shouldn’t take long and that she can still make their date. Talia says she’s been looking forward to it all day and offers to pick her up from the Bakery in about 30 minutes which Chanel calls perfect as they hang up.

Johnny tells Nicole that he heard on the radio that Victor Kiriakis died in a plane crash. Nicole calls it awful. Johnny asks Nicole about being married to Victor once upon a time. Nicole confirms that she was just thinking about their marriage and says it was miserable as they totally despised each other. Nicole admits at one point in her life, she probably would’ve danced on his grave but admits part of her is going to miss Victor. Nicole remarks that Victor was not her least favorite ex-husband. Johnny congratulates Nicole on her engagement to EJ and asks if they’ve set a date. Nicole says not yet but notes that EJ went to get the forms for their marriage license.

EJ walks past the Brady Pub and bumps in to Melinda Trask, who tells him to watch where he’s going. EJ says he could say the same but he will just apologize because he has to get going to get marriage forms for he and Nicole. Melinda stops him and asks if he’s sure he wants to do that. EJ questions what that is supposed to mean. Melinda claims she’s just trying to give him some friendly advice. EJ questions them being friends when she’s spent the past decade trying to put him behind bars. Melinda says that was nothing personal but she just thinks he should really make sure he wants to commit to Nicole. EJ responds that he wants nothing more. Melinda asks if that’s because she’s pregnant. EJ states that he is very happy that Nicole is having his child. Melinda warns that if that’s the only reason he’d like nothing more than to marry her, maybe he should reconsider, as she then walks away.

Eric asks Sloan what she needs to tell him. Sloan thinks back to Melinda warning her not to tell Eric about Nicole’s baby being his. Sloan then asks Eric if he loves her. Eric assures that he does and that he wouldn’t have asked her to marry him if he didn’t. Eric asks her again what is going on. Sloan responds that there’s something she hasn’t told him as she’s been keeping a secret and she’s really worried that he’s going to be angry but it can’t wait any longer, so she prays that he will understand.

Wendy comes home as Li is cooking. Li tells Wendy that she will have to satisfy her hunger somewhere else because this is a special dinner for he and date so he’s going to need her to disappear for the night. Wendy complains that she just worked a 14 hour shift so she doesn’t want to go out while Li argues that she’s the one always pushing him about his love life, so he would think she’d be happy for him and willing to do him the kindness. Wendy reluctantly agrees but first asks who the lucky lady is. Li admits it’s Melinda which shocks Wendy. Wendy hopes he will send her through a metal detector before coming in, reminding that he couldn’t trust her. Li reveals that they have decided to start over. Wendy questions what changed his mind. Li says it was nothing specific but he thinks dating Melinda is exactly what he needs.

EJ tells Melinda that Nicole being pregnant with his child is not the only reason he’s marrying her and he doesn’t view it as an obligation as he happens to love her very much. Melinda quotes Shakespeare, noting that the road to true love is never smooth. Melinda warns him about them being left in the dark when the sun sets. EJ tells her to stop speaking in riddles and says she clearly has something to say to him, so he tells her to spit it out. Melinda guesses he’ll hear about it soon enough anyway.

Eric tells Sloan that she can tell him whatever it is. Sloan states that never in her life has she cared about anybody the way she cares about him, which is why she’s so scared because it’s the first time she has so much to lose. Eric assures that he’s not going anywhere and that he loves her. Eric asks what is on her mind. Sloan worries that she should’ve told him this so much sooner. Sloan then gets a sudden pain in her stomach. Eric asks if she’s okay and what’s wrong. Sloan complains of a really sharp pain but says it’s okay. Eric suggests they sit down and offers to call the doctor but Sloan says the pain is gone now and she thinks she’s okay. Eric still thinks they should get it checked out. Sloan thinks it’s gone but then gets the pain again so Eric decides they need to get her to the hospital.

Talia runs in to Kayla at the hospital and mentions that she just finished a session with Marlena. Kayla asks how that is going. Talia says it’s going really well and she thinks she’s making a lot of progress. Talia calls it one of the best things she’s ever done for herself, even if it was court ordered. Kayla praises her effort. Talia assures that she’s taking it very seriously and that she’s determined to make up for her mistakes. Talia points out that none of it is financially rewarding and she can’t lean on her sister forever. Talia notes that the only job she had was at the Bakery and that didn’t end well, but she will have to find something soon and she doesn’t know what it is. Kayla suggests that Talia could work at the hospital.

Chanel walks through the town square and comes across Wendy, who asks how she is doing. Chanel responds that she’s great now that she gets to bake again because she’s happy to report the Bakery is reopening. Wendy congratulates her and calls it a relief. Chanel tells her to come by tomorrow and she’ll hook her up. Wendy mentions that she was heading to the Bistro and invites Chanel to join her. Chanel says she would love to but she already has plans. Wendy hoped Chanel could keep her company since she’s been banished from the apartment while Li romances Melinda Trask which surprises Chanel. Wendy mentions that Tripp seems to think Melinda is not so bad but says he sees the best in everyone. Wendy jokes that it can be annoying. Chanel asks how come Tripp isn’t taking her to the Bistro. Wendy says he’s at work. Chanel admits Tripp is a really great guy so she’s happy for them both. Wendy thanks her and says she’s happy too but she wishes Johnny hadn’t gotten hurt in the process. Chanel assures that Johnny will bounce back. Wendy thought maybe Chanel could be the one to help Johnny pick up the pieces.

Johnny asks Nicole if Sami knows she and EJ are getting married again. Nicole jokes that there’s no knife in her back, so she doesn’t know. Johnny jokes that she does live on another continent. Nicole admits that if the day had gone differently, Sami could’ve had a front row seat as EJ had the idea for them to fly to Italy to get married. Johnny asks what stopped them. Nicole informs him that Dimitri took the DiMera Jet to Iceland for his honeymoon. Johnny says that’s too bad and jokes that they could’ve just flown commercial. Johnny admits it was a nice idea, even if they did totally steal it from him. Nicole remembers that Johnny and Chanel did elope in Rome. Johnny calls that the best day of his life. Nicole says it sounds like he really loved her. Johnny admits that he still does.

Melinda tells EJ that if this were anyone else, she might feel bad but EJ is not a nice guy so she’s going to enjoy watching him process what she’s about to tell him. EJ asks what it is, but Melinda gets a call from Li, who informs her that he has a homecooked meal and a bottle of red wine, hoping she would grace him with her lovely presence for dinner now. Melinda calls it a late notice. Li says he did text her but he knows she’s a busy woman. Li adds that he’d really like to see her tonight and thought maybe she’d like to see him too, but he understands if she has something more important going on. Li asks if he should text her his address. Melinda admits that dinner sounds lovely, so she’ll be there soon and they hang up. EJ then questions why Melinda is hinting that he shouldn’t marry Nicole and if she’s cooking up some false charges against her. Melinda tells him to just forget she said anything. EJ asks if she’s kidding after all that. Melinda jokes that she’s glad they got to talk and then walks away, leaving EJ frustrated.

Nicole tells Johnny that she and EJ got divorced twice, but somehow they found their way back to each other, so maybe the same will happen for Johnny and Chanel. Johnny admits he was hoping for that and he was ready to tell Chanel how he felt, but Talia beat him to the punch. Johnny explains that he heard Talia and Chanel making plans to go on a date tonight, so he kept his mouth shut and left before they knew he was there. Nicole calls that crazy and questions why Chanel would agree to go out with Talia when she tried to destroy her life. Johnny says he has no clue but it seems like all is forgiven. Nicole calls that stupid after everything Talia did to Chanel and questions how she could be trusted again. Johnny doesn’t get it either but says he missed his chance, so he has to move on. Johnny jokes that maybe Li could set him up with his matchmaker. Nicole argues that he doesn’t need that and questions why he’s giving up so easily on Chanel. Nicole reminds Johnny that he is a DiMera. Johnny doesn’t know since Chanel seems pretty in to Talia. Nicole argues that’s only because she doesn’t know Johnny is an option. Nicole suggests Johnny throw his hat in the ring to let her know he’s available.

Chanel questions Wendy thinking she and Johnny should get back together. Wendy asks why not, pointing out that they were married once. Chanel feels that was a lifetime ago while Wendy says it’s obvious they still have a connection. Wendy adds that’s partly why she ended up choosing Tripp. Chanel questions what she’s talking about. Wendy is surprised that Johnny didn’t tell her. Chanel confirms that he didn’t say anything. Wendy explains that it seemed every time she turned around, Johnny was with Chanel and even though he claimed to want to be with her, it was clear that Chanel was his main priority. Chanel tells her that she’s so sorry as she never wanted to come between her and Johnny. Wendy says it’s fine and she knows it wasn’t intentional. Wendy adds that it helped her realize that Tripp is the man she wants to be with. Chanel is glad but thinks she misunderstood since Johnny was just being a good friend to her and nothing more. Wendy asks if she’s sure about that since she’s pretty sure Johnny has unresolved feelings for her. Wendy asks if Chanel still has feelings for Johnny.

Talia excitedly tells Kayla that she would love to work at the hospital and asks what positions she has open. Kayla brings up Talia having her medical degree and suggests she be a doctor. Talia is surprised that Kayla would want her to be a doctor despite knowing what she did. Kayla says she’s not saying her criminal record won’t be an issue and it’s not just her decision, but she’s working hard and she believes in second chances, so she will go to bat for her. Talia thanks her and promises to work her ass off if it happens. Kayla says she has no doubt. Talia says she won’t let her down. Kayla agrees to let her know what happens as she walks away. Eric then brings Sloan in. Talia asks what’s wrong with her as Sloan then passes out in Eric’s arms.

Melinda goes to Li’s apartment and tells herself to forget Sloan as she will get the goods on Li herself.

Li prepares for his date and says if he can sweep Melinda off her feet, maybe she won’t prosecute him, so he just has to turn up the charm. Melinda then knocks on the door so Li answers and invites her in. Li knows he didn’t give her much notice but he’s thrilled that she’s there. Li says she sounded like she was in the middle of something when he called. Melinda says it was nothing important as she had just run into EJ at the Pub. Li agrees that’s of little importance then. Melinda admits that EJ was pompous and testy, claiming that she was merely congratulating EJ on his engagement to Nicole.

Nicole urges Johnny to tell Chanel how he feels since they have so much history. Johnny points out that the whole love triangle thing hasn’t worked out for him since he lost Chanel to Allie and then lost Wendy to Tripp, so he doesn’t think his fragile ego could take a third strike. Nicole admits that rejection can be demoralizing and feels like she spent her whole life being second fiddle and a loser in love. Nicole encourages that he can’t give up as she didn’t. Johnny feels it would be best for everyone if he just backed off. Nicole reminds Johnny that he just said marrying Chanel was the best day of his life and asks if it’s not worth fighting for more days like that for love.

Chanel tells Wendy that earlier this year, she did feel a spark with Johnny but she was with Allie and didn’t want to cross any lines, then when things blew up with Allie anyway, Johnny was with Wendy, so she thinks they might have missed their moment. Wendy asks what about now since they are both free and moments can come back around. Chanel reveals that her plans tonight are actually with Talia and it’s their first official date which surprises Wendy. Chanel explains that Talia was being manipulated by her boyfriend and she’s truly sorry. Wendy says she doesn’t have to justify it as it’s cool and she’s happy for her, but she just thought there could be something with her and Johnny. Chanel thinks Wendy might be off base about Johnny’s feelings since he hasn’t said anything to her. Chanel suggests it may be best to move forward and not backward. Wendy hopes things work out with her and Talia. Chanel notes that Talia should be here by now, so she wonders what’s keeping her.

Talia checks on Sloan after she’s passed out and notes that she has no pulse and she’s not breathing. Eric screams for help as Talia mentions that she’s a doctor, so Eric asks Talia to please help her. Kayla rushes over and asks what’s going on. Eric explains that she was having a sharp pain so he brought her in, but then she just collapsed and she wasn’t breathing. Talia finds a pulse and tells Kayla that she’s sorry but there was no one else around. Kayla tells her not to apologize as saved Sloan’s life, but says she will take it from here as Eric thanks Talia.

EJ comes home as Nicole feels the baby kick for the first time. Nicole asks how it went at the courthouse but EJ reveals that they were closed by the time he got there, so he’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get those forms. Nicole says that’s too bad but she thought he left with plenty of time to spare. EJ explains that he did but then Melinda Trask turned up and they had the strangest encounter which Nicole asks about. EJ says he mentioned they were engaged and then Melinda implied that there was some reason he shouldn’t marry her.

Li and Melinda eat dinner. Melinda calls it lovely as she can’t remember the last time someone cooked for him. Li feels it’s the least he could do since she forgave him for literally running out on her. Melinda acknowledges that she can’t blame him since she did try to get him to confess to a crime he didn’t commit, so she thanks him for forgiving her for that. Li calls them even. Melinda admits that she sometimes has problems prioritizing as she focuses so much on her job that it gets in the way of her personal life. Li relates since his life revolved around DiMera Enterprises, but now that he’s stepped back, he finally feels free. Melinda wonders if she should do that too and concentrate on what really matters, like love. Li calls having dinner with him a step in the right direction. Melinda thinks it’s a little early to be calling this love. Li agrees and suggests a healthy attraction or a lustful desire. Melinda asks if he desires her then. Li questions if she has to ask and says he’ll fix that as he then kisses her.

Wendy tells Chanel that she has plenty of time to hang out, so she’ll keep her company until Talia gets there. Johnny then approaches and greets them. Wendy claims she was just leaving and says it’s good to see him as she then walks away. Johnny asks if it was something he said. Chanel says no and says nevermind. Johnny brings up hearing that Abe appointed Paulina as the new Mayor. Chanel confirms that means she gets to reopen the Bakery. Johnny guesses she must be busy getting things ready. Chanel informs him that she actually has a date and she knows he won’t approve. Johnny then reveals that he knows it’s with Talia since he went by her place and heard them making plans, but he didn’t want to interrupt the moment. Chanel calls that very considerate of him but she’s curious why he stopped by. Johnny reveals that he wanted to talk to her about something but Talia rushes up and interrupts them. Talia tells Chanel that she’s so sorry she’s late but she’s had a day. Chanel tells her not to worry as they can still make it before the concert starts if they hurry. Chanel reminds Johnny that he was about to say something but Johnny claims it was nothing important and tells them to go have a good time. Chanel thanks him and says they’ll talk later as she and Talia then walk away together.

Li and Melinda kiss until he asks if they should take this to the bedroom. Melinda asks if he doesn’t want to finish dinner. Li would rather get to this part of the evening, so Melinda rips open his shirt and agrees that it’s lustful desire as they continue kissing. They stop to grab the wine and then head to the bedroom.

Nicole asks EJ if Melinda said why he shouldn’t marry her. EJ says she was very cryptic about it and then she was called away and said he’d find out another time. Nicole calls that bizarre. EJ doesn’t suppose she has any idea what she was talking about. Nicole mentions that Melinda was pissed off when she caught her tampering with a witness during Rafe’s trial but that was over a year ago. EJ suggests it has nothing to do with her and that Melinda was just playing mind games. Nicole guesses Melinda wants them to be as miserable as she is and suggests forgetting about it which EJ agrees with and then they feel the baby kick again. Nicole still can’t believe this is happening for them. They say I love you to each other and kiss.

Eric and Kayla have Sloan checked out. Sloan says she’s fine but worried about the baby. Eric asks Kayla how it’s looking and if the baby is okay. Kayla responds that she’s sorry but there’s no heartbeat as she reveals the baby didn’t make it. Eric and Sloan then both begin to cry.

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