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At the Kiriakis Mansion, Justin looks at an old photo of himself and Victor. Justin pulls out his phone and calls his son Sonny. Justin says he hopes he didn’t wake him up but he’s afraid he has some bad news about his uncle Victor. Justin reveals there’s been an accident.

Belle finishes her call with John and then informs Shawn that John said they found the wreckage in the Mediterranean and recovered Victor’s body. Shawn argues that it can’t be true but Belle confirms that it is and says she’s so sorry. Shawn goes over that Victor was supposed to be home last night and he blew off the homecoming dinner because he didn’t want to see him, but now he’s never going to see him again.

At the Pub, Kate prepares to call Philip when Chloe approaches and says she’s so sorry to hear about Victor as it was such a shock. Chloe knows it’s been years since Kate and Victor were married, but they shared a child together and buried that child together, so she’s sure that now Kate is thinking about both Victor and Philip. Kate responds that Chloe has no idea.

Xander sits alone in his office and thinks back to his last conversation with Victor about his wedding to Sarah where Victor acknowledged Xander as a true Kiriakis. Xander then starts to cry. Brady then enters the office.

Maggie lays in bed crying. Julie enters her room and says she thought she could use a friend as they hug.

Kate tells Chloe that she’s right that Victor’s death did hit her harder than she thought it would. Chloe is not surprised since Kate, Victor, and Philip were a family once, so she imagines losing Victor is bringing back the pain of losing her son. Kate looks down at Philip’s number on her phone.

Shawn talks to Belle about figuring out why he was never as close to Victor as Philip, Brady, or Ciara. Shawn talks about his parents not naming him after Victor. Belle asks why he would go there now and says Shawn couldn’t have helped that. Shawn brings up Victor and Kate covered up Claire’s paternity and tried to pass her off as Philip’s. Shawn complains that Victor didn’t give a damn about how much that hurt them as he flashes back to arguing with Victor. Belle tells Shawn that was a long time ago and that he and Victor moved past that to have a really good relationship in the end. Shawn responds that he just doesn’t know.

Maggie tells Julie that she keeps trying to remember her and Victor’s final conversation in her mind, wondering what she last said to him. Julie assures that Victor knew she loved him and that he loved her so much. Maggie flashes back to her and Victor’s wedding. Maggie cries that Victor made her so happy as Julie hugs her.

Brady tells Xander that he’s sorry to interrupt, but he wanted to make sure he knew about Victor. Xander confirms that Justin told him and that he was just about to go see Maggie. Brady says he just came from there and Maggie wants to be alone. Xander decides he’ll try to see her later then. Xander asks if Brady wanted something else. Brady says it’s easy to forget they are family but they are family, so out of respect for Victor, he wanted to apologize to him for kissing Chloe. Xander gets upset and questions why he did that as Brady is surprised that Chloe didn’t tell him. Brady admits he wasn’t thinking and he was upset because he had just lost Rachel. Brady adds that he was trying to talk Chloe out of marrying Xander. Xander calls Brady an absolute bastard and punches him.

Kate questions why Chloe is being so nice to her, noting that it’s adding to her paranoia about the universe. Chloe brings up when she met Philip in high school and how Victor hating her was one of the few constants in her life. Chloe thinks back to Victor complaining about her to Maggie. Chloe can’t imagine what Victor would say about her and Xander. Kate asks what about her and Xander. Chloe thought everyone knew but informs Kate that she and Xander are in a relationship. Chloe says they originally moved in for convenience but things just progressed. Kate brings up how Brady must be handling that.

Xander apologizes to Brady and gets him ice, noting that he shouldn’t have lost his temper like that. Brady acknowledges that he probably deserved that. Brady informs Xander that Chloe shut him down and told him that she’s moving on and not looking back. Xander feels if that were really the case, she would’ve accepted his proposal by now. Brady argues that they haven’t been together that long. Xander complains that Brady and Philip were Victor’s golden ones and he doesn’t think Chloe will ever get over her feelings for them.

Justin wishes Sonny was there and encourages him to remember and be grateful for the time they had with Victor as Bonnie walks in. Justin tells Sonny that he loves him and hangs up. Bonnie knows Justin felt he had to be strong for Sonny, but he doesn’t for her. Bonnie then hugs Justin as he breaks down crying.

Belle argues that Shawn cannot possibly doubt Victor’s love for him, reminding him that Victor apologized and he forgave him. Shawn questions if Victor was ever going to forgive him for shooting Bo. Belle believes that Victor knows what happened was an accident. Shawn points out that Victor will never get to hug Bo again or hear his voice and that’s another reason he can’t forgive himself.

Julie tells Maggie that she was thinking about when they all first found out that Maggie and Victor were in love and how wrong they were to think it would never last because they were such different people. Julie encourages that it did last because Maggie was the only person that always told Victor the truth. Maggie jokes that she mostly kept him honest. Julie states that Maggie held Victor’s family and company together and brought out the best in him. Julie adds that Victor had an ornament on the Horton Christmas Tree because of her. Maggie responds that Victor brought out the best in her too. Maggie talks about being consumed with grief when she lost Mickey until Victor came along. Maggie flashes back to when her and Victor first got together. Maggie tells Julie that when she lost Mickey, she thought she would never fall in love again. Maggie flashes back to her wedding to Mickey. Julie understands that Maggie was trying to protect her heart from feeling that terrible grief again. Maggie states that Victor made her see it was worth it.

Bonnie comments on the old photo of Justin and Victor, joking that Victor didn’t change much over the years. Justin says he actually mellowed over the years. Justin recalls Victor really not liking Adrienne when they first got together, but in the end, he swallowed his pride and gave them his blessing. Justin flashes back to that time and asking Victor to be his best man. Justin tells Bonnie that Victor truly was like a father to him and the only father he had for most of his life. Justin cries that he’s really going to miss Victor.

Belle tells Shawn that he cannot blame himself as he’s making a lot of progress in therapy. Shawn complains that was when he thought Victor was eventually going to come around, but they hadn’t talked in months because he thought Victor hated him. Belle argues against that while Shawn says they’ll never get the chance and declares that the worst part is, Victor would never have been on that plane if it wasn’t for him.

Brady questions Xander thinking that he and Philip were Victor’s favorites. Brady points out how many times Victor fired him and argues that they had to deal with all the same things. Brady relates to being fired, kicked out of the mansion, and disowned as he thinks back to a past argument with Victor. Brady comments on Victor being involved with his own power and pitting them all against each other to bring out their competitive instincts and make them better at business. Xander acknowledges that they all hated it but they all fell in line. Brady declares that all they really wanted to do was please Victor. Xander adds that’s because they loved him. Brady then hugs Xander.

Chloe tells Kate that Brady definitely didn’t take it well when he found out that Xander proposed. Kate is shocked to learn that Xander proposed, but points out that Chloe isn’t wearing a ring. Chloe says she told him that she needed time to think about it. Kate guesses that’s because of her feelings for Brady. Chloe says that’s part of it but points out that Xander only proposed after Gwen married Dimitri and he found out that Sarah was back with Rex. Kate questions that as Rex never mentioned to her that they were back together. Chloe states that she’s just trying to get a handle on Xander’s feelings and her own. Chloe adds that her relationship with Brady ended so abruptly and admits there’s also Philip which Kate questions. Chloe says they had gotten so close before he died and now hearing about Victor’s passing brought back a flood of memories of all the good times that she and Philip had and how they truly loved each other once. Chloe can’t imagine how much Kate misses Philip and says she can’t imagine losing a child. Kate thinks back to telling Victor about Philip faking his own death. Kate then tearfully informs Chloe that she has something to tell her.

Julie tells Maggie that she know words are a cold comfort right now, but reminds her that she got past losing Mickey, so she will get past losing Victor because she’s strong and has so many things to live for like her children and grandchildren. Maggie agrees. Julie asks if she can call anyone for her. Maggie says no and mentions that she’s talked to Sarah and Melissa, but wishes they weren’t so far away. Julie brings up all the battles that Maggie has won over the years including learning to walk again and getting sober. Julie reminds Maggie of when she came back from the dead and jokes that she beat Bonnie at all her ridiculous games. Maggie thinks back to her past rivalry with Bonnie. Maggie jokingly asks who would’ve predicted that she and Bonnie would be living under the same roof again. Julie points out that Bonnie didn’t get her claws in to Victor while Maggie points out that it didn’t stop her from trying.

Bonnie talks to Justin about Victor allowing her to move in. Justin recalls them not getting off on the right foot. Bonnie flashes back to that and laughs. They then flash back to when they told Victor they were getting married. Bonnie states that Victor did give her a hard time but cries that she’s going to miss him as they hug.

Belle encourages Shawn to not blame himself. Shawn argues that Victor wouldn’t have been visiting Bo in some secret hospital if he hadn’t shot him. Belle argues that they don’t even know where Victor was going and he could’ve been on a business trip. Belle insists that Shawn is not in his right mind and this is just his grief talking but Shawn says he’s not crazy. Shawn adds that he’s not the only one blaming himself because everyone out there is blaming him too.

Kate starts to tell Chloe but stops and says she knows that Chloe really loved Philip and Brady, so she’s sorry for how much she suffered because of both of them. Kate adds that whatever her future is with Xander, she’s glad she is there for him because maybe she can help him heal and vice versa. Chloe agrees and wipes a tear.

Brady tells Xander that he should go and jokes about his punch. Brady assures Xander that he still can’t stand him and hopes Chloe comes to her senses about marrying him. Xander responds that he doesn’t care what he thinks. Brady then exits. Xander takes his briefcase and then leaves the office as well.

Maggie thanks Julie for lifting her spirits and making her laugh. Julie acknowledges that they went through a lot of things together. Maggie is so grateful to have Julie as a niece and as her dearest friend. Maggie calls Julie the sweetest and most generous friend that anyone could ever ask for. Julie responds that she wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Maggie as they flash back to Maggie rescuing Julie when she was caught on fire. Julie decides to let Maggie get some rest and asks if she can bring her anything. Maggie says no, but she could come back tomorrow. Julie says that Maggie’s memories of Victor and everything that makes her cry today will comfort her tomorrow and in years to come, it will give her joy. Maggie responds that Julie always says just the right thing. Maggie and Julie both feel blessed as they hug.

Belle asks why Shawn would think everyone blames him for Victor’s death when he hasn’t even talked to anyone. Shawn argues that his grandfather dies dramatically and unexpectedly in a plane crash and no one bothered to call him to let him know. Belle insists that everyone’s upset and confused while Shawn believes they all think he’s guilty because he is. Shawn complains that he’s angry and just has to get out of here. Belle suggests they go home but Shawn wants to be alone. Belle warns Shawn not to go to a bar because he can’t afford to get suspended again. Shawn tells Belle to just leave him alone and let him go as he storms out of his office.

Kate apologizes to Chloe for keeping her. Chloe says she just came to get Xander some food, but he just texted that he’s going to check on Maggie and she’s not really hungry. Kate guesses it was a waste of time then but Chloe disagrees and says it was actually really nice talking to her. Kate admits that she was just thinking the same thing and guesses there’s a first time for everything. Kate wishes Chloe luck and tells her to take care. Chloe thanks her and then exits the Pub. Kate goes back to her phone and calls Philip. Kate tells Philip that she has something to tell him and it’s sad news about his dad.

Julie goes to the living room where Justin greets her and asks how Maggie is doing. Julie responds that they had a good talk and she’s a strong woman. Julie asks how Justin is doing. Justin admits he’s a little numb. Julie thinks they all are since Victor seemed invincible but people didn’t realize how vulnerable the man was. Justin admits he never associated vulnerable with Victor. Julie tells Justin that if he walks her out, she will tell him stories of his uncle that no one has ever heard. Justin says he would love that as he walks Julie out of the mansion.

Bonnie goes to Maggie’s room. Maggie says she’s trying to get some rest. Bonnie mentions having tea that might help with that. Bonnie says she won’t say long and just wanted to bring her special sleep remedy that knocks her out when her mind is racing. Maggie thanks her and calls that very thoughtful. Bonnie hopes she had a nice visit with Julie. Maggie confirms that she did and that they had a long stroll down memory lane. Bonnie imagines her name came up. Bonnie says this might not be the right time to bring this up, but losing Victor reminds her of when Maggie lost Mickey. Bonnie tells Maggie that deep down, she knew she never had a chance with Mickey because his heart belonged to Maggie from the moment they met. Maggie flashes back to first meeting Mickey. Maggie declares that was 50 years ago and sometimes, it feels like yesterday.

Shawn sits at the bar with a drink. His phone rings, but he ignores it.

Belle runs in to Chloe outside the Pub. Chloe asks how she is. Belle doesn’t know if she heard. Chloe confirms she heard about Victor and asks how Shawn’s doing. Belle says that Shawn is devastated and blaming himself. Chloe asks how he could be responsible for a plane crash. Belle explains that it was because Victor was visiting Bo. Belle mentions that Shawn took off and she thought he might be here. Chloe says she hasn’t seen him but offers to help look for him. Belle says it’s okay since Shawn said he wanted to be alone, but she’s just really worried. Chloe says she’s there if she needs anything. Belle stops to apologize for being so negative about Xander proposing to her and she will support whatever Chloe decides. Chloe thanks her and says that means a lot as she reveals that she was actually thinking about saying yes, right as Brady walks up and hears her.

Xander goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and enters the living room, looking for Maggie, but instead he finds Sarah, who turns around, revealing to Xander that she is pregnant.

Happy 50th Anniversary Suzanne Rogers, ending with a montage of clips showcasing Maggie over the past 50 years.

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