GH Short Recap Friday, August 18, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Eddie talks to Tracy and tells her he overheard her tell Olivia she wanted to be committed. Tracy tells Eddie that Olivia told her she would never commit him and she is the only person who can have him committed. Tracy tells Eddie that she is Ned’s mother and she will never stop fighting for him.

Carly accepts Sony’s offer to arrange for Drew to get out of solitary confinement early.

Molly and Kristina argue because Kristina wonders why Molly used a surrogate service when she offered to be her surrogate. Molly admits to Kristina that she wouldn’t feel like the baby would be a gift from her and she would never let her and TJ forget it. Kristina tells Molly she never knew she was such a selfish person.

Gregory finally tells Finn about his diagnosis of ALS and Finn tells him he will be with him every step of the way.Gregory asks Finn to tell Chase about his ALS.

Dante tells Anna that the ELQ security cameras show Valentin never went to ELQ. Dante also tells Anna that there was never a water main break the night Valentin said he went to ELQ. Anna overheard Valentin talking to Martin and he sees Martin give Valentin some papers. Anna looks at the papers while Valentin is in the shower.

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