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Justin is at the Kiriakis Mansion while on the phone with Bonnie. Justin encourages her going to her hair appointment since there was no sense in them both just pacing around. Justin mentions that he has not yet told Maggie about the plane crash as he was hoping to get some more information before breaking it to her. Justin notes that he and Bonnie are the only ones that know, but he can’t keep it to himself any longer, so he plans on telling the rest of the family today.

Alex is at his apartment, texting Justin to ask if there’s any update on Victor. Chad then shows up at his door. Alex tells Chad that he had no plans of telling Stephanie anything about Chad asking him to back off. Alex gives his word that he wasn’t going to say anything but they were in a meeting and they were pushing him. Chad informs him that Stephanie told him the whole story. Alex knows they had an agreement, so he’s sorry. Chad responds that he’s the one that should be sorry.

Kristen and Rachel are together at the DiMera Mansion. Rachel talks about all the toys that Kristen bought her. Kristen talks about how lucky she is to have her here and asks if she had fun at her sleepover. Rachel responds that she did, but not as much fun as Dimitri and Leo had on their sleepover.

In Iceland, Dimitri encourages Leo that he can hide in his own room and Gwen will never know. Leo tells Dimitri not to make this any harder. Dimitri tells Leo to at least kiss him goodbye. Leo responds that if he kisses him again, he’s not going to leave. Dimitri asks if he will at least see him later which Leo agrees to. Leo then opens the door to leave right as Gwen returns, shocked to see him as she asks what the hell Leo is doing in Iceland.

Brady sits in Rachel’s old room where John finds him. Brady says he came to check if Rachel forgot anything and he started going through things. Brady admits he’s having a hard time understanding that Rachel is not coming home and that he can’t even talk to her, so he feels like he lost her.

Kristen questions Rachel knowing who Lady Whistleblower is. Rachel responds that she saw him in the newspaper. Kristen asks why she thinks that Leo and Dimitri had a fun sleepover. Rachel informs her that she heard them laughing and they were in the same bed. Kristen doesn’t think she should talk about them being in the same bed anymore. Rachel questions why not. Kristen tells her that it’s a secret, so no one is supposed to know about Dimitri’s sleepover, especially his new wife.

Dimitri questions what Gwen is doing back so soon, as he thought she was visiting the lava fields. Gwen says she was and she got halfway there but it all felt wrong since Dimitri is her husband and they made a pledge to each other to stick by each other through sickness and health. Gwen questions what kind of wife she would be if she left him there all alone but it turns out he wasn’t alone. Gwen question what Dimitri was doing here with Leo.

Justin doesn’t expect the news of Victor’s plane crash to show up in Leo’s column since the authorities promised to keep it quiet for now. Justin adds that as much as he dreads it, he’s going to tell Maggie as soon as he sees her. Maggie then walks in and asks what he’s telling her, so Justin hangs up with Bonnie. Maggie questions what he was talking to Bonnie about. Justin explains that he’s been trying to get answers about Victor’s plane. Maggie asks if he figured out where Victor has been for the last three days or why he left earlier than he was supposed to. Justin says not exactly but he did talk to Shane and he wanted to get confirmation. Maggie asks Justin to tell her. Justin then reveals that it appears Victor’s plane went down in the Mediterranean.

Alex questions what Chad is sorry for. Chad says he was wrong to ask him to back off of Stephanie as that wasn’t his place. Chad acknowledges that Alex is Stephanie’s friend and he admits he got all worked up because he asked EJ for advice, but he won’t make that mistake again. Alex jokes that he could’ve told him that was a bad idea. Chad states that EJ told him, but he was the jackass that listened. Chad admits he was possessive, stupid, and wrong. Alex guesses that Stephanie gave him hell. Chad confirms that and says he shouldn’t have interfered in her personal life. Alex notes that he learned that lesson the hard way. Chad tells Alex to just forget he said anything and if Stephanie wants to hang out with him, that’s her business from now on. Stephanie enters and jokingly says she hopes she can handle making her own decisions.

John tells Brady that he can’t imagine how hard this is for him, but he’s really proud of him for not running off with Rachel as he did the right thing. Brady doesn’t feel it was the right thing since if he ran, he’d be with his daughter now. John says Brady knew that taking Rachel away from her friends and family and turning them into fugitives wouldn’t be a life for Rachel and that’s why he didn’t do it. Brady reveals that it was actually the words that John said to him that stopped him as he had the car packed but he kept hearing John say that they would have to look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives. John knew that wasn’t the life he wanted for his daughter. Brady says what he really didn’t want is for his daughter to grow up hating him and resenting him. John says there is nothing selfish about wanting your child’s love. Brady says that after he dropped Rachel off at Kristen’s, he did so something very selfish and stupid that he’s not proud of.

Gwen asks if Leo or Dimitri are going to tell her what’s going on here. Gwen asks Leo why he is here. Dimitri claims that he was just wondering the same thing but Leo just showed up at the door and he was about to ask what he wanted when Gwen arrived. Dimitri then asks why Leo is here. Gwen tells Leo to feel free to answer. Leo claims that he flew to Iceland to surprise Gwen on her honeymoon because it’s Madonna’s birthday.

Rachel tells Kristen that she didn’t know Dimitri had a wife. Kristen says they just got married so it’s very important that Gwen not know about the sleepover or about Leo. Rachel questions why it’s a secret. Kristen relates that it’s about a lot of money, so it has to stay between them. Gabi hides outside the front door and listens in.

Maggie asks what Justin means and what he’s saying. Justin explains that the US Coastguard is working with Greek officials to search the wreckage site. Justin knows it’s a terrible shock. Maggie asks if they found anyone. Justin says not yet but they are still looking. Justin notes that as of now, it’s not known if there were any survivors. Justin hugs Maggie as she starts to cry.

Chad tells Stephanie that he didn’t mean she needs his permission or anyone’s. Stephanie assures that she was just messing with him. Stephanie asks if they made up. Alex thinks they are good. Chad confirms he apologized and that Alex graciously accepted. Alex says no harm, no foul. Chad says now he has to go pick up the kids. Stephanie jokes that now Alex can give her a tour of his apartment as she hasn’t seen his bedroom yet. Chad realizes she’s going to keep torturing him. Chad kisses Stephanie goodbye and then exits. Stephanie assures Alex that she didn’t really want a tour of his bedroom.

Gabi enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and greets Rachel and Kristen. Gabi returns the DiMera family heirloom to Kristen that she borrowed for her wedding. Rachel questions missing Gabi’s wedding. Gabi says it was kind of small and last minute but offers to show Rachel the pictures. Rachel wants to see Gabi’s dress. Kristen decides to take the heirloom upstairs and see if Charlotte and Thomas are done packing to go. Gabi shuts the door as Rachel asks about her dress. Gabi says she will show her, but she first asks Rachel what secret she and Kristen were talking about.

Gwen questions Leo saying he flew all the way out to Iceland to tell her that it’s Madonna’s birthday. Leo asks if that would be strange. Gwen calls it insane. Leo claims he didn’t come just to share that news. Gwen asks again why he came. Leo says it’s Madonna’s 65th birthday and that she’s giving a private concert to celebrate which happens to be in Iceland. Leo claims once he found that out, he knew he had to hop on a jet and come right to Iceland. Leo says it makes perfect sense to him. Gwen believes him and declares that the three of them should go to the concert together.

Brady tells John about kissing Chloe and says it wasn’t his finest hour as he did it for all the reasons since he just dropped Rachel off at Kristen’s and then he ran in to Xander, who gloated about proposing to Chloe. John understands Brady was being pounded by bad news from all sides. Brady brings up Victor missing and that Justin said he would call if he heard anything. Brady then gets a call from Justin and asks what the news is.

Rachel questions what Gabi means about a secret. Gabi says when she came in, she and Kristen were talking about a secret about a lot of money. Rachel says she’s not supposed to tell anyone. Gabi points out that they are family since she just married her uncle Stefan so she’s technically her aunt. Gabi encourages that family can share anything with each other. Rachel doesn’t think that’s true since Gwen is her cousin Dimitri’s wife and she definitely can’t know.

Leo didn’t know Gwen was a big Madonna fan. Gwen argues that everyone is and brings up the time they went to karaoke. Gwen asks what are the odds that Madonna is performing a super secret concert on her honeymoon. Gwen asks if they should get tickets. Dimitri claims he’s still not feeling well and isn’t sure he’s up to a concert. Gwen feels he doesn’t have a fever so she’s sure it’s just indigestion and will pass. Gwen adds that she’ll take such good care of him that he’ll be fine by tonight so they can all go together.

Alex asks Stephanie if he can tell Yuri that she’s on board for their collaboration with Basic Black now. Stephanie says that’s assuming Yuri still wants to work with them after they made a scene. Alex assures that he will and that he even liked it. Alex adds that Yuri already said they make a great team. Alex says he’ll text Yuri right now, but then gets a call from Justin. Alex mentions waiting on some news about Victor as he answers the call and asks if they found Victor. Alex is shocked by the response.

Gwen insists Dimitri is feeling better already. Dimitri laughs at Gwen calling Madonna the Queen of Pop and reveals he’s not a Madonna fan. Dimitri jokes that he has a hard time caring about any woman other than Gwen. Gwen questions Dimitri not liking Madonna’s music. Dimitri says he couldn’t name three of her songs. Leo argues that Dimitri is a snob and they go back and forth. Dimitri declares that Leo and Gwen can go without him then and they can enjoy the show together.

Chad goes to the DiMera Mansion where Kristen answers the door and tells him that the kids are packed up and ready to go. Chad mentions Thomas said they had a great time. Kristen assures that Rachel felt the same. Chad asks if Rachel is settling in as he guesses she must be missing Brady quite a bit. Kristen questions what that’s supposed to mean. Chad says it means nothing and just that as a father, he feels for him. Kristen insists that Rachel is doing great and loves their family home. Chad says he was just asking. Kristen asks about Chad’s evening and if he came clean with Stephanie about being an overbearing misogynist. Chad says sort of, but admits that Alex told her before he could. Kristen remarks on seeing that coming. Chad says it’s fine as they are working through it. Kristen asks if Stephanie forgave him. Chad says sort of, for the most part. Kristen warns that it could’ve been a big blunder. Kristen adds that Stefano would tell him to never give his enemies ammunition to use against him. Chad explains that Alex swore he didn’t tell her to sink him and that it just came out at a business meeting. Chad asks if Kristen doesn’t believe that. Kristen responds that she hopes that’s true for his sake.

Alex hangs up and informs Stephanie that Victor’s plane went down over the Mediterranean and they are searching the waters for survivors, but haven’t found anything yet. Stephanie encourages that it doesn’t mean they won’t find Victor. Alex holds back tears as he talks about Justin trying to get a hold of the ISA. Stephanie brings up Shane being her uncle so she offers to get a hold of him to get through the red tape to get him some answers. Alex says that would be great and thanks her.

Brady tells John that the coastguard is searching for survivors now. Brady decides he will go to the Kiriakis Mansion to comfort Maggie and invites John to come. John decides he will call some of his ISA contacts first and see if they can speed up the search or come up with more information. Brady says that would be great. Brady adds that he doesn’t know what he would do without John. John hopes they won’t have to worry about that anytime soon as they hug.

Maggie sits alone at home with a framed photo of Victor. Justin joins her and informs her that he told Brady everything. Maggie acknowledges that the whole family needs to be a part of this for Victor’s sake. Justin informs Maggie that Shane also shared some other information about Victor and about Bo. Justin reveals that Shane wasn’t able to give him Bo’s exact location but says the hospital where Bo is, is not anywhere near Greece. Maggie doesn’t understand if Victor went to visit Bo and questions why Victor’s plane was flying over the Mediterranean then. Justin says they don’t know the answer to that and there are a lot of things they don’t know, so they just have to hold onto hope that Victor is out there somewhere and can give them the answer when he comes back.

Leo questions Dimitri bailing on the concert. Dimitri says if they love Madonna, they can enjoy the show. Gwen reminds Dimitri that she won’t leave his side. Dimitri insists that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that he’d hate for her to miss, so she could consider it a wedding gift from him. Gwen tells Leo that it’s just them then. Leo tells Gwen that she can’t come because he only has one ticket and the show is sold out. Gwen questions him not saying that in the first place. Leo claims it slipped his mind and that the show is exclusive. Gwen calls this weird and questioned why he showed up in the first place. Leo claims he came to gloat and says now he’s going to his room to shower and get ready. Leo tells them to enjoy the rest of their honeymoon without him as he then exits.

Gabi suggests to Rachel that if she can’t tell her the secret, they can play 20 questions so it won’t be like she’s telling her as they’d be playing a game. Gabi starts by asking if the secret is about anybody that lives in the DiMera Mansion. Rachel says yes but then Kristen comes in and asks what they were talking about. Gabi says they were just playing a game, so Kristen asks if she can play.

Brady goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie thanks him for coming. Brady asks how she’s holding up. Maggie responds that she’s still standing. Brady asks if there’s any news. Justin says not since he called him. Brady talks about thinking about Victor on the whole way over. Brady talks about Victor being a survivor and how he probably had backup plans if the plane went down. Brady jokes that Victor could be drinking on an island now. John then enters and greets them. John hopes he’s not interrupting as Henderson let him in. Maggie says they are happy he’s there as she hugs him. Brady asks if John learned anything. John confirm that he just spoke to Shane. Justin mentions speaking with Shane earlier and asks if there’s an update. John reveals that there is.

Stephanie gets a call from Steve and asks if he found anything out. Stephanie thanks him for calling and then hangs up in shock. Alex asks her what it is. Stephanie turns to Alex with a sad look, so Alex guesses that it’s bad news.

John announces that he’s sorry to report that they’ve recovered Victor’s body. Maggie then breaks down crying as John hugs her.

Stephanie informs Alex that Victor’s body was found by the coastguard and she’s so sorry. Alex begins to cry as Stephanie hugs him.

Justin asks John if it’s confirmed. John confirms that Victor is dead. John hugs Brady as he cries while Justin hugs Maggie.

*In Loving Memory of John Aniston.*

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