GH Short Recap Wednesday, August 16, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Trina gets her job back at Ava’s art gallery because she misses working with Ava.

Esme gets jealous as she watches Trina and Spencer play with Ace at the Metro Court pool. Once Trina leaves to go visit Portia, Esme starts playing with Ace at the pool.

Willow and Michael get good news from Dr. Randolph that she is well brought to go out and she doesn’t have to stay
in the house. Dr. Randolph tells Willow she can walk for exercise, but she isn’t ready to return to work yet.

Cody tells Sam she thinks Sasha is being drugged by Gladys so she can remain her legal guardian and she needs her help. Sam tells Cody they need proof of what Gladys is doing to Sasha. Cody goes to the police station to talk to Dante and Mac about helping Sasha. Gladys is already there and gives Cody a restraining order to stay away from Sasha. Cody accuses Gladys of drugging Sasha so she can take her money. Cody tells Gladys he will make her pay. Gladys wants Mac to arrest Cody, but Mac persuades her not to press charges against Cody because then they would have to go investigate his accusations against her.

Dr. Montague has nurse Mandy taken off Sasha’s case because she thinks someone is giving Sasha drugs that are not listed on her chart. Nurse Mandy later hears Sasha scream and looks into Sasha’s room and sees Dr. Montague give Sasha an injection.

Dex watches as Nanny Betty talks to Mason and Austin at the hospital and Betty gives Mason the flash drive with the fake information about Pikeman on it.

Mrs. Wu offers to buy the Savoy from Curtis but Marshall offers to run the club for Curtis until he has finished his rehabilitation.

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