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Alex exits his apartment right as Stephanie is coming home and greets him. Stephanie comments on the great weather and then mentions that she finished the book on time management that Alex wanted to read, so she says he can come by and get it later. Alex then thinks back to Chad telling him to stop coming over. Alex then tells Stephanie that it’s okay as he’ll probably never read it anyway and walks away. Stephanie guesses she’ll see him later then.

Rafe and Jada sit together at the Brady Pub as Rafe is reading Leo’s column and comments on Alex Kiriakis moving in across the hall from Stephanie and Chad, noting how awkward it must be to live across from your ex. Jada questions Rafe talking to her about a gossip column instead of talking about Mayor Rawlings giving Shawn his job.

Shawn brings Belle to the police commissioner’s office. Belle comments that she’s so glad they lifted his suspension but questions what they are doing in Rafe’s office. Shawn reveals that it’s no longer Rafe’s office, but his. Belle asks what he’s talking about. Shawn then announces that he is officially the new police commissioner.

John finds Brady packing Rachel’s bag at home. Brady talks about preparing for Rachel to leave for good and he has an hour before he has to drop her off with Kristen. John tells Brady he’s sorry as he still can’t believe they gave Kristen full custody. John calls it a real nightmare but Brady says in a nightmare, you wake up and things go back to normal but because of the judge’s decision, nothing will ever be normal again.

Kristen joins EJ in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and calls it a beautiful night. EJ tells Kristen that he has some wonderful news and informs her that he asked Nicole to marry him. Kristen responds that it can’t compete with her amazing news as she announces that her daughter Rachel is coming home to live with her for good.

Chad plays with his kids at home as Stephanie walks in. The kids show Stephanie cards they made for Rachel as they are having a sleepover for Rachel’s first night at the DiMera Mansion. Stephanie comments on Kristen getting full custody as Chad sends the kids to go get ready. Stephanie feels bad for Brady. Stephanie then asks Chad if he’s seen Alex today. Chad says no and asks why. Stephanie mentions just running in to Alex in the hallway and he totally blew her off. Stephanie asks if Chad has any idea why. Chad claims he doesn’t know why and suggests maybe he had a bad day at work. Stephanie calls it weird, like Alex really didn’t want to engage and barely looked at her. Stephanie then gets a text and says there’s a change of plans as she’s been asked to come pitch a new marketing plan for a new venture which would be a big account to land. Chad tells her to go. Stephanie says she wanted to be at the house with him and the kids but Chad says it will be fine. Stephanie kisses him and says he’s very understanding which is one of the many reasons he’s an excellent boyfriend. Stephanie asks if Chad is going to pretend it’s a good thing that Kristen got custody. Chad feels he has no choice because there’s no way he’s going to make an enemy out of Kristen.

Kristen comments on EJ not seeming excited that she got full custody of her daughter. EJ asks if she blackmailed a judge. Kristen responds that she didn’t have to lift a finger. EJ doesn’t believe that. Kristen states that when Brady pulled a gun on her, she thought she had a shot at shared custody but she won the jackpot. EJ congratulates her. Kristen asks if he’s being sincere. EJ says he’s a parent so he knows how painful it is to be separated from your child and he wouldn’t wish that on her. Kristen thanks him and says that means a lot to her. EJ adds that Kristen beat Brady at his own game which delights her to know.

Brady talks to John about Rachel growing up but still loving her doll. Brady talks about being the one who knows what Rachel’s interests are and knowing what to do when she is scared. John says everyone knows how much Brady loves his daughter. Brady regrets pulling a gun on Kristen and giving the court every reason to give custody to Kristen. John agrees that it’s not fair. Brady asks how anyone in the world could think Kristen’s influence could be good for any kid and now there’s nothing he can do about it. John is sure Brady would do almost anything to fix it, like buying a car online with an out of state license to whisk his daughter away under the cover of darkness. Brady calls that a good idea that he wishes he thought of. John says he did and will act on that plan within an hour. Brady questions what he’s talking about. John explains the way the wi-fi is wired at their home and how everything runs through him because of his work with Black Patch, so he knows Brady ordered a car online from Texas. Brady questions John spying on him and claims he’s been looking for that car for awhile and finally found it so he got it. John points out Brady having it delivered to the outskirts of town instead of to his home. Brady questions John following him too. John guesses Brady will have a headstart and be a couple states away before anyone realizes. John admits it’s a pretty smart plan initially. Brady acknowledges it wasn’t smart enough to fool him. Brady then asks if John is going to try to stop him.

Rafe admits to Jada that he was surprised when he found out Mayor Rawlings gave Shawn his job, but no one wants to hear him complain about it. Jada says he’s allowed to vent and be upset. Rafe asks what he’s going to vent about when he broke the rules. Jada points out that Shawn did too. Rafe calls it completely different situations. Jada blames Shawn for Rawlings knowing about them in the first place which Rafe notes he didn’t do intentionally. Jada feels it still has to hurt that Shawn got his job. Rafe asks if she’s trying to make him snap. Jada says she’s just trying to help him be more honest about his feelings. Rafe admits that it stings a lot and he hates it, but it was going to suck no matter who they gave his job to. Jada question why Shawn. Rafe asks who else they should have given it to. Jada suggests herself.

Belle doesn’t understand how Shawn is the new commissioner. Shawn explains that the acting Mayor wanted him to take over for Rafe. Belle questions him just saying yes. Shawn clarifies that he turned it down at first and even said Rafe was the right man for the job, then suggested Jada take the job but Rawlings pointed out that Jada was implicated as well as Rafe. Shawn adds that Mayor Rawlings told him if he didn’t take the job, he wouldn’t let him come back, so it was either this or nothing. Shawn asks if Belle thinks he should have walked away.

Chad brings the kids to the DiMera Mansion. Kristen hugs the kids and thanks them for coming, noting that Rachel will be so happy to see them. Kristen says Rachel will be there very soon and takes the kids to see their bedroom upstairs. Chad comments to EJ about Kristen getting full custody. EJ notes that Kristen swears that she didn’t bribe the judge. Chad informs EJ that he took his advice and told Alex to back off and admits it’s paying off.

Alex meets with Yuri at the bar. Alex mentions that Brady won’t be joining them but assures that he’s as excited as he is about Yuri’s collaboration with Basic Black. Yuri states that they are going to make some money together. Alex says there are some important things to have in place first such as marketing and PR. Yuri reveals he already thought of that and thinks it would be prudent to bring in an outside candidate which he’s already taken care of. Yuri declares he got the best in the business and she’s on her way now, which turns out to be Stephanie. Stephanie joins them and asks Yuri about this being the project he wanted to see her about. Yuri brings up Stephanie and Alex working together in the past to great success and says he’d like Alex to oversee Stephanie’s role as she’s the best in the business. Yuri asks if they don’t mind working closely together. Stephanie says of course not and it will be great but Alex says he’s sorry as this can’t happen.

Chad tells EJ that he was firm, assertive, and told Alex what’s what. EJ brings up what would Stefano do. Chad states that Alex heard him and agreed to keep up his end of the agreement as he apparently blew off Stephanie in the hall and barely spoke to her, which left her confused because she’s unaware of his warning. Chad doesn’t like keeping things from Stephanie but thinks in this case, it’s for the best as soon Alex will be out of their lives and she’ll barely know he’s gone. EJ credits his stellar advice. Kristen returns and accuses them of coming up with the worst plan. Kristen reveals she heard them talking and declares that what Chad did is going to backfire on him spectacularly.

Rafe questions if Jada wanted his job. Jada says she’s just asking why it couldn’t have been her if Mayor Rawlings was going to give someone the job. Rafe calls her a great cop and he’s sure she’d make an even better commissioner so he doesn’t understand why Rawlings didn’t give her the job. Jada complains of being a person of color and having to see a flawed white guy just walk up and get the job that she’s qualified for. Jada says she’s not saying that Shawn’s not a great detective, but he just got busted for drinking on the job. Rafe adds that Jada has been in the center of their major investigations for the past 6 months. Jada argues that Shawn just walks in and gets a shiny new job and office. Rafe jokes that it sounds like he’s not the one who needed to vent. Jada says she will stop because she sounds bitter and petty. Rafe assures she’s neither of those things. Jada brings up how this happened at her last job. Rafe calls it wrong in so many ways. Jada admits it’s not Shawn’s fault and she doesn’t blame him, noting that he did decline the job and even recommended Rafe, but she can’t help but feel upset that he came in at the right place, right time, and right skin tone.

Belle tells Shawn that Rafe was a really popular commissioner that everybody loved. Shawn calls him a great boss but asks Belle again if she thinks he should’ve turned it down. Belle thinks she would have reservations about him taking this on because he’s still in a fragile place and he’s been struggling with what happened with his dad. Belle admits that he’s making great progress with Marlena but there’s still a ways to go. Shawn asks if she thinks the job is too much for him. Belle calls him the strongest person she knows so she’s not doubting him. Shawn gets that she’s afraid he’s going to relapse and start drinking again which Belle admits. Shawn feels it’s a good thing as he’s never going to let his guard down. Shawn insists he knows the importance of this job as he had three family members serve honorably. Belle assures that she’s proud of him. Shawn understands her doubts but suggests this challenge could be what he needs to finally heal and start believing in himself again. Belle insists that he doesn’t have to prove himself to her as she believes in him more than anyone else. Shawn asks if that means she’s on board. Belle thinks that if he wants to do this, he will be the best Commissioner Brady there ever was as Shawn then hugs her.

John feels if he tried to stop Brady, he’d wind up unconscious on the floor and Brady would still take off with his daughter. Brady guesses he understands how willing he is to protect his daughter. John acknowledges that Brady is the only person that can stop himself from doing this. Brady questions John thinking he’s making a big mistake. John points out that to the cops, he’s going to be a kidnapper but he’s most worried about Kristen having unlimited resources which means he will never not be on the run. John warns that Brady and Rachel will be constantly looking over their shoulder and will never be able to settle anywhere. Brady argues that it’s better than doing nothing and shouts that he has to act. John warns Brady about the corner he will back Rachel in to and how she’ll never see her friends again. John shouts that this is no life for a little girl and warns that the day will come where Rachel will hate him for that. Brady insists that he’s thought about all of this and gone through every scenario. Brady knows it will be a challenge to be on the run but the alternative is Kristen poisoning Rachel every day and turning her against them every day. John complains that running is not the only option and urges him to stay and fight. Brady doesn’t want to lose. John believes Brady will prove to be the better parent. Brady worries that Kristen will be driving Rachel away from him. John warns that if Brady defies the court order, this will be over and he’ll never be safe from the law or Kristen because when they find him, he’ll lose his daughter forever and Kristen will win.

Kristen says she’s sorry for interrupting EJ and Chad’s meeting of the minds but they were speaking out in the open and sounded so proud of their scheme. EJ argues that it’s not a scheme. Kristen says she’d expect it from EJ but Chad is smarter than this. Kristen questions Chad taking EJ’s relationship advice now. Chad says usually he’d agree with her, but in this situation, EJ was right as he had a problem in his relationship, they came up with a solution and so far it seems to be working. Kristen asks what happens when Alex tells Stephanie that Chad went behind her back to scare off the competition. Chad argues that Alex is not competition and he’s not going to say anything. Kristen asks why he wouldn’t. Chad states that they have a gentlemen’s agreement which Kristen doesn’t believe.

Stephanie questions Alex not wanting to work with her. Alex says it’s not that he doesn’t want to. Yuri questions what’s going on here since Stephanie is the best in the business. Alex argues that Stephanie already does PR for Titan while Basic Black is a subsidiary of DiMera and they are bitter rivals. Alex adds that Stephanie will be working for Maggie and could unintentionally pass on important information. Stephanie asks if he’s saying she’s stupid and argues that he knows he can trust her as she’s a professional. Yuri questions why Alex is resisting this. Alex says he’d rather not say and is just trying to do what he’s supposed to. Stephanie doesn’t understand, so Alex tells her to ask Chad. Stephanie questions what the hell Chad has to do with this.

Kristen questions Chad thinking he’s safe because the guy who has a thing for his girlfriend agreed to not make him look foolish in her eyes. EJ feels she’s putting a very negative spin on this. Kristen says she’s calling it as she sees it. Chad repeats that Alex said he wouldn’t say anything. Kristen mocks the idea of men never breaking their word. Chad talks about how disruptive Alex was in he and Stephanie’s relationship. Kristen says she sympathizes with that but insists that EJ’s horrendous idea will backfire on him and when it does, Stephanie will see Alex in a whole new light because Chad made him the victim. Kristen remarks that Stefano would be so proud of them.

Jada tells Rafe that she’s done venting. Rafe jokes that he could listen for another hour or two if she needs. Rafe states that he agrees with everything she said. Jada can’t believe that tomorrow morning she has to report to her new boss, who is a drunk who put his own father in a coma right as Shawn enters the Pub with Belle. Jada then turns around and awkwardly greets Shawn.

Alex claims to Stephanie that Chad doesn’t want her work at Titan to be put in jeopardy if Maggie finds out. Stephanie says nice try but that’s not what he meant. Alex says they don’t have to have this conversation but Stephanie says they are going to. Yuri remarks that they have a very interesting relationship. Alex says it’s not a relationship. Stephanie questions if they are not friends. Alex responds that he’s just trying to do the right thing. Stephanie asks what the hell that even means and what is really going on as she demands the truth. Alex then reveals that Chad thinks he wants her back and warned him to stay away from her by telling him to back off or else. Stephanie realizes that’s why Alex wouldn’t speak to her in the hallway. Alex repeats that he’s just trying to do the right thing by her and Chad. Yuri asks if they can start over now that it’s out in the open. Stephanie decides Alex doesn’t get out of this that easily and neither does Chad, as she then storms out of the bar. Alex complains that she wasn’t supposed to hear all that as they had a gentlemen’s agreement.

Chad complains that he doesn’t know what he was thinking. EJ questions him listening to Kristen. Chad worries that Kristen is right that he made the whole thing worse. Chad admits he didn’t trust Alex to be around Stephanie so he questions trusting Alex to be quiet about their agreement. Chad worries about Stephanie finding out. Chad tells them to tell the kids he’ll be back but he has to go deal with this before his whole life explodes and rushes out. Kristen wishes him luck and remarks that she’s glad she could help. EJ complains that it was all going well until Kristen stuck her nose in. EJ asks if Kristen is trying to sabotage their family. Kristen responds that he can’t ruin her evening because Brady will be there with Rachel any minute and that’s all that matters to her as nothing else is important.

Brady knows John is trying to help but his mind is made up. John reminds Brady that he regretted pulling a gun on Kristen. Brady calls that different. John asks how since Brady’s impulsiveness cost him the first time and this time, it will cost him everything. John asks what if Rachel never forgives him. Brady says it’s a risk he has to take and he has to get going as he doesn’t want to miss his head start or risk Kristen tracking him down at the state line. John urges Brady to think about this. John warns that Brady and Rachel’s whole lives depends on this decision. Brady tells John that he loves him, then takes the bags and exits the room.

Jada tells Shawn that she was just venting but she knows he’s not a drunk and what happened with his dad was an accident. Rafe adds that it’s been a frustrating day for everyone. Jada tells Shawn that she’s so sorry. Shawn knows that Jada is embarrassed that he walked in on that, but the truth is, he’s the one that should be. Shawn brings up what he did to Rafe and then the Mayor turns around and gives him his job. Rafe acknowledges that he didn’t ask for it. Shawn says Rafe still doesn’t deserve this and apologizes. Shawn doesn’t know what else to say. Rafe tells him to just do a good job as that’s all that matters in the end.

Yuri tells Alex that he’s had business deals implode over the years but it’s always about money and he’s never seen this before. Alex tells him not right now. Yuri asks if he’s really that upset about what happened. Alex asks if he saw how upset Stephanie was when she left. Yuri points out that she’s mostly upset at Chad. Yuri asks if Alex is really that crazy about Stephanie. Alex admits that he is. Yuri says he doesn’t really care about this domestic soap opera love triangle, but he sees that Alex’s chances of stealing Stephanie back are 60-40 or maybe a little more, so he congratulates him. Alex repeats that they had a gentlemen’s agreement.

Chad goes home to find Stephanie pouring glasses of wine. Stephanie notes that he’s home earlier than she thought and asks if he wants a glass. Chad declines and says he was hoping she’d be back from her meeting by now. Stephanie asks if everything is alright. Chad says with the kids out, he thought it’d be a good time for them to talk. Stephanie calls it a coincidence as she was thinking the same thing. Stephanie then throws her glass of wine in Chad’s face and tells him to sit down if he wants to talk because she’s going first.

John looks at a photo of Brady and Rachel, hoping that Brady will come to his senses before it’s too late.

EJ asks Kristen about Brady being there any minute. Kristen states that he’s late. EJ guesses he must have hit traffic getting across town. Kristen says maybe and checks outside. Kristen then worries that maybe EJ decided he couldn’t live with the judge’s decision. EJ questions if Brady would just take Rachel and run. Kristen admits it’s something she would do. Kristen then calls Belle and says she needs to her to call the judge and every police jurisdiction before it’s too late. Belle tells her to slow down as she has no idea what she’s talking about. Kristen shouts that Brady has decided to go on the run with her daughter and she will not stand for it. Brady then arrives with Rachel, exciting Kristen as Rachel runs up and hugs her.

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