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Young & The Restless Update

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Update written by Suzanne and Barbara

Lily enters the Chancellor Mansion to find Devon seemingly lost in thought. She greets him and asks if he didn’t hear her knocking. Devon apologizes for his absentmindedness. Lily brushes it off and asks what’s caught his interest. Devon explains that he finds the potential for product development and growth in Asia and South America intriguing. He suggests expanding their offices there. Lily playfully remarks on his passion for the topic, and they share a light moment.

They continue to chat about their office and how it feels like home now. Devon mentions his excitement about his son, Dom, being able to play in the halls in a couple of years. Devon reveals that Tucker and Ashley are planning to have their wedding at the house, so Lily jokes about needing to put away breakables for the Abbotts’ wedding.

Meanwhile, Ashley and Abby meet at the GCAC; Abby seems stressed. Ashley apologizes for the feud and expresses her desire to end it for the sake of the family. Abby questions Ashley’s sudden change of heart, but Ashley assures her that she is tired of the drama and wants to focus on her future and her plans with Tucker. Abby seems worried that her mother is giving up, but Ashley reassures her that she is committed to mending relationships within the family.

Later, Sharon meets with Adam to discuss office space for their new company. Adam appears distracted and shares his feelings about Sally, confessing that he still cares for her despite her being with Nick. Sharon advises him to let go of the past and focus on their new venture together. She encourages him to talk about his feelings, but he insists on keeping it a business conversation.

Phyllis confronts Tucker about having evidence of a scandal at McCall Unlimited. Tucker seems unbothered and challenges her, stating that he can call her bluff and is not afraid of any rumors. Phyllis warns him about going public with the scandal, but Tucker remains unfazed and leaves.

Ashley and Abby continue their conversation about the family feud, with Abby expressing her concern that her mother’s change of heart might be insincere. Ashley assures her that she genuinely wants to mend the family relationships and move on. Abby promises to give her mother a chance.

Devon and Lily talk about their relationships, with Devon mentioning his improved relationship with Tucker and his willingness to be the best man at Tucker’s wedding. They discuss how they have overcome their own family drama and how Abby is now stuck in the middle of the Abbotts’ feud.

Phyllis runs into Daniel and shares the news about the D.A.’s offer. Daniel urges her to take the deal and face the consequences of her actions. He expresses his frustration with her behavior and the impact it has on Summer’s life.

Abby encourages Ashley to make peace with Jack for the sake of the wedding and the family. Ashley agrees to try and mend things with Jack and promises to focus on the bigger picture.

Devon and Abby discuss the wedding and the need for everyone to come together. Abby is determined to ensure that the wedding goes smoothly, even if it means convincing Jack to put aside his anger towards Tucker.

Lily consoles Daniel, who is worried about his mother’s decision-making and the potential consequences for Summer. They both hope that Phyllis will make the right choice and learn from her past mistakes.

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