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[Together] Surprise! Doing watts. Here. See you tomorrow. This is the last rotation chart for the week. Signed and approved. Thanks, boss. Wow. “Boss” — that’S… it’s got kind of a nice ring to it. Oh, so you’re a springsteen fan? Yeah, that’s me, born to run.

[ Laughs ] So is that it? You clocked out for the night? Yes.

[ Exhales deeply ] Good, because, uh, you remember when we talked about being more direct with one another? So, in the spirit of being more direct… I’m just gonna stop talking and — and — and come out and — and ask this. Yeah, ask away. Would you like to go to dinner with me tonight?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hey, I can’t talk now. I’m about to meet the nanny that mason has forced on me. Everything is gonna be just fine. Have a martini. Mm, done. This nanny, though… she’s just there to spy on sonny? Avery won’t be in any danger, right? No. Uh, the only way avery is in danger is if we don’t do what mason says. We play along, everything will be okay. Um, I should probably go, though, so call me later with the details.

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

[ Dramatic music plays ] En garde. En garde. Okay, here we go. Let’s go. Oh! Oh! Got you. Smack!

[ Chuckles ]

[ Exhales deeply ] Can we stay out here longer, daddy? Uh, yeah, sure, bud. Just let me talk to your mom for a second, okay? Okay. Alright. Have you heard from nina yet? No, not a word. I can’t believe she didn’t make it. I mean, the least she could do was text, but…

[ Exhales deeply ] This isn’t like her. I mean, she would reach out and let me know if she couldn’t come. I hope nothing is wrong. You know, I wasn’t — I wasn’t at all really for nina seeing all the kids, but I was trying to be supportive, so I went along with it. But it is so irresponsible for her not to just show up at all. I mean, come on, we held wiley out of camp for two days so it would be safe for her to visit in the bubble. We went out of our way, and she doesn’t even show up? Well, maybe there is a reasonable explanation. Like, something important came up at the last minute. What’s more important than her seeing her daughter and her grandchild?

[ Elevator bell dings ] Don’t worry about it. I got a lot of contacts at ferncliff, right? And I’ll have somebody look out for sasha while we sort this out. Thank you. Thank you. I’m just so worried about her. But thank you so much for helping. What — what are you — you are always there for me and the people I care about. And you do not know how

[Chuckles] I appreciate that. Thank you. Sonny, I’m supposed to be at the gatehouse. What’s wrong? Willow — she finally agreed to a visit with her… hey, hey. …And the kids are going to think that I don’t care. You need to relax.

[ Breathing deeply ] They’re going to understand once you tell them what’s going on with sasha. Okay, okay, okay. Really. Alright, hopefully she’ll just understand, and she won’t hold it against me. Well, I know someone else who might. Like who?

[ Soft music playing ] Cyrus. Really too bad that we got interrupted yesterday in the visiting center, because I wasn’t done with you. Clearly, you have anger toward me for some reason. The good book has taught me peace and patience, so it’s best not to let it escalate. Well, it wouldn’t escalate if you answered the question. Are you responsible for curtis getting shot?

Are you asking me out on a date? Yes, I am. A-a date. Hmm. Well, this is awkward. Is it? Uh, wait, wait, is it — is it — is it awkward because, uh, you’re — you’re — you’re turning me down, or — or is it awkward because you’re just gonna say no? Well, it’s just because I had already planned on asking you out tonight, but you beat me to it.

[ Laughs ] Really? Really. In fact, I already made reservations at the… together: Port charles grill. You didn’T. I did. Well, one of us is gonna have to change the reservation. I’ll cancel. I don’t think your reputation can take the hit as well as mine. You’re probably right. I’m a mess. But I’m a mess who’s really looking forward to seeing you tonight.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Yuri! Oh! What a great surprise. I love the beard.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ] I thought you’d still be helping mayor collins and valentin in russia. I had a very difficult journey. Had to make sure they have safe passage through the north. I had local people I know help us travel as far as we can, but, still, very dangerous trip. You’re incredible to risk your safety for them. Just another reason why I’m crazy about you.

[ Chuckles ] Crazy? It means I really like you and I’m glad you’re back. Oh. [ Chuckles ] Okay. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I think about you all the time. Which is why I’m here. There’s something important I need to discuss with you. Thoreau wrote this work in a place like this. Unlike you, he made good use of his incarceration. He didn’t antagonize others. Answer the question. What is this incident you’re referring to? There was a shooting at the metro court pool. My friend, curtis ashford, was hit. You remember him, don’t you, renault? Curtis was of little interest to me until jordan and taggert dragged him into our affairs. So why would I care about what happens to him? Yeah, maybe you don’t, but he wasn’t the only one there. Sonny corinthos was also there. We both know that you’d love nothing more than to take him out.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Josslyn, what are you doing here? I wanted to talk to you. And you got in late last night, you left early this morning. I had to track you down on the family app. Is everything okay? Well, I got a call from a classmate’s mother. Okay. She asked me to put in a good word with you and let you know that she was interested. Interested in what? Our house. Apparently, you’re selling it. If you’re thinking carly and michael would hold it against you, you got that wrong. They would understand that you’re late visiting willow because of the sasha situation. They’re not gonna blame you. You’re right. I’m so sorry. It’s just, because I am worried about sasha, I just think that my frustration is misplaced. If I blame carly or michael, then it takes away a little bit of that fear. And I’m sorry. You’re right. We’re all thinking about sasha, especially you, because you thought she was your daughter. You need to go to willow, tell her about sasha. Um, I got to meet with — with ava tonight, so… I’ll give you an update. Okay. Alright? You always know what to say to make me feel better.

[ Laughs ] Thank you. [ Chuckles ] Alright. Wish me luck. I’ll check in later. Alright. Alrighty, mason, this better be good.

[ Knock on door ][ Door opens ] Ms. Jerome, ms. Rutherford, your appointment, has arrived. Ah, well, it’s such a pleasure to meet you, ms. Rutherford. I’m so happy you chose my résumé. And, wow, I’ve never met anyone that has their own butler.

[ Chuckles ] Yes, well, I tried managing things on my own, but things were falling through the cracks.

[ Chuckles ] I’ll bet. This place is huge. Well, thank you, giles. That’ll be all.

[ Door closes ] Okay, well, I see here that you majored in early childhood development at the — let’s not, shall we? That relic you call a butler is gone, so drop the formality. This bogus résumé could say that I studied under mother teresa, and it still wouldn’t matter. We both know this job is mine and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Is everything okay?

Da. But while I was away, I realized it’s been one year since we started seeing each other. Can’t believe it’s been so long since the quartermaine picnic. And the sicilian thunderbolt. Well, I’ve never been happier than this past year. And that’s because of you. Well, I feel very much the same, which is why I feel the time is right for me to give you something. What’s this?

[ Chuckles ] Open and see. It is a key to my apartment. I’d like for you to come and go as you please, even if you have a late hospital shift. I know it’s big step, but — I hate to cut you off. There’s just something really important I have to take care of first. Please, please, don’t go. Okay, there are a few things I have to take care of first, and then I have to change. Okay. Keep in mind, I’m getting ready in the locker room. I’m sure you’ll look amazing.

[ Chuckles ] See you at 8:00? Okay. Okay. Oh, and by the way — what? Um, I’m buying. No. Yes. No arguments. What do you mean, no arguments? That’s ridiculous. Nope, sorry. What? I take it that’s a good sign for the both of you. Chief, my lips are sealed. Fair enough. But if you have a moment, I need to speak with you. Mm-hmm. It’s been weeks, and you haven’t followed up. About? My offer. Becoming my co-chief.

[ Cellphone rings ] Valentin. I have no idea what you’re talking about. My only interest now is in knowing god and doing his work. You don’t actually expect me to believe that, do you? Well, you shouldn’T. Given my reputation and past misdeeds, you have to take my word for it.

[ Inhales deeply ] But that would require you having faith in me. Look, you and curtis risked your lives to bring my nephew home after he fell into victor’s clutches. So I would never bring harm upon you or mr. Ashford. Quite the contrary. I am forever in your debts. Book: Scram. I take it these guys aren’t friends of yours? I’m really sorry you had to find out that way. Mom, why wouldn’t you tell me that you put our house on the market? I said we had to downsize. I assumed you knew that meant selling the house. No, I didn’t know that. You never made that official. Well, I-I just wanted to have an open house to see what kind of offers I would get. Selling the house is the last thing I want to do. I’ve watched all my kids grow up there. It’s really special to me. Mom, please let me help you. I do not care about dipping into my trust fund. Josslyn, I cannot accept any financial help from drew, sonny, or michael because of legal implications. There’s no way in hell I’m going to drag you into it. And besides, I have a backup plan. Mm. And what would that be? You’re looking at it.

[ Knock on door ] Alright. Nina, hey, you’re late. Amelia’s asleep and wiley’s about to go to bed. Michael. It’s fine. I’m so sorry. Can I? Yeah. Thank you. Hi, willow. I’m — um… wiley, hi! Hi, grandma nina! Hi, sweetheart! I haven’t seen you in a long time. Oh, I know. I know, I know. And I am so glad that you didn’t forget about me. Look how handsome you are. You know, I heard that you were a very, very brave boy when mommy was sick. I love your haircut. What are you — what are you playing? H-hey, uh, wiley, buddy, can I talk to your grandma nina for a second? Okay. Look, nina, we don’t need you bringing up the fact that his mommy was sick. He has to live with that every single day. Also, you’re supposed to be here to visit with willow. You didn’t have the decency to show up on time, and… I understand why you’re upset, I do, but can I explain why I was late? I was at the hospital. Is everything okay? No. It’s sasha, and she’s far from okay. What’d you find out? I did exactly as you said, boss. I kept eyes on dr. Gatlin-holt since yesterday at the grill. Mm-hmm. Nothing really to report. Then he — he seemed a little, uh, agitated after he got a text message, and he bolted, so I followed him to his office. Alright. Stay with him. See what you can find out. Well, it didn’t take you long to drop the fraulein maria act. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how this was gonna play out. Were you an — an unwitting accomplice or an eager associate of mason’s? Let me spell it out for you. When the kid’s father arrives, you’re gonna gush about how impressed you were by me and I’m the perfect fit for the job. And what makes you think that sonny corinthos will be fooled by you? He’s come across a lot of con artists in his day. Perhaps I’m not being clear. Selling me to corinthos is your job, not mine. And your pitch better be convincing, because there’ll be consequences if you fail. Yeah, yeah, I know. Mason’s made it very clear that he’s got my life in his hands. I’m — I’m very well aware of the consequences. But it’s not just your life. What are you implying? How long has it been since you called your mother?

What the hell has mason done to my mother? This isn’t the first time she’s been mentioned. Why don’t you give delia a ring and ask her yourself? I bet the sunsets are gorgeous from up here.

[ Waves crashing in distance ] Something I can help you with? Seems gordon here wants to extort some additional funds from us. Yep. That’s what I hear. Was never part of the plan, gordon, and you know it. Plans change. Besides, you never told me I’d be in sonny corinthos’ crosshairs. That wasn’t part of the deal. Ohhh, I guess your cuz didn’t tell you. Corinthos seems awfully protective of austin here. Makes me think I’m gonna need some more coin to stay quiet. 100 grand should do it.

[ Chuckles ] So either you show me the money or I tell corinthos what you’ve been doing behind his back. Mother. Hi. Wh-what took you so long to pick up? Yeah, yeah, I know. I know. I know. I know. I’m sorry. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve called. Uh, things have been, uh, pretty hectic, um, but I miss ya, and, uh, just wanted to say hi and make sure everything’s okay, make sure you’re okay. Oh, you — you have a date, do you? [ Chuckles nervously ] W-wait. What do you mean, he’s “the dangerous type”? I don’t believe this. I thought sasha was doing so much better. I did, too. Maybe it was just wishful thinking.

[ Exhales sharply ] I’m gonna make some calls. I’m gonna see what I can find out, okay? Yeah. I feel like all I’ve been doing since I walked through those doors is apologize. But I am sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, but I thought you deserved to know what was going on. I appreciate it. A-and it’s — it’s better to hear it from you than…see it on the news. Yeah. Oh.

[ Chuckles softly ] Wiley. He looks so happy and carefree, doesn’t he? It’s a nice reminder to us adults to look at the positive things when we’re going through something really challenging. Yeah, I know.

[ Chuckles ] I was so afraid my illness was going to affect his spirit. But then I look at that sweet smile on his face…

[ Chuckles ] Kids are just so resilient.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Well, if anyone asks me, I’d say he gets it from you.

[ Both chuckle ] You know, I’m — I’m sorry. If I ever come on too strong, you’ll let me know, right? And I will — I will do better. You’ve already been better. I’ve noticed you’ve been trying harder, especially when it comes to carly, and… …I really appreciate that. What am I looking at? Okay, sit down. Alright, you know that grandma bobbie went to amsterdam for a few months to help get luke’s affairs settled, right? Yes, I do. That’s why they cut back on the kelly’s hours this summer. Yeah. I’m not following. I was debating whether I was gonna sell the house or not. And then diane showed up and she told me she had found a loophole that would help me get back on my feet financially. Okay. The state of new york and the federal government recognizes that a parent can gift their child with a property… or a business.

[ Chuckles ] What are you saying? That you own kelly’s now? I sure do. I’ve been entrusted with our family institution. Hey, mr. Librarian. I was telling my buddy about “pet sematary.” Why don’t you go fetch that book for us? No, no, no, no. You don’t need to do that. Um, you may not realize, but these shelves are cataloged. You could probably handle finding it yourself. Yeah. I guess you’re right. Must have taken a long time to organize these shelves, huh?

[ Grunts ]

[ Books clattering ]

[ Shouts ] Do we have a problem here? Yeah, we do.

I know who you are. You’re that pencil-pushing ceo. How’d a soft guy like you get tossed in with us? I’m also an ex-navy seal. You sure you want to test me? I think this is the book you were looking for. We’re done here. Thanks, old times.

[ Book thuds ]

[ Door thuds ] Valentin. I can barely hear you. Did you make it to the north safely? I can’t understand word. Bad connection. Are you and mayor collins safe?

Vitaju? Vitaju? You were — you were — you were serious about that? Absolutely. The board’s been hounding me for weeks to name a deputy, and I can’t think of anyone I trust more to be my number two than you. Didn’t portia already turn you down? Okay, so you’re my second choice… mm-hmm. …But I still think you’d be a great fit for the position. Yeah, yeah. I don’t think I’m the right guy for the job. I just don’t like all that administrative stuff. But you’re a department head, which already involves “administrative stuff.” No, it’s not the same thing.

[ Scoffs ] Look, I get it. Oncology was always my passion. I didn’t think I’d be happy giving up the day-to-day contact with patients, but I knew I could do more good as chief of staff, and you can, too. Well, I just — I don’t know, terry. I don’t know. Think of it as the ultimate holistic form of treatment. You wouldn’t just be diagnosing patients as they come through the door. You’d be diagnosing the entire hospital and helping match the right healer with the right patient. Sure, your hands won’t get as dirty, there’s no denying that, but you’d play a role in every single life saved under this roof. Alright. You don’t have to answer now. Just promise me you’ll think about it? I promise. Thank you. Okay.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey, michael. Hey. Uh, nina’s here, and she told us about sasha. How bad is it? Well, I wish I had some good news, um, but I don’T. Sasha assaulted somebody at the metro court pool. They arrested her and took her to ferncliff. Ferncliff? For the criminally insane? That — that’s — that was the only option? They couldn’t have held her at G.H.? There’s gotta be something we can do. I’m on it, michael. Um, I talked to her doctors, and I’m a big donor at ferncliff and shadybrook, so she’s gonna be looked after. Alright. Thanks, dad. Yeah. Thanks. I’ll get back to you. Sonny’s suspicious of our operation and… you didn’t think it was wise to tell me that? Okay, calm down. Gordon’s exaggerating about what happened at the restaurant. Sonny’s only interested in me because of my relationship with ava. They share a child together, right? So, now that ava and i are somewhat involved, sonny’s just paying some extra attention to me, that’s all. I don’t care about some scene out of “fraternity row.” I just want my money — now. Am I gonna get it or not? My associate will meet you by the main entrance. Don’t worry, you’ll get everything you’re owed. But let me be clear, after this, you don’t step foot in this state again, understood? Sorry, I was here visiting a sick friend, and I must have gotten turned around. Yeah, well, you need an appointment to access the physicians’ offices, but it didn’t really seem like you just got turned around. It kind of seemed like you were about to break into…

[ Doors slide ] …Dr. Gatlin-holt’s office. I just got lost. Nothing more to it than that, nurse, um… baldwin. It’s nurse baldwin. But you probably know me better as cameron webber’s mother. Look, I know exactly what happened between you, josslyn, and my son. I also know that you work for sonny and he’s taken you under his wing. Nothing good will come of that. So whatever you’re up to, there’s no place for it on my watch, understood? Or do I need to call security? No, no. Uh, all good here. You just met this man, and, um, he’s taking you away to a cabin in — in pautuck?

[ Breathes shakily ] Mother, you barely know him. Are — are you sure that’s a good idea? No, no, mother, please don’t rush off the phone, I —

[ Sighs ]

[ Dramatic music plays ]

[ Waves crashing in distance ]

You know, I could get usedto living in a place like this. It’s like a thousand times bigger than my place. That’s close enough. I hope you weren’t getting any ideas. I’d hate for your mother to have to pay for the results of your hot temper.

[ Screams ] Boss, it’s me. Yeah, I-I couldn’t get into the doc’s office, but there’s another player in the mix I saw meeting with him. He matches the description of the guy you said was harassing austin at the restaurant. I’m gonna tail him and see where it leads.

[ Both chuckle ] Look, I-I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but… you have made a real effort to respect my boundaries. You’ve — you’ve clearly done as I asked and let go of your vendetta against carly before anyone got hurt. Nina: No, martin, I haven’t changed my mind. Just the opposite. I want you to go all out and expose drew and carly for engaging in insider trading. Well, believe me, willow, I definitely wish that I handled things differently. I get it. And I-I know — I know how important it is for you to be a part of my family. And I-I see how you dropped everything to be there for sasha when she needed you. And… it’s — it’s been a while since I’ve — I’ve seen that side of you. I-I’m not saying we —

[ Chuckles ] I’m not saying we start with a clean slate, but maybe there is a way just to see if we can… fit into each other’s lives now, rather than just [Chuckles] Accepting that we don’T.

[ Chuckles ] Carly: Can you believe it? Ruby, luke, your grandmother, and now me? Bobbie sold me this place for one dollar. I mean, I’m going to pay her back the real price eventually. And I know business has been slow. I’m gonna fix the rooms upstairs… mom. …And then I’m — you’re not gonna live upstairs, are you? Oh, god no, josslyn.

[ Chuckles ] I’m not there yet. But I do want to rent it to pcu students or the interns at G.H. I mean, this place used to be the heart of port charles. I’m gonna restore it back to its original glory. No, I’m gonna make it bigger and better. I know it’s not gonna be the metro court, but I think that — mom, listen. That all sounds amazing, okay? But you could get the metro court back. You just have to let me help you. Or dad help you. Joss. I have benefited from the financial safety net provided by your father and sonny for a very long time. But I’ve always been able to stand on my own two feet, and I’m not gonna stop now. I know this isn’t as big as the metro court, but having raised you, I know firsthand small things turn into something big. Thank you. I appreciate it. Let’s make something real clear here, okay? This doesn’t make us friends. I don’t like bullies. That’s the only reason I stood up for you. You know, before I found god, one would have described me as a bully. Yeah, well, I still think you are. Which makes me wonder why you caved to that guy. I heard you were tougher than that. Good book tells us to turn the other cheek. I think it’s more than that. ‘Cause you were scared. So, if these guys are targeting you, you just gotta tell the warden. I-I-I can handle myself, okay? If you’re worried about them retaliating for reporting them, look, I already got a target on my back. I’ve got nothing to lose. I could just go and tell the warden myself. But the warden is the last person who would help me. Especially if it means crossing them. Just — what is that supposed to mean?

Hi. Good evening, sir. Uh, I have a — good evening. I have a reservation tonight for — for two at 8:00 P.M. Under the name finn. F-I-n-N. I have you right here, sir. Give me one moment. Sure. Oh, I’m glad you haven’t left yet. I know you want me to wait, but you don’t like my gift and you run off, so I’m sorry it upset you. It was meant to make you happy.

[ Stammers ] I am happy. I was just surprised, that’s all. I’ve been flying solo for so long, it threw me for a second. Giving me your key means so much. I actually have something for you. Oh. It’s the spare key to my place I keep in my desk, but it’s in better hands with you. Obviously, I didn’t have time to get a meaningful keychain, but it’ll do. Thank you. Are you okay? You seem distracted. I didn’t mean to worry you when I ran off earlier. No, no, it’s not you. I got phone call from valentin. I can barely hear him, and the line went dead. And when I tried to call back, I can’t get through. It was an international call. It was probably just a bad connection. I hope so. But I have bad feeling that valentin and mayor collins are in trouble. I may have spoken out of turn. Just, you need to keep your head down and don’t ask questions about book and his associates. Why? Are they gonna come after me? It’s not just them. There are other factors at play here. And I would hate to see you become a victim. Listening to you talk, I would almost believe that you’re a changed man. Except I know better.

[ Chuckles ] You know, faith can change people, mr. Cain. If you come to our services, you’ll see. Hmm. I’ll pass. Well, then, may I offer you a word of advice? You need some kind of family to survive behind these walls. If you won’t join my flock, then I strongly suggest you find another. You inspire me. I’m very proud of how you’re handling all of this. I just worry about you. I get that this can be a little scary. And it will be tough if we have to sell the house. But it’s just a small bump in the road, josslyn. I already told you, I’m going to get everything back that I lost. And not just for me, but for you and donna and avery. This is just the first step of an amazing journey. You have no idea how long I have waited to hear you say that. No promises, just baby steps? Yeah. Baby steps. Yeah. Hi. Grandma nina, look what I brought. Oh! Nina: [ Silly voice ] “Hi. I’m soldier guy. You want to go and –” hey, uh, sorry, it’s time for this little cowboy to get to bed. I-I guess that’s my cue.

[ Chuckles ] Um, thank you so much for this. It’s very special. Hey, think fast. Oh! Nice catch!

[ Laughs ] Okay. Can you come visit again soon, grandma nina? We’ll see, sweetie. Well, un– until then, wiley. Good night.

[ Door closes ] Feel better now that you got that out of your system? I want to know who this man is that’s trying to seduce my mother. Relax, lady. He’s just a friend who’s keeping an eye on delia for us, that’s all. Call him off. I’m not gonna play ball with you or with mason as long as my mother’s involved. Are you listening to me at all? I think you’re forgetting who calls the shots here. I’m sorry. A-am I interrupting? Thank you for handling this. Sonny’s got eyes on me now, so the last thing we need is gordon bringing extra attention to us. So, yeah, hopefully, the guy’ll just take the money and run. Yeah. Have you not learned anything from me, cuz?

[ Wrapper rustling ] I make my own luck.

[ Siren wailing in distance ]

[ Door closes ] Hey. You okay?

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