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Stephanie opens her laptop at home and finds a note from Chad that he’s thinking about her. Stephanie grabs her phone to text him but Alex shows up at the door to return Chad’s robe. Stephanie thanks him and says she was about to get to work. Alex asks if Chad is home. Stephanie responds that he’s out. Alex calls that a bummer as he then walks inside.

Chad goes to see Theo at his room at the Salem Inn and says he wanted to come see him but was worried that he’d miss him. Theo responds that he was supposed to leave after Abe’s funeral, but he can’t now because Lani is missing. Chad questions what he means. Theo explains that Lani was due back at the prison last night but she’s disappeared and no one knows where she is.

Eli returns to Paulina’s and asks if there’s any news on Lani. Paulina responds that there’s nothing and that Rafe has been with Jada, searching all night. Paulina admits she’s worried as they both know Lani would never run and that she knew exactly when she was due back at prison. Eli agrees that Lani would never miss that deadline unless someone made her miss it.

Rafe, Jada, and US Marshal Sam Gerard go to the docks where they find Lani unconscious on the ground. Rafe goes to check on her and finds her pulse, but notes that it’s weak. Rafe tries asking if Lani can hear him but gets no response as he wonders what happened to her.

Marlena calls Whitley from her office but tells Kayla that she’s not answering and she doesn’t want to leave a message on such a delicate topic. Kayla feels bad about Whitley feeling guilty all these years over the death of her husband and her cats from carbon monoxide poison from a broken space heater. Marlena gets a call from John and asks if he and Steve had any luck finding Jerry Prentiss. Marlena is then shocked by his response.

Abe struggles to stay awake and calls out Paulina’s name while wondering why he’s always so tired. Whitley tells him not to worry as she brings in the space heater and remarks that she knows it’s summer but you can never be too warm. Whitley surrounds Abe with the stuffed animal cats and talks about when they got the cats. Whitley mentions when she found them on that terrible day. Abe questions what she’s talking about. Whitley brings up their wedding photo and how happy they look, saying she wants them to always be that happy so she’s going to make that happen now. Abe asks how. Whitley responds that everything has gone so wrong on the outside as everyone wants to take him away from her, but as long as they are here together inside then everything will be alright. Abe is not sure what she means. Whitley says he’ll know soon. Whitley notices that Marlena called her earlier and wonders what she wants.

Marlena tells John that if what he’s telling her is true, this is amazing. Marlena asks John to come home and says she loves him as they hang up. Marlena then informs Kayla that John and Steve found Jerry Prentiss, who insists that Abe is alive and revealed that he lied about seeing Abe at the docks or going in to the water. Marlena then adds that Whitley was paying Jerry to lie to the police and that Jerry said Whitley kidnapped Abe from the hospital and has been holding him captive all this time. Kayla asks if they have alerted the police. Marlena mentions that Steve left a message for Jada. Kayla feels they need to call Rafe and get somebody out there now. Marlena agrees and grabs her phone.

Eli and Paulina go over how the last time anyone saw Lani was in the park after the funeral but no one has seen her since and now the US Marshal is involved because Lani was overdue to be back in prison. Paulina worries that now Lani will never get that early release. Eli encourages that once Lani is found, she’ll tell them what happened. Eli adds that if Lani has her ankle monitor on, they will find her.

Jada calls for an ambulance to the docks. Rafe notes that Lani’s pulse is still there but she’s unresponsive. Rafe adds that there’s no blood or bruises, so he wonders what happened. Sam then finds the syringe nearby and asks if Lani has a history of drugs. Rafe assures that she doesn’t. Sam remarks that people can start in prison but Rafe insists that Lani would never. Rafe tries to get through to Lani as the ambulance arrives. Lani then wakes up and calls out for her dad.

Theo tells Chad that they were searching for Lani all night but there’s been no sign of her. Chad tells him that he’s sorry. Theo notes that Rafe sent him home to rest but he couldn’t. Theo mentions that he just called Claire, who wishes she could be there to help. Chad is sure Theo wishes he had Claire there to lean on, but he has him. Chad asks what he needs from him. Theo doesn’t know as none of this makes any sense and he’s really worried about Lani. Chad encourages that Rafe and Jada are hard working, experienced detectives who won’t stop until they find her. Theo thanks him and says he could use a distraction between Abe being gone and Lani being missing. Theo wants to take his mind off it all for a little while. Chad suggests a game of chess but Theo doesn’t think he could concentrate. Theo wants some good news and asks how Chad and Stephanie moving in together is going. Chad claims it’s been great with no issues at all. Theo points out that Chad wasn’t smiling when he said that, so he asks if things are really great. Chad says the apartment is really nice, good sized, and has a beautiful view. Theo wants to know how the living arrangement is going as he feels like there’s something Chad isn’t telling him. Chad admits that it was going great until Alex Kiriakis moved in right across the hall.

Alex tells Stephanie that he had the dry cleaner work on Chad’s robe. Stephanie says she’ll let Chad know. Alex brings up Stephanie working and asks if there’s anything she wants to bounce off him. Stephanie says she’s good and she really needs to get back to it. Alex says he’ll get out of her hair but first, he’ll give her one last chance to brainstorm. Stephanie doesn’t respond so Alex says he can take a hint. Stephanie questions if he can and brings up his intrusive behavior lately. Stephanie asks if he’s not aware of how obnoxious he’s being or if he’s trying to be a jerk.

Marlena calls Rafe but he doesn’t pick up. Kayla suggests Rafe and Jada are probably on their way to Whitley’s place now. Marlena exclaims that she can’t believe Abe is alive. Kayla gets paged about an incoming patient to the ER after a possible overdose. Marlena says she will call her with any news as Kayla exits the office. Marlena decides she can’t wait any longer and then exits her office.

Abe complains to Whitley that he feels so tired. Whitley responds that she just doesn’t want him to feel any pain. Abe remarks that he doesn’t how how he feels right now. Whitley argues that they love each other and that’s all that matters. Abe asks if she’s alright. Whitley says she’s just a little sad as she keeps thinking about the day she left him all alone and how careless she was and how she failed him. Whitley didn’t think she could bear it, but now God has given her a second chance to make sure he’s never alone. Whitley then turns on the broken space heater and declares they will always be together for all eternity. Whitley suggests watching Body and Soul then stops and decides they will just take a nap together. Abe begins to smell the carbon monoxide.

Eli tells Paulina that something doesn’t seem right since if Lani had her ankle monitor on, Rafe should’ve gotten a call with an update by now. Eli decides he needs to find out what’s going on and calls Rafe.

Rafe and Jada arrive at the hospital. Rafe tells Jada to go ahead and he’ll catch up as he stops to answer Eli’s call. Eli asks what’s going on with the search. Rafe apologizes for not being in touch and says things have been happening fast. Rafe reveals that he’s in the hospital where they just brought Lani in, so Eli needs to get there.

Kayla has Lani set up in a hospital bed as Jada enters the room and asks how she is. Kayla responds that her pulse is weak, her breathing is shallow, and her body temperature is extremely low. Kayla adds that the EMTs thought it was a possible overdose. Jada presents the syringe foudn at the scene and hopes Kayla can figure out a possible antidote.

Chad explains to Theo that Stephanie dated Alex before they got together and it was serious for him. Chad notes that Alex was always a player and never wanted to be exclusive until he met Stephanie. Theo points out that things obviously didn’t work out so he asks if Alex isn’t giving up easily. Chad explains that Stephanie broke up with Alex because of something he did and he apologized but by then, they were dating. Theo asks where that leaves Stephanie and Alex. Chad guesses they are friends but Alex is not okay with that and wants her back. Chad states that Alex had been cool until he moved in across the hall from them. Theo asks if it’s really been that bad. Chad informs him that it’s been two days and Alex has already showed up at their door half naked to use their shower and borrowed his robe without asking. Chad adds that Alex insisted on joining them for dinner until Stephanie finally had to give him the boot. Chad assures that he’s not threatened by Alex because Stephanie made her choice on who she wants to be with, but he doesn’t know if Alex is ever going to get the message.

Alex questions Stephanie thinking he’s a jerk. Stephanie responds that he knows damn well that he’s been acting like one. Stephanie complains that ever since Alex moved in, he’s treated their apartment like an extension of his own and treated himself to their food, their shower, and Chad’s robe. Alex claims he thought he was just being neighborly which Stephanie questions. Stephanie points out that just now, Alex pushed past her without being invited in, he ignored her saying no to brainstorming, and he’s still here which she questions being neighborly. Alex then admits he’s being a total jerk.

Jada tells Rafe about Kayla sending the syringe to the lab but worries about it being too late. Kayla then comes over to them so Rafe asks how Lani is and Jada asks if she found out what she was injected with. Kayla reveals the syringe was filled with a very powerful sedative, so they administered another drug to reverse the effects and she’s responding well. Rafe asks if Lani is out of the woods then. Kayla says she will keep her overnight to be sure but it’s looking good. Rafe asks if they can see her and mentions that Eli and Paulina are on their way. Kayla realizes they haven’t checked their messages. Rafe confirms they haven’t because they’ve been focused on Lani. Kayla then reveals that Abe is alive which shocks Rafe and Jada. Kayla informs them that Whitley is the one who took Abe from the hospital and he’s still at her place now, so Rafe and Jada rush out of the hospital.

The space heater continues leaking carbon monoxide as Marlena arrives at the door. Marlena knocks and calls out to Abe. Marlena then opens the door and heads inside, noting the smell. Whitley gets up and questions what she’s doing there. Marlena warns that the smell is toxic and they have to get out but Whitley declares that Abe is her husband and no one’s going anywhere.

Stephanie asks if Alex is really admitting to being a jerk or if he’s just telling her what she wants to hear. Alex claims it didn’t occur to him until she called him out on it but now he does see that he crossed the line. Stephanie asks what he thinks that’s about. Alex brings up seeing Marlena to work on his issues, get a handle on why he does what he does, and try to get better. Stephanie questions what Alex would say to why he continues to step over the line. Alex responds that he doesn’t know and admits maybe he’s jealous of what she and Chad have. Alex acknowledges that he had a chance with the girl of his dreams and he blew it, so he admits that part of him may have wanted to keep Stephanie and Chad from having what he wanted with her. Alex adds that if she didn’t call him out on it, he probably would’ve kept doing it because he’s not that aware. Stephanie argues that he wouldn’t keep doing it because she and Chad wouldn’t tolerate it. Stephanie can’t believe that someone as smart as Alex would continue doing this and not realize he was being a pest. Stephanie talks about how she wanted her and Alex to be friends and how they were in a good place, but it’s changing and not for the better. Alex complains that it wasn’t his intention to alienate her. Stephanie advises him to talk to Marlena because what he’s been doing needs to stop, otherwise they won’t just be ex-lovers but ex-friends too.

Chad apologizes to Theo as he asked for good news to distract him and he’s going on about Alex. Theo then gets a call from Kayla, who informs him that Rafe and Jada found Lani. Theo is relieved and asks if she’s okay. Kayla reveals that she’s in the hospital but she’s going to be fine. Theo calls that the best news ever. Kayla says there is more and asks him to come to the hospital so she can fill him in. Theo thanks her and says he’ll be on his way as they hang up. Theo informs Chad that they found Lani and she’s in the hospital but she’s okay. Theo says he needs to get there now so Chad decides he’ll give him a ride and they exit.

Eli and Paulina visit Lani in the hospital. Eli thought Rafe and Kayla would be there to give them an update. Lani wakes up and greets them. Eli says he’s never been more happy to see her. Paulina asks how she feels and if she should get the doctor. Lani responds that she’s okay. Eli asks what happened. Lani reveals that Nurse Whitley King drugged her which shocks Eli. Lani then declares that Whitley tried to kill her. Eli asks when. Paulina suggests the questions can wait but Lani says she has something to tell them. Paulina wants to hear all that she has to say but says now is not the time. Lani insists that it’s important. Eli agrees with Paulina that Lani needs to rest and says they will have Rafe fill them in. Paulina assures they will talk later when Lani is feeling better. Lani tells Paulina to listen to her as she reveals that Abe is alive. Kayla then enters the room. Paulina questions what she said. Lani repeats that she found Abe and he’s alive. Paulina asks if it’s the drugs talking and she’s confused but Kayla confirms that Lani is telling the truth.

Whitley yells at Marlena to get out but Marlena insists on getting the space heater turned off and some air flowing. Whitley grabs an umbrella and threatens Marlena to stay away from the heater. Marlena argues that the air is toxic. Whitley assures that she knows that. Marlena brings up Whitley coming to her for help before and she failed her, so she asks for a chance to help her now. Marlena goes over how Whitley was lost after her husband died and she came to her for help dealing with the pain she was feeling. Whitley cries that her husband died alone and this is her chance to fix it. Marlena argues that it was an accident. Whitley says they should’ve been together and this time they will be. Marlena insists it wasn’t her fault and was a terrible tragic accident. Whitley remembers coming to Marlena for help. Marlena asks her to let her help her now through the terrible pain. Marlena asks for Whitley to trust her. Jada and Rafe then burst in and Jada pulls her gun on Whitley.

Paulina questions Lani saying that Abe is alive. Eli brings up the witness saying he saw Abe fall in the river. Lani reveals that she talked to Jerry Prentiss and he admitted to lying. Kayla adds that Jerry admitted it to John and Steve as well after they tracked him down in LA. Paulina questions why. Lani explains that Whitley paid Jerry to fake Abe’s death. Paulina asks where Abe is so they can get to him. Kayla informs her that they think he’s in Whitley’s apartment so Rafe and Jada just left and hopefully they will find him to end this nightmare once and for all. Lani states that Whitley had Abe all this time, so she went straight to her apartment but she drugged her before she could get Abe out. Lani adds that Whitley has been sedating Abe and telling him that she’s Paulina. Paulina exclaims that her precious husband is alive.

Jada warns Whitley with her gun as Marlena joins Jada and Rafe. Whitley then grabs a lighter and threatens to blow them all up. Jada acknowledges that if she does it, the whole place will be a fireball. Jada argues that they came to rescue Abe, so they are not leaving without him. Whitley declares that she will not be alone and that she did all of this to be with her husband, so they will not take him away from her. Abe starts waking up and asks who these people are. Rafe asks Whitley to put the lighter down but she refuses and yells at them to get out. Marlena tells Whitley that she won’t leave her alone and will stay right with her, but Abe has family that are worried about him and he needs to go home. Whitley shouts that he is home here with her and she’s taking them all with her now. Whitley warns them to back up. Marlena pleads with Whitley to remember that she’s a nurse who helped people. Marlena promises to help her through this and asks her to give her the lighter. Whitley then hands over the lighter as she cries.

Alex tells Stephanie that he got the message loud and clear, so he will now get out of her hair for real this time. Stephanie stops him to ask why this is coming up now when she’s been with Chad for awhile and they’d been fine. Alex suggests maybe because he saw them move in together and take that next step which drives home to him that he will never have what they have. Stephanie states that he can be a lot sometimes, but despite his flaws, he’s a serious catch and one day he will meet someone who is perfect for him. Alex doesn’t know about all that and says all that’s important to him right now is having her friendship which he hopes he still does. Stephanie says he does but no more being a jerk. Stephanie then hugs Alex until Chad comes home and shoves Alex off, questioning what the hell he’s doing. Stephanie tells Chad it’s not what he thinks. Chad argues that he think Alex can’t take no for an answer, so he forced himself on her. Alex says that’s not what happened. Chad screams at him to shut up. Stephanie explains that she and Alex just had a very productive talk about boundaries. Chad questions what boundaries when Alex had his hands all over her. Stephanie clarifies that she hugged Alex because Alex understands now that he’s been a jerk and promised to stop. Alex tells Chad that Stephanie helped him realize that and he wanted to sincerely apologize to Chad too. Alex knows his actions and behavior has shown otherwise, but says he is rooting for them. Chad hopes that is true. Alex says he came to drop off his robe and he’s leaving now. Alex then thanks Stephanie for not telling him to get lost for good as he exits. Chad guesses he overreacted.

Paulina repeats that Abe is alive and hopes she’s not dreaming as she prays that he’s okay. Kayla knows it’s a lot to take in and offers to take her to the nurses station while they wait for word. Paulina insists that she won’t be able to sit until she sees Abe and knows he’s okay. Paulina decides they need to give Eli and Lani a moment alone. Paulina encourages Lani about going home to her babies soon. Paulina tells Eli to take care of Lani and calls her the hero. Paulina then exits with Kayla. Eli jokes about Lani being unable to wait for backup and having go straight to Whitley’s place. Lani asks about Abe. Eli assures that they are both safe.

Jada calls in to confirm that the location is secure and that they will be transporting the prisoner soon. Jada tells them to get the mental health team ready. Jada then tells Whitley that she’s going to be okay but first she has to read her rights as she arrests her.

Theo arrives at the hospital and sees Paulina, who hugs him and says she’s so glad he’s there. Theo asks where Lani is and if she’s alright which Paulina confirms. Paulina says Eli is with her now and she’s going to be just fine, but there’s more. Theo notes that Kayla said that on the phone and assk what they are talking about. Paulina calls it a miracle as Marlena then wheels Abe in to the hospital. Theo and Paulina rejoice as Abe regains consciousness and asks what’s going on here. Paulina declares that Abe has come home to them as she hugs him.

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