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[ Relaxing music ]

Guard: I’ll be right outside if you need me, doc.

Finn: Okay.

Sheila: Oh, thank you… for– for coming. It’s really nice to see you.

Finn: Well, my office called and said you requested to see me for your pre-trial exam.

Sheila: I always want to see you.

Finn: Well, I shouldn’t be here.

Sheila: But you are here. My handsome son.

Steffy: This seat taken?

Liam: H– hi. Yeah, um, no. It is– well, it is now. That’S… I did not expect to see you today.

Steffy: I was in the neighborhood. So, how are things going with you and hope?

[ Hope sighing ]

[ Hope sighing ]

Hope: Wow.

[ Hope chuckling ] Now, I don’t recall getting an email about an exclusive for eye on fashion, so…

Wyatt: Well, it’s nice to see you too, hope. I am not here on business. I am here as a concerned brother and concerned brother-in-law, and to be honest with you, I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s going on between you and liam.

Finn: This shouldn’t take too long.

Sheila: Well, take all the time you want. I’ve got no place I need to be.

Finn: Have you had any residual symptoms from your cardiac episode?

Sheila: No. I get paranoid every time my heart starts racing, but I– that could be caused by stress.

Finn: Possibly.

Sheila: I can’t– I can’t imagine, really, what I have to be stressed about. Oh. Could be that I’m locked up in a prison cell.

Finn: You know exactly why you’re in here.

Sheila: I do. I also know that I should be dead right now. You could have let me die, finn, but you didn’T. You saved your mother’s life.

Hope: All right, did you come here to read me the riot act?

[ Wyatt chuckling ]

Wyatt: Come on. You know me better than that.

Hope: Oh, oh, okay. So, you haven’t talked to your brother.

Wyatt: No. I– I know what happened in rome. I promise, I– I’m just here to talk, okay? I– I want to see where your head’s at.

[ Wyatt sighing ]

Hope: Okay.

Wyatt: What are you doing?

Steffy: Thank you. I don’t mean to pry, I’m just, I’m concerned.

Liam: You’re not prying. You– you care and I appreciate it.

Steffy: I’m guessing by your mood, you two haven’t resolved anything.

Liam: Well, she had divorce papers drawn up, so… no.

Steffy: What? Are you tired of clean clothes that just don’t smell clean?

Finn: I’m a doctor. I took an oath not to harm, all right? I treated you as I would any other patient, not because you’re my birth mother.

Sheila: That doesn’t change the fact that you did save me. And I– I’m gonna be forever thankful. I’m never gonna forget that, finn. You know, with my trial coming closer, it’s times like these, memories that I have with you, it really helps me sleep at night, you know. It lets me forget for even a moment that I may never be a free woman again.

Hope: Uh, yes. I did kiss thomas in rome and I will tell you exactly what I told liam and that’s that I honestly don’t know what I was thinking.

Wyatt: Okay.

Hope: But, the more that I have thought about it, the more I think I have come to understand that maybe this needed to happen.

Wyatt: Why?

Hope: Steffy.

Wyatt: Steffy?

Hope: Yes.

Wyatt: What does steffy have to do with this?

Hope: Well, wyatt, you know your brother has feelings for her. You’ve seen the endless cycle for yourself and frankly, wyatt, after how many years, I’m tired and I have tried to move past it, but when liam didn’t afford me that same grace, when he hasn’t been fully committed to the marriage himself, that just…

Wyatt: Where– where are you getting all this though, hm? Because you know liam and steffy have been over for a long time now.

Hope: Like that ever really stopped someone? You know, sometimes feelings, they don’t go away. I mean, look at my life, for example. My mother and ridge and taylor and that endless merry-go-round and the back and forth and wyatt, I vowed that I never wanted to do that to my family. So, I won’T.

Steffy: Oh, my god. Divorce? So hope thinks that the reason for her marriage problems is because of our past together? No, she’s just trying to point the blame at somebody else for her own behavior.

Liam: I– yeah, I mean, i kinda agree. I don’t– I don’t fault her for not wanting to repeat the mistakes her mom made with your dad.

Steffy: That doesn’t justify the harsh decision. Like, filing for divorce?

Liam: Yeah, I– I think it’s a pretext. Uh, listen, she’s not– she’s not wrong that I care about you and I’ll always care about you, but come on. I’m not– I’m not harboring any romantic delusions that you and I are gonna have a future together. I– I’m respecting your marriage to finn, and between you and me, I’m not– I’m not gonna mistake ever again. I’m not gonna cross any lines with you, I promise. She found it.

Wyatt: We’re close, right? I mean, we’ve been through a lot over the years and I understand you not wanting to live your life like your mother and you don’t wanna go on that whole rollercoaster ride.

Hope: Hm. I have worked very hard not to repeat those mistakes.

Wyatt: Right, but you and liam are not the same as your mom and ridge. In fact, you’re far from it.

Hope: Hm. And yet, some patterns are hard to break, so.

Wyatt: I mean, but you did it. You did it with liam. You built a foundation together. Like, you have a family. There’s a lot to fight for.

Hope: Wyatt, I’m not the one that stopped fighting. That was liam. Liam was the one who walked out on our marriage so easily and so… I’m getting off the ride. Wyatt, um… we signed the divorce papers.

Liam: I just want you to know that I know kissing you was wrong. You’re– you’re a married woman and the last thing I want–

Steffy: Hey, hey. We’ve known each other long enough, you do not have to explain. You were at a breaking point.

Liam: Yeah.

Steffy: You were in pain, so let’s just forget about it.

Liam: Okay, but I still want to be clear that I– I have nothing respect for– for finn.

Steffy: I know.

Liam: Especially given who he is and what he’s had to transcend, right? I mean, not everybody has a psychopath for a mother, much less one that tried to kill you, so.

Steffy: Look, I– I– I don’t wanna talk about that, okay? That was a really dark chapter in our lives, but thankfully, we have moved on. We don’t have to worry about sheila anymore. She’s locked up and she’s gonna stay there for the rest of her life.

Finn: Your heart’s racing. Are you telling the truth? Have you had any more symptoms?

Sheila: Just stress. You know, my entire life is in the hands of the justice system and my day of reckoning, it’s coming soon. It’s the last thing I think of when I go to bed at night and the first thing I think of in the morning when I wake up, um, besides you. I can’t escape it. And the thought of living my life without you and hayes, sometimes, it’s– it’s just too much. I love you both so very much. I know how much pain I’ve caused you, finn. All the people that you care about, but you have to know that I love you. I love you more than my own life. You have to know that, my son.

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Wyatt: Wait, so you– so you guys are getting a divorce? That’s it? End of the line? You guys have already signed the papers?

Hope: Yes.

Wyatt: Wow. I mean, I– I can’t even– I can’t even believe this.

Hope: Look, I– I take responsibility for what happened with thomas in rome, but wyatt, I mean… if we’re being honest here, this is about so much more. I mean, this is about liam not fighting for us. This is about years, years of betrayal. This is about steffy’s place in your brother’s heart.

Steffy: Finn knows to keep his distance from sheila. She’s caused nothing but pain.

Liam: Well, I don’t doubt it. Everything that woman touches turns to dust.

Steffy: It hurts him to live with the fact that sheila is his mom. It’s not easy, but he’s accepted it. He knows exactly who she is, and after what she did to us, he will never set eyes on her again.

Sheila: You know, when I look back on my life, I’m not proud of what I see, the choices that I’ve made. The people that I’ve hurt. But, one thing that I am very proud of is that I gave birth to you, finn.

Finn: And I will always be grateful to you for that. And I hope you do find a positive purpose in your life, even if– even if it’s in here. You’re healthy enough to stand trial. Um… steffy and I will be at the hearing.

Sheila: So, I’ll, uh… I’ll get to see you one last time.

Finn: Goodbye, sheila.

Sheila: Wait, finn. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been apart, the love is still there. I loved you from the second you came into this world. I’ve never stopped loving you, my beautiful baby boy. You know, I could just– I could just hold you in my arms and stare at you for hours. It was and still is the proudest moment of my life. And I thank god that you– you chose me as your mother.

Finn: When you– when you hold me like that, it feels– when you hold me like that, it feels like something I have been missing my whole life.

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