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Talia meets Jada at the Brady Pub and talks about being late because she was cleaning in the town square. Talia acknowledges that after everything she helped Colin do, she’s lucky to just walk away with community service. Talia notes that Jada is distracted and asks what’s wrong. Jada responds that she can’t stop thinking about Rafe and how being with her has cost him everything.

Rafe sits on the town square while on the phone with Paulina. Rafe encourages her to take a breath and says everything is going to be okay as they will find Lani. Rafe assures that he can stall the prison. Rafe adds that he doesn’t want to involve the police department right now and believes that he will find Lani before anybody ever realizes she was missing. Rafe tells Paulina that he’ll be in touch as they hang up. Johnny then approaches and greets Rafe.

Wendy is at home, on the phone with Tripp, who says he unfortunately has to cancel their reservation at the Bistro because the hospital is a madhouse like everyone decided to get sick on the same night. Tripp apologizes and says they’ll go to the Bistro another night this week. Wendy tells him it’s fine for him to go save lives and says she’ll see him when he gets back as they hang up. Wendy then turns around and finds a note that Li left for her, saying she was right that he needed to get over Gabi and that the matchmaker he hired said she found him a perfect match, so he has a date tonight.

Li and Melinda continue their date. Li admits that she was the last person he expected to meet here. Melinda states that she’s just a woman on date with a very attractive man that she’d like to get to know better despite their scratchy past. They look over the menu and both choose the salmon as their favorite. Melinda comments that it turns out they have a lot more in common.

EJ gives Nicole a foot massage in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Nicole question why he let Dimitri move in. EJ clarifies that he didn’t and that Stefan made that decision unilaterally. EJ admits that he was infuriated at first but then realized it’s best to keep Dimitri close by, so they can keep an eye on him and hopefully convince him to vote his shares in the company. Nicole wishes him luck with that. EJ asks how Abe’s funeral was. Nicole calls it a lovely service but says after standing around with his friends and family, it finally started to feel real. EJ acknowledges that Abe was like a father figure to Nicole. Nicole then informs EJ that she has some news for him about their baby.

Sloan is on the phone, talking about how Eric has no idea that he could be the father of Nicole’s baby. Sloan goes home and enters her apartment while saying that Eric is completely in the dark but she’s surprised to then find Eric laying on the couch.

Johnny questions Rafe about the new mayor firing him which he confirms. Johnny hoped he was hearing wrong and questions if he’s on some sort of power trip. Johnny hopes that Rafe is at least going to fight it. Rafe asks what he can do since he violated department policy. Johnny asks if he and Jada are serious. Rafe calls it new and says they care about each other. Johnny says he’s happy to hear that even though losing his job sucks as he’s glad that he found someone since he knows his divorce from Nicole was tough. Rafe confirms it was but adds that they were never meant to be and everyone else saw that and knew that Nicole was going back to Eric. Johnny then says now Nicole is back with EJ and they’re having a baby which shocks Rafe, who questions Nicole being pregnant.

Nicole informs EJ that she talked to her doctor earlier and reveals that she said at their appointment tomorrow, they can find out the gender of their baby if EJ wants to.

Sloan finishes her call and tells Eric that she didn’t know he’d be there. Eric explains that she wasn’t there so he let himself in. Sloan asks about Abe’s funeral as she’s sure it was terribly sad. Eric confirms it was and then question who she was on the phone with and what exactly he’s in the dark about.

Wendy sits at home watching TV with a clay mask on when Tripp comes home and surprises her. Wendy didn’t think he’d be home and jokes about not wanting him to see her like this. Tripp says he likes it as Wendy jokes that it’s the look of a woman who got stood up by her super busy doctor boyfriend. Tripp informs her that he got someone to cover his shift, so they can still hit up the Bistro after all. Wendy says she was super busy at work as well, so she was hoping they could stay in if that’s okay with him. Tripp says that’s totally fine. Wendy points out that they also have the whole place to themselves because Li is on a date.

Melinda informs Li that her favorite movie is Casablanca. Li responds that his favorite is The Godfather trilogy along with Citizen Kane. Li mentions recently seeing Nope. Melinda acknowledges that he’s a movie buff. Li confirms it is one of his passions. They agree that their salmon is perfect. Melinda notes that she hasn’t really hit it off like this with someone in a long time and she hasn’t really been dating much since her divorce. Li didn’t know she was married. Melinda confirms that she was married to an abusive son of a bitch. Li says he’s sorry to hear that. Melinda states that she broke free before things got too ugly and guesses that’s why she had a soft spot for Talia, because Colin had a sick hold on her and convinced her to do horrendous things to settle his scores. Melinda is thankful that Talia broke free and hopes she makes the most of her second chance.

Talia hopes Jada is not blaming herself for Rafe losing his job since it seems like the acting mayor is totally tripping. Jada acknowledges that she and Rafe still broke the rules even though their relationship is consensual, Rafe is still her boss. Jada calls Rafe an amazing guy who is sweet, kind, and funny. Talia says if she’s this crazy about him then it might be worth him getting fired.

Rafe is shocked to learn that Nicole is pregnant. Johnny is sorry as he thought Rafe already knew. Rafe says he didn’t and didn’t think it was even possible for Nicole to carry a baby to term. Johnny confirms it’s a high risk pregnancy but notes that EJ flew in an expert to oversee the pregnancy. Rafe says he’s happy for Nicole and EJ as he’s sure EJ is thrilled. Johnny confirms that EJ is now that he knows he is the father, which Rafe questions. Johnny tells Rafe to just forget he even said that but Rafe says he has to tell him now. Johnny tells Rafe that he can’t go spreading this around. Rafe asks who he would even tell. Johnny then explains that before they got the DNA test done, there was a chance that the baby was Eric’s which Rafe laughs at.

Eric asks Sloan again how he is in the dark. Sloan claims that she was on the phone with Colin, who is in jail and starting his trial tomorrow. Eric asks what that has to do with him. Sloan says it doesn’t directly, but Colin was asking about them and how things are going. Sloan then admits that she’s been keeping something from Eric.

EJ asks Nicole if she wants to find out the gender of the baby. Nicole says she doesn’t know and asks if he does but EJ says he doesn’t know either. They joke about wanting the other to answer first. EJ suggests they both answer at the same time. Nicole thinks that seems kind of silly but agrees to it. On the count of 3, EJ says yes but Nicole says no. EJ questions her not wanting to know the sex of their baby which Nicole confirms. Nicole explains that she doesn’t want to tempt fate because finding out the gender is when it starts to feel real and she’d start to wonder what the baby will look like or what the name will be. EJ asks if that’s a bad thing. Nicole doesn’t want to risk getting disappointed, asking what if she loses the baby.

Eric tells Sloan no more dancing around and questions what she is keeping from him. Sloan then reveals that she’s late. Eric is surprised and asks if she’s saying she might be pregnant.

Rafe tells Johnny that he shouldn’t be surprised since Nicole went straight from their disaster of a marriage into a paternity mess with her two ex husbands. Johnny admits it was messy while Rafe calls it par for the course. They then agree that they are not ones to talk. Rafe declares that while he hates that it cost him his job, he is relieved to be in a drama free relationship with Jada. Johnny responds that a drama free relationship sounds really nice. Rafe asks if he’s stilll seeing Wendy but Johnny says that’s over. Rafe is sorry to hear that. Johnny states that it just wasn’t meant to be and that Wendy is with Tripp now.

Wendy and Tripp lay on the couch together, watching Body and Soul. Tripp jokes about her choice of snacks and then they kiss. Tripp tells Wendy how happy he is that she chose him to be her boyfriend. Wendy responds with how sorry she is that she put him through that dumb competition. Tripp says it’s okay as it was worth it. Wendy remarks that it wasn’t for Johnny. Tripp hopes Wendy doesn’t feel bad for Johnny and says he’ll probably be back with Chanel or with a new girl by the end of the week. Wendy acknowledges that Johnny will be fine in the romance department but admits that she’s worried about Li as she really hopes he’s enjoying himself on his date.

Li asks Melinda what she thinks most people in Salem would say about her. Melinda asks what he thinks they would say. Li guesses they’d say she is ruthless and a little scary, but he’s seeing a different side of her. Li admires what she did for Talia. Melinda thanks him for saying that and admits she’s seeing a different side of him as well. Melinda adds that she may have been a little harsh with him before as he may have broken the law and she doesn’t condone all he did to keep Gabi in his life, but he knows that Gabi gives as good as she gets. Melinda declares that Gabi and Stefan used them both and in the end, left them in the dust and toyed with their emotions. Melinda remarks that it’s no wonder Li wanted them dead. Li insists to not know what she’s talking about and repeats that he had nothing to do with the attempt on Stefan’s life. Melinda tells him that he’s not in the interrogation room, but enjoying a nice dinner and a few drinks with his new friend. Melinda tells Li that she likes him and she thinks something is happening here, so she just needs them to be honest with each other. Melinda promises it will go no further than this table. Melinda asks if Li is the one who brought Dr. Rolf back to Salem to brainwash Harris Michaels and if he was behind the assassination attempt.

Rafe suggest he and Johnny play a game of sad guy poker where they trade off what they are sad about. Rafe starts by saying he lost his job. Johnny responds that he lost his girlfriend. Rafe brings up his ex-wife having a baby with a guy he can’t stand. Johnny says the girl he was nuts about chose a nerdy doctor over him and his last ex left him for his sister while he doesn’t have a hot detective to fall back on. Johnny jokes that he thinks he just won there and Rafe agrees that he just left him in the dust there because he does have a hot detective in his life, so he has no complaints. Rafe and Johnny agree that they are both catches. Rafe jokes that Jada better lock him down and bets that there is a girl out there that’s going to swipe right on him. Rafe mentions that he has to go meet Jada at the Brady Pub and invites Johnny to join him for a beer. Johnny asks if he’s sure he can afford it. Rafe jokes that Johnny can buy the beers then. Johnny agrees to and says he misses hanging out with him like this as they then head to the Pub.

Wendy asks Tripp what is wrong with her when she’s with him and she’s worrying about her brother. Tripp understands that Li’s life has been off the rails for awhile and she’s worried about him. Wendy feels she’s worried more than she should be since Li is a grown ass man and she’s ashamed of some of the things he’s done lately. Tripp understands that Li is her family and she loves him which Wendy admits. Tripp says if Li was set up by a matchmaker, it should be a pretty decent match for him. Wendy hopes so and then decides that’s enough talk about her brother for one night as he can handle himself. Wendy says that leaves her to take care of Tripp as they kiss. Tripp asks if they should take this to the bedroom.

Melinda tells Li that she’s really not judging and she just wants them to be open with each other. Melinda asks again if Li sent Harris Michaels after Stefan. Li hesitates, then grabs Melinda’s purse and finds that her phone inside was recording them which he questions. Melinda tries to claim she doesn’t know how that happened and that it must have been left on from work. Li complains that he was actually having a good time and questions if she pressured the matchmaker to put them together. Melinda says he has this all wrong. Li calls Melinda a terrible liar, especially for someone who gets paid to lie her ass off. Li tells her to enjoy her salmon and storms out of the bar. Melinda yells at those nearby to mind their business.

Sloan confirms to Eric that it’s possible that she’s pregnant. Eric asks how long she has known. Sloan points out that she doesn’t know for sure and has only been a couple days late. Sloan suggests waiting a couple more days to see what happens. Eric offers to run to the pharmacy and get a pregnancy test, then rushes out of the apartment.

EJ assures Nicole that the doctor he brought in is confident that she can carry the baby to term. Nicole worries about having so many issues. EJ knows there’s no guarantees but calls that reason to enjoy every moment along the way. EJ suggests finding out the gender could be reason for celebration. Nicole jokes that EJ will want a son to be the DiMera descendant. EJ talks about loving his daughter Sydney and already having a son in Johnny. EJ points out that it’s the 21st century and he’s just as evolved as she is so he’s a passionate proponent of gender equality. EJ assures that he would be absolutely thrilled if their baby was a girl as they kiss.

Talia asks Jada if two cops like her and Rafe wear their uniforms in bed together. Jada says her sex life is none of her business. Talia complains that her own personal life is a mess, so she’s living vicariously through her and she won’t stop until she spills. Jada then tells Talia that making love to Rafe is the bomb, right as Rafe and Johnny enter the Pub and hear them. Rafe asks to talk to Jada so they step aside. Jada says she’s super mortified now and explains that Talia was being nosy and annoying, so she just said that to shut her up. Rafe questions her not meaning what she said. Jada assures that she did but she’s usually quiet about her private life but Talia was talking about living vicariously through her because of her love life. Rafe says it’s okay and asks who doesn’t like positive feedback. Johnny sits with Talia, who asks how he knows Rafe. Johnny explains that Rafe is his ex-stepdad as he was married to his mom for awhile. Talia calls it a small world. Johnny agrees, pointing out that Talia’s sister is dating his ex-stepdad while Talia pretended to be interested in his ex-wife. Rafe jokes with Jada about getting a review like that almost makes losing his job worth it. Jada calls that really sweet of him but she’s really sorry about what Clint did to him and notes that because of being with her, his career could be over. Rafe and Jada agree that they have no regrets and they kiss. Jada then asks if there was anything else he wanted to talk to her about. Rafe responds that he does need her help.

Wendy and Tripp kiss until Li comes home, surprising them. Li apologizes for not texting and says he can go but Wendy tells him it’s fine as he lives there too. Tripp asks how Li’s date was. Li guesses Wendy told Tripp about him being setup by a matchmaker. Wendy questions if she wasn’t supposed to. Li calls it just one more person knowing about his romantic failures. Wendy guesses it didn’t go well. Li calls it a complete disaster.

Melinda finishes the bottle of wine and then orders a whiskey, lamenting to the waiter that her companion is not coming back tonight or ever.

Nicole tells EJ that she’s glad to hear him say that but the most important thing is that their baby is healthy which EJ agrees with. EJ adds that their baby is going to be so lucky to have Nicole as their mother. Nicole says the same about having EJ as their dad as they continue kissing.

Eric returns to Sloan with a pregnancy test. Sloan calls it crazy since she’s probably not pregnant as she was only late by a couple days and that’s not unusual for her. Eric decides there’s only one way to find out so Sloan goes to take the pregnancy test.

Talia tells Johnny that they can do this and get it over with. Talia is sure that Johnny hates her guts after everything she did to Chanel. Johnny responds that he doesn’t know her enough to hate her, but he does know that she hurt someone he cares about very much and he’s not okay with that. Talia doesn’t expect him to be and says for what it’s worth, she feels awful about helping Colin get to Chanel and her family, so she will do whatever it takes to make it up to them. Johnny asks if she means that. Talia responds that he’s not the only one who cares about Chanel and she doesn’t ever want to hurt her again. Johnny says that’s good and warns that if she does, she will have him to deal with.

Rafe tells Jada about having no idea where Lani is and he has to find her in time but he can’t get the Salem Police department involved because he told Eli when he left that he would look out for Lani and he feels he already let Abe’s family down once. Rafe declares that he cannot be the reason that Lani gets more time added onto her sentence. Rafe knows it’s a big ask and that Clint is already gunning for her because of him but he needs a good detective to help him find Lani before it’s too late. Jada agrees to do it.

Melinda drinks her whiskey and looks back at the Lost Love wine label which causes her to flash back to the beginning of her and Li’s date. Melinda declares that she really screwed this one up.

Wendy tells Li that she’s sorry to hear it didn’t go well and asks if he wants to talk about it. Li says maybe tomorrow and goes to his room. Tripp says it sounds like it went epically wrong. Wendy says she feels so bad for Li, but they shouldn’t let that ruin their night. Tripp agrees but says he wants their first time together to be special with no talk of ex-boyfriends or broken hearted brothers and no distractions. Wendy agrees that their first time should only be about them as they kiss and lay back on the couch together.

EJ tells Nicole how grateful he is to be having a child with her. EJ declares that being this baby’s father means the world to him and he knows she’s protecting herself, but he hopes soon she will be able to allow herself to feel like this baby is a reality. EJ states that they are going to be parents together and hugs her.

Sloan and Eric wait for the pregnancy test results which reveals that she is pregnant. Sloan announces they are having a baby and they kiss.

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