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Talia works community service by cleaning up in the town square and she picks up a missing persons poster of Abe on the ground. Chanel comes out of the Bakery, complaining on the phone about trying to run a business when her partner left town and her best employee tried to ruin her business as she then turns and sees Talia.

Jerry goes to the docks and sees the memorial shrine of Abe. Theo approaches him and asks if he knew his dad. Theo introduces himself and asks who he is.

Lani and Eli go over the eye witness who saw Abe fall in to the water being an actor. Lani goes over his resume, seeing that he hasn’t been in much but some local theater, a commercial, and then sees a couple years ago that he was in Body and Soul.

Abe continues watching Body and Soul where Jerry shows up as an actor in the show. Abe recognizes him and questions it being Theo. Abe asks what his son is doing in this and what the hell is going on here.

Whitley shows up at Paulina’s door. Paulina asks what she’s doing there. Whitley says she came to say she’s sorry.

Chanel talks on the phone about just losing someone dear to them and the bakery is reopening tomorrow, so she needs something really good to happen. Chanel hangs up and explains to Talia that she’s dealing with a flour delivery. Talia asks if she’s reopening tomorrow. Chanel says that’s the plan if nothing else goes wrong. Talia says she’s just doing her community service. Chanel asks about getting a deal. Talia explains that Melinda had experience with an abusive relationship so she showed her some mercy. Chanel says good for her and that she should go but Talia stops her as she really wanted to say how sorry she is.

Paulina questions what Whitley is sorry for. Whitley says she heard about her husband’s death and wanted to share her deep condolences. Paulina thanks her and says that’s very kind. Whitley claims she didn’t know Abe well but he seemed like a decent and caring man. Paulina remarks that Whitley may have been the last person to see him alive. Whitley responds that she thought so, but it sounds like that guy at the docks was the last person to see him before his tragic fate.

Eli tells Lani that he’s never heard of Body and Soul but Lani says she knows he used to watch it during the day when he worked night shifts. Eli claims not to know what she’s talking about. Lani brings up that the TV used to be on the channel when she came home. Eli then admits that he watched it here and there but says it was only because he had a crush on an actress named Sal, who reminded him of Lani. Eli says he doesn’t recall seeing Jerry on the show. Lani notes that it looks like he was only in a couple of episodes. Eli guesses he gave up his Hollywood dreams and moved back to Salem. Lani admits she was hoping for a mugshot and not a headshot. Eli says he ran him through the system but it came back clean, so it looks like he was just an innocent bystander on the docks. Lani questions why Jerry would have any reason to lie about seeing Abe fall in to the water.

Jerry introduces himself to Theo. Theo recognizes his name as being the witness who saw Abe fall in to the river. Theo questions what he’s doing here now. Jerry guesses he was drawn to come back because he felt guilty which Theo questions.

Abe questions Theo being an actor, saying that doesn’t make sense. In the show, Jerry’s character is put up to pretending to be someone else and is told that no one will be the wiser. Abe remarks that he sure as hell will be.

Talia tells Chanel that she felt terrible when she heard the news as she was praying that Abe would be found safely. Chanel says they all were as not knowing was awful, especially for Paulina. Chanel adds that now they have closure, but Abe is gone. Talia says she will never be able to forgive herself for the role that she had in all of this. Talia adds that if Colin never assaulted Abe and she would’ve never helped him. Chanel assures that the what if’s are pointless now and won’t change anything. Chanel declares that all they can do is keep moving forward. Talia tells Chanel that she was right that she was putting up the missing person flyers because of her guilty conscience, but it didn’t work. Talia knows there is nothing she can do to make up for how she hurt Chanel and her family.

Jerry tells Theo that he feels guilty because he saw Abe fall and he almost got to him, but it was too late and he wanted to jump in to save him, but he can’t swim. Theo understands and says Abe wouldn’t have wanted him to lose his life trying to save his. Theo adds that Jerry did what he could and called 911, but at least they know what happened to him. Theo says he’s glad he ran in to him, so he could thank him for that.

Paulina tells Whitley that was very kind of her and says she obviously cares very deeply for her patients. Whitley says that Abe wasn’t just a patient as she voted for him in every election and volunteered for his campaign. Whitley talks about feeling like she knew Abe personally before she ever met him. Paulina says that Abe had an amazing connection with people. Whitley tells her that she was very lucky to have him as long as she did. Paulina notes that doesn’t make the loss any easier and points out that today was supposed to be their first wedding anniversary. Whitley reveals that she was in the park on the day of their wedding as she was there for a Juneteenth barbecue and then just stumbled upon it. Whitley talks about being happy to be a part of that day. Whitley declares that she will never forget Abe and feels blessed to have known him.

Lani reads Whitley’s statement and says it seems like she was the last person to see Abe before he left the hospital, but there’s still all that time until he was seen at the docks. Lani wonders where he could have gone. Eli assures they checked every security camera in Salem and there’s nothing. Lani sees Rafe in the window and worries about getting Eli in trouble but Eli assures that he’s not worried about that. Eli and Lani exit the interrogation room to see Rafe and Jada. Rafe hugs Lani and says it’s so good to see her though he wishes it was under any other circumstances. Rafe introduces Lani to Jada. Jada tells Lani that she’s so sorry to hear about her loss as Abe was a wonderful man. Lani thanks her and appreciates her working so hard on the case. Rafe is sure that Lani didn’t come all the way down just to say hello. Eli admits that was part of it. Rafe agrees to allow Lani to look at the evidence and pretend that he doesn’t know about it. Lani thanks him for understanding. Eli gets a call from his boss in Washington DC, so he steps away to answer. Rafe tells Lani that he’s sorry as he wishes he had better information on Abe. Lani knows Rafe has gone over the case 100 different ways but thought if she saw the evidence herself, it would help her to accept what happened. Lani adds that any if they did figure it out, nothing will bring Abe back.

Abe skips ahead in the recording of Body and Soul to see the credits. Abe pauses it when he finds out that “Theo’s” real name is Jerry Prentiss. Abe asks what the hell as that’s not his son’s name. Abe declares that this means “Paulina” has been lying to him and wonders what else she’s been lying about. Abe decides he has to get out of here and tries to get up.

Chanel asks Talia if she’s still seeing Marlena. Talia confirms that she is. Chanel hopes she is helping her. Talia admits that she is more than she could have hoped. Chanel says she’s glad to hear that. Talia says she’s glad to see she is moving forward too. Talia knows Chanel will make the bakery a success again. Chanel says she will try and confirms that she found someone good to replace Talia. Chanel mentions going home to shower and change, then making it back for the flour delivery tonight. Talia wishes her luck with everything tomorrow and says to tell Paulina how sorry she is about everything. Chanel agrees to and thanks her as she then walks away.

Whitley tells Paulina that she should get going. Paulina stops her to ask a favor. Paulina brings up that Whitley may have been the last person to talk to Abe. Paulina asks if she could tell him his last words to her because Chanel said Abe was confused and didn’t even remember who she was, so she wondered if Whitley had the same experience. Whitley flashes back to seeing Abe in the hospital when Abe thought that she was Paulina. Whitley then informs Paulina that Abe said her name, so on some level, he must have remembered her. Paulina thanks her and calls her an angel, saying she has no idea what it means to her to hear that. Whitley says she’s going to work now. Paulina thanks her again for stopping by as Whitley then exits.

Rafe hopes Eli is taking Lani somewhere special for their anniversary. Jada wishes Lani a happy anniversary. Lani explains that they agreed not to celebrate until she’s actually free. Eli returns and announces that his boss just assigned him to a new case in Arizona. Eli says he tried to explain the situation but this case is tied to another that he’s been working on for months. Lani can’t believe it. Eli tells her that he’s sorry. Eli hopes it’s just for a day as he will do everything he can to get back in time for Abe’s funeral. Lani knows he can’t make any promises and understands he has a job to do. Lani brings up that under supervised release, he agreed to look after her. Rafe steps in and says he will take over and get on the phone with corrections right away. Eli thanks him. Rafe feels it’s the least he could do. Lani asks Eli when he leaves. Eli says he has the latest possible flight, so at least they have some time together before he leaves. Lani decides they will just have to make the most of the time they have. Eli wants to stop by Doug and Julie’s to say goodbye before he leaves. Lani agrees as long as they can make one other stop on the way.

Theo asks Jerry how Abe seemed, if he was confused or upset. Jerry responds that he’s not sure as he was pretty far away. Theo asks if it looked like he just tripped. Jerry says pretty much as it all happened so fast and he doesn’t think he was in any pain. Theo says that’s good to know and thanks him. Jerry wishes he could tell him more or could have done more as Abe seemed like a pretty special guy. Theo states that he was and he’s going to miss him forever. Jerry then tells Theo that there is something he needs to tell him.

Abe insists that he has to get out of here and see what’s going on but Whitley comes home and questions what he’s doing. Abe responds that he’s leaving but Whitley tells him that he’s not.

Rafe drops a pile of case folders on Jada’s desk and says he’s sorry as he knows she’s already swamped. Jada wishes they had Eli and Lani back on the force to help get through all these cases. Jada brings up that they have Li Shin in custody, Harris Michaels under observation at the hospital, and then there’s Kristen and EJ’s kidnapping situation which is fishy. Rafe remembers one more assignment and instructs Jada to go home and watch some fireworks. Rafe adds that he’s not saying she has to watch the fireworks with him, but if she wants to spend her well-deserved time off with him. Jada responds that she does enjoy being discrete with him so she agrees.

Theo asks Jerry what he has to tell him. Jerry states that Theo suffered such a terrible loss. Eli and Lani then arrive on the docks, interrupting them. Lani comments on the shrine for Abe. Theo asks what they are doing there. Lani explains that she asked Eli to bring her so she could see the scene of the accident, but she didn’t know the shrine would be there. Theo states that a lot of people loved Abe. Lani recognizes Jerry. Theo explains that Jerry came because he felt bad about not being able to help Abe, but he told him that it’s not his fault and they don’t blame him. Jerry thanks him for saying that. Lani questions Jerry not telling Eli that he was on Body and Soul. Jerry calls that a long time ago. Lani jokes that if Eli had known, he probably would’ve asked for his autograph because he’s secretly a fan of his. Jerry decides that this is clearly a family moment, so he should just go. Theo reminds Jerry that before Eli and Lani showed up, he said he had something to tell him. Jerry claims he just wanted to tell him again how terrible he felt and how sorry he is as he then rushes off.

Chanel goes home to Paulina, who asks about the reopening of the Bakery. Chanel says it’s coming along. Paulina figured she’d be there all night getting ready. Chanel says she just came home to shower and change, then she will head back to get ready. Chanel still feels bad about leaving Paulina alone. Paulina points out that she wasn’t alone the whole time as Whitley came by to pay her respects. Paulina says Whitley had so many wonderful things to say about Abe. Paulina notes that he wasn’t her patient for long but he really seemed to touch her life.

Abe accuses Whitley of lying to her. Whitley asks what he’s talking about. Abe reveals that he saw “Theo” on Body and Soul and then he watched the credits which didn’t say Theo Carver, but Jerry Prentiss. Whitley claims that’s his stage name because there was another actor named Theo Carver. Whitley says that was pretty much his last role and then he moved to South Africa where he opened his own business. Abe responds that he doesn’t believe any of it.

Theo questions Eli leaving tonight. Eli wishes he didn’t have to. Theo says it’s his anniversary so that sucks. Lani reminds him that they are not celebrating until she’s really free. Theo argues that Abe wouldn’t want them to wait. Lani questions pulling the dad card but Eli feels he’s kind of right. Eli says he leaves in hours and hasn’t spent a night with her in so long. Eli says they don’t have to make it about their anniversary but he just wants to spend the time they have together. Theo agrees and says he’s going to head to Paulina’s as Chanel is reopening the bakery tomorrow, so he’s sure Paulina could use the comfort. Lani thanks him. Theo says he’ll see them soon. Theo pulls a teddy bear out of his backpack and explains that Abe got him for him at a carnival when he was six. Theo decides to leave the bear here at the shrine with Abe. Lani tells Theo that she loves him. Theo says the same as they hug. Theo then leaves the docks. Lani cries that she knew Abe was gone but doesn’t think she felt it until right now. Eli tells her that he’s so sorry.

Chanel tells Paulina that it sounds like she and Theo have big plans tonight. Paulina says it’s just dinner and fireworks on TV. Paulina asks Chanel about her new employee at the Bakery. Chanel says she’s okay. Paulina questions just okay. Chanel says she’s fine, just not Talia. Chanel brings up running in to Talia in the town square and says she wanted to tell her how sorry she is about Abe and how ashamed she feels about her place in what happened. Paulina understands that Talia was under the spell of a very bad man, so her heart goes out to her and she thinks she should let go of the guilt and shame to focus on being wiser and stronger from now on and making a good life for herself. Chanel calls that very kind of her and agrees to tell her that, if she ever sees her again.

Talia goes to the police station and tells Jada that she came to give her parole officer her signed forms to show she’s doing her community service and therapy, but she can’t seem to find her anywhere. Jada says she will take care of it for her and asks how therapy is going. Talia says it’s going very well as Marlena is the best. Jada is glad it’s working. Talia adds that Marlena even offered to help her find a job at the hospital when her probation ends. Jada calls that amazing as Talia will finally get back to what she dreamed of doing. Talia mentions seeing Chanel before and she said she hired a new woman. Jada asks if she’s jealous. Talia says no but admits she misses working at the bakery a lot and she knows Chanel will never forgive her for what she did and she shouldn’t. Talia reveals that every time she sees Chanel, she misses her too.

Whitley claims to Abe that everything she’s told him is the truth. Abe argues that it’s not and that something has felt wrong from the beginning. Whitley suggests he lay down but Abe shouts that he wants her to tell him the truth right now or he will call the police. Whitley then grabs a syringe and injects him with a mild sedative. Abe questions her drugging him. Whitley says he was confused and upset. Whitley then declares that she can never let him leave.

Chanel runs in to Talia in the town square. Talia says she realized she never returned her apron and that Chanel will need it for her new employee. Chanel thanks her and their hands touch as Fourth of July fireworks start to go off in the square.

Eli and Lani watch the fireworks in the park. Lani tells him that she’s really grateful to be here with him in this moment, but she misses her dad and their beautiful babies. Eli shows her a picture that their kids drew for her. Lani says she loves it but doesn’t have anything to give him. Eli says just having her here with him is the best gift he could ever receive. Eli adds that it just sucks they don’t have more time together. Lani assures they will be together soon enough. Eli states that she will be free and they will be a family again. Lani declares that she will never take that for granted again. Eli and Lani say I love you to each other as they kiss.

Jerry returns to Abe’s memorial shrine at the docks. Jerry looks at the teddy bear that Theo left and rips off the “RIP Dad” card attached to it, then throws the card in to the water.

Rafe and Jada lay in bed together, watching the fireworks on TV.

Theo and Paulina sit at home watching the fireworks on TV. Theo offers her a tissue as she holds back tears. Paulina tells him that she’s thinking about last year’s 4th of July as Abe was sitting where Theo is now and they were watching TV while he was trying so hard to be strong after Lani had just been sent to prison and Theo had gone back to South Africa. Paulina recalls watching the fireworks and seeing a tear run down Abe’s face.

Whitley and a sedated Abe sit together watching the fireworks on TV. Whitley calls it a perfect night for just the two of them.

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