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Gabi and Stefan confront Li in the interrogation room. Stefan comments on Li not answering the police’s questions which Li calls his right. Gabi brings up that Harris already informed them that Li hired him to kill Stefan. Stefan calls that an epic fail. Gabi can’t believe Li tried to have the man she loves killed so that she would be available again. Gabi tells Li that he might as well confess because he and his homicidal henchman are going down.

Harris is handcuffed to a hospital bed. Kate enters and says she heard he was here under observation but guesses that she had to see it for herself. Kate asks what happened. Harris tells her to ask the morons who brought him in. Kate says she’s asking him because last time they saw each other, he said he was going to take care of Megan and then she got a text from him saying “mission accomplished” but then she finds out that Megan is hosting a party at the Bistro and Harris crashed the party in a big way. Kate adds that he didn’t grab Megan, but tried to kill Stefan DiMera because Li Shin told him to. Kate declares that the whole thing makes zero sense but Harris says it makes perfect sense to him. Kate states that if that’s true then he’s in the right place because he needs his head examined by an expert.

Kristen shows up at Marlena’s door. Marlena tells her that Rachel left for a camp a week ago and she never even said goodbye. Kristen informs Marlena that she was held captive by her deranged sister, Megan. Marlena brings up Megan being in the hospital. EJ appears and says he told Kristen to wait until he parked. EJ confirms everything Kristen is saying is true as he was held captive too. Marlena questions why Megan would do such a thing. EJ says that’s an excellent question and they need her help to answer it.

Leo goes to the hospital and tells Gwen that he came to see if there’s any word on Megan. Gwen says there isn’t and that Dimitri is in with her now, but she hasn’t regained consciousness. Leo asks if Gwen accepted Dimitri’s proposal. Gwen responds that the subject hasn’t come up because they are in a hospital. Gwen argues that it’s been two days since Megan was shot and Dimitri doesn’t know if she’s going to live or die. Gwen states that Dimitri is completely falling apart and her heart is breaking for him. Leo tells Gwen that she’s sad as he can’t believe she’s falling for his poor little rich boy act.

Dimitri sits at Megan’s side in her hospital room as she begins to wake up. Megan asks where she is. Dimitri informs her that she’s in the hospital after having emergency surgery two days ago. Megan questions what happened. Dimitri reveals that she was shot at the engagement party but guesses she doesn’t remember. Dimitri explains how Harris Michaels showed up armed and said that Li Shin ordered him to kill Stefan but before he pulled the trigger, Gabi jumped on him and Megan ended up getting shot. Megan questions why she is handcuffed to the bed if she’s the victim here.

Li tells Gabi that she’s insane if she thinks he would hire someone to kill Stefan. Gabi brings up that Li tried to off Stefan before. Stefan questions how Li knows Harris Michaels. Li claims he doesn’t but Gabi points out that Harris said he was acting under Li’s orders. Li argues that it makes no sense. Stefan says it makes perfect sense if Li brainwashed Harris like he did to him. Gabi adds that the police believe someone messed with his head. Stefan brings up Li knowing Dr. Rolf very well. Gabi says messing with people’s heads is Dr. Rolf’s specialty so Li could’ve gotten him to help him. Li insists that he’s innocent. Gabi asks why Harris would walk in to their party with his gun pointed at Stefan and say that Li ordered him to kill him then.

Harris tells Kate that he takes his orders from Li Shin, not her, and he wanted Stefan out of the way so he could have a clear path to Gabi. Kate brings up how two days ago at the Pub, Harris told her that he had put a tracking device on Megan’s car, then got an alert and went after her, but now he’s asking her to believe that Li Shin redirected him to another target. Kate is not believing that. Harris tells her that Megan got hers anyway. Kate knows she took a stray bullet at the Bistro but notes that Harris still hasn’t answered her question. Harris declares that he’s done talking and suggests she go get someone to cut him loose so that he can finish his real mission.

Megan questions why she is shackled to the bed. Dimitri informs her that she’s been arrested. Megan asks what she has been accused of. Dimitri explains that after she was shot, EJ and Kristen told the cops that she was holding them in the basement of the DiMera Mansion. Megan says he must be joking and claims it’s not true. Megan calls it the most absurd thing she’s ever heard in her life.

Marlena doesn’t know why she would help with anything. EJ knew she would be reluctant because of Kristen and also because he’s not her favorite person, but they have come to her with respect and humility because she is the only person who can provide the kind of help they need. Marlena asks what that means. EJ informs her that Megan was arrested but unless they can tell them exactly what happened and why, they are going to let her go. Marlena questions why he doesn’t go to the police and tell them then. Kristen explains that they don’t remember. Marlena asks if they are trying to rope her in to DiMera family hijinks. EJ explains that Megan injected them with a drug to erase their memory so that’s why they need Marlena to bring them back. Kristen adds that after everything Megan has done to Marlena, she thought she would leap at the chance to put her away, even if that means helping her.

Gwen questions why Leo has a pillow case. Leo says he brought her extra clothes if she needs to change. Gwen admits that was thoughtful. Leo comments that she seems to be living here at the hospital. Gwen assures that she’s going home to sleep, so she won’t need a change of clothes. Leo says he’ll take it back then. Gwen complains about him looking at her disapprovingly. Gwen says she’s just supporting Dimitri through this rough time with his mother. Leo says that Gwen is the one he’s worried about and he will continue to until she sees the light. Gwen calls him cynical and mistrusting. Leo calls Dimitri a dangerous predator. Leo tells Gwen that he loves her while Dimitri does not. Leo urges her to wake up because Dimitri has caused her to throw logic out the window so that he can suck her in. Leo adds that Dimitri is trying to pull her further in to his web with his crocodile tears over his mom. Gwen tells him that he couldn’t be more wrong about Dimitri. Gwen says that Dimitri hasn’t eaten or slept and his pain is very real like she knows his feelings for her are as well. Gwen declares that Dimitri is absolutely beside himself over whether or not Megan survives. Leo argues that’s only because Dimitri needs Megan for whatever he has planned for her.

Megan insists to Dimitri that there is nothing to EJ and Kristen’s claims. Dimitri brings up that EJ and Kristen did disappear rather suddenly a few weeks ago. Megan claims that Kristen went to New York for a custody lawyer while EJ probably wanted to escape Nicole. Dimitri asks why they would lie about being held in the wine cellar. Megan argues that’s what they do because they aren’t true DiMeras like them, so they will do and say anything they can to blacken her name and drag her down. Megan tells Dimitri to say what he’s thinking. Dimitri feels their story makes him think of a couple of things. Dimitri brings up seeing Megan heading in to the tunnels on the night of the party. Megan insists she was getting a bottle of champagne. Dimitri brings up another time when he saw her standing in front of the secret panel with a tray of enough food to feed two people but she was by herself. Megan complains of how much this hurts her that her own son could think she would do something so malevolent or that she would be so cruel to her own siblings. Dimitri admits he has no theory as to why she would do this. Megan insists that it defies all logic. Megan asks what EJ and Kristen say her motive was. Dimitri responds that they don’t know and are claiming Megan injected them with something to make them forget. Megan states that she’s getting the distinct impression that he believes them. Megan warns that if Dimitri turns against her, it will break her heart and asks if that’s what he wants to do. Dimitri says of course not so Megan orders him to tell her that he believes and trusts her and that he will never betray her.

Marlena questions EJ and Kristen about Megan wiping out their memories. EJ explains that they only know they were held captive and drugged. EJ says that Megan may be their sister but she belongs behind bars. Kristen brings up how much John hurt when he thought Marlena was dead and warns that Megan can inflict that kind of pain on everyone in Salem but the problem is they have no idea what Megan’s plans are or who is in her crosshairs.

Gabi asks Li again why Harris would say he ordered him to kill Stefan if that’s not true. Li thinks back to telling Megan that he wanted to make sure this couldn’t be traced back to them and Megan reassuring him. Li argues that Gabi and Stefan are so quick to blame him when they are completely overlooking the person who is actually guilty, Megan Hathaway. Li declares that it couldn’t be more obvious since Megan used Dr. Rolf to brainwash Harris once and now she’s done it again.

Kate tells Harris that it would make sense if Megan somehow flipped the tables on him. Kate doesn’t know why Megan would want to kill her brother, but somehow she thinks Megan is up to her eyeballs in this. Harris tells Kate that she’s wrong and tells her to go away. Kate insists that she’s going to help him get back to his right mind. Harris argues that there is nothing wrong with his mind. Kate points out that he’s shackled to the bed after an attempted assassination. Kate repeats that this isn’t him. Harris tells her to stop. Kate knows the last time he was deprogrammed, it wasn’t pleasant, so they don’t have to call in ISA. Kate insists that Marlena can do it here but Harris says no. Kate reminds Harris that he came to Salem to stop Megan from ever hurting anyone ever again, but she has hurt him and stripped him of his humanity to use him to do her dirty work. Kate argues that he can’t let her do that again, so he has to find his true self. Kate tells Harris that he’s a good, decent man and a hero, mentioning that he saved her life, so she wants to help him. Kate adds that she can only help him if he gives her his consent and asks if he will do that. Harris asks why he would consent to letting a shrink mess with his head. Harris argues that he answers to Li Shin and doesn’t need to be programmed to do what he wants. Kate argues that anyone being okay with murder means he was turned by someone to use him as a tool and that screams Megan Hathaway to her. Kate repeats that he can’t let Megan do this to him again. Kate hopes that Harris will accept her help, because if he doesn’t, he will forever be a pawn for Megan’s sick game. Kate then exits the room.

Gabi questions why Megan would want Stefan dead when he is her brother. Li points out that he’s also co-CEO of DiMera which means he has what all DiMeras want, a bigger slice of the pie and a bigger role in the company if Stefan met his untimely demise. Gabi argues that Megan wants the company but wouldn’t take out a family member to get it. Stefan points out that Li would absolutely take him out for another chance at Gabi. Li questions them thinking that’s the only possibility. Li reminds Gabi that he didn’t fight her on the divorce and told her that he just wanted her to be happy. Li questions why he would risk his freedom and everything to have Stefan killed, despite knowing Gabi’s heart would always belong to him. Li wishes Stefan luck and remarks that he hopes there’s enough room in the bed for Stefan, Gabi, and her ego.

Dimitri assures Megan that he is on her side and would never betray or turn his back on her. Dimitri apologizes for ever making her feel otherwise. Megan calls him the most important person in her life. Megan knows she can be overbearing at times but it’s only because she wants him to have a very full, happy life. Megan says she has done everything she can to protect him from those would sabotage or undermine him like they tried to do to her. Megan asks Dimitri for good news and how things are going with Gwen. Dimitri says he proposed with a diamond ring but she hasn’t accepted yet. Dimitri notes that Gwen has been by his side since the moment Megan was brought in to the hospital and she hasn’t left once. Megan calls that wonderful. Megan knows she was somewhat callous at the beginning of all this wanting him to get married for the inheritance, but says nothing would lift her spirits more than knowing that when Dimitri does marry Gwen, he will not only have secured the Von Leuschner fortune, but found someone to truly love.

Gwen questions Leo thinking Megan is plotting against her. Leo says they are both thick as thieves. Gwen thinks Leo is reaching. Leo informs her that when he sent Kristen and EJ free, they thought Megan and Dimitri were using her. Gwen questions for what purpose. Leo admits they couldn’t remember but they are sure that those two are plotting something.

Kristen asks if Marlena will help them figure out what Megan was plotting and says she will beg if she has to. EJ says they tried and they will go but Marlena stops and invites them in. Marlena locks the door to ensure they are not interrupted and asks who wants to go first.

Gabi and Stefan leave the interrogation room. Gabi admits at first she thought Li was just trying to throw off suspicion onto Megan. Stefan admits that it does make sense while Gabi acknowledges that Megan has brainwashed Harris before. Gabi keeps going back to the moment where Harris was trying to shoot him. Gabi notes that Harris was a navy SEAL so he wasn’t going to miss. Stefan still can’t believe what she did to save him. Gabi says she had to because she was not going to let that happen again. Gabi tells Stefan that she loves him so much and the monster that did this is going to have to pay. Gabi asks if Stefan thinks it was Megan. Stefan brings up wondering why Megan was so insistent on throwing them this party and that being where all this happened. Gabi brings up EJ and Kristen saying they were held captive for weeks and not knowing why. Stefan points out that maybe they were onto her and she needed them out of the way. Gabi wonders if Megan injected them with something to make them forget. Gabi complains that she wants to kill Megan. Stefan notes that they are still not sure and it’s too dangerous for her to confront Megan by herself, so they need to let the authorities handle this. Stefan decides he will go talk to Melinda Trask and tells Gabi to go home. Gabi says she just wants this over and for Stefan to be safe as she then exits.

Leo tells Gwen that it’s exhausting trying to convince her that he just wants her to be safe. Gwen asks if he wants her to be happy because Dimitri makes her happy. Leo shouts that orgasms don’ count. Gwen says enough of the crude jokes and argues that there is absolutely no proof that Dimitri is up to no good. Leo says he’ll go back to the DiMera Mansion to dig something up. Gwen points out that he said that last time too. Leo argues that he got sidetracked by finding EJ and Kristen, adding that just because he didn’t find something the first time doesn’t mean there is nothing there. Gwen tells Leo to go ahead and waste his time. Leo asks Gwen to promise not to answer Dimitri’s proposal until he reports back. Gwen argues that he’s asking a lot. Gwen points out that it’s been days since Dimitri proposed and asks what if he gets tired of waiting and takes it back. Leo says she could consider herself lucky then and exits the hospital.

Megan jokes about her brush with death when she lost her life once before some time ago. Dimitri encourages that she’ll come back again, stronger than ever. Megan feels being out of commission for awhile might be an opportunity for Dimitri and Gwen to spend some very valuable time together. Gwen then enters the room, happy to see Megan is awake. Megan responds that she’s very happy to see Gwen. Gwen assures that she wouldn’t be anywhere else as she and Dimitri have been praying for her recovery. Megan says she’s very grateful to both of them.

After hypnosis, Marlena tells EJ and Kristen that they both did very well. EJ asks if everything is clear now to Kristen. Kristen argues that Megan intended to kill Stefan and brainwashed Harris while EJ adds that she set up Li Shin to take the fall. EJ is thankful it all came back to them. Kristen worries that it still is their word against Megan’s. EJ says they know the truth. EJ tells Marlena that he knows this was difficult for her but because of her, they can now stop Megan. EJ and Kristen both thank Marlena. Marlena tells them to just make sure Megan pays. Kristen asks what their next move is. EJ suggests they split up and Kristen go to the police station to alert the police while he goes to pay Megan a visit in the hospital.

Gwen tells Megan that it’s so wonderful and an absolute relief. Megan comments on Gwen being by Dimitri’s side through the entire ordeal. Gwen says she’s seen how devoted Dimitri is to Megan as he was sick with worry. Megan says there’s no more worry now, just a great deal of gratitude to have so many happy days ahead of them. Megan states that this entire experience has made her realize how much she was taking for granted but nothing in life is guaranteed as it could all end tomorrow in an instant. Megan mentions hoping that Dimitri and Gwen will be starting a new life together. Megan advises them not to postpone their happiness and to seize any opportunity rather than letting it pass by. Megan says she suddenly feels tired and thinks she needs to rest. Megan assures that they warmed her heart and inspired her to get better quickly but they can go home now and get out of the hospital. Megan says seeing them grow closer together and make each other happy reminds her of the richness and wealth in life if they simply commit to receive it. Gwen decides to let her rest and exits while Dimitri says he’ll be right behind her. Dimitri praises Megan and thinks she got her point across very effectively. Megan declares that it’s time for Dimitri to take the reins and make Gwen his wife. Megan warns him not to trust the others and to never forget that they are a team so they must stick together as a united front. Dimitri agrees and tells her that he loves her as he then exits.

Stefan makes a call to tell Melinda that it’s urgent. Kristen arrives at the police station and tells Stefan that she also needs to talk to Melinda about Megan.

EJ goes to the hospital and runs in to Kate, who asks what’s wrong. EJ says he doesn’t have time to explain but he’s looking for Megan’s room so he can tell her that the jig is up.

Kristen informs Stefan that Marlena agreed to hypnotize her and EJ and now they know the truth about what Megan did to them and tried to do to Stefan.

EJ informs Kate that Megan was the one who wanted Stefan dead. Kate notes that Harris is convinced that he got the order from Li Shin.

Stefan tells Kristen about Li denying giving Harris the order to kill but he and Gabi didn’t know whether to believe him. Kristen says he can believe her because Harris did not gets his commands from Li.

EJ tells Kate to forget Li because this was all Megan’s doing to get control of the company. Kate remarks that she knew it.

Kristen tells Stefan that Megan gambled on her and EJ not remembering but she lost. Stefan calls it the perfect setup because she programmed Harris to think he got his orders from Li, so her hands would stay clean. Kristen says not anymore because everyone is going to know the truth, starting with Melinda. Stefan mentions leaving her a message to call him after her meeting. Stefan tells Kristen that she doesn’t need to hang around because as Megan’s intended victim, he wants to be the one to give Melinda everything she needs to nail Megan to the wall. Kristen decides she will see him back at home then and exits the police station.

EJ tells Kate that it’s time to let Megan know that she’s not fooling anyone anymore. Kate wants to see the look on Megan’s face when she finds out that she’s spending the rest of her life in a cage. EJ tells Kate to join him then as he heads for Megan’s room.

Marlena goes to the hospital to see Harris Michaels, noting that she got a message through the police that he wanted to see her. Harris thanks her for coming and says he realized that he needed her help.

Leo returns to the DiMera Mansion through the tunnels and begins to search the living room until Kristen comes home and asks what the hell he’s doing, startling him.

Dimitri brings Gwen home to her room at the Salem Inn and says it probably feels like forever since she’s been here. Gwen admits she hasn’t really missed it because where ever he is, is where she now want to be as they kiss. Dimitri tells her how much it meant to him to have her by his side. Gwen assures she never would have left him alone. Dimitri kisses her and says he should go while she gets some rest and he’ll call her later. Gwen stops him and says she knows a lot is going on right now but she hasn’t forgotten that he is waiting on her response to his proposal. Dimitri tells her not to worry as that can wait but Gwen decides it can’t wait and she has an answer now. Gwen then says yes to Dimitri’s proposal.

Stefan returns to Li in the interrogation room. Li asks if he believes him now. Stefan assures that he would never take Li’s word on anything but Kristen was there and confirmed what he said, that Megan programmed Harris to kill him. Li tells Stefan to go talk to the police and get him out then. Stefan argues that this may have been Megan’s plan but Li could have been in on it, so until he has confirmation that he wasn’t, he’s not going anywhere.

EJ and Kate go to Megan’s hospital room to confront her but instead they find Gabi now handcuffed to the bed.

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