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Outside the Brady Pub, Talia posts a missing persons poster of Abe until Chanel appears and questions what the hell she thinks she is doing.

Chad walks through the town square and is surprised to find Abe’s son Theo. Chad hugs him and tells him that he’s sorry about what’s going on with Abe. Chad mentions that he was just with Doug and Julie and they were asking if he had heard from Theo, so it will be comforting to them that he’s here.

Doug and Julie sit together at the dining table but Julie says she’s not hungry as she is heart sick. Julie talks about just getting past the anniversary of Abigail’s death and now the disappearance of Abe. Julie mentions that today is Abe and Paulina’s first wedding anniversary. Eli then arrives and surprises them. Julie excitedly hugs her grandson.

Paulina sits at home with a photo of her and Abe. Paulina’s mother Olivia then shows up at the door. Paulina is shocked and asks why she is there. Olivia responds that she’s here because she knows Paulina needs her.

Nurse Whitley goes home and asks Abe what he’s been up to. Abe responds that he was watching her old soap tapes when he suddenly remembered something important. She questions what he remembered. Abe asks if she has something she wants to say to him.

Julie offers Eli a plate of food. Eli says he doesn’t need to eat right now but Doug tells him not to fight it so Julie goes to get his food. Eli sits down with Doug, who says he’s just in time to cheer up Julie. Doug asks why Eli didn’t tell them that he was coming. Eli explains that he wanted it to be a surprise. Eli says he and Rafe have been in constant contact about Abe but it’s hard not being there, so he decided to see what he could do to help. Julie returns with food for Eli and asks where her great grandchildren are. Eli says they are with his mom in DC and promises next time, he will bring them with him. Julie hopes it won’t be months and months from now. Eli says it will be soon and hopes that Abe will be there then too. Julie says they are all praying for that. Julie asks if there are any leads. Eli says there’s nothing new, other than the police officially ruling out Colin Bedford as a suspect. Julie says that Abe is such a good man that doesn’t have an enemy in the world but points out that he still hadn’t recovered completely from the last assault and questions who would do this to him.

Whitley asks Abe what she would have to tell him. Abe explains that he was watching her tapes of Body and Soul where the characters were celebrating their second anniversary when it suddenly came back to him that today is he and Paulina’s wedding anniversary.

Olivia wishes she could wish Paulina a Happy Anniversary and Juneteenth, but she knows this is a tough time for her, so she’s just going to say she loves her and she’s there for her. Paulina says that means so much to her but questions why she didn’t call to tell her that she was coming. Olivia responds that she wasn’t going to let Paulina talk her out of it and she had to see with her own eyes that she was okay. Paulina admits she’s much better now that she’s here as they hug.

Talia tells Chanel that she wanted to do something to help find Abe. Chanel argues that everyone already knows he’s missing, so all of this is just performative. Talia thanks Chanel for calling the cops and saving her from Colin. Talia adds that she’s sorry for the terrible things that she said to her and explains that she had to say them because Colin was there with a gun and she was trying to save their lives, as she didn’t want Chanel to get hurt more than she had already hurt her.

Chad wishes he knew Theo was coming as he would’ve asked EJ to send the DiMera Jet. Theo explains that he already bought a ticket months ago as Abe was going to give a big Juneteenth speech and he wanted to surprise him. Chad says it’s really good to see him and he’s sure it will mean a lot to Paulina. Theo reveals that Abe’s office asked him to deliver the speech for him and for some reason, he said yes. Chad thinks that’s a great idea but Theo says it’s supposed to be done in half an hour and there’s no way he can do it. Theo adds that he tried to say someone else should do it but Lani’s not available and they didn’t want to ask Paulina. Chad asks why not him. Theo talks about hating public speaking and it being his biggest fear. Chad relates to it. Theo says he’s seen Chad give speeches in public before and he seemed totally cool. Chad says maybe if it was about business. Chad talks about having to give the eulogy at Abigail’s funeral a year ago and there was so much pressure but he had to be strong for the kids. Chad says he got through it, but he wasn’t sure that he would. Chad talks about seeing all his family and friends, knowing they were all with him and he got through it, so Theo will too today. Chad assures that he and Theo’s family will all be with him. Theo says he just doesn’t want to disappoint Abe and let him down. Chad encourages that he couldn’t and that he will make him proud. Theo agrees to do it, but says he will need Chad’s help.

Julie asks Eli how Lani is doing, assuming that he must get to see her sometimes. Eli says he does as much as they allow and she is supposed to be up for parole in six months, so she could be home by Christmas. Eli talks about Lani changing lives in prison. Julie says they are always so proud of her. Eli knows Lani won’t be able to be a cop again when she’s released which is a shame, but he knows she will be great at whatever she does. Eli states that he’s counting down the days until she’s home again.

Paulina tells Olivia about hiring Black Patch to work with the cops to find Abe, but they still haven’t found anything. Olivia wonders if Abe could have wandered off due to memory loss. Paulina argues that Abe is one of the most recognizable men in Salem, so if he was wandering around town, someone would have called in a tip. Olivia encourages Paulina to have faith that Abe will be found and that he will come back to her.

Whitley asks about Abe knowing it’s their anniversary and if he’s starting to remember. Abe explains that Chanel told him in the hospital that he and Paulina were married on Juneteenth which is today. Whitley claims that she was planning a special dinner for them. Abe asks how many years they are celebrating. Whitley says it’s just one, but she feels like she’s loved him forever. Abe asks her to tell him about their wedding, hoping it could spark some memories.

Chanel tells Talia that she knows Colin convinced her that she and Paulina were these evil people that needed to be paid back for what happened to his parents. Chanel argues that she thought that they became friends, but Talia still went along with Colin’s plan to destroy their lives. Talia knows it doesn’t make sense and talks about how she’s working through it in therapy with Marlena which has helped her understand that she was in an emotionally abusive relationship. Talia explains that Colin never hit her, but he had a power over her that she can’t explain. Talia knows it sounds crazy but Chanel says it doesn’t and relates to it with her relationship with Colin’s father. Chanel says it was consensual but something made her feel like she had to be with him. Talia says it’s only easy to see looking back. Talia says she’s not trying to make excuses but admits that Paulina and Chanel were so good to her, that she felt she had to stop Colin’s plan. Chanel points out that she didn’t though. Talia argues that she didn’t know how and that she didn’t think seducing her to break her heart would actually happen. Talia complains that she never even thought of being with a woman before, but admits that when they got close, she did feel something. Chanel questions Talia wanting her to believe she had real feelings for her. Talia says she doesn’t know but she didn’t expect to feel so connected to her and she knew she couldn’t go through with it. Chanel questions if she wasn’t just trying to get out of sleeping with her. Talia doesn’t think so and notes that she made Colin promise not to hurt her or Paulina when she left that day. Chanel guesses he wasn’t keeping that promise. Talia says when she saw Colin pointing a gun at Chanel on the roof, she knew she couldn’t let him and she lunged at him on instinct and then she was falling off the roof. Chanel acknowledges that Talia saved her life and almost lost her own in the process. Talia feels she can’t take credit for that because she knows she could’ve stopped it way earlier. Chanel points out that Talia did stop it and it could’ve been a lot worse since Colin was going to kill her and Paulina. Chanel then admits that she owes her a thank you.

Whitley questions why Abe wants the details of their wedding day. Abe asks if they are not happy memories. Whitley continues pretending to be Paulina and reminds Abe that right after they said I do, their daughter Lani confessed to murder. Abe questions why he’s just hearing about this. Whitley claims she didn’t want to overwhelm him with the details. Abe asks why this is the first time he’s hearing about their daughter Lani and why he hasn’t seen her. Whitley informs him that Lani is in prison and she didn’t want to spring all this on him at once. Abe then asks if he has any other children that he doesn’t know about. Whitley informs him that he does have a son.

Theo asks Chad to let him practice his speech to him which he agrees to. Theo then begins reading Abe’s speech about the history of Juneteenth.

Olivia continues to encourage Paulina to have faith which she says she does. Olivia knows today is supposed to be a celebration, but she recalls that Paulina’s wedding day wasn’t exactly sunshine and roses. Paulina calls it the best day of her life that turned in to one of the worst when Lani got arrested, which tells her that today isn’t just about celebration but about taking the good with the bad, looking to the future, and holding on to faith. Olivia urges her to never stop believing that Abe will come back to her.

Talia tells Chanel that there is no need to thank her as she’s just really happy that she’s okay. Chanel decides she should go as she made cakes for Paulina’s anniversary. Chanel mentions using Talia’s recipe. Talia asks if that means the Bakery is back open. Chanel says no, but she’s working on it. Talia tells her that for what it’s worth, she hopes Abe is found soon and that she knows Chanel doesn’t think it will do anything, but she’s going to continue knocking on doors and hanging up flyers. Talia says she’s not going to give up and walks away.

Julie remembers that she promised to take Thomas and Charlotte to meet Chad in the park for the Juneteenth celebration. Doug notes that he’d like to go with her but he’s still feeling a little wiped out. Julie tells Eli that Doug had the flu last week. Julie invites Eli to come with her to the park. Eli says absolutely and that maybe Paulina will be there too. Julie mentions that Abe was supposed to deliver the Juneteenth speech today, so she wonders who will take his place.

Theo continues reading his speech to Chad. Chad gets tears in his eyes and tells Theo that it was perfect and that he will hit it out of the park. Theo responds that he’s ready as he and Chad walk away together.

Chanel comes home, surprised to see Olivia. Chanel hugs her and says she’s so glad she’s there, noting that they missed her so much. Chanel knows it means a lot to Paulina that she’s there, so she hopes that she’s staying for a long time. Olivia says it will just be a few days, so Chanel jokes that they’ll have to see if they can talk her in to staying a lot longer. Paulina says they will definitely work on that. Chanel questions them not being at the Juneteenth celebration. Paulina responds that her heart is just not in it today without Abe.

Whitley tells Abe about his son Theo. Abe questions why he hasn’t seen him. Whitley explains that he lives in South Africa. Abe questions him not calling or if he knows that he’s injured. Abe stops and says he thinks he’s close to a memory. Whitley encourages him not to push himself and delay his recovery. There’s a knock at the door, so Whitley says she will get it and tells Abe not to worry and to just rest. Whitley answers the door to see Talia and asks if she can help her. Talia informs her that she’s trying to find a missing person. Whitley questions if she is just going to canvas the whole neighborhood. Talia explains that her sister is a cop and she had scribbled down this address, so she decided to start here first.

Chanel tells Paulina that she knows it would be tough for her, but encourages her to get out. Olivia agrees. Paulina says this is all she feels up to today. Julie then shows up at the door. Julie comes in, excited to see Olivia. Julie hugs her and calls it a beautiful surprise. Julie knows she’s interrupting a family gathering, but she wanted Paulina to know that they missed her at the park. Paulina says she wanted to be there. Julie says she knows, so she brought something back from the park for her. Paulina says she didn’t have to do that. Julie then opens the door and Eli arrives, surprising Paulina. Paulina is delighted and excitedly hugs Eli. Eli says since she couldn’t come, they decided to bring the party to her.

Chad joins Doug at the Horton House and tells him that the Juneteenth celebration was amazing. Chad tells him about Theo being so nervous but as soon as he got up there, his whole energy changed and he was channeling Abe. Chad says it was so nice to have something to celebrate this week. Doug mentions that Julie reminded him that it was the anniversary of Abigail’s death. Chad says he decided not to mention that to the kids, but he’s pretty sure they knew. Doug feels kids always know more than they think. Doug says the kids went through a terrible loss but they are still spirited and delighted which is a credit to Chad.

Eli tells Paulina that they love her and tells Olivia that they missed her. Paulina thanks them all for being there. Chanel asks where else they would be. Paulina admits that Olivia was right that maybe she did need her friends and family around her. Theo then arrives and asks if there’s room for one more, exciting everyone as Chanel greets him with a hug.

Talia shows Whitley the flyer for Abe missing. Whitley informs her that Rafe had come to question her about Abe’s disappearance since she was apparently one of the last people to see him. Talia asks if she noticed anything suspicious but Whitley claims that she saw nothing.

Paulina says it’s wonderful to have everyone here and she only wishes Abe was there to see everyone he loves coming together like this. Julie says maybe he can’t see them, but she believes they can make him feel them. Julie has everyone gather around the table and talks about how they miss and love Abe. Paulina adds that no matter where he is, she feels his love and sends her love.

Abe touches his wedding ring and starts to have a hazy flashback to his wedding to Paulina.

Chad and Doug play cards. Doug talks about how it was great to see Eli again and how it lifted Julie’s spirits. Chad is sure it will lift Paulina’s too. Chad hopes that whereever Abe is, he can feel the love that his family is sending his way.

Paulina jokes with Eli about sending more pictures of her grandbabies. Julie proposes a toast alongside Olivia. Julie says the day is a mixed bag as it’s Juneteenth and a very important anniversary but they are all missing Abe. Julie talks about knowing Abe longer than anybody, so she knows he would want them to go forward with the celebration and he’d be so proud and honored of the speech Theo gave in his name today. Julie adds that all of the town turned out to give their support. Chanel toasts to all of them for being here to love, support, and celebrate Paulina on her anniversary. Chanel insists that her love will bring Abe home and wishes her a happy anniversary. Julie declares that this time next year, they will all meet in this room with Abe to celebrate their second anniversary. Julie says she knows Abe is thinking of them as they are thinking of him as Paulina flashes back to her and Abe’s wedding.

Abe continues having flashbacks to his wedding. Whitley returns inside to Abe and claims that it was just a door salesperson. Whitley then remarks that Abe looks like he’s seen a ghost. Abe responds that she’s not his wife.

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